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Rune Berkana: meaning and interpretation, how to use

Description and sacral meaning of the rune of Berkan (Berkano)

Rune Berkana: meaning and interpretation, how to use

The rune of Berkan, the meaning of which we will examine today, is the eighteenth in the Elder Futhark series. Literally, its name translates as “birch”, and the graphic outline of this sign resembles the English letter B (or Russian B).

In fact, the Berkana pictogram is nothing more than a symbolic image of the female breast, because the rune itself is associated with female energy, fertility, growth.

Fleece Berkana — the main meaning and interpretation

Since ancient times, people endowed trees with magical power, so you can understand what the rune of Berkan means, recalling ancient rituals.

For example, in Holland there was a custom: in the villages on May Day, guys dressed in fancy dresses chased young girls, whipping them with birch twigs, thereby activating their feminine energy.

Also on the territory of this country it was decided to decorate the house, which newlyweds enter, with birch branches — it was believed that this would bring good luck to the family, and also give the couple fertility.

Birch was venerated in other countries: in the culture of the Germanic tribes, the Saami (Finno-Ugric people) and the Siberian shamans, this tree was sacred. The Germans associated it with agriculture and fertility, the Saami called it the «tree of life», and the Siberian shamans associated the birch with the lower world and used it in their mystical rites.

Thus, the meaning, description and interpretation of the runes of Berkan at all times turned out to be associated with certain magical properties, female energy, fertility, harvest, growth, development.

A specific deity is associated with each rune of the Elder Futhark, and Berkana is no exception. She is under the auspices of the goddess mothers and their children Berhta.

According to the myths, Berhta had a beautiful garden in which the souls of children who died in infancy dwelled.

Some sources say that Bercht is the second guise of the goddess Frigg, who gives life. Female strength, maternal qualities, pregnancy, the birth of a child, the maintenance of a family hearth — all this is the meaning of the Berkan rune.

The ancient symbol of Berkana can mean mother and family. Often it symbolizes the wedding, as the birth of the cell of society, the continuation of the race.

But the most common interpretation is pregnancy.

If Berkana was in the answer to the question of whether the client will have children, then this definitely means the answer is «yes.»

  • Inguz — Berkana: The combination of these runes suggests that the pregnancy will come very soon, or it has already come, but the questioner has no idea

Family hearth, native and beloved home, a place where a person’s childhood passed — this is another meaning of the runes of Berkan. A fallen out symbol may indicate that a client who asks a question misses his “small homeland”, cherishes childhood memories, wants to return there.

Birth is in essence an undertaking, something new that comes into our life, so Berkana may mean some new business, the birth of an idea, a favorable life turn.

  • Soulu — Berkana: The combination symbolizes perfection and spiritual development
  • Ansuz — Berkana: This is a recommendation to consult with a close relative before making an important decision.

The value of the inverted rune Berkana

The value of the inverted rune of Berkan is not too gloomy. She, of course, promises certain troubles, but not so serious.

These are rather disagreements in opinions, contradictions, some disturbing news, but not from the category of fatal and influencing fate.

Even if Berkan is surrounded by solid negative symbols, anyway, the problems will not remain intractable, although the unpleasant period may be delayed.

If you think about what can prevent the birth of something new, then such qualities as impatience, haste, irritability, hot temper, excessive talkativeness will come to mind. This is what Berkana may mean when describing a person’s personality or character.

What does the rune Berkana mean in divination for work and business

In matters of work, career and business, this symbol can be perceived in different ways, it depends on the essence of the question asked. For example, if you are interested in the realization of some idea or plan, the Berkana direct will report a favorable forecast: you should not linger and begin to realize your plans as soon as possible.

The significance of the runes of Berkan in divination for work and career, when your projects are already at the implementation stage, is an indicator of stable positive dynamics in the affairs that were asked.

  • Raido — Berkana: This combination predicts to the person some kind of trips or business trips related to promotion
  • Kenaz — Berkana: Symbolizes the strengthening of your self-confidence while working on your intended work.

Direct Berkana advises not to forget about the responsibility that you take or are going to assume, and the consequences of their actions. The significance of Berkan’s runes in business can speak of advanced training, the need to undergo some kind of training, to complete special courses in order to better understand the nuances of their work.

Reverse Berkana in career issues is always a slowdown in growth and development. Perhaps the case has temporarily stalled or taken an unpleasant turn.

  • Fehu — inverted Berkana: This is a sign of material losses that the questioner may incur because of this delay.
  • Turisaz — inverted Berkana: Union says that these troubles are temporary, and very soon the clouds over your head will dissipate

What does the rune Berkana mean in divination for love and relationships

The straight rune of Berkan in relationships and love is always an auspicious and joyful symbol. She can talk about the emergence of strong feelings, a new union or a transition to a more serious stage of already existing relations.

Very often she predicts legal marriage, pregnancy, replenishment in the family, strengthening of family ties.

  • Vuno — Berkana: This combination is an indicator of very harmonious relations, in which both partners deeply understand and feel the needs of each other, this is a pure, bright union, filled with sincere communication and joy from every minute spent together.
  • Gebo — Berkana: This is a sign of a truly warm and strong family hearth, which is not afraid of any external threats

The significance of the runes of Berkan in the relationship with the reverse position — omissions, disagreements, discord, conflicts on domestic soil.

Sometimes she speaks about the absence of the desired pregnancy due to the fact that circumstances right now do not dispose to the continuation of the race.

This is not a diagnosis, but simply an indication that there is no harmony between the spouses now, they are not morally and emotionally ready for the birth of a child.

  • Empty Fleece — Inverted Berkana: Indication of couples infertility due to the presence of some diseases that interfere with conception or the consequences of an abortion made
  • Perth — Inverted Berkana: Indication of the couple’s infertility in view of the magical effect

What does the rune of Berkan mean at divination to health?

The value of Berkan’s rune in health will always depend on the direction of the symbol’s turn, its position. So, a direct symbol in the absence of any negative runes nearby is a sign of a beautiful state of health in the physical and emotional terms.

Sometimes Berkana acts as a warning that some of your loved ones need care and attention: visit relatives who are in hospital or feel unwell.

The reverse symbol means that the questioner has health problems, but they are not fatal: perhaps it’s just an exacerbation of a chronic disease or a more complex form of the common cold. But pay attention to it and do prevention of their health is still worth it.

How Berkana is applied in magic

Berkanu is most often used by witches and sorceresses. This symbol strengthens and activates the female energy, cleanses the body, contributes to its rejuvenation.

Male magicians rarely work with the energy of Berkana, since it is believed that this rune helps exactly the beautiful half of humanity.

What is the amulet of the Berkan Rune for?

The significance of the runes of Berkan in amulet practice is the promotion of women’s health. The drawing with this symbol, embroidered on clothes, helps to fight with “female” diseases and sterility, it strengthens the personal magnetism and energy of its owner, makes her more beautiful, younger.

Also Berkanu as an amulet is recommended to be used by those involved in gardening and gardening, since this rune symbolizes fertility and growth. And it will also suit parents who are not able to find a common language with their children — Berkana strengthens the relationship between the child and his mother / father.

Can I tattoo a Berkan rune

It would seem that in most cases the value of the rune of Berkan is positive, so many people think about putting this symbol on their body.

But there are some nuances: Berkana still has the opposite position, which will be visible when the tattoo owner looks in the mirror, so connoisseurs of magic work with runes do not recommend using it as a drawing on the body.

For a tattoo, you can only choose runes that do not have an inverted meaning, and Berkana is not included in this list, and this is worth remembering.

Like the Rune of the Day, this symbol promises new beginnings, the birth of original and interesting ideas, as well as communication between the child and his mother, care, attention, love from relatives, the warmth of the family hearth, pleasant pastime with relatives.

Board runes

Runa Berkana advises you not to be afraid of new beginnings, but at the same time reminds you of personal responsibility. To absolutely any business requires a serious approach, it is always important to realize why and why you are doing something.

Each your action should have a certain meaning under it — only then it will bring success. If you are in doubt, can not decide what to do — ask for advice from their relatives, from those close to you.

What questions should I ask myself when meditating on the Berkan rune?

The meaning of the rune of Berkan is revealed by meditating on this symbol. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you ready for the emergence of something new in your life?
  • Is your meaning full of meaning?
  • Are you responsible for all your words and actions?
  • Do you understand your parents?
  • Are you able to open your soul to your loved ones: mother, father, relatives, spouse, child?
  • Are you ready to take care of those who are near you?

Remember that Berkana is a very warm and positive symbol, symbolizing maternal and female energy, care, understanding, and willingness to sacrifice something for those whom we love.

Rune Berkana: the meaning and description of the symbol

Rune Berkana: meaning and interpretation, how to use

Fleece Berkana refers to the runes senior futarka. Her second name is Ber.

It is a symbol of growth, both physical and spiritual.

The name of the rune is a relic of the German-Slavic language. In translation, it means the tree birch.

Berkana is an energetic and reversible rune that affects a person.

The value of the runes Berkuna

The main meaning attached to Berkane is care and growth, rebirth. It symbolizes the entry of a person into the phase of active growth.

Fleece has mainly female energy and is a symbol of motherhood and family.

When interpreted in some context, the rune can be a symbol of the approaching wedding or the birth of a child. It is the latter meaning that most often is the interpretation of the rune, especially in those cases when the question asked by a person concerns a strong desire to have children.

When this rune is combined with the Inguz rune, this interpretation is enhanced.

Fleece Berkana — it is also a symbol of the home and the home, homeland. Berkana promotes initiatives that are carried out without fuss and with utmost care.

If, during divination, it appears in a place describing the future, then the general meaning of the entire prediction will be positive character.

Berkana also speaks of a good physical and psychological state of the fortuneteller, as well as a favorable surrounding background. When combining the runes with Soulu, such an alignment speaks of improving inner peace and cleansing, if there is an Ansuse rune in the resulting scenario, then the decision regarding any action is best made with a loved one or a relative.

The reverse position of the rune Berkana is a symbol disagreements and contradictions, and also speaks of the appearance of adverse and even disturbing news. In general, the rune itself does not have a negative connotation and does not have such an impact on the person.

Fleece does not portend any problems that could have a serious impact on the life and fate of man. However, when combined with negative runes, Berkana gets a degraded value.

But it is not insurmountable and does not speak of controversy in the life of a fortuneteller.

In some cases, an inverted rune speaks of a person being unwell, of serious diseases he or his relatives. With a combination of runes with Uruz, a radical change in a person’s life is likely.

Runa Berkana suggests that a person using her power should be full of diligence and effort. If a plan or an idea arises in his brain, he should surrender to it completely in order to complete it.

Only in this case all the efforts made will pay off and the guessing person will be rewarded for his efforts. Fleece symbolizes mother. It gives the opportunity to develop and produce new ideas and projects.

And also the rune is a talisman of housing and other buildings from destruction.

It can be used for drawing as a charm on buildings, air-raid shelters, houses.

What indicates the rune in a relationship?

When fortune-telling on pre-existing relationships, the runes of Berkan fall in deep trust man and his partner. The couple deeply feels each other and each of the partners easily understands and accepts the needs and desires of the other.

This interpretation of the rune is particularly suitable for its combination with Vuno.

Another interpretation of the runes of Berkan is the existence of relationships that were based on a very clean and bright attitude of people towards each other. Both partners are clean and the relationship between them is devoid of perversions and so-called «unclean» desires.

When divination for the continuation of the relationship of an existing couple, sealed by marriage, the symbol speaks of harmonious marital life and reliability of the family hearth. The accuracy of this interpretation is enhanced when the rune is combined with Gebo.

With the reverse position of the rune during the divination of relationships, its appearance in the scenario says:

The similar condition of both spouses or just very close people indicates the presence of a large number domestic problems and a variety of differences in decisions and attitudes. If the rune appears in the scenario, it can be interpreted as a strong anxiety, anxiety and experience for a partner, friend or child.

More specifically, the characters surrounding her can tell about the meaning of the runes. For example, the combination with Ansuz is concern for the child and his health, the connection with Odal — anxiety for elderly parents.

In some situations, getting into the alignment of the runes of Berkan in the opposite position indicates childlessness.

Its cause is usually unclear, except for moments if a rune is found in the layout One, then the similar problem is caused by diseases or past abortions and pregnancies.

If the rune Perth is found, then cause of childlessness — magical nature, that is, such a state of health is caused by magical rituals aimed at the fortuneteller.

What promises a sign in love?

Usually the appearance of this rune in the scenario for love says about marriage. If there is none, then when falling into the alignment of the runes of Berkan during the divination of love, great the emergence of new relationships.

They will be able to bring to life a fortune telling a large number of happy moments.

When divination for love, carried out by a young woman, the appearance of the rune Berkana speaks about the imminent marriage or pregnancy. Rune men talk about imminent marriage with his beloved woman.

Or the rune can become a sign of the development of relations in a favorable direction, since the value of the rune is development.

In the upturned position, the appearance of the rune in the lay-out on love speaks of the appearance in the life of a bad woman who creates problems. This may be a mother, a divorced woman or a girl, poor in the domestic sense.

maybe the appearance of a rival.

And also the rune can be a sign of gynecological diseases.

What foreshadows in a career?

When fortunate for a career or business success, the appearance of the runes of Berkan in the scenario suggests that the project should be started as soon as possible, because people are waiting ahead good prospects. But it is not necessary to carry out the work without preparation.

It is necessary to first evaluate all possible aspects of the work and be attentive to details.

You need to act with caution, having a rational view of the subject of action. If the question asked during the fortune-telling speaks about the implementation of an already existing project, then Berkana is a positive symbol.

She talks about the positive dynamics of the case and possible promotions. Moreover, if the combination of runes of Berkan and Raido falls out, then both business promotion and success in work will be connected with frequent travels or business trips.

With a combination of Berkanas and Kenaz, the situation in the work will improve thanks to a person’s self-confidence.

If negative runes dominate in the scenario, then success in business will be, but its duration is short. In this case, it is necessary to reconsider the surrounding circumstances and conditions for the execution of the project.

If you do this in a timely manner and move in the right direction, then the situation can be changed for the better, because the future has many options events.

If Berkana is in the place of recommendations, then it symbolizes advice on personal responsibility.

Guessing is worth thinking about their actions and the thoroughness of his work, because the Fleece says that the responsibility for their actions will need to bear a guessing. Fleece has a positive meaning if a person wants to go to study or just to improve their skills.

The inverted position of the rune during the divination of a career and work speaks about the problems that arise in the process of completing the project.

At the same time, new projects are usually suspended due to surrounding circumstances, which the fortune-teller cannot influence in any way.

If, moreover, there is the Feu rune in the layout, then any actions on the part of the fortuneteller, his stubbornness and perseverance can cause large losses, including material.

In some cases, the reason for the manifestation of the reverse rune suggests that all the negative events that have been in the way of a person are rash acts of a divine, his irrational emotions, words, and so on.

With a combination of the inverted runes of Berkana and Turisaz, a person may not even be aware of the bad state of affairs, however, after a while the situation will appear in all its glory and the negative will come out.

The interpretation of the character in divination

To perform divination with the help of runes, a person must have the necessary set of items, which included the runes, applied to small items from natural materials, a piece of natural fabric and a bag for storing runes. Before fortune telling should be trained and cleaned.

It is necessary to clearly formulate the question during the creation of a hand.

When divination rune Berkana symbolizes itself:

Fleece symbolizes the emergence of family, baby birth, marriage as well as good health. The symbol speaks about the formation of the period of obtaining knowledge. At this time, they will all be given to the guessing person with ease and will be useful.

It does not hurt also to pass the retraining or improve it. It is necessary to think seriously about the possibilities of obtaining new knowledge and self-development.

When the runes of Berkan appear during the divination, it can be concluded that a person is under the protection of higher powers. It is surrounded by peace, harmony and peace.

But you should not relax, because all the benefits offered by the rune can be obtained only by introducing a sufficient amount strength and perseverance.

However, if the fortunate person decides to do something, then it should be done efficiently or not taken at all. For ease of implementation it is necessary to divide it into parts and carry them out in stages.

The rune of Berkan in divination is always a positive symbol, even if it is surrounded by negative runes. In this case, the result will simply be more short-lived.

Use the runes in magic

In a magical sense, the Berkan rune is used to heal gynecological diseases and infertility. It is used if it is necessary to enhance personal attractiveness or to develop a feminine principle, as well as to strengthen the libido.

The rune is used to create new relationships or to bring more harmony into them.

Berkanu is often used to create fleece scripts designed to increase the beauty of a woman. This may be the acceleration of hair growth, nails.

And also use the character to protect children.

In this case, the rune is applied three times on the silver decoration on the inside, and on the outside engrave the child’s name. Such decoration can later be worn on a little girl.

This will help protect it from negativity.

Inverted Fleece Berkana

The inverted rune of Berkan is the opposite of development and growth. It is a symbol of passivity and despondency looming on a person.

Often a symbol appears when a person has some disturbances in relationships with close people or friends.

Usually reverse position The runes symbolize that a person has a large amount of intolerance and talkativeness in his soul. This destroys the inner peace of a person and the integrity of his life.

Fleece advises to postpone doing things for some time until a favorable time comes.

In this case, a person should not be afraid of a delay in the implementation of his plans and abandon the plan.

The inverse of the symbol suggests that such a state of affairs is not a problem and a global catastrophe, even in the life of one person.

She just reminds that the guessing has accelerated a little life rhythm, and this can negatively affect his life and condition in general.

At the same time, the symbol does not speak so much about what a person should do, but about what he should not do.

Fleece is also a symbol of disagreements, contradictions and the manifestation of disturbing news or negative in general. The very presence of the runes in the rollout does not indicate problems or failures that can have a divine impact on the life of a global impact.

But if there are negative symbols next to Berkan, then its meaning worsens. But even in this position, the rune does not carry irreversible problems and contradictions.

In some cases, the appearance of an inverted Berkana in the scenario speaks of diseases or deterioration of human well-being. With the combination of this rune with Uruz, it can be assumed that there are major changes in the life of the fortuneteller, which will be caused by the disease. Another value of the inverted rune is a vivid manifestation in the character of a person of his negative features, such as:

  • quick temper;
  • impatience;
  • talkativeness

Rune Berkana — meaning, application

Rune Berkana: meaning and interpretation, how to use

Fleece Berkana (Berkana) — the eighteenth symbol of the Germanic alphabet. It is dominated by the elements of the Earth. This is a very feminine, soft rune.

Often symbolizes the mother, the source of birth of all living things. The personification of new, personal and career growth.

Helps to sort out personal relationships. Symbol of conception, rebirth, growth.

Talk about the meaning of this rune symbol in detail.

Value in straight position

If the rune symbol falls in the straight position, the value is usually favorable. Berkana can mean:

  • Guessing will be lucky in all matters and life situations. Favorable time to start something new and solve old problems
  • There will be an event in the family that will cause a lot of positive emotions for everyone.
  • There comes a period in life when you need to be very careful and attentive

Berkana in divination is often the image of an adult married woman, mother. If in divination this rune symbol falls to a young unmarried girl, it is worth waiting for the offer of a hand and heart.

And if young and married — probably the onset of pregnancy. Men Berkana promises to meet and get acquainted with a girl who will become a life partner, lover, wife and mother of his children.

This is exactly the «same» woman, about which one can only dream.

If Berkana falls into a relationship, the fortunate one has the most favorable time to start a family and children. The time has come when you need to «build a nest», «plant a tree» and «build a house.»

In any case, Berkana is happiness and well-being in personal life, as well as career and personal growth. At least there will be plenty of opportunities for this, do not miss.

Advice to a wondering: if Berkana fell in a straight position, you need to be responsive to any business. Either you must do it in the best possible way, at the limit of your ability, or do not touch it at all.

Patience and perseverance — these are qualities that must be exercised in the near future.

If you set yourself a large, almost global goal, break it into several small ones so that the result becomes real. Do not relax and believe in yourself as much as possible.

Then growth and development are just around the corner.

The value of the rune Berkana upside down

When a rune falls in an inverted position, the value is most often negative, but not always:

  • Guessing expect unpleasant news for him that will cause a lot of negative emotions
  • The family will start a period of crisis: conflicts, quarrels and misunderstandings can not be avoided
  • Any business you start will end in failure. It is better to protect yourself from business and be alone with you, wait for a more favorable moment for action.

Since in Berkana divination most often symbolizes a woman, in the upside-down position it will be a bad woman. It can complicate the life of a fortuneteller, get in his way to achieve goals.

If you are guessing at a relationship, then Berkana may mean that the person with whom you are close does not suit you — with him it will not be possible to create a family, build love, and have children.

Sometimes Berkana (if a fortunate one is a woman) indicates that there are problems with women’s health — it is worth examining and undergoing a course of treatment by a gynecologist.

Often Berkana indicates that the business or the planned business will develop according to an unfavorable scenario for a guessing one.

Advice when a Berkan rune falls in an inverted position: in your life is now a black stripe, but do not be disheartened and do not look for the causes of all problems in others.

Understand yourself and your inner state, eradicate negative qualities and problems, then the outside world will begin to change for the better. Be prudent and discreet.

“Measure seven times, cut once” is your motto for the near future.

Use in magical rituals: popular rune formulas

For magical purposes, this rune is used:

  • To “give birth” to something new: opportunities for personal growth, ideas for work, even a child
  • To provide a fertile ground for personal development, career growth, harmonization of personal relationships
  • To get help in raising children who are “out of hand” or disobedient
  • For the treatment of infertility, assistance in carrying and childbirth
  • To clear a person of accumulated negative, “bad” energy, literally “reset” the consciousness
  • To establish contact with the other world — this property is used by «serious» magicians in their rituals.

Watch the video about the meaning of the Berkan rune:

Very often, Berkanu is used to relieve a woman of gynecological problems, cure infertility and frigidity, make her more attractive to the opposite sex.

The rune is also used to create family and harmony in personal relationships. It is used to create protective children’s amulets worn by little girls.

Powerful Stakes and Formulas

In combination with other runes helps to achieve the following goals:

  • Uruz — Nautyz — Berkano. Helps to achieve career growth even in difficult conditions, when a person is subjected to serious psychological pressure
  • Uruz — Inguz — Berkano — restores strength with a strong mental and emotional exhaustion
  • Laguaz — Berkano — Gebo — Sovilo — used for making female amulets that make their possessor more attractive, have a positive effect on women’s health, attract decent men to life
  • Fehu — Otala — Berkano — Sovilo — attracts money and luck. Helps increase permanent income, get out of financial crisis
  • Berkano — Pertro — Nautyz. The combination is used by women who want to bewitch a man, make him physically attracted and create the illusion of love.
  • Gebo — Berkano — Otalo. Women’s formula that helps to bring harmony and love into family life, solve problems and difficulties, conflicts and misunderstandings

The value of the rune Berkana, its description and interpretation

Rune Berkana: meaning and interpretation, how to use

The main significance of the runes Berkana is femininity and the personification of a woman as the main custodian of the family and the hearth.

Fleece berkana

  • Title: Fleece berkana
  • Element: Land
  • Ratio with Tarot Elders: Priestess
  • A rock: sea ​​and river pearls
  • Plant: Birch tree

Berkana also means a pregnant woman and a mother woman. The other side of the runes are its protective properties.

No wonder some researchers call this rune also a symbol of fortresses and other protective structures. What is the reason for such a diverse value of this rune?

The rune of Berkan is the eighteenth rune of the Elder futark. Most researchers and practicing magicians relate this rune to Goddess Freya.

According to Norse mythology, she is the goddess of female beauty, love, and also fertility.

Fleece Berkana in mythology

According to legend, when the goddess is sad, tears of pure gold flow from her eyes. But this is the so-called light incarnation of Freya.

Her other hypostasis represents victory in battle. It is not without reason that Freya takes exactly half of all the warriors who died in the battle.

The other half are taken by the Valkyries to the palace of Odin — to Valhalla. If you look at the place of the runes of Berkan in the runic table, you can see that in one column with her are such runes as Uruz and Naudiz.

The rune Uruz is essentially a classic male rune, personifying such qualities of a true man as physical strength, endurance, courage, bravery and perseverance.

The rune of Nautise is far from positive, since even the translation of its name sounds like a need, a need. Thus, it turns out, if you read this column of the runic table from top to bottom, then the following literal interpretation comes out: This Man (Uruz) needs (Nautyz) a Real Woman (Berkana).

If we read this column from the bottom up, then the opposite is true. But, as our life shows, both of them are true: a man cannot live his whole life without love as much as a woman.

Whatever a man is strong and courageous, he will still need female tenderness and affection.

True and back: even the strongest woman sometimes wants to feel weak and be protected by her beloved man.

How to protect the rune Berkana

The protective side of Berkana is expressed in the creation of the protection of the female type, namely guardianship and tender care for loved ones. And if the rune Teyvaz personifies a male soldier, a defender of his homeland and shelter, then Berkana represents a reliable rear and support.

Is the rune of Berkan and a symbolic image of the process of growth and maturation, and, moreover, it can be both physical and spiritual growth. Moreover, if we are talking about physical growth, it is not only the growth of a human being, but also of an animal and even a plant (from a small sprout to a mature and already fruiting).

It is worth highlighting such a moment that despite the fact that Berkana is a symbol of a pregnant woman, she does not patronize the process of childbirth. Under its jurisdiction is the process of carrying a fetus and the subsequent care of the offspring.

The genera are under the protection of the Perth rune.

Fleece Berkana in ornaments

Description of the runes Berkana

If you describe the secret meaning of the rune of Berkan with the help of images and plots, then you can do it most successfully with the help of such interesting mental and sensual sketches:

  • planet Earth as a home for all its inhabitants;
  • pregnancy and subsequent care of offspring;
  • a bonfire warms a frozen traveler;
  • the leader of the country cares for the welfare of the people;
  • the sun warms the field sown in the spring.
  • warm memories come from childhood.

Interpretation of the runes Berkana

This rune is directly related to the creation of a family, marriage for the purpose of procreation. In general, if the main question in fortune-telling was somehow connected with the future of the family, then this rune should be interpreted as the imminent appearance of offspring.

The most characteristic of this value of the runes in divination will be when the Inguz runes are next to it.

Another meaning of the runes of Berkan in the scenario is usually associated with the small homeland of a person, that is, with his parental home: this is the place most dear to the heart where the brightest period in a person’s life, his childhood, passed.

If at the same time the rune of Raido was present, then such a combination can be safely interpreted as returning a person to his home, to his sources, or as coming to him of his closest people — his parents, especially his mother.

The value of the runes Berkana in layouts

In the situation on any situation that worries a person, the fall of the Berkan rune will personify success in new undertakings and projects, but this success will depend directly on the amount of creative effort and creative energy applied by the person.

Moreover, when this rune falls out in any such endeavor, a person must act extremely calmly, not wasting his precious forces on unnecessary fuss.

If, in a scenario, this rune fell out as the final one, it directly says that all your plans will soon be fulfilled.

Interesting combination of the runes Berkana and with some runes. So, paired with Soulo’s rune, it will mean the process of spiritual cleansing and the human being’s striving for Higher Perfection.

If the Ansuz rune fell near Berkana, then such a combination offers the advice of a fortune-teller to seek help from a wise woman, most often to his mother.

Runa Berkana in a relationship

If you made a handout for love, then the fall of the rune of Berkan will speak about the imminent appearance in your life of a person, an alliance with which will give you many happy moments.

If the alignment was made on the already existing relationship, then the loss of this rune suggests that their foundation is a very subtle, almost empathic, feeling of each other.

In such a union, both partners are truly happy, because they feel very well the needs and desires of their partner. As a result, no one is left out.

In the alignment of a career, the fall of the Berkan rune should be considered as a quick offer to you of an interesting and mutually beneficial project, which has far-reaching prospects. If in this situation Berkan is surrounded by runes with a negative value, then this indicates that success, unfortunately, will still be very short.

Berkan’s Rune Inverted

If, however, in the hands you have fallen the inverted rune of Berkan, then its basic meaning becomes negative. Usually, practicing magicians interpret such a rune as doubts and alarming news.

In general, the Berkan rune itself is so positive that, even in its upside down position, it does not acquire a sharply negative tint, unlike many other runes.

Such a rune can also speak of a slight deterioration of physical well-being or of the onset of a period of mild depression in a person’s life, but this negative value of the rune worsens if the Uruz rune is next to it. This combination will already talk about more serious health problems.

Alignment on love

If you made a handout for love, then falling out of an inverted Berkana speaks of frequent quarrels in the family and a violation of harmony in a pair. In addition, this rune can talk about anxiety for some close relative (child, husband or parent).

The loss of this rune in the layouts on the financial state suggests that human development in this area is currently difficult for one reason or another. If the Fehu rune was also nearby, then this may indicate possible financial difficulties.

The use of the runes Berkana in magical practice

The most common use of this rune in magic is to create amulets for pregnant women, as well as amulets that increase female attractiveness. Due to the protective properties of the rune, it is also possible to create protective amulets.

Especially well they are suitable for the protection of children.

In combination with other runes Berkana can serve to protect the home and other valuable property of the family.

The interpretation of the runes. Rune Berkana, Berkano, the value of the runes

Rune Berkana: meaning and interpretation, how to use

Straight position

Name of the rune: Berkana, Berkano (Berkana) The main significance of the rune Berkana, Berkano (Berkana) — Great Mother, birch, growth, rebirth, fertility.

Fleece Berkana, Berkano (Berkana), its value when interpreting, indicates entry into the growth phase, whatever that may be. Rune Berkana, Berkano (Berkana) symbolizes well-being, both physically and emotionally.

You need to pay attention to the fact that a good pace of growth processes involves the application of considerable personal strength — it requires a clear, sober look at the events taking place, a deep understanding of the changes taking place, a conscious rejection of the “dirty” zones of our own internal space. Council of the runes Berkana,

Rune Berkana, Berkano (Berkano), the value of the runes. MORE DETAIL

Berkano (Berkana) — whatever you have to do — do it with diligence and responsibility. If you have some idea, if you have a new plan of action matured — actively implement it, consistently and diligently.

Your efforts and perseverance will surely be rewarded at the time of the realization of your idea. Berkana (Verkana) is the rune of the Mother-nurse and actually the main rune of fertility, the symbol of the feminine, is a sign of the forces that give rise to the emergence of ideas and their execution. Berkana (Verkana) — the rune of health, beauty and love.

At the same time, it is a protective fleece, it covers and guards, it is a symbol of all the protective structures: houses, churches, bomb shelter. It is very good when it falls in knitted runes and with runic recordings (runescripts), here it displays the balance of the world, a protected and harmonious family hearth.

In runic records (runescript) and knitted runes, she personifies a very elegant, caring woman.

Fleece Berkana, Berkano (Berkana). Interpretation of divination, the value of the runes Berkana, Berkana:

The main theses. Fertility; growth; rebirth; silence; birth; good health; marriage; Birch tree.
Foreshadows the birth of a child or marriage. A rune fallout indicates a period of growth. You will have a good physical and emotional well-being.

Indicates the entry into a favorable period for obtaining knowledge, training, self-development.

Fleece means that you are protected by higher powers, and you are surrounded by harmony and peace. Means the imminent entry into a period favorable for the emergence, maturation and flourishing of new ideas, as well as a successful outcome of any undertaking. But we must not forget that in addition to the well-established circumstances, you will need to make a lot of personal effort.

Be serious and careful.

Council runes Berkana, Berkano (Berkana). If you do something, do it in the best way, or don’t take it entirely.

For growth requires a deep and clear look at what is happening around.

Show patience and perseverance, old habits do not pass by themselves. Divide the main goal into many small, really achievable tasks, tackle at first easily done tasks, and gradually move on to more and more difficult tasks.

Do not really relax and believe that you can do anything.

Interpreting the meaning of the runes of Berkan in fortune-telling for love or relationship

Runa Berkana — a source of development of personal relationships and the implementation of plans conceived in life. The appearance of the runes of Berkan in the runic layouts on feelings, love or relationships speaks of the strong influence of the feminine on the formation of relations between loving people in general.

The rune of Berkana direct personifies the presence in your relationship with a partner of the favorable influence of the sensual, spiritual component of the relationship, moving you forward along the path of wish fulfillment. You can create a family.

Pregnancy, the birth and upbringing of a child are associated with the loss of divination of this rune.

There is another option for your union, a more pragmatic attitude towards the partner.

The interpretation of the runes. Rune Berkana, Berkano (Berkana) interpretation, the value of the runes. Internal content:

Fleece Berkana, Berkano (Berkana) always foreshadows the birth of something, be it a simple birth or the Formation of an idea. Caringly and aware of all possible responsibility, treat business now.

This rune always indicates the achievement of a tangible result, it is very useful when you are considering something new, be it a serious promising project, or just a work plan for tomorrow.

However, Runa Berkana, Berkano (Berkana) also carries in its meaning the need for the rapid implementation of these plans. It is a symbol of motherhood, liberation from all that is old, and the birth of the new.

Berkana is the rune of rebirth, birth and motherhood, healing and growth.

The growth that it symbolizes is possible both in the spiritual and in the physical plane. This is a rune of fertility, flowering and maturation. Also indicates a joyful, happy and sinless love.

In the resultant position of the rune Fleece Berkana, Berkano (Berkana) indicates the successful outcome of any given question.

A negative rune environment indicates that your success will be short-lived.

The interpretation of the runes. Rune Berkana, Berkano (Berkana) interpretation, the value of the runes. Magical application:

establishing a family atmosphere; fertility; fertility treatment; love; protection; ideas; relief childbirth; improving relationships with children; helps spiritual growth, renewal of personality, application of creative approach; increases fertility and plant growth; favors the rebirth of the beautiful.

Application in rune records (runescripts), also in the manufacture of runic amulet: Rune Berkana, Berkano (Berkana) value in rune record — to improve fertility. Fleece Berkana, Berkano (Berkana) value in runna record — To translate ideas.

Fleece Berkana, Berkano (Berkana) value in rune record — To protect, resolve family conflicts.

Fleece Berkana, Berkano (Berkana) value in a knitted runna record displays a fragile and caring woman.

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