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Runa Yera: description, meaning, interpretation in divination

Description and meaning of the runes Yera in magic

Runa Yera: description, meaning, interpretation in divination

When we start talking about this symbol, the autumn time is immediately before our eyes — the period of fertility and harvest. Runa Yera and its meaning is always a stage of completion, which brings with it certain fruits.

This sign does not have the opposite position, but unlike many others, which also do not change their shape when drawing upside down, is extremely positive, and even is able to “mitigate” the impact of fallen out negative alignment runes.

Runa Yera — basic meaning and interpretation

As we have already mentioned, the basic meaning of Yera is always the harvesting and the completion of some stage. Let’s see why one is impossible without the other?

What is, in fact, «harvest»? These are ripe fruits that need to be harvested.

But just by themselves, they cannot grow by themselves, because harvest is always preceded by a long period of cultivation and work.

A person first puts seeds into the ground, having previously chosen the place most suitable for them, then he waters them, fertilizes them, takes care of the seedlings, protecting them from bad weather and pests, and only after some time gets the result in the form of fruits.

But what will happen if he just sows the seeds, skipping the subsequent stages? The harvest simply does not appear, i.e. he will have nothing to collect.

From here we can draw an important conclusion: the harvest is a reward for the efforts, for the work that has been done.

Therefore, Yera’s rune, meaning, description, and its interpretation can be better understood by thinking about the proverb: you can’t easily pull a fish out of a pond. Yera comes only to those who have worked well enough to get a result.

Idlers and lazy people do not like this symbol. And now let’s see why it is not only the harvest, but also the completion of something important. Everything is very simple here: harvesting is the final stage of growing something.

After the farmer has gathered the fruits, he will begin a new cycle — he will wait the winter, and in the spring he will plow the field again, and then he will plant new seeds.

At the collection stage, the previous period ends, this is its final phase, so it’s logical that once the time comes to harvest, then the long stage of cultivation has come to an end.

And now let’s move on to a more “earthly” explanation. If the rune has fallen Yerah — a certain reward is awaited for a person.

This can be both material and non-material well-being, for example, promotion after a long work, offering hands and hearts from a partner with whom the person spent a lot of time and with whom he built relationships, location and patronage of some influential person. In a word, he tried as best he could, and now, finally, he sees the real result of these efforts.

Determine what kind of «fruit» brings you Yera, you can by the adjacent symbols.

  • Fehu — Yera: The combination clearly speaks about monetary well-being
  • Berkana — Yera: May symbolize the onset of the desired pregnancy
  • Gebo — Yera: The combination speaks of the formation of a strong, reliable relationship with a loved one or with a work partner

Reflecting on the value of the runes Yera, it is also important to understand that you should not rush things. Harvesting is impossible before the deadline, because it takes a certain amount of time for the seeds to turn into fruit, and this time alone cannot be shortened solely at will.

Yera can also act as an indicator of justice, because, as we said above, she is the result for work, for work, and not just a gift of fate, flown by no reason.

Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that the one who does nothing, does not receive anything.

So, for example, if there are unfavorable runes that fell to the question of the reasons for this situation, Yera can directly say: you didn’t try hard enough, therefore you get such results!

What does rune Yera mean in divination for work and business?

The significance of the rune Yera in work is in most cases the reward for the result and completion of the stage. So, for example, a person has been working for a long time on a complex project, and finally, the work is finished and he gets the result for it: money, praise from his superiors or promotion.

What exactly he gets, we look at the surrounding runes.

When asked about a new job, Yera may mean that a person has good prospects, he will surely achieve what he wants if he makes an effort and shows himself in action. In matters of opening and developing a business, Fleece reports the same thing: first you have to work hard, but the result will more than pay for these works.

  • Hagalaz — Yera: It should be on the alert. The combination says that the person is not doing his job
  • Odin (Empty Fleece) — Yera: Such a neighborhood is a sign that the questioner is tempting his fate, so the results of such work may be completely unpredictable

What does rune Yera mean in divination for love and relationships?

The significance of the runes Yera in love is a favorable outcome of a situation preceded by a difficult period. As you know, relationships do not build themselves, both lovers should work on them.

If people really try, make every effort to ensure that their union is happy and reliable, then it will be so as a result.

The significance of the rune Yera in relationships, when the couple has serious problems, suggests that you should not run to the registrar for divorce: you can still fix it, unless, of course, you do not let everything go by itself, and thoughtfully take up the issue. Remember that Yera is always a chance of success, but not a chance of luck, but a positive result from the effort.

If a lonely person asks the runes about love failures, the significance of the rune Yera in his personal life may be the following: he is to blame for everything.

  • Berkana — Yera: A man needs to work on himself, bring up women in himself in order to succeed with the opposite sex
  • Teyvaz — Yera: A man needs to work on himself, to cultivate men in himself in order to succeed with the opposite sex

It happens that a symbol falls out when a person at a subconscious level is simply afraid of relationships, and therefore does everything wrong when he becomes acquainted with a potential partner.

It may seem to him that everything should go by itself, but in fact this does not happen: even if a spark flashed between people from the very beginning, in the absence of any actions, it simply fades away.

In the «fire of passion» you need to regularly throw wood, otherwise you will remain on the ashes.

What does Yera mean in health fortune telling

If we are talking about the significance of the rune Yeer in divination for questions of health and well-being, then we need to consider two situations. If a person is already sick and asks about the further course of the disease, Yera will be pleased with him: a long, difficult period of recovery is coming to an end, and good health is not far off.

This is definitely a positive outlook.

If the questioner does not feel any problems and just wonders if they are at all — the rune advises him not to spare money and time and undergo a full examination, visit a highly qualified doctor, since such a diagnosis will help identify and quickly eliminate the hidden signs of the disease. Here it is important to find a good specialist, and not just to go to see an ordinary doctor in an ordinary clinic at the place of residence, as there may simply not notice something important, and therefore health may deteriorate.

Do not regret time, money, effort, because health is the most important thing!

How is Yera used in magic?

Very often, this symbol is used by mages to communicate with the forces of Nature: it teaches a person to live in harmony with natural cycles.

The value of Yera’s rune, associated with the cyclical nature of events and the harvest, helps the esoteric to successfully complete magical rituals and influences, to receive real tangible results from their magical operations.

Often the symbol is used in family magic, when you need to influence in some way on the relationship between two people. Yera is also widely used as part of many runic stavus, including the bewitching ones.

What is the amulet with rune Yera suitable for?

Photo runes Yera or drawing it, made by hand, can be used as a talisman that will allow all your undertakings to complete successfully and fruitfully. Businessmen are advised to take such an amulet with you to important negotiations and transactions on which the successful course of business depends.

But the main thing to remember: for those who simply want to receive a “gift” from fate, the rune will not work. This symbol, as we mentioned above, does not like lazy people and idlers, therefore, it is only those who are willing to work for the desired result to use it as a talisman.

You can also use the amulet with this rune in order to achieve justice in legal matters.

Can I get a tattoo with a rune Yera?

  • We can rejoice runic tattoo lovers: the value of the rune of Yera is always positive, besides this symbol does not have an inverted position, which means that it can be used as a tattoo.
  • The main thing is to be ready not only to dream, but also to make your dreams come true through real actions, then Yera will help you to “harvest a rich harvest” in all areas of life.
  • What part of the body to apply such a tattoo does not matter.

Fleece Day Yera

As a rune of the day, the symbol informs you that the seeds you planted have already sprouted — very soon you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labors. The main thing — do not throw things to chance, take an active part in those issues that concern you — then the result will certainly be positive.

Council runes Yera

Yera advises not to rely on chance and luck, but to work fruitfully on what you want to achieve. The result will be sure, and its “size” will be directly proportional to your work and efforts. But the main thing — do not run ahead of the engine, do not rush things: remember that everything has its time.

The longer we expect the desired, the stronger the joy of finding it!

What questions should I ask myself when meditating on the rune of Hyères?

To look deeper into your soul and clarify important points will help you photo runes Yera or hand-drawn symbol. Peer into it, drive away unnecessary thoughts and ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do I feel unity and harmony with nature?
  • Do I live according to natural cycles?
  • Do I understand the importance of action to achieve the desired?
  • Do I know how to work, make efforts to get what I want?
  • Do I love the work I do?
  • Am I ready to wait until the “fruits” of my labor ripen?

The value of the runes Yera will tell you the true answers to these questions and help you find inner harmony.

Runa Yera (Jera) — the value of the magic symbol

Runa Yera: description, meaning, interpretation in divination

Runa Yera (Jera) — the twelfth symbol of the ancient Germanic alphabet. It is dominated by the elements of the Earth. It personifies harmony, union of masculine and feminine, time, movement in time.

Consider a detailed description of this magic symbol.

Brief description of the runes

Runa Yera personifies movement in time. This is the main and fundamental value of the symbol.

It is also a sign of harmony, events in life that occur cyclically, in equal time intervals. It is considered a symbol of combining masculine and feminine.

Yera is the change of seasons, the completion of one case and the transition to the next. In occultism, it is used to achieve favorable life changes that help a person to become happy, to live in balance and harmony with himself.

In combination with other symbols, it is used to close gestalt, exit from problematic, painful, destructive relationships. It helps to open the soul for a new love, get pregnant.

Can even be used to pass exams successfully.

The significance of the runes Yera in divination

The image of Yera’s rune is symmetrical; therefore, its value remains the same both in the straight and in the inverted position. She can talk about the following:

  • A person will be rewarded for his work or receive compensation for the difficulties overcome.
  • Is the personification of justice, honesty, decency — the best qualities of human nature
  • Indicates that decisions should be made carefully. It is necessary to «measure out seven times before cutting off.» When a rune falls out, keep in mind that at the moment you cannot rush things and make hasty conclusions.

The significance of the rune Yeser may also depend on whether it falls out at the beginning, middle, or end of fortune-telling:

  • When it falls out at the beginning, it indicates the existence of karmic problems that have arisen as a result of past human actions
  • In the middle of fortune-telling, it means that there is no need to hurry — the results of your actions will definitely be there, but only when the situation is fully “ripe” and you are ready to harvest the “harvest”
  • When a rune comes out at the end, it is very positive. She points out that the time has come for a change for the better. And they will not be short-lived — positive improvements have come into your life for a long time. It is time to reap the rewards and results of the work done.

Very often Yera points to cyclic processes in a person’s life. In a negative context, this may mean that a person runs in a circle, repeating the same mistakes and accumulating karmic debts.

This is a sign that it is time to stop and reconsider their behavior.

Value at one-popping divination

If the rune Yeser falls in one-one divination, it may mean the following:

  • You are too selfish and fixated on your own «I», prone to rash actions and self-pity. Stop and think — what is your purpose in this life, try to bring harmony with yourself into life
  • Your intuition is not developed completely, therefore, in making decisions you rely only on reason and logic. Try to develop the ability to anticipate — this will greatly facilitate your life and give confidence.
  • The emotions that you experience do not affect your work and personal life. You are able to control the mind and “turn on” the mind in time, so you always draw the right conclusions and do the right things.
  • You have good health, but do not treat it too scornfully, otherwise luck will disappear from your life at the most inappropriate moment.
  • Thanks to the ability to think logically, you are capable of deep analysis of any situation. You can calculate your actions a few moves ahead, so you almost always achieve success in professional affairs. Lawyer, doctor, teacher — the most suitable profession for you

Combination with other runes in formulas and use in magic

In magical rituals, the rune of Yera is used to achieve the following goals:

  • The development of intelligence and awareness, self-knowledge and understanding of the processes occurring in the unconscious
  • Bringing luck and luck into life to speed up the solution of current problems and avoid the emergence of new
  • Overcoming difficulties and obstacles that hinder the movement to the cherished goal
  • Completion of important business with a good result.

To achieve the goals described, Yera is used in combination with other runic symbols:

  1. The combinations Yera — Khalagaz or Yera — Nautise suggest that it is necessary to pay special attention to their purpose. Perhaps you chose the wrong profession that you like and do not match your abilities
  2. The combinations Yera — Perto, Yera — Berkano, Yera — Inguz and Yera — Uruz are used to heal both male and female infertility.
  3. Ansuz — Yera — Mannaz is used for self-knowledge, achieving harmony, developing the mental potential of a person
  4. Ansuz — Yera — Vuno is used by believers to make life happy and harmonious precisely because of the faith in God and the Divine Plan
  5. Vuno — Sovilo — Yera — for the treatment of depression, out of a state of despair, despondency. It is used to make a person start to enjoy life again and believe in himself.

Combinations of runes are used to make amulets or talismans that a person wears on them all the time.

Runa Yer (Yera). The value and interpretation of the runes in divination

Runa Yera: description, meaning, interpretation in divination

It’s time to harvest — says rune yer (yer). This is a symbol of the completion of the work to which you have devoted a lot of time and in which you have invested a lot of energy.

If something important is brewing in your life, refer to the energy runes. And do not lose hope for future success.

Much depends on your attitude.

After a hard work process, the most pleasant thing is to get a long-awaited reward. Fleece will bring you an unforgettable feeling of joy and happiness.

A radiant smile will surely appear on your face when the reward jumps into your hands.

General meaning and description of the runes Yer (Yera)

Existing names: Yer, Yera, Jera or Jara.

The ancient symbol of the Scandinavian people personifies a generous harvest. This is a decent payment for the work done.

At the same time, remuneration can be material (money, precious metals, things) and intangible (good reputation, respect for powerful people).

The sign works only where there is no laziness — it is worth making considerable efforts to achieve its location. It does not work out fraudulently and pretend that you worked.

You cannot escape from karma — no matter how hard you try.

Scandinavian rune Yer (Yera) advises listening to the inner clues and following them. For example, when your intuition says that the time has not yet come to start a new business — relax and wait.

And if it pushes you to take decisive action, actively join the work process. Do not listen to anyone — only your heart.

It is important to join the process — keep up with it, but not overtake. If you manage to find the optimal speed and rhythm — the result will be as useful as possible.

From the runes Yer depends on the speed of reaction, because circumstances sometimes change dramatically.

In general, the sign is considered lucky. He draws divine attention to man and his deeds.

It helps to get on the right path and never turn from it.

A person is required to maximize concentration on successful completion of work and an understanding of each completed action.

Interpretation of the runes Yera with fortune-telling

Let’s try to figure out what means the rune Yera in divination. It is a symbol of well-being — which means that it predicts success in all endeavors.

All your plans will bring you the desired result. But only if you put maximum effort into this.

The runic mark will bring special joy to those who have long been waiting for awards for their work. It may be a cash reward or something else.

Great promise in this direction is predicted by the rune Feu or Otal.

It is very likely that during this period you will meet new people who will benefit you.

The symbol personifies and spiritual development — thoughts become clear and pure. You are aware of the deep meaning of all things.

In the rune is a very deep meaning. This is the strongest energy symbol — but it only depends on you in which direction to direct this energy.

Remember that for every action you will have to answer in all fairness.

Sometimes when the scenario is dropped celtic rune talking about your isolation. It seems that you are working tirelessly, and the result is zero.

To change the situation, you must carefully review all their actions and prepare for changes.

Direct position of the runes

As already mentioned, direct Yer is a precursor to a positive outcome of events. You deservedly receive a reward for honest work.

Fleece in the scenario speaks of quick acquaintances — both business and personal. You will meet new friends who will be very close to you.

The symbol guarantees fairness and balance: how much effort you have spent — you will receive such a reward. You will be able to overcome the path of any complexity — just do not relax. Do not try to regret yourself!

Only perseverance will you achieve what you want. Even when you find yourself at the finish line — do not slow down.

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Inverted position of the runes

The rune is irreversible, so an inverted yer has the same meaning as the straight line.

It is worth noting that in this situation unjustified actions will be punished. If you are lazy, reluctant to carry out tasks, shirked — do not expect anything good.

Yera: meaning in love and relationships

In love, a rune sign means only goodness — your relationship will be tender and affectionate. But the desire to be together should be sincere with both partners.

If someone is not initially ready for a serious relationship, the couple will soon disintegrate.

Such unions can be called ideal, since everything goes according to a standard plan: a pleasant acquaintance, mutual affection, courtship, passion and the creation of a family.

But even the rune speaks of strong feelings — they need to be developed. Love is actions.

You will lie on the couch, and the second half will not be able to evaluate your attitude. If there is a rune mark in love Uruz, then it means that your feelings are strong and you can go through all the trials.

Try to draw a love feeling that lives inside you. What do you associate with it?

Draw parallels between inner experiences and the outside world.

For those who have lost hope of finding their own person, the Fleece foreshadows a quick happy meeting. She will definitely help those couples who cannot conceive a baby. Very soon you will hear the cherished words: “Congratulations!

You are pregnant!».

Whatever the situation you have, this sign means a transition to a new level. Morally, you are ready for another stage of life.

If, however, problems continue to arise, then you have chosen the wrong priorities. Try to reconsider your position — be more gentle, more caring and more attentive.

Yera: Use in magic

Mages do not miss the opportunity to use the magic symbol in their rituals. He is traced at the very beginning of an important matter, so that it proceeds smoothly and successfully completed.

When the case is already in the process of implementation, and the forces have begun to leave you — the rune can also help.

In some cases, it is used as a protective amulet, which disperses all obstacles and clears the way ahead.

In order to relate a specific case and the rune to Yera, she is drawn on an object that participates in the overall picture of events.

Before the symbol is used in rites, the magician goes through the preparation stage. This is necessary so that the energy does not run out during the sacred action — the Scandinavian symbol takes a lot of vitality.

The significance of the runes Yera in fortune-telling and the power of the talisman

Runa Yera: description, meaning, interpretation in divination

In Futarka Fleece Yera is 12th in a row. Its name comes from the word «year».

Yera personifies final stage result, complete life span.

This rune is also called the symbol of justice. She points out that each person will end up with what he deserves.

Remuneration will be consistent with the effort involved.

Characteristic and description of the symbol

The rune of Yera is depicted as two symmetrical right angles that form a symbol, similar to the mirror-reflected Latin letter Z. The Celtic runes consist of 24 characters (not counting the empty rune). Thus, Yera is mid runic row and personifies an intermediate life stage.

It is closely related to the established time frame: 12 hours last day, a year — 12 months. The image of the rune consists of two identical halves.

The two halves of Yerah is a symbol of night and day, winter and summer.

She is considered a rune movement in time. Indicates cyclicality, changes, totals and time span.

In Eastern philosophy, this sign is similar to the symbol of yin and yang — the balance of feminine and masculine, dark and light. So Yera gives harmony and organizes everything around.

This symbol is resorted to in the event that they want to enlist support in new undertakings. She is traced and begin to wear as an amulet before important life events planned in advance.

It will help to achieve goals only to those who are confident and ready for decisive action. In moments when it seems that everything is gone and you want to give up, quit everything, the rune comes to the rescue and gives its owner with energy and faith in himself.

This is one of the most successful runes in terms of predicting a successful outcome. What will rune Yera as a guardian?

  • strengthen personal energy, make a person more patient and strong-willed;
  • will help fulfill your plans;
  • will give the opportunity to be in unity with nature;
  • will give joy in life and help to prioritize;
  • help achieve well-being;
  • will help to achieve results, especially when building long-term plans.

Fleece not only attracts good luck in business, but also contributes to the harmonization of the internal state. It can be used in meditations when it is necessary to get answers to questions concerning the choice of a life path and decision making.

This symbol will balance personal energy and give inner confidence and peace of mind.

The value of the runes during divination

In hands, the runes are usually interpreted depending on the position. The rune can be both direct and inverted.

If, in the direct position, the interpretation most often acquires a favorable meaning, then in the reverse position it carries negative information.

Yera’s symbol is one of the few in the Celtic runescript that does not have an inverted position. Its value is interpreted regardless of how it lay down in the scenario.

In divination, Jeru most often means receiving a well-deserved reward, achieving what was intended, justice and honesty, the need to think about all the decisions or a call for patience and endurance.

If the rune layout falls at the very beginning, then it indicates the karma of the diviner, then there is a problem that has occurred as a result of his past actions and deeds.

This symbol acquires a favorable value if it falls out as a rune of a result or a result. Thereby she foreshadows success, achievement conceived, the reward for the effort.

Runa Yera is not always interpreted as a positive sign. Sometimes she can mean cyclical and repetitive events.

For the guessing this can be a sign that he is in a closed circle.

The same unpleasant situations constantly arise in his life, problems constantly repeat. It testifies about not learned karmic lesson.

In this case, the rune encourages the fortune-teller to change something in his life, to do not, as usual, but in a different way. Only then will he be able to get out of the vicious circle, which does not allow him to develop and move on.

If you ask the runes for divination, the Yeser that has come out indicates that you have tried well for the realization of your plans, soon your dreams come true. However, there is no time to relax, otherwise you can lose everything.

Concentrate your strength on achieving a positive result, there is very little left before your triumph.

Combination with other runes

In the future and fate, it is important not only to decipher the meaning of each of the runes that fell out, but also to determine their description in interrelation.

The runes, located next to each other, can give a lot of useful information, if interpreted depending on their neighborhood. Thus, the character Yerus, which is favorable in its meaning, can predict failures and losses if the rune in opposition to it has fallen into divination.

Consider what means Yera in combination with the other runes.

  • With Feu promises success in creativity. Now is the time to realize our plans, if your life is connected with art and creativity. You will succeed if you strengthen your actions with self-confidence and determination.
  • With Uruz Before you open up new opportunities in your career, especially in scientific activities. If your work is connected with thinking, analytics, creativity, then do not miss the chance that will soon arise before you.
  • With fleece Thurisaz Yera predicts financial returns. All problems related to money will be solved in your favor. Soon you will receive an influx of money, but be prepared for decisive action and do not relax.
  • Ansuse symbol in conjunction with this rune foreshadows victory in contests and competitions. The proximity of these two runes personifies primacy and success in your endeavors. If you are in a state of struggle with any person, then it will end in your favor.
  • With Raido Yera symbolizes experience and knowledge. Try to apply what your past has given you, in the present. Rely on your life knowledge base and you will not lose. You should not be guided in the near future by intuition and inner sense.
  • C Caño (Kenaz) the meaning of the symbol Yeser acquires a negative character. This combination indicates a kind of curse, poor heredity. The failures that occur in your life have a close relationship with your ancestors. Also this neighborhood can promise bad luck in personal life, celibacy and sterility.
  • With gebo means success in your career. The significance of these symbols is especially favorable for military and diplomats. The runes promise a quick promotion, recognition and rewards.
  • Vuno and Yera predict a successful outcome of any business. Fortune is on your side. These two runes promise good luck in lawsuits, as well as talking about the imminent resolution of long-stretching problems. For law enforcement officials and lawyers, this sign portends a quick promotion.
  • With the rune Hagalaz Yera’s value loses its positive value. The combination of these runes symbolizes failure, bad luck and loss. This is the symbol of the wrong way of life.
  • Nautiz predicts the speedy resolution of all disputed issues. It can be good luck in court, reconciliation with people and restoration of reputation. Direct your energy to the most important thing that you currently care about.
  • With Runa Isa the symbol Yerah indicates an unsuccessful period in the life of the diviner Because of your inability to compromise, you can lose a person dear to yourself. Learn pliability and patience. This combination often predicts divorce, breakup and relocation.
  • Eyvaz in conjunction with this rune speaks of a delay in the results of affairs. Planned plans will be implemented very slowly. All because of the fault — the mines of your enemies. Be careful with people and do not reveal all your secrets and desires.
  • Perth and Yera — a symbol of unwarranted hope. In business this may mean a result that does not suit you. If the question in the fortune-telling was asked about the inheritance and property, then you will have to make an effort to challenge your rights.
  • Algiz, fallen together with this rune, testifies to the negative influence of the people around them. You should reconsider your attitude towards people and get rid of unnecessary connections. Limit your circle of acquaintances only to those who benefit you.
  • With Runa Soulu Yera is interpreted as a symbol of negative circumstances. At the moment you can not resist the situation. Be patient and do not fall into depression. The black bar will end sooner or later.
  • In combination with the symbol Teyvaz — empty dreams, unjustified hopes, unnecessary efforts. All that you want to achieve will not bring you satisfaction and joy. You should reconsider priorities and set new goals.
  • With Berkan’s Rune promises a negative impact from the opposite sex. Probably, someone wants to bind you to him in magical ways. Do not give in to your feelings and momentary desires.
  • With Evaz Yera predicts health problems, but rather diseases of the heart and blood vessels.
  • With rune mannaz promises outside help. Do not try to cope alone, as this will not lead to the desired result. Rely on your friends, relatives and patrons.
  • With rune Laguz Symbol Yerah predicts success and changes in life. Everything happens so unexpectedly that you do not have time to come to your senses. But this prediction has another side to the coin: the fairy tale may end soon, so you need to send energy to preserve and consolidate the result.
  • Inguz and Yera — the personification of repentance and prayer. Probably, in order to move forward, you will need to cleanse yourself, to ask forgiveness from those whom you have suffered and inconvenience. It’s time to look inside yourself and repent of your deed.
  • With rune Dagaz Yera’s favorable value is lost. The neighborhood of these symbols predicts losses, financial failures and problems in the family and at work. Get ready for partings, failures and unrealized projects.
  • Runa Otal in combination with this rune indicates a possible deception and betrayal. Be vigilant in dealing with people, do not trust strangers and try to think through every step.

What does the situation mean?

If you lay out the runes with the aim clarify the situation, It is worth paying attention to the symbols neighboring Yera’s rune.

In the event that it is a fortune-telling on one rune, and Yera fell to you, then this is a favorable sign. You should direct your strength to achieve a positive result.

Before you open up new opportunities, use them, otherwise the planned plans may collapse.

In fortune-telling on the situation rune Yera often indicates victory and success in the endeavors. If your situation is constantly repeated and you are in a vicious circle, then this symbol calls for a change in your attitude to life and the choice of a different strategy for behavior.

What does love indicate?

The meaning of the symbol Yeser in divination for love is positive. If a free man is guessing, then the rune points to finding the second half soon.

This is a prediction of mutual love, strong relationships and loyalty. However, efforts should be made if the fortuneteller wants to be with the person he is thinking.

Yera calls for decisive action and initiative.

If a person who is in a pair or marriage is guessing, Yera in this case warns about the imminent birth of a child.

For lovers, this symbol may be a harbinger of a quick wedding, the beginning of cohabitation or relocation.

What foreshadows Yera in a relationship?

In fortune-telling on the relationship between the second half, in the family and between loved ones, Yera means transition to a new stage. Fleece personifies the completion of a certain period of life and the beginning of a new one.

She calls for self-awareness in relationships: what are they useful for me, who am I for another person, how are our relationships developing?

For married couples rune Yera may promise the beginning of something new — birth of a child, reconciliation, the beginning of joint affairs.

If the fortuneteller asks the question to the runes, why he does not have a relationship, then Yera answers that he needs exchange internally, to change the situation around the person.

All problems in private life arise because of the stubborn nature and inability to analyze their mistakes.

Rune Yera can be used as a talisman to improve the situation in your personal life, career, business and money. This symbol will lead its owner to the intended results, will give an opportunity to realize his plans.

Runa Yera (Jera) — the value of the magic symbol

Runa Yera: description, meaning, interpretation in divination

Divination by the Tarot cards for the fulfillment of desire Any desire can be fulfilled if it does not interfere. This divination to the fulfillment of a desire will show which energies support it, and which counteract it, how you can help the fulfillment of a desire.

Domino fortune telling how to correctly interpret the value of knuckles Domino fortune telling is very easy and convenient. It refers to the science of numbers — numerology.

The meaning of divination lies in the fact that it is necessary to correctly interpret the dropped knuckles.

Divination on the runes on the relations of women and men Divination; This is a very simple way to know your future, to understand the past and present. The most popular fortune telling; on relationships and love.

Vanga’s predictions for 2018 Endless military conflicts, deterioration of diplomatic relations between countries, the emergence of unknown viruses in modern science, and poor ecology all of these factors indicate that the world is on the verge of tremendous changes.

Divination; Station for two; Answers to questions about the relationship Station for two Tarot — a way of fortune telling, allowing you to find out how people really interest you.

Guessing, whether I like him, based on mathematical calculations Ancient prophecies come true in our days How to clarify the situation? Divination; Do I like him; — a centuries-proven occult method of obtaining such important information.

Divination by 100 numbers In the modern world there are so many very diverse divinations. They are passed from generation to generation, and some have come down to us from ancient ancestors.

Slavic horoscope: how to know your palace by date of birth The Slavic astrological calendar reflects palaces, which are assigned to each person by the date of his birth.

Day Map Tarot forecast for the next day Tarot Day Map is a simple and quick alignment for beginners. It helps and easy to grasp the meaning of the magical arcana, and quickly get an answer to an exciting question.

True fortune-telling on the book of destinies with the help of 300 questions One of the most mysterious secrets today is the famous book of destinies. According to legend, it records the fate of all the people who lived on earth.

Divination on playing cards: simple layouts and interpretations Divination from time immemorial has been popular among people of different ages. A man of curiosity wants to open the door to the secret knowledge of his destiny.

How to perform fortune-telling on 36 cards Guessing on 36 cards is a fairly simple technique available to anyone who wants to know the details of their future.

Guessing cards on the guy what to expect from the relationship of the girls will always be concerned about issues related to their personal lives. Guessing cards on a guy will help you to know how your chosen one treats you, and what future awaits your relationship.

Divination for the Catholic Christmas The tradition of guessing on the January holidays was passed on to us from our ancestors. However, to find out what awaits us in the future is real and before the New Year.

The initial layouts of the Tarot The spiritual and underlying causes of what is happening come to the fore in the layout. How the problem in reality affects the Questioner, what steps should be taken and what they will lead to.

Examples of proven fortune-telling on the attitude of a man towards me All girls (and often women) want to know how the opposite sex interests them, because the behavior of men often looks like a real mystery.

Predictions about Russia for 2016-2020 from astrologers and psychics Predictions about Russia for 2016-2020 promise very rich events in the life of the state and its citizens.

Divination Josephine Beaugarna In order to take advantage of this divination, it is not at all necessary to acquire some special, secret French deck. It will be even better if you draw the cards yourself — such a deck may not be an artistic masterpiece, but it will be thoroughly imbued with your energy, which means it will give much more accurate answers than the purchased one.

Guessing on paper with a pen — how to determine the feelings of a guy in five minutes? Guessing on a piece of paper with a pen is remarkable in that no special tools are needed to hold it.

Nuances of Tarot divination to the attitude of a man Girls (and women) always want to know how the person who touched their heart treats them, no matter how he behaves.

Tarot Cards Mirror of Fate — a unique magic attribute Tarot Cards The Mirror of Fate is easy to read, suitable not only for an experienced tarologist, but also for a beginner. The drawings are not overloaded with various symbols and astrological signs.

The Tarot Future: Three Universal Divination Tarot Future Arrangement is a simple way to find out what awaits you in the near future. Maps will tell you about the most important, help you analyze your own life and understand in which direction to go.

The tested alignment for the near future Taro Who among us does not dream of being able to predict future events, in order to live our life according to the best scenario, avoiding misfires and mistakes? But, unfortunately, not all have developed extrasensory abilities, so you have to turn for help to various mantic instruments, of which the Tarot cards are in first place in popularity.

Guessing on the guardian angel on the cards for the person to protect and support in glorious deeds at baptism is given a good spirit — the Guardian Angel. He has no name and is invisible to man.

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