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Rune Kenaz: description, meaning, interpretation and use in magic

Description and meaning of the Kenaz runes in magic and divination

Rune Kenaz: description, meaning, interpretation and use in magic

The theme of our today’s article is the Kenaz rune, the photo of which somehow resembles a hand holding a torch. This is an amazing and very powerful rune, to get acquainted with which it will be interesting not only for beginning runners, but also for people of creative professions.

The deep significance of this symbol of the Elder Futhark to artists, musicians, writers, and poets is most understandable, because it is, first and foremost, creativity, power, fire that flares up inside the soul. But let’s get to the specifics.

Rune Kenaz — basic meaning and interpretation

The rune Kenaz, the significance of which we will now analyze, is translated as “torch”. But what is essentially a torch?

This is a man-made friendly fire that illuminates the surrounding space, thereby changing, transforming it. In the dark, everything looks much different than with light.

Therefore, we can say that when lighting a torch, we change our angle of view, we see the situation in a completely different way.

A torch is always a fire. As we know, fire can be the warmth of a family hearth, and everything with a devouring flame that destroys houses, trees, objects.

When we talk about Kenaz, it is important to understand that it is a fire “good”, “good”, “helping”, and not a flame raging under the force of the wind. The torch is held in the hands of the man himself, therefore it is he, and not the element that rules over the fire in this case.

From here we can draw the first conclusion: the Kenaz rune, the meaning, description and interpretation of which we are considering today, will always symbolize a certain power of energy, power (of a man over a flame), a positive view (by the light more comfortable than in darkness), the end of darkness, expansion of .

We can say that a person under this rune begins to look at the situation from a different angle, to see more and more clearly.

If the path in pitch darkness usually does not cause a sense of reliability, then when the light comes on, confidence comes — a person sees what is around him, what lies under his feet, what lies ahead.

Even if an unfavorable period is now in his life, the symbol promises him that it will end very soon, all troubles and fears will disappear, and the future will bring positive changes.

Another meaning of the Kenaz runes is creativity, the birth of new ideas. Imagine that you are walking along a long dark corridor to the touch, and suddenly a torch lights up ahead.

This moment can be compared with the emergence in the head of a new idea or with the exclamation of Archimedes «Eureka!».

This rune is very loved by people of creative professions, because in everyday life they have to go through this state many times.

So, the second conclusion — a symbol means an expansion of perception, a creative breakthrough, a discovery, an idea, an idea that suddenly appears in a person’s head.

It is interesting to observe how the rune manifests itself in combination with other characters.

  • Algiz — Kenaz: Directly points to a good idea, the embodiment of which in reality will make a person’s life more interesting, high-quality, happy
  • Odin — Kenaz: This is a sign that a change for the better is the merit of the man himself. For example, an individual could consciously give up bad habits, go on a healthy lifestyle and thereby attract to himself this positive pair of runes

The value of the inverted rune Kenaz

To better understand the meaning of the Kenaz rooted rune, let’s imagine what will happen if we hold a torch in our hands, but suddenly we want to turn it upside down. First, we will immediately have to throw him, because he will be hot.

From here we conclude that when a reverse rune falls out, a person will have to part with something.

A symbol is usually reversed under little pleasant events that are inevitable.

And here a lot depends on the person himself: if he realizes that he needs to let go of the departing in order to meet something new, then Kenaz lives for him more or less painlessly.

If he tries by all means to hold in his hands the top of a burning torch (this manifests itself as an attempt to resist what is happening), then he burns, gets injuries, pain, in a word, a complete set of troubles on his head.

Inverted Kenaz is completely unsuitable for the analysis of events and rune searching. When a person begins to stir up the past, look for the causes of what is happening to him, in his own behavior, he only loses time instead of leaving the past at last and go further.

  • Yera — inverted Kenaz: Indeed, it can be said that a person has brought upon himself all the troubles, and this is only his fault
  • Perth — inverted Kenaz: We need to stop resisting the changes that are taking place, because, otherwise, you can slow down your development for a long time

What does the rune Kenaz mean for divination to work and business

In career issues, the value of the Kenaz rune will first of all be high professionalism and a creative component.

If we ask about the occupation of a person, we can definitely say that he will be associated with creativity: art, music, writing poetry or novels, sometimes, perhaps, with journalism (rather analytic, when a person feels the imperfection of this world and brings up in his articles for society issues).

Also, the rune speaks of skill, deep immersion in their profession, i.e. a person works not just like that, “for show”, but really comprehends all the basics of his activity, tries, realizes himself.

  • Inguz — Kenaz: This is a symbol of perseverance, perseverance in achieving goals, the ability to bring all the started business to completion. Such people do not give up work half way

When analyzing the situation at work, Kenaz can report on a new project that will require your skill and creativity.

  • Hagalaz — Kenaz: It can be said that a person is often disappointed that his muse does not come on time. He seems to be living in anticipation of the next revelation of the Higher Forces, for a long time he can quit what he has begun, suspend work until the insight comes, which can be expressed as frequent mood swings, nervous disorders, depression

The meaning of an inverted Kenaz is a complication of the situation, a dead end, problems and misunderstandings. But do not try to change something: you just need to go through the black stripe, do not look for the guilty, do not prove your own right, and “rise” above all these fights to move on.

  • Isa — inverted Kenaz: Stagnation will be very long
  • Otala — inverted Kenaz: Stagnation threatens serious material losses

What does the rune Kenaz mean in divination for relationships and love

By itself, Kenaz is considered a male fleece, so she will always talk about actions more characteristic of the stronger sex, even if we are wondering to a woman. For example, the meaning of the Kenaz runes in love cases is a hint to how to behave in order to achieve harmony in relationships.

Since we already mentioned that the rune has male power, the question of what should be done to improve the situation, we can say that you need to take the initiative (give a gift, invite for a date, confess love, etc.), even if we are talking about the behavior of the fair sex.

Pay attention to the neighboring runes.

  • Fehu / Otala — Kenaz: This is a direct sign to receive a gift from your partner or to give it to him
  • Ansuz — Kenaz: The meaning of the runes Kenaz in a relationship will be a verbal explanation, a serious, important conversation with your second half.
  • Berkana — Kenaz: Can predict the conception or the birth of a child
  • Vuno — Kenaz: It will always symbolize a person who is inspired by feelings for ingenious discoveries, creativity

If you are guessing one rune, then direct Kenaz in matters of love will mean the beginning of a new novel or a transition to a completely different stage of an already existing one.

The meaning of the rune Kenaz in love when falling out of it in the opposite position is an outdated relationship, a serious quarrel that will not give the lovers a chance to make peace, the lack of prospects and a bright future for this union.

  • Nautiz — inverted Kenaz: It is important not to try to save what is “dying”, not to keep the person next to you, but to give your partner the opportunity to find happiness in another union.
  • Uruz — inverted Kenaz: A bad sign, stating that if people do not part right now, then soon their union will be filled with mutual hatred that poison life to both

What does Kenaz mean for health divination

Kenaz in a direct position usually speaks of good health, strong immunity, but if we consider the state of affairs of an already ill person, then the rune should be taken as advice to be treated at home, to call the doctor to the house, since the familiar situation will facilitate a speedy recovery.

Back Kenaz on the contrary dissuades from self. She reports that the situation has already gotten out of control, and mandatory intervention by a specialist is required.

How is Kenaz applied in magic

The value of the runes Kenaz in magic is used quite often.

The power of this rune sorcerers and sorceresses turn when it is necessary to «harmonize» the work of the ritual — to strengthen or, on the contrary, weaken its magical effect. Also, the rune is irreplaceable in love rituals.

Kenaz and healers are used to see the true causes of the symptoms of the diseases of the person who turned to them for help.

What is the amulet with rune Kenaz for?

As a talisman, this rune is most suitable for people of creative professions, as it will strengthen their abilities, charge them with energy, and give new brilliant ideas. The talisman with the rune Kenaz will also help people with poor health — it will cause a surge of vitality, strengthen the body on a physical level, add to a person’s endurance.

Such an amulet is also irreplaceable for those who are in a difficult situation at work due to the machinations of colleagues, inadequate behavior of the authorities, competition — a photo or picture with three runes Kenaz in a row will allow the situation to quickly resolve in your favor. The symbol can be used by pregnant women who want to shape the character of their unborn child while he is in the womb.

Can I make a tattoo with a Kenaz rune?

Since the meaning of the runes Kenaz is far from clear, this symbol should not be applied to your body. If you really need help runes — use it as an amulet.

The symbol as the Rune of the Day informs you that something will become clear today. This may be an important conversation or news, which you have been waiting for, being in ignorance, and perhaps you just take a fresh look at the situation and get an inner insight that “illuminates” the future path.

Board runes

Fleece says that you need to believe in your own strength, success, success, look at the world positively, not dwell on the past, do not analyze what cannot be changed. You are full of energy and are fully in control of the situation — so take advantage of this moment, discover unknown ways for yourself, set new goals for yourself, and everything will surely turn out in your favor.

What questions should I ask myself when meditating on the Kenaz rune?

Questions suitable for learning the runes through meditation will most often be associated with your inner world, perception, attitudes.

  • Can I look at the situation from a different angle to see what was previously hidden?
  • Am I able to look into my soul, to light all its dark corners without fear and doubt?
  • Can I, with peace of mind, let go of that which inevitably goes away, not clinging to the past, not regretting it, in order to start a new way from scratch?
  • What gives me creative inspiration, empowers me, allows me to get answers to all the questions?
  • Do I use my creative potential to move on, not to stand still?

Thanks to the deliberate contemplation of the symbol, you can understand the meaning of the Kenaz rune at the deepest level. Successful to you knowledge!

Runa — Kenaz, Keno (kenaz) interpretation, the value of the runes

Rune Kenaz: description, meaning, interpretation and use in magic

Straight position RUNA Kenaz, Keno.

Main theses: Clearing; disclosure; energy; creation; transfiguration; sexuality; luck; enthusiasm; true path; conceiving a child; opening; Centre; horizon; creative potential; the fire; shine; torch.

Name of the runes: Kenaz, Keno (Kenaz) The main meaning of the runes Kenaz, Keno (Kenaz) — «updated clarity.» The literal meaning of the rune Kenaz, Keno (Kenaz): torch, royal castle, hill, lighthouse, the true path

This is a rune revealing your personality. You will achieve your plans, and you can be congratulated.

Do not throw, do not leave the business or started a new relationship — for your personality this is the chance to fully reveal through them.

The appearance of the runes Kenaz, Keno (Kenaz) in a direct position indicates that in your life comes a period of clarification of what has been misunderstood so far. Covert becomes clear.

In a relationship it’s time to clear up the unrevealed sides.

Time to understand yourself and help your neighbor in this. Reveal before who you have a relationship. Maybe it’s time to confess your love.

In any case, this sign indicates that the time has come for openness.

  • Also the sign of the rune Kenaz, Keno (Kenaz) symbolizes the favorable changes
  • Council of the Runes Kenaz, Keno (Kenaz). Something darkens you life, give up on it. No need to feel sorry for the old and cling to it: you will no longer need it in its present form.
  • Rummage in yourself, understand, open your feelings and let the radiance of divine love into your life. Release your secret talents, take action.
  • Having penetrated with radiance, trying to find out its nature, there is an opportunity to renew the disorganized mutual understanding with close people, to get some new knowledge.

The interpretation of the meaning of the runes Kenaz in fortune-telling for love or relationship

Rune Kenaz in fortune-telling on relationships and love speaks in runic hands about the emergence of a new perspective in terms of relationships dating or the emergence of new serious feelings.

For already established relations, the appearance of the Kenaz rune is a significant change for the better in the way of life or relations.

RUNA Kenaz in the context of love and relationships speaks of a good period for creating a family and conceiving children — all that brings changes to your personal life — starts to bring joy. In divination about upcoming events in the affairs of feelings and love — you will find an unexpected pleasant gift.

The fortune-telling value of Rune Kenaz, Keno (Kenaz) — is the rune of creativity and creative fuse.

Fleece Kenaz, Keno (Kenaz) — very strong fleece. It can, as a flashlight, illuminate your life and career, can either direct your activity in the right direction, or give it the necessary strength, and this can lead to more rapid and complete success.

Kano — the rune of the emergence of ideas, inspiration, creativity and creativity.

The interpretation of the runes. Kenaz, Keno (Kenaz) interpretation, the value of the runes. Internal content:

Rune Kenaz, Keno (Kenaz) — RUNA of disclosure of consciousness, refreshed clarity, the purpose of which is to dispel darkness. Runa Kenaz, Keno (Kenaz) in its meaning symbolizes the beginning of the active period, a clearer intention, seriousness, concentration, which is so necessary for the activation of any effort.

The inertness of the old is absolutely not acceptable to you now. Since the new often completely cancels the old.

Your inner light turns the non-manifest “raw material” of the inner world into the finished product of your outer world, into your personal masterpiece.

Trust the potentially true inner knowledge that ignites your enthusiasm, spurs your aspiration to create something new, to change the old.

This is a rune talking about the power of decisive movement forward. Thus, the rune is designed to gain inner, secret knowledge.

Kenaz, Keno (Kenaz) can be used if you want to know the root causes of what is happening, hidden and not manifested.

Rune Kenaz, Keno (Kenaz) can be an excellent protective tool in the fight against darkness, and it can successfully be used to attract beneficial manifestations and influences in your life.

The interpretation of the runes. Rune Kenaz, Keno (Kenaz)) interpretation, the value of the runes. Magical application:

Health and wellness; new beginnings; assistance in translating the plan and in concentrating the will; passion and stability in relationships; promotes the realization of creative ideas; amulet for treasure hunters; helps to look into the depths of the self; help with pregnancy in conception.

The use of the runes Kenaz, Keno (Kenaz) in the runes record (runeskripte), also in the manufacture of runic amulets:

Fleece Kenaz, Keno (Kenaz) — this is one of the runes of fire, but it differs from Fehu in that Fleece Kenaz, Keno (Kenaz) — the rune of light, which helps in the creation.

This is the rune of a creative person (artist, artist), it is used and can be useful when the question is creativity or moments of creativity are important for the person to whom you compose a rune record (runescript). This rune governs carnal love and passion.

Fleece Kenaz, Keno (Kenaz) meaning in runeskripte — For the protection of valuable things. For treatment. Fleece Kenaz, Keno (Kenaz) meaning in runeskripte — To strengthen the passion and love.

Fleece Kenaz, Keno (Kenaz) value in runeskripte — To enhance any runeskript (rune entry).

Runa Kenaz (Keno, Kenaz) — meaning, application

Rune Kenaz: description, meaning, interpretation and use in magic

Runa Kenaz (Keno, Kenaz) — a symbol of cleansing, obtaining new knowledge and their application. It corresponds to the sign of the zodiac Cancer and is the eighth lasso of the tarot.

Let’s talk about the meaning of the rune Kenaz more.

Brief description of the Kenaz rune

Rune Kenaz very often compared with mythical creatures. For example, with the dog Garm — a fiery monster who guards the borders between the worlds, and feeds on human passions.

Or with Cerberus, who did not let sinners into the gates of Asgard — they were consumed by fire and sent to the abyss. A closer association to a Russian person is with the Serpent Gorynych.

In the literal sense, the meaning of the rune Kenaz is understood as the purification of the soul from all unclean, from sins, base passions. In ancient times, Kenaz was used to dedicate boys to warriors.

Kenaz helps to know oneself, learn to understand people, revealing their true intentions and faces. Healers are also used by healers, but only in combination with other powerful runic symbols.

Kenaz is used to make talismans that help develop the spiritual principle in a person, learn the truth, understand their purpose, discover the best character traits in themselves. Talismans with combinations of runes containing Kenaz are used to attract love, conceive children.

Kenaz is a great helper for creative people. The rune gives inspiration and helps to find the strength to translate creative ideas into life.

The value of the runes Kenaz in the upright position

When a rune falls in a straight position, it has the following meanings:

  • The symbol of power, superiority over others
  • Personification of energy and vitality necessary for the realization of goals
  • Good health that helps to resist difficulties and overcome obstacles to the goal
  • Luck accompanying a person in all his endeavors
  • The development of creative talent and unleashing the potential of the individual
  • Peaceful resolution of problems and getting out of difficult situations for the benefit of a specific person, but also without harm to other parties to the conflict

Very often, Kenaz personifies and predicts everything new that will come into human life. This may be new knowledge, relationships, opportunities for the implementation of ideas.

If a fortunate person asked the question: “What to do?”, The advice of the runes is unequivocal — to master a new profession, try yourself in an unusual business, get knowledge. Or stop staying in the shadows and go «into the crowd», being the center of attention.

In fortune telling, Kenaz falls to passion. But not in its favorable understanding, but on the contrary — to a destructive passion that absorbs consciousness and does not inspire, but inhibits human development.

This is a painful, drug addict, non-reciprocal love, which is sure to leave a big wound on the heart.

In fortune-telling on health, Kenaz predicts a strong disease. But it is treatable — the main thing is to catch myself in time.

The value of the rune Kenaz in an inverted position

If the rune Kenaz fell in an inverted position, we can expect:

  • Losses — serious unforeseen expenses are coming, which will significantly undermine your budget
  • Separation or separation from your loved one, divorce
  • There will be a profitable opportunity in your life, but you will miss it or not notice
  • Serious difficulties and insuperable circumstances, powerlessness, impossibility to solve anything and eliminate negative consequences.

If you ask a question in fortune-telling, and the inverted Kenaz falls out — a definite answer to your question does not yet exist. It is worth waiting for new circumstances, only then it will be possible to influence the situation.

In fortune telling for relationships means the end of love. One or both partners had a passion, it did not return.

In fortune-telling on health indicates the presence of a chronic disease that is not amenable to treatment. It is necessary to support the body so that the disease does not go into the acute stage.

Advice on falling out of the runes Kenaz upside down: listen to yourself and explore your inner world. You need to learn how to hear your intuition — the premonitions that arise will indicate what to do in an exciting situation.

Combination with other runes in formulas

If Kenaz falls together with other runic symbols, combinations of runes can mean the following:

  1. The combination of Kenaz — Nautise falls to parting or a long separation from your loved one. Also, this alignment for family people predicts a speedy divorce process.
  2. Kenaz — Ansuse foreshadows that inspiration will visit you soon. But it will not appear just like that — you will fall in love and draw energy from the object of sighs.
  3. Kenaz — Raido — means that the guessing person is an extraordinary and inventive person. Thanks to the ability to find non-standard solutions, you can become very successful if you use this ability for the benefit of
  4. Kenaz — Isa — in the near future will have to worry. Conceived plans will prevent to perform certain obstacles and difficulties, because of which you will be very worried

Kenaz in runic formulas is very often used in magical rituals, as well as for the manufacture of amulets, amulets, talismans. Fleece helps to find the lost, to cure the sick, to conceive a child, to develop creative abilities, to successfully realize the goals.

Kano value | AstroStory

Rune Kenaz: description, meaning, interpretation and use in magic

There are various versions of the name of this rune — Kano, Kenaz, Ken, Kaun. In Anglo-Saxon languages ​​- Cen, in Old Norse — Kaun. In the Germanic Senior Futhark the rune is called Kenaz and ranks sixth.

Depending on the language, the name of the rune is translated differently — “torch”, “torch”, “ulcer”, “wound”, “know about something”, “be able to do something”.

Despite the discrepancies, most rune interpreters agree that the sign of Kano is endowed with a powerful energy force of fire that dispels darkness, illuminating the light with its light the right path. It is a symbol of renewed clarity, disclosure and understanding of the meaning of what is happening.

Fleece allows you to define goals and gives strength to translate their ideas.

One of the main and most common meanings of the Kano rune is the torch. For a long time its flame dispelled darkness and illuminated new paths.

Kano became a symbol of knowledge, study, insight, clarity of thinking, understanding of the essence of things and events hidden in the darkness.

Runa Kano reveals hidden areas of internal self-consciousness and the external world, helps to find new ways and directions of spiritual development.

Kano has the energy of a tamed, controlled flame, like a blacksmith’s fire. It is a symbol of creativity and creation.

Fleece stimulates enthusiasm and inspiration, helps not only to reveal their talents and abilities, but also contributes to their realization and realization.

Rune Cano is a symbol of physical love and fiery passion. It is also a sign of healing and physical health.

Runa Kano helps to focus, develop intuition, master new knowledge and reveal their abilities. Hence the main use of the runes in magic — mastering occult practices, comprehending the deep meaning of ancient teachings and spells.

It allows you to dispel the darkness and penetrate into unknown corners of the spiritual world.

With the help of the rune you can understand the hidden causes and causes of various problems, to realize both your own and others’ secret motives, motivations and intentions. Kano also serves as a weapon to protect against negative influence and attract favorable opportunities.

The rune is used as an astral gate for transition to other worlds and spiritual states for the sake of new knowledge and answers to specific questions.

One of the esoteric meanings of the Kano rune is the transforming flame of the funeral pyre, which makes it possible to use Kano as a beacon that illuminates the road when traveling to the world of the dead and back.

Such transitions from one reality to another allows the combination of Kano and three other runes — Raido, Hagalaz and Evaz.

People of the creative professions Kano rune will help to achieve recognition

Amulets depicting the runes can help in various fields related to the search, creation, creativity and the embodiment of new ideas. For example, such a talisman will help a woman set the gender and give the desired qualities to her unborn child during conception and pregnancy.

Musician symbol of the runes inscribed on the instrument, contributes to the benevolent reaction of the public to his game. To poets, writers and artists, Kano makes it possible to more precisely formulate, depict and realize their ideas.

Fleece helps in the search for geologists, treasure hunters and hunters.

With it you can speed up the learning process, the rune contributes to the spiritual development of magicians and soothsayers.

Among other things, Kano is one of the main healing runes. It is often used for healing and health promotion.

In a direct position, Kano speaks about the release of previously hidden motives, talents, intentions. This is a symbol of a positive and optimistic mood, confidence that all fears and anxieties will soon disappear.

The causes of the problems will be revealed, and ways to solve them are found.

The dark period of life is over. Boredom, stagnation, loneliness — it will all go away.

A new stage of activity, strength, energy begins. The time of disclosure and implementation of their abilities, the best sides of character.

Expansion of horizons, the emergence of new ideas and discoveries that will make life rich and interesting, especially in combination with the rune Algiz. A surge of creative power and energy is expected.

Kano also serves as an indicator of good health and a prediction of the speedy healing of diseases.

In general, the rune marks success in such aspects of life as creativity, love, health, the embodiment of pure designs.

In love, Kano symbolizes the male principle and the corresponding nature of action. That is, if the sign fell out to a woman, most likely, it is she who will make an offer or a gift to her chosen one. The combination with Ansuse indicates upcoming verbal explanations between partners.

The runes Odal or Fehu next to Kano talk about an imminent gift from a loved one.

In the love story, Kano often marks a new bright novel based on passion and sexual attraction. The fallout of the Berkana rune next to it speaks of the possibility of a quick birth of a child.

In general, the rune warns that to strengthen the relationship partners must fully open up to each other.

Kano in the hands on business and career indicates complete control over the situation. Fleece testifies to the creative nature and professionalism of man.

And although the questioner may have periods of reflection and lack of inspiration, in the end he is able to achieve success thanks to his talents and knowledge. The combination with Inguz speaks about perseverance and the ability to bring the job started to the end.

In the inverted position, Kano means loss, developmental halt, failure. Various confrontations are possible, including armed conflicts.

It was not for nothing that an inverted torch in old European cultures symbolized a cemetery.

The upcoming negative events are inevitable, they should be accepted, and possible offenses, pain, irritation should be left in the past. In any case, the main problem of the questioner is that the understanding of this is hidden from him.

A person blames himself for failures, while trying to resist the events taking place, instead of letting go of the situation and making a temporary stop until the bad luck line ends.

The combination with the rune Perth says that such persistence will only aggravate the negative period.

In the layouts on love the inverted rune Kano means the end of the old and the hopelessness of the new relationship.

Destined destiny resource of love relationships is exhausted, you should release the partner and give him the opportunity to build a new happiness with another person.

On the possibility of a calm, intelligent parting without squabbles and strife, says a combination with rune Nautyz. The combination with Uruz, on the contrary, predicts a difficult break with mutual hatred and resentment.

The inverted rune of Kano in business and career symbolizes complications in business, failures and misunderstandings that are almost impossible to correct. In an attempt to resolve them, you can get even more bogged down in problems and find yourself in a complete dead end.

In a pair with the symbol of Odal, the inverted rune of Kano predicts significant material losses, perhaps its own housing. Combination with the rune Isa marks a long period of stagnation in business, which can lead to depression.

In terms of the health of Kano means poor health, illness and the need to seek help from doctors.

Do you earn enough?

Check if this applies to you:

  • enough money from paycheck to paycheck;
  • salary is only enough for rent and food;
  • debts and loans take away everything that comes with great difficulty;
  • all promotions go to someone else;
  • you are sure that you get paid too little at work.

You may have been corrupted by money. Removing lack of money will help this amulet to read here.

Fleece incarnation and disclosure. Ralph Blum describes the Kano rune as a «rune of renewed clarity.»

Very powerful rune; connected not only with the formation and orientation of human activity (at any level) in the right direction, but also with giving it the necessary strength.

The second aspect of this rune is disclosure. Obviously, both aspects are interrelated — it is impossible to embody the idea without revealing itself to the world.

This is a very important point to remember when working with this rune.

  • Title: KAUNAZ or KANO, in Anglo-Saxons KEN or CEN: torch. Flame (Goth.), Torch (English), Ulcer (Norve.), Ulcer (Article)
  • Action Kano: manifestation.
  • Deity: goddess nert. Nerth, Nerthus (Nerth, Nerthus, mistakenly Hertha): scand. the goddess of the Van family, sister (and spouse) Njorda, patroness of hunting and fishing. About a special cult of N. in some germs, tribes says Tacitus (Germany). At the time of the festivities in honor of N. the wars were interrupted.
  • Interpretation: Fire and energy. The rune of the torch symbolizes the will and energy that you move.

Will can bring light and clarity if it is controlled by consciousness and follow according to proper goal-setting, but it can take the ground from under your feet if the path was chosen incorrectly or as a result of loss of control. Fire and igriv, and dangerous.

“Ken” can mean enlightenment, sometimes a painful awareness of the problem. «Ken» advises to use fire, but in the form of a torch or a candle, controlling it.

  • Tree: pine (Pinus sylvestris)
  • Zodiac: 1st floor Pisces sign (February 19 — March 5)
  • Number: 28 or 3.
  • Character: energy rune.
  • Entity: reversible rune.

Images of the Kano Runes:

  • man speaks words
  • potter creates pots
  • a woman gives birth to a child
  • the factory produces cars,
  • the wound uncovers internal tissues
  • the stomach secretes gastric juice,
  • the birds are singing
  • the beast leaves traces
  • the torch makes light
  • a fire creates heat
  • a cloud produces rain
  • the volcano is manifested by lava and smoke
  • picture gallery showcases pictures
  • the guitar makes sounds
  • x-ray shows invisible to the eye,
  • the star radiates,

The Value of Kano Runes

Manifestation, the presence in the world of things generated, created by the actor. These «products» are the contribution of the figure to the existence of the world, as well as signaling devices on the basis of which the world builds its interaction with it.

«Products of manifestation» quickly «dissolve» in the outside world. Insufficient external manifestation is a stimulus to Kennaz action.

The result of this action is manifestation.

Kano is a pure scorpion rune of sexual power. But not the power that is expressed in the bodily communication of people, but the polar Power, which spreads all over the world and moves worlds and souls.

Application of Kano’s Runes in Magic

Magical value: increases susceptibility, sharpens the senses. Gives confidence in their own abilities, initiative, safety of values, physical health. It is used by women in the period of conception, in order to give the future child the desired qualities, as well as in general by creative people who want to realize their ideas most fully.

Hunters, geologists, etc. helps to find what you are looking for.

  • preservation and consolidation,
  • energetic implementation of new ideas and their advocacy.

The magical use of this rune is extremely wide; One of its aspects can be formulated as follows: the Kano rune helps to concentrate the will and translate what is intended.

Women use amulets with a Kano rune inscribed on them during conception and pregnancy, in order to give the child the desired qualities. Artists, writers, poets and other people of art can use this rune for the most accurate and high-quality embodiment of their plans.

An amulet with this rune can be recommended to both treasure hunters, clergymen, and magicians.

The second aspect of this rune is disclosure. Obviously, both aspects are interrelated — it is impossible to embody the idea without revealing itself to the world.

This is a very important point to remember when working with this rune.

And finally, Kano is the main rune of the Healing Runes group used in healing.

The Interpretation of the Kano Runes in Divination

Mantic meaning: elements of fire, Martian qualities; activity and achievement of success through activity, the path to knowledge and their search, military business. Luck.

Conception of the child.

In the upside down situation — conflicts, including armed ones. The inverted torch in the European tradition is also a symbol of the cemetery.

In a sense, the feeling of the Kano rune is like the sensitivity of a princess on a pea. We would have such vigilance and sensitivity! Many places where you can lay straw, warn about themselves in advance.

Pea need to learn to feel. You must learn to see the Kano rune.

Then this Power will begin to help us. She will do a lot for us. If you give her freedom, will, give an opportunity to act in us and through us, the arrival of Kano will make it possible to change a lot with almost no effort.

This Force rewards a person with understanding, clarity and vigilance.

  • In the upright position: as a rule, Kano responds to three aspects of life: love, creativity, and realized knowledge. And they are all united by one thing: a person reveals the best sides of his character, gift, heart. The “darkness” is banished from his life — a period of stagnation, loneliness, boredom.
  • In the inverted position: Some relationships are dying, most of the paths to self-realization are closed, the “dark” sides of the person are activated — but only for their awareness.
  • Opportunities offered by Runa:
  • In the upright position: maximum manifestation of self in all areas of life. Disclosure of their creative abilities and their implementation. Pure and bright love — both at the level of feelings and sex.
  • In the inverted position: a period of concentration, awareness of necessary actions, and not a multitude of possibilities. An ideal opportunity to look both at yourself and at your partner with a cold, rational look.

Runes Caution:

  • In the upright position: do not get carried away! Kano reveals all your talents — but only a few can translate perfectly — so don’t scatter. In love, try to at least sometimes take the position of an outside observer — fire and dedication can lead to self-deception.
  • In the inverted position: this period is not too long and should not be perceived as the death of all that is good, bright and bright. Concentration also should not be excessive and hard.
  • In the upright position: during this period, you can try «a little bit of everything» to understand your capabilities, and you can direct the fire in one direction and realize it to the maximum. Here it is always necessary to combine the purity of spiritual impulse, and clarity of thought.
  • In the inverted position: should not forever abandon anything. When it comes to love, remember, in order to appreciate the light, you need to live a bit in the dark.

In order to gain the fullness of life, you need to fully experience the emptiness inside. To renew love, you need to give it up.

If it concerns talents, then concentrating on laundry today does not mean that tomorrow you will not be able to do painting.

Straight position
RUNA Kenaz, Keno. Main theses: Clearing; disclosure; energy; creation; transfiguration; sexuality; luck; enthusiasm; true path; conceiving a child; opening; Centre; horizon; creative potential; the fire; shine; torch.

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