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Runa Turisaz: description, interpretation and application in the layouts

Meaning and description of the runes of Thurisaz in divination and magic

Runa Turisaz: description, interpretation and application in the layouts

Today we will talk about a very ambiguous magic symbol, usually causing a lot of questions. This rune Turisaz, the value of which can vary from positive to negative, not only depending on the surrounding signs, but also on the personal perception of man. This is a rather complicated rune, therefore, not everyone can immediately understand its symbolic field.

But we will try to understand as much as possible in detail.

Runa Turisaz — the main meaning and interpretation

Before finding out the meaning of the Thurisaz rune, you need to talk a little about the very symbolism of this sign.

In translation, the name of the rune sounds like “the gate”, but what is this gate, the transition from where and where do they symbolize? It is believed that the rune is on the border between the worldly and the heavenly, it is a kind of gate of esotericism — knowledge that is inaccessible to anyone who wishes.

One cannot simply pass through this gate; one needs not only to have certain knowledge and inner strength, but also to take full responsibility for the consequences of this choice.

You can compare the passage of these gates with jumping across the abyss. You can make it only once.

If you have accumulated power and made the jump, there will be no way back.

That is why many people have been preparing for this jump over the years: someone comes to the edge of the abyss several times, stands on the edge for a long time, thinks about it, and then still returns to its usual reality.

You can not regret if you made the jump, constantly looking at the abandoned shore — there is a great danger of getting bogged down forever in doubts, regrets, fears.

The meaning of the Thurisaz rune is very difficult to describe in simple and understandable words. Here it is important to understand that just in this gate you will not miss.

They are guarded by the Guardian, who conducts a fairly rigorous test of your internal readiness.

A person whose soul is full of illusions, erroneous ideas, low instincts, on the other side of the way is ordered — through the Turisaz gate you can pass only by completely clearing your spiritual darkness, and for this you will have to do serious work with your inner world.

But the strong spirit of the rune provides powerful support.

To make it clearer, let’s still present the meaning, description and interpretation of the Thurisaz rune in a more familiar, everyday aspect.

The arrival of this rune usually corresponds to a serious change in a person’s life — the external and internal situation changes dramatically, which is why the experience of this symbol is rather difficult.

Hurry up when joining Turisaz is not worth it: a person needs to turn inward, think well about whether he is ready or not ready to say goodbye to the past and make this jump in one direction.

It is also important to understand that the rune does not force, but gives a person a choice: he can ignore her arrival and return to a quiet, familiar life, but a lot will depend on his decision — the second such chance may no longer be presented.

You have to realize that if you do not make this transition now, the external situation will not disappear anywhere, and later it can “strike” your life even more strongly. We can say that one of the meanings of the Turisaz rune is karma, which means inevitability, therefore, refusing to solve the problems that have arisen now, you only give yourself a respite.

You still have to solve them, but later, and most likely this time the situation will be even more painful, even more difficult.

If Turisaz comes surrounded by positive runes, then you get the support of Higher Forces, as if you find yourself at the right time in the right place.

But you still don’t need to hurry: the rune gives you time to think, weigh everything adequately and only then rush forward.

If Turisaz is surrounded by negative symbols — this is a big test of strength, this is a transition that will make you suffer, but if you don’t want to get into similar situations again and again, you still have to make a “jump”.

The value of the inverted rune Turisaz

The inverted rune of Thurisaz is like a stop line in front of a traffic light. You know that you need to drive through this intersection, but first you need to stop.

This stop is required in order to think again carefully.

The rune for a reason comes in the opposite position: if the direct Thurisaz reports internal readiness for the transition, then the inverted one warns that at some point you did not take into account, you did not foresee something, therefore there is a great chance to make mistakes.

It is possible to illustrate the effect of the reverse rune with a commonplace example of everyday life. A person is going to work in the morning, leaves the house in full confidence that he has a pass in his pocket, spends an hour on the road, and at the door of the entrance he realizes that he went to another jacket yesterday and his pass remained there.

So, Turisaz brakes him even at the door of the apartment, pulls over his shoulder and says: “Hey, haven’t you forgotten anything?”. If a person dismisses the rune, he will spend time on the way to work and back, and even get reprimanded by his superiors for being late.

And if you pay attention to this sign, you will think well and remember that you need to get a pass from another jacket and do it even before leaving the house.

Thus, it can be said that the meaning of the inverted rune of Thurisaz is a warning that there is no need to hurry. Remember the saying «Hurry — make people laugh» — it is very appropriate here.

The most important thing is caution, the ability to see and analyze absolutely everything that happens to you. Of course, it is necessary to act, but only when you understand exactly how and why.

You will not jump over the abyss, not appreciating the distance to the opposite shore and not providing the necessary run?

What does Turisaz mean in work and business matters?

The significance of the Thurisaz rune in divination for work, if the rune comes straight — these are cardinal changes, a turning point, the outcome of which depends on the behavior of the questioner.

Direct fleece often informs about protection (in terms of professional activity, this may be the presence of an influential patron, or the integrity of a person due to his high position), but you need to understand that these benefits can be lost if you do not respond to the changes in time.

Sometimes Turisaz symbolizes some foe who tries to intervene in the affairs of the questioner. In this situation, it is worth looking at the neighboring runes.

  • Inguz — Turisaz: This problem will be solved by itself in a completely unexpected way.
  • Mannaz — Turisaz: A person needs to take some action in order not to be in trouble

If the rune came upside down, the person should think about the events happening to him. Most likely, he looks at the situation through “rose-colored glasses” and does not see quite obvious things, although the Universe gives him signs.

  • Odin — inverted Turisaz: The questioner himself is to blame for what happened to him or will happen

What does runis Thurisaz mean in divinations for love and relationships?

The meaning of the runes Turisaz in fortune telling on relationships and love can be revealed in various aspects.

Sometimes the symbol predicts a meeting with its true second half, which is likely to happen unexpectedly.

In other cases, the value of the Turisaz rune in love will advise a person to dive deep into himself and think over his own behavior, since only it can influence the development of the situation.

It is interesting to consider the value of the runes of Turisaz in the relationship of the surrounding characters.

  • Gebo — Turisaz: The combination will mean a change in the relationship of the couple for the better
  • Hagalaz — Turisaz: The actions of a person on the contrary will cause great resistance from his partner

Inverted rune can also be interpreted in two aspects. She can advise a person to act very carefully, carefully weighing each step, or vice versa hint at the questioner’s weakness, although the situation nevertheless requires at least some real action.

The meaning of the runes Turisaz in relationships and love, if it comes upside down, can be clarified by the next signs.

  • Nautise — inverted Turisaz: Persuading a person to be patient a little, not to run ahead of a locomotive
  • Inverted Kenaz — inverted Turisaz: The combination says that the partner of the questioner is trying to subjugate him, although such attempts are doomed to failure, because the fortuneteller does not consider his lover or beloved authority

What does Turisaz mean for health fortune telling?

In matters of health, direct Turisaz always gives a person a choice: to agree to the proposed treatment, or an operation or not. It is necessary to carefully analyze the pros and cons before making a decision.

  • Turisaz — reverse Feuhu — Raido: Considered a dangerous combination. The combination warns that a person should fear for their health, as he may face an accident or some kind of criminal event (fight, attack)

The value of the Turisaz rune, if it came upside down, is the advice not to rush, as a hasty decision, for example, on surgical intervention or on taking experimental drugs, is unlikely to be correct.

Application Turisaz in magic

The significance of the Thurisaz rune in magic has always been used with great care. It was believed that this rune allows you to «break through the reality», to go through magical initiation, to call upon the Higher Forces to realize what was intended.

The turisaz, endowed with a tough and powerful force, is ideal for cursing, punishing offenders, directing confusion, sending depression, longing (especially when turned upside down).

Since this rune can contribute to powerful recoil, additional protection is urgently needed when using it.

What is the amulet of Thurisaz rune for?

An amulet with Thurisaz is used to get through critical life moments faster. Fleece increases attentiveness and concentration, clears a person’s subconsciousness, allows him to better control himself, and also contributes to a more rapid destruction of what prevents him from moving further in life.

But such a talisman is used only in rare cases.

Can I make a tattoo with runis Thurisaz?

Runa Turisaz on the human body has a rather negative value. The powerful destructive power of this symbol can only be used as a talisman, so it is better to avoid such a pattern on the body if you do not want to attract trouble to yourself.

Rune of the Day Turisaz

Like the rune of the Day Turisaz foreshadows a strip of luck, but its duration and result will depend directly on your own actions and decisions made.

Turisaz Runes Council

Do not run headlong! Think carefully about the situation, weigh all the pros and cons, evaluate your level of internal readiness and only then make a decision.

You are at a turning point, there will be no way back, so a lot depends on your choice — do not forget about it!

What questions are appropriate for meditating on Turisaz?

If you immerse yourself in the symbolic field of ancient signs through meditation, look at the photo of Thurisaz runes, and then answer the following questions for yourself:

  • What is the true cause of recurring situations in your life, why are you stepping on the same rake over and over again?
  • Are you ready to move to a new stage, leaving behind your past?
  • Would you later regret the decision?
  • Have you considered all the moments, nuances, factors before making a decisive choice?

Despite the fact that Turisaz living is not always pleasant, this is a very useful rune, allowing you to look deep into your soul, to understand what is happening with you and around you. Do not ignore this symbol when it comes to you!

Runa Turisaz (Tours). The value and interpretation of the runes in divination

Runa Turisaz: description, interpretation and application in the layouts

Scandinavian rune Thurisaz Elder Futhark is a very powerful tool in capable hands. She can provide significant help and support to those who turn to her.

Turisaz energy is very strong, so you need to treat it with extreme caution. Any wrong decision can turn all the power against you.

  • Most often, the rune is associated with future changes. You must be prepared for the unexpected. Perhaps the universe will give you hints — be very careful.
  • Scandinavian rune Turisaz can be used in many areas — but control is important here. If you are not sure that you can cope with its strength, it is better not to start.
  • Evaluate the situation, weigh all the arguments and only then proceed to action. And the ancient symbol is sure to help you figure it out.
  • General meaning and description of the runes Turisaz
  • Existing names: Turisaz, Tour, Tours, Thurisaz or Thurs.
  • In ancient times, the Celtic rune of Thurisaz was associated with giants.

These mysterious creatures are found in legends and tales, following which they appeared long before humans and gods.

And indeed — the connection between the rune and the mighty power of giants can be traced.

The energy of a symbol can sweep away everything in its path — this wave cannot be stopped. But this does not mean that the rune is aggressive.

Interpretation of the runes Turisaz under divination

Different layouts will tell you what the runis symbol Turisaz means in this or that case. It all depends on your question.

There are several relationships:

  • combination Turisaz and Otal predict changes that will affect your family;
  • neighborhood with Fehu means that you need to watch your finances;
  • and if located next to the symbol Uruz — closely monitor health.

Direct position of the runes

The ancient symbol has all the necessary protective properties, but not always its effect on a person is favorable.

If the direct Turisaz falls out, the fortune teller necessarily pays attention to the next runes in the layout. Positive characters guarantee a person maximum protection and assistance, but negative warnings about the black band in the near future.

Most often, the rune is associated with an unexpected gift of fate. Life will give you a lot of surprises, your task is not to pass by luck. Watch all the events taking place, each of them can be useful.

There comes a period of pleasant coincidences and coincidences.

Turisaz advises a little hold on your inner ardor — try to control your emotions. Excessive self-confidence can lead to an irreparable error, so it is better to check your work several times.

When next to the symbol adjacent Isa — this means that now it is better not to take active steps. All attempts to change the situation will not lead to anything good.

Nearest location Ansuz prompts you to turn to a spiritual guide or just a wise person for a hint. Ask your father or teacher for advice.

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Inverted position of the runes

The opposite position of the mark is negative — the inverted Thurisaz predicts that the person will not listen to the advice and will do wrong.

Incorrect assessment of all current circumstances will lead to disappointment and actions will not bring any result.

Remember that every opinion is subjective and depends on many different factors — age, gender, mood. It is better to be safe several times and to listen to the thoughts of other people.

The inverted position of the mark indicates that the initial dynamics of events can be very positive. But this situation will change dramatically, and all luck will just melt in the air.

At this stage, you show yourself as a weak-willed person — even if you are not. It seems to you that a series of failures will bring you down and upset all plans.

You are trying to deceive yourself, regret.

Sometimes even close your eyes, hoping that everything will be decided by itself. But, unfortunately, the problems will not go away, and their denial is not the answer.

Your destiny is in your hands — do not miss the opportunity to fix everything before it is too late.

When Turisaz falls together with Raido — expect that you will soon go on a journey. This may be a working trip or a regular family trip. In any case, the road will be hard.

It is possible that you will regret the acts committed.

Reverse Neighborhood Vunyo — This is the complete destruction of all ideas and plans. Here, even decisive action will not fix anything.

Turisaz: the significance of the runes in love and relations

The symbol has a very interesting meaning in the love question.

In the straight position, the rune suggests that in the near future you will meet your soulmate. It will happen very unexpectedly — you may just come across on the street.

If you are already in a relationship, the ancient symbol advises you to slow down a little and not to demand much from your chosen one. Analyze for the beginning your behavior, your shortcomings, and then start a conversation about a question that concerns you.

When in the layout next to Turisaz housed Hagalaz, possible big conflict between partners. And it will happen because of mutual rejection of the other (different from his) opinion.

The conclusion suggests itself — start listening to your loved one and listen to him.

If located next to Gebo — your love union can be called perfect.

Inverted Turisaz in the divination of love has a different meaning. She advises a person to wait out a dangerous period — any recklessly spoken word can have irreparable consequences.

Turisaz: use the runes in magic

In magic circles, Turisaz has a reputation for being a very strong symbol — it is usually used for protection. But there is a very important nuance: the rune can drive away all external negative, but it will not save from internal contradictions.

Those who wear an amulet with an inscribed symbol should always be remembered — why do you use its protection?

In especially dangerous moments, a very good way to activate the talisman will suit: imagine how a square of four runes forms around you. It resembles a protective fence through which neither evil human thought nor sorcery attack can penetrate.

If adrenaline is released into the blood (when a person experiences severe stress), the rune instantly turns into a protective weapon. Typically, the charm is made of wood and worn as a pendant on the neck.

Sometimes magicians use this rune sign of the ancient Celts in bewitching rituals. He is not capable of causing love feelings, but he has a significant effect on sexual attraction.

As a result, you can get a stormy, boiling relationship that will not lead to something serious, but you will be remembered for a long time.

The runes, where Turisaz is involved, give a person wisdom and help make the right decisions at difficult times.

Runa Thurisaz: Meaning, description and interpretation

Runa Turisaz: description, interpretation and application in the layouts

Outwardly, the Thurisaz rune looks like the English letter D -, but nevertheless it can sometimes be confused with the Vuno rune because of its similarity in writing. True, the meaning of them is completely different, the rune of turasis under itself implies the ordering of space.

Origin of the Thurisaz Rune

The word «Tours» in translation from Old Norse means a giant. According to Scandinavian mythology, it is from these huge creatures of the protection of the people of TOR.

Thor himself was a representative of the kind of giants, and only he defended people from them.

The giants in mythology personify chaos while Thor fights its manifestations. Runa Turisaz personifies the struggle of the Torah with the chaos of the world and the giants.

All interpretations of the meaning of this rune are closely intertwined with these metaphorical representations.

Thor always carries with him his hammer, which is often used as a body amulet. Since ancient times, this talisman is used by people to protect themselves from enemies and negative external energy influence.

Every time Thor uses his hammer, he always comes back to him. All this symbolizes the fact that after each action one should expect a response.

Turisaz reminds people of the importance of remembering the possible consequences of each action.

Although this rune has a protective function, if it is used improperly, a person can be seriously injured due to super-powerful energy influence.

To defeat the enemy, you can use the inner power of the Thurisaz rune. It should be remembered that if used improperly, the power of the rune can turn against its owner.

It is for this reason that it is recommended to use the power of this ancient sign with extreme caution.

Thurisaz rune value

Turisaz is a rune of power, the value of which cannot always be unambiguously positively interpreted. It mainly embodies a powerful energy defense.

Also, some interpret it as a symbol that helps to survive the temporary period of bad luck.

Primary meaning

It is difficult to determine which of these interpretations is closest to the truth. Probably, the rune acts on each person in a special way, showing all new properties.

It is also worth considering that if positive runes prevail in the scenario, Thurisaz will have positive energy and vice versa. Also another positive value of this rune is unexpected gifts of fate and life luck.

If it falls to a person, then this may indicate that he will soon make a good life choice.

In the event that Turisaz predicts bad news, then this information should not be taken as true, because there is a great likelihood of erroneous explanation.

Most likely, the rune is pushing people to more informed decisions.

The rune indicates to the person that any important actions need to be carried out only with full confidence in their abilities and in the final positive outcome.

Runa Turisaz (Tours) — meaning, interpretation

Runa Turisaz: description, interpretation and application in the layouts

Runa Turisaz (Tours, Thurisaz, Turisas, Tyr) is the personification of Thor, the god of the Thunderer. Therefore, it is a symbol of force, both destructive and defensive.

Very powerful rune symbol, which is used in magical rituals. Let’s talk about the meaning of the runes Turisaz more.

Runa Thurisaz: meaning

The other name of the rune is Turisaz — rune Tours, also called rune Tyr. This is the third rune of the first Etta, which is under the auspices of the powerful element of fire.

Helps a person to destroy all that is old that hinders progress. This is a change in personality for the better, the release from the shackles of old complexes, insults and psychological clips.

Also, the rune helps to create space for the «construction» of something new.

The values ​​of the runes are also as follows:

  • It personifies a situation in which action requires a complete return from a person.
  • The symbol of the time it takes to get to know yourself, analyze your life and find the right answers to your questions. The analysis concerns first of all the past — it is necessary to free oneself from it in order to get energy for moving forward.
  • Indicates that the moment of insight has come in life, the search for truth must end in finding the right answer. And you need to fill yourself with energy to move on and get the strength to accomplish all things
  • Turisaz helps to accelerate the spiritual development of a person, to achieve active progress. But after a stop — the moment of rethinking

Runis Thurisaz need to use very carefully, because it is endowed with incredible power and strength.

The value of the runes in a straight position

Any runic symbol has two positions — straight and inverted. Depending on the position in which the rune fell in divination, its value will be different.

What does Thurisaz say in the straight position:

  • In the life of a fortune-teller, a turning point came: it was time to choose — move on, free from the past, or remain “stagnate”, burying yourself in frustration, resentment and loss
  • In the near future, you will need to take the only right decision in a very difficult situation. Its outcome will depend only on you, so think it over well.
  • At present, a person will have the opportunity to radically change life for the better — Fate herself will throw such a chance. It is important not to pass by your happiness, but also not to hurry, not to commit rash acts.
  • You have a huge potential for success, but it depends only on you how to use this potential — for your own benefit or harm.

The value of the Thurisaz rune upside down

If Turisaz fell in an inverted position, it may mean the following:

  • You will experience a state similar to a lethargic sleep — you will feel that the forces are running out. There will be a reluctance to do something, move forward. “Lying in the direction of a dream” is all you want
  • It is necessary to travel in company with unpleasant people. The decision to set off will not be voluntary, but you will have to do it.
  • There will be negative consequences of decisions that you made in the past. It is time to pay for the mistakes made.
  • There will be some danger in life, a threat that will be very disturbing and frustrating.

Magical use of the runes Turisaz

Runes are often used to perform magical rituals. Also for making amulets, amulets and talismans. Turisaz in magic allows you to achieve the following goals:

  • To protect a person from the active actions of enemies and detractors
  • Destroy (not physically) rivals and competitors
  • Develop willpower, strengthen the spirit, help a person become more resolute
  • To attract the love of a particular person
  • To know yourself and the world from a spiritual point of view
  • Prepare the ground for creating something new

In fortune telling and love rituals, Turisaz is used to provide a person with protection and patronage, to destroy rivals, to teach them to control their emotions. Turisaz teaches not to engage in self-deception, but to clearly understand what relations are moving towards and what is worth waiting for from them.

Watch the video in which the author talks about the modern interpretation of the Thurisaz rune:

In ancient times, the image of the runes Turisaz was put on the military uniform and weapons of men going to war. She provided powerful protection and guarded against enemies.

In the modern world Turisaz helps protect against black magic: love spells, evil eyes, damage and other things.

But women use Turisaz not recommended — it is very harmful to the female energy.

Very powerful Turisaz acts when a person has a specific goal, but lacks the capacity and strength to implement it. In this case, the rune creates all the conditions to realize his plans, and very successfully, with a good result.

With the help of the rune, it is possible to tremendously harm another person — to plunge him into a depressive state, to cause a breakdown and apathy. It provokes problems with potency in men and frigidity in women.

A person just starting to use the runes, it is better to refrain from the use of Turisaz. Not knowing all its subtleties and features can be very much harm yourself.

Because this symbol carries a tremendous charge of power and destructive energy, which can get out of control of the novice mage.

Runa Turisaz — meaning and magical stavy

Runa Turisaz: description, interpretation and application in the layouts

Thanks to the Hollywood film adaptation, everyone knows what Mjollnir, Thor’s Hammer, and what is his strength. In this article I will help you figure out what this Hammer is and how to use it.

In fact, Mjollnir is nothing more than the rune of Thurisaz (from isl. «Tours» — «giant») — a symbol of destructive power in the hands of Thor Odinson. Interestingly, this rune symbolizes both Gromovik himself and the giants he holds back.

He can restrain them not so much because he is the son of Odin, but because he is the son of the giantess Jord.

The giants are the ancient, wise, and powerful forces of Chaos. The system of worlds of Yggdrasil is a corner of some stability in the middle of the abyss.

Behind the rune Thurisaz is a force capable of holding the boundaries of the world of Yggdrasil.

Total value: Turisaz is protection, control of the situation, neutralization of enemies, victory, clear thinking, a successful outcome in a difficult situation, the ability to think and concentrate. It is also love and male sexual energy (what Mjollnira’s form hints at).
Fleece Turisaz closes the three runes, whose energies can be considered «the foundations of the universe.» Fehu — the fire of Musselheim, Uruz — the ice of Nifflheim; Turisaz is a giant, owing its origin to the melting of ice.

And if Fehu and Uruz in projection on the human psyche represent the unconscious and subconscious, then Turisaz is on the verge of consciousness.

In psychology, this is the so-called “Shadow” — an archetype consisting of sociocultural attitudes that are incompatible with a person’s ideas about himself.

Ignoring and rejecting the Shadow can cause a mismatch of the personality, and its integration into the integral system of the personality gives inner integrity and harmony.

You should also be aware that the direct Turisaz means the energy directed outward, and the inverted — directed inward.

Energy runes Turisaz — Saturnian, colors — black, dark purple, purple. Stones — flint, obsidian, onyx, black tourmaline.

Tree — Blackthorn. Number 21 and 5. Element — fire.

Practices with runis Turisaz

Life is full of situations where the wind of random events cheekily disperses our plans. In order to overcome this instability of reality, you can use the «rune of direct paths» — Thurisaz.

There is the following meditation with visualization.

Find a secluded place, sit back and close your eyes. Visualize the Universe filled with Violet glow ..

Somewhere in the middle of this space imagine the Thurisaz rune, iridescent with all the colors of the rainbow; when it turns red, let it begin to slide down, touch your crown and dissolve in the capillaries of the head.

Imagine that Turisaz, like a drop of Torah’s blood, spreads through your circulatory system, giving you supernatural power. When you get through, you can open your eyes and go to conquer the world.

In addition to this technique can be done Rune mascot Turisaz and carry with you, and in the workplace to keep it in front of your eyes, to remember: now you are a god’s heir and not a mortal tired of life.

Turisaz in runeskripta (stav)

Due to its nuclear properties, Turisaz has the most wide use in combat magic, malicious magic as well protection from her.

Used in love spellx and the bout of rivals among themselves, although in ancient Scandinavia it was not considered shameful to conjure anyone, so even in the Edda one can find references to how the hero threatens Valkyrie with a love spell …

It can be said Thurisaz even predominantly fleece male love spells. Using Turisaz as a «weapon of attack» it should be remembered that this rune is a double-edged weapon: it doesn’t strike the attacker himself if he is wrong.

Turisaz — the most powerful and at the same time the most dangerous rune futarka!

Old Tried Runic Formulas with Turisaz

  1. Turisaz + Teyvaz + Turisaz — A powerful protective spell that creates a solid barrier against any negative. Once I saw such a forged runic tie on the gates, doors and bars of the windows of a private house. True, very competent people live there …
  2. Isa + Nautyz + Turisaz — If you have a family vault, and you fear for its integrity, place this formula on the front door. The formula is a curse «appear in the world of the Giants of the Gentile.»
  3. 4 Turisaza in a row — a powerful love spell that provides strong mutual attraction for a period of about a month.
  4. Turisaz + Nautyz + Hagalaz + Uruz “The very same” love spell with which the hero of the saga wanted to bewitch Valkyrie. It should be put on any carrier and thrown where the “victim” often happens, the best thing is to go home. Asvin Freya in his book “The Mysteries of the Northern Nations” mentions his experience of using this formula. To punish a certain person she drew this formula on an ax and threw it to the door of his room. After a while he had a prolonged epileptic seizure.

I read somewhere that this is how people react to such magical effects with clogged energy channels, if you understand what I mean. This spell sharply raises the kundalini, like a firework, it flies up along the spine, and all the accumulated energy debris hits the victim in the head. Given the crap of modern people, almost anyone will react as well.

Of the new stavov with Turisaz (authorship: Gray’s Witch)

  1. Isa + Turisaz + Fehu — paving the way through the chaos, allows you to start something new. It also serves as a stop-tap for some momentum situation.
  2. Turisaz + Manaz + Turisaz — assistance in intellectual research. Best for inventors.
  3. Gebo + Turisaz + Otila — establishing order in the family and personal relationships.
  4. Turisaz + Otila + Evaz — to end the outdated relationship.

Turisaz in divination

In whatever situation this rune falls out — first of all it means that you are in the thick of things or on the verge of change, and you need to make the right choice.

Direct Turisaz

So the questioner is your way out! It is time to leave the past in the past and accept the challenge. Take only the best with you: rewarding experience, courage, balance.

Perhaps you are waiting for the move, a new place of work, new acquaintances and a new love. You will defeat your enemies and will be protected from their wiles.

Inverted Turisaz

Your current position does not envy. You do not own the situation, the earth is slipping under your feet, and desperate efforts to save the situation only make things worse.

Surely, by virtue of bias and haste, you are making a series of irreparable mistakes that have been repeated many times.

Advice: watch, draw the right conclusions, fully armed, wait for the opportune moment to act. Thor helps those who think actively and independently: do not disappoint him.

Since the energy of the inverted Turisaz is directed inward, its appearance in the scenario means the need for inner work.

Meaning, description and interpretation of the Thurisaz rune

Runa Turisaz: description, interpretation and application in the layouts

Rune Turisaz is the third runic symbol of the Elder Futarka. Most runologists believe that the main importance of the Turisaz rune is directly related to conflicts of varying degrees, including wars and local armed confrontations.

Rune thurasaz

  • Runa Thurisaz
  • Name: Rune Thurasaz Element: Fire Ratio to the Elder Arcana of the Tarot: Tower, Justice Stone: Hematite
  • Plant: Elderberry, Pine

According to the magicians practitioners, this rune has a powerful energy, which is very difficult to manage. In general, the rune Turisaz personifies some circumstances of insuperable force, which are traditionally called force majeure.

The strong energy of this rune allows it to be used in situations where a person needs a powerful impetus to continue further actions, that is, she is able to move almost any prolonged situation from the dead center.

In addition to the elimination of the already obsolete situation, the rune Turisaz patronizes the construction of a new life, and also protects the results of such work.

Thus, it provokes a process of transformation that has begun abruptly and therefore, in its meaning, it is very reminiscent of the 16 Arkan Taro «Tower».

In general, in many magical traditions, the gates personify not only a certain transitional moment, but also a zone of doing, that is, the most favorable time for reflection and reflection on the experience gained. After that, you should let go of the past and step onto the next stage completely updated.

Fleece Turisaz can also provide people with invisible patronage associated with their connection to a certain egregor.

What exactly — it directly depends on the practicing magician and the occult tradition, which he adheres to.

Only an individual who goes through life consciously, that is, understands the true meaning and hidden meaning of all situations that occur in his life, can be patronized by an egregore.

Without such internal work, you will not be able to secure the protection of the egregore.

To a conscious person, the egregore shows the further direction of movement only after he clearly realizes the significance of the current situation and expresses his readiness for its further development.

This is due to the fact that a correct understanding of the situation is the key to learning a particular life lesson. Objective causal relationships should not be confused with personal motives of human behavior.

Unconscious actions can cause significant harm, so an objective analysis is required of what is happening before proceeding to build the future.

Remember that the more in-depth and detailed analysis you carry out, the more you will receive the possible variations for the further development of the current situation.

In another way, this rune is called the rune Tours, thereby indicating its direct connection with the giants. The value of the runes Tours from such a change in writing remains unchanged.

Such a rune can sometimes be a direct indication that a person will soon find out the answer to a question that has long tormented him, one way or another connected with his past.

Turisaz Runes Description

According to its canonical outline, the Runa Turisaz has clearly expressed phallic outlines; therefore, most researchers call it the rune of viviparous masculine. If, however, to describe the meaning of the runes Turisaz with the help of mental images, then the most appropriate are the following:

  • the family is engaged in house cleaning;
  • planned deforestation for new buildings;
  • an old house is being demolished in order to build a new one;
  • a revolution in the name of building a new state;
  • tough competition in business;
  • election campaign between two candidates;
  • military invasion of the territory of a foreign state with a view to its occupation;
  • raider seizure of the enterprise.

Fleece Thurisaz in mythology

This powerful weapon was made specifically for the Thunderer by dwarf tsvergami named Brock and Sindri. At the same time, God Lokki had the imprudence to express his doubts in the unsurpassed skill of the tsvergs and decided to argue with them. As a result, the argument was lost to them, and Thor acquired this powerful weapon.

In punishment, Loki was sewn up his mouth.

Once Mjolnir was kidnapped from the Torah by the giant Hold. In order to find out where he hid the hammer, Loki puts on Freyja’s falcon feathers and moves to Jotunheim in this form.

The outcome of his visit was a clarification of the requirements of the Hold, which he puts forward in exchange for Mjelnir.

He agrees to return it to the owner if the beautiful Freya becomes his wife. The gods told about this proposal to Freya herself, to which she replied with a decisive refusal.

Then, in order to return the hammer, Thor puts on her clothes, and Loki changes into a servant, and as such they went to Jotunheim.

The hold did not notice a dirty trick and let his future “bride” into his domain without any problems. At the feast, this marriage alliance was sealed, and his hammer was returned to Thor. He immediately grabbed it in his hands and with one blow threw the hold.

After that, the gods calmly returned to Asgard.

In addition, it should be noted that the exact translation of the name of the rune Thurasaz means «giant, tour». That is, it is directly connected with these unbridled forces of nature.

According to the Scandinavian myths, there are three main types of tours:

  • frost giants who are the natives of the icy wasteland of Niflheim;
  • fire giants whose residence is the flaming Muspellheim;
  • Jotuns, residing respectively in Jotunheim.

It is worth remembering that after a collision between two worlds: Niflheim and Muspelheim the divine cow Audumla was born, and immediately after it the Giant Yimir. It is he who is the forefather and the foremother of all the Deities of the Scandinavian Pantheon at the same time.

Many researchers consider the Turisaz rune to be the most mysterious Divine spark that gave an impetus for the ordering of Chaos in the dawn of our world.

After our Universe has already appeared, it is the energy of this rune that maintains it in harmony and balance, which allow it to exist and continue its further development. In addition, the rune Turisaz is the third fleece rune that personifies fertility.

Fehu and Uruz are considered two others, therefore some magicians-practitioners claim that the energy of the Turisaz runes is derived after the interaction of these two runes.

Interpretation of the runes Turisaz

With various divinations, the appearance of the runes Turisaz cannot be unambiguously considered neither a positive nor a negative sign.

Its main value in the ordinary scenario is that a particular person has the strongest protection, which can be expressed both in completely physical and in spiritual and magical aspects.

In the first case, it can be a question of whether a person has a weapon or the protection of influential people. In the second case, the rune indicates the presence of a person’s divine protection or an established magical protection.

Another interpretation of the rune is directly related to the end in a person’s life of a successful period of life and the onset of a string of severe tests of strength. Which of these two possible variants of interpretation is correct for a particular alignment should be identified in neighboring positions.

In the environment of positive runes, the first variant will become faithful, the negative — the second one.

Some researchers believe that it is permissible to treat such a rune as an unexpected gift of fate or that a person has drawn true luck into his life.

The appearance of the Turisaz rune often serves as a warning against committing hasty actions and requires that a person thoroughly consider all the circumstances before taking action or continuing further movement.

The rune Isa, who happened to be in the neighborhood in such a situation, requires from the person a sufficiently long suspension of actions for the purpose of reflection. The appearance of the Ansuz rune indicates the need for advice from a more experienced person.

It is quite clear that such persistence, in the end, will not be crowned with success, and obviously doomed to failure. Also, this rune can report too soon ending positive dynamics in your life, which may just catch you off guard.

When analyzing personality, the appearance of Thurisaz points to a person endowed with a weak will. It is also quite possible that a person is inclined to deceive himself in certain issues, and because of his weakness he is afraid to face the truth.

If you take the appearance of the runes of Turisaz as some kind of advice, then it says that you should not show self-confidence in your relations with your current partner or you should defend your own righteousness to the very end. That kind of behavior can ruin your relationship.

The combination of Hagalaz and Turisaz in love cards indicates that your overconfidence may be one of the causes of regular conflict situations arising in a pair.

In general, the fall of the runes Turisaz may recommend listening to his spouse and show respect for his personal opinion. The combination of the runes Turisaz with Gebo, assures us that our current alliance will be long-term and favorable for both its members.

Amorous prophecies with the thrive Turisaz turned upside down should be taken as a recommendation to proceed with caution and avoid unnecessary conflicts in the pair.

The appearance in this situation in the neighborhood of the runes Nautyz calls for patience, as the tense situation can be delayed, unfortunately, for a long time. Especially not recommended to make hasty decisions or make rash actions, since such behavior can have fatal consequences for further relations.

Another characteristic of inverted Turisaz in love divinations, on the contrary, can be expressed in the fact that it is in these relations that a person manifests himself as a weakly character and weak-willed person.

In this situation, the loss of such a rune advises to collect all the remnants of his courage into a fist and begin to slowly assert their rights in a pair, because personal relationships are not only endless compromises and deprivations, but getting something in return for such concessions.

Stop the game with only one goal, and then your relationship will rise to a completely new level of development.

When analyzing the situation in the professional sphere, the appearance of the Turisaz rune should be considered as the presence of a person with very influential patrons, armed guards or deputy immunity, that is, here we are talking about high-level security. At the same time, despite the stability of the current situation, such a person is not advised to abuse him, since such behavior can easily have fatal consequences for him.

In addition, the appearance of such a rune can also serve as a recommendation to consider each step before performing it. All reckless actions in the current situation are obviously losing.

This state of affairs is confirmed by the nearby rune Isa, notifying those who are wondering that at present he still has no choice, so he will have to make a forced stop for a sufficiently long time.

It can also signal the appearance of the runes Turisaz and the presence of a dangerous opponent who is capable of harming you quite large enough because he has a stronger financial or political position, and he may simply be more stable in terms of physical or psychological health.

Understanding whether this person will perform any actions against you will help you understand the neighboring runes. Rune Inguz, which turned out to be close, is a sign that you will be able to get rid of this opponent without any special losses.

But the nearby Fleece Mannaz hastens to warn you that the outcome of this situation depends only on the degree of reasonableness of your behavior.

The inverted view of the runes of Turisaz in the layouts of career and finance gives us a personality who goes to the breach, despite the obvious things and common sense.

Such a person does not pay attention to the fact that he is given various signs so that he changes his mind and stops his further actions.

Another interpretation of this rune shows us a naive person who refuses to see the true meaning of the events happening to him and continues to wear rose-colored glasses.

And, finally, the most negative interpretation of such a rune may be that a certain nondescript and unworthy person will soon appropriate to himself what rightfully belongs to the diviner. This is the significance of this rune in the event that the whole alignment is also negative.

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