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Runa Soulu: character description, what it means and where it applies

The interpretation and significance of the runes Soolu in divination and magic

Runa Soulu: character description, what it means and where it applies

The symbol we will talk about today is considered one of the most positive, bright and favorable in Elder Futark. It is associated with creative action, inner purposefulness, the awakening of man at the deepest levels, allowing him to change the surrounding reality.

And all this is a rune to Soulu, the meaning of which is revealed, as if a powerful impulse, a mental impetus, a call for vigorous activity, promising victory.

Runa Soulu — basic meaning and interpretation

Saulu is considered very positive and powerful. Not for nothing is it called the Sun (this is how the symbol name is translated). This is the rune of leadership, magnetism, victory, which foreshadows mandatory success in all endeavors.

But the key word here is to act. If you do not find the strength to go and do something, then all the favorable opportunities for Saul will pass by you.

The value of the runes to Soulu is not just positive, it is truly triumphant. This is the highest success that comes to those who have felt the inner harmony, integrity, has managed to reveal their inner light.

The masters of the work with the runes note that Soulu does not often come to a person, but it is worth waiting for these moments, because only under the influence of this rune does the individual realize his true inner “I” and feel a connection with the Higher Forces.

It should be noted that the Runa of Soulu, its meaning, description and interpretation will always be associated with the expansion of the field of attention.

A person can only influence the surrounding reality when he has a huge supply of internal strength and at the same time fully understands the nature of the events happening to him.

Only genuine spiritual harmony and deep revelation allow him to model his reality, to go beyond himself, to send energy exactly to the target.

That is why the arrival of Saulu is so important — a person can safely go and act, becoming the absolute winner of the situation. It seems to have a special inner light that motivates it and leads to success.

The meaning of the rune Soolu in fortune-telling is like a trigger: the rune seemed to push a person, telling him «Stand up, go, act, take away your victory!».

You can not be passive, just expecting that everything will come to you in your hands — it is important to take a direct part in this process, acting actively, decisively, sweeping away all doubts.

If most of the symbols of the Elder Futhark require certain conditions from us: analyze the situation, wait, get ready, then Soulu is the only rune that calls for abandoning doubts, fear, negative mood and just act frantically, blindly, fearlessly with complete confidence in our own victory. This is the energy that must be spilled out, no matter what. Someone from creative people once said that it is necessary to create only when it is impossible not to create — and these words perfectly characterize the meaning of the runes to Saul.

When the creative energy pours from the inside itself — you cannot interfere with it.

In general, in the layouts Soulu always predicts success.

  • Kenaz — Soulu: If we are talking about the personality of a person, then the combination will report on good health, large amounts of energy, brilliant creative ideas. If we consider a difficult situation, then Soulu promises to successfully overcome all difficulties.
  • Inguz — Soulu: A person has some health problems, but it will be very easy for him to cope with them

Separately, it should be said about the environment of negative runes.

Since the meaning of the Soolu rune does not imply an inverted position, the adverse symbols that stand nearby can be interpreted as a person’s inability to find a solution to his own problems, or his unwillingness to go and act.

Soulu is a success, but something is blocking him — perhaps some internal attitudes, prejudices, fear of doing something wrong. To remedy the situation, you just need to collect this “bouquet of doubts” and throw it in the trash.

What does the rune mean for divination to work and business?

In career matters, Soulu always promises success. If a person asks about the general perspective of working affairs or starting projects, then the rune honestly tells him that everything will be fine.

  • Fehu — Soulu: Success will be material
  • Teyvaz — Soulu: Man is waiting for victory over competitors
  • Perth — Soulu: The end of a difficult crisis period is not far off
  • Otala — Soulu: If this combination fell in divination, it means that the questioner pays too much time to work. Yes, his business is going well, even, one might say, fine, but, nevertheless, professional activity should not be the center of life, one should think about your leisure

The value of the runes in fortune telling on relationships and love

The value of the runes Soulu in divination for love and relationships, in most cases, too optimistic, but there are some exceptions. If the rune falls on the question of the relationship between two people, then it speaks of sincere, bright feelings, which are given to both partners.

But if she was on the side of one of the couple, then it is worth considering the situation in more detail — in this case, the value of the person’s rune in the relationship may be a person’s egocentrism in which he wants to be loved, but does nothing to give love to himself. Here it is worthwhile to pull out an extra rune in order to understand the roots of this behavior.

  • Odin — Soulu: Man sincerely believes that he deserves such an attitude
  • Hagalaz — Soulu: The combination says that it is a natural trait of his character, which is very difficult, and sometimes pointless, to fight
  • Turisaz — Soulu: A person needs to work on himself in order to learn not only to receive love, but also to give it

Here are some other meanings of the Soulu runes in love: an emotional rise, a temporary increase in sensuality, an unexpected surge of impressions, vibrant short-term relationships (for example, a holiday romance or one-night sex without commitment).

What does Saulu mean for health divination?

When diagnosing diseases, Soulu doesn’t bear anything bad: she says that with well-being, physical and energy health of a person, everything is in perfect order.

The significance of the Saulu rune during divination to a situation when a person is already sick is a successful recovery, a successful rehabilitation after an undergone surgery or after a course of treatment.

If we ask about whether you can trust your doctor, then this is an unequivocal «yes» — the specialist diagnosed the disease correctly and picked up the right treatment.

How is Saulu applied in magic?

In magical practices, the Runa Soulu is often used to develop leadership skills, influence other people, win a magic fight, make rapid progress in all matters, increase the level of one’s own energy, and facilitate access to the astral plan. Do not be afraid that this symbol was widely used in Nazi Germany: in fact, Hitler and his followers simply blacked out the meaning of this rune, which appeared long before the emergence of the Nazi ideology.

In general, Soulu is a strong rune that can transform your reality, but you need to treat it like the sun rays with caution.

If you spend a little time in the sun, you will get a beautiful tan, but if you spend the whole day under the scorching rays, then instead of sunburn you are waiting for burns.

Therefore, the value of the runes Soul should be used only in those situations where it is really necessary.

What is the amulet of Soulu’s rune for?

You can use Soulu’s rune as a talisman, cutting a symbol on a wooden plate that is best worn around the neck. The most suitable wood species is ash and ash.

Making a talisman must necessarily take place during the day, in sunny weather — then it will be fed from the sun’s rays and enhance its magical properties.

Such a wooden amulet with Soulu will provide you with a burst of energy: you will be full of energy for new accomplishments, you will become less tired.

You can also build relationships with other people, learn how to skillfully bypass «sharp corners.»

Also, the rune will help you find your true life path and choose the very right course that will lead you to the realization of a dream that seemed previously unattainable.

Can I get a tattoo with a Soulu rune?

On the one hand, Soulu does not have an inverted position and is considered one of the most positive symbols of the Elder Futhark, therefore, it’s not so dangerous to depict her on the body. But on the other hand, before you make such a tattoo, think about the strength of this sign.

The energy of the runes is so powerful that it allows a person to make a global breakthrough in life, spending all the accumulated energy on him.

And now try to imagine what will happen to a person if he is in the mode of such “jerks” all the time? This threatens with huge energy costs, because the force will no longer accumulate, but will only go out, and not everyone can withstand it.

Having such a tattoo, you will have to constantly replenish your energy reserves, figuratively speaking, “vampire” on the surrounding people and the Universe, and this is not very good in all senses.

The significance of the Soolu rune, while divining how your day will pass, foreshadows a powerful shift in a positive direction. Creative energy overwhelms you, so drop all worries, doubts, fears and act with full confidence in your abilities.

Board runes

Fleece advises: do not stop dreaming, because even the most cherished wishes, which seem impossible to fulfill, are often fulfilled. And the more great the chance to achieve our plans when Soulu comes to you.

Believe sincerely, with all my heart, do not think about the negative — then everything will definitely work out! Fleece advises to set the upper bar and go to it, and not to think about whether it is realistic to achieve it.

What questions should I ask myself when meditating on a Sool rune?

Photo runes Soulu ideal for meditation on their desires. You can put an image of a magic sign in front of you and just think about what you would like to achieve in your life. To understand the depth of the symbolic field of the rune, you can ask yourself the following questions

  • What do I really want?
  • Do I understand the nature of all the events happening to me?
  • Do I have a cherished dream?
  • Do I try to somehow bring its implementation closer, do I put all my strength into it?

So, we have considered the meaning and description of the rune Soolu, how to use the symbol in magical practices and amulets, which he foretells, falling in hand. We hope that this information will help you most fully understand the meaning of this rune and successfully use it in your daily runic practice.

Runa «Soulu» (Salt) — description and meaning in divination

Runa Soulu: character description, what it means and where it applies

Scandinavian rune Soulu Elder Futarka personifies the Sun — bright, very warm and gentle. As our star warms the earth and all of us living on it, so Saulu gives inner peace and hope to those who began to lose them.

The ancient symbol that falls out during the scenario does not mean that it is impossible to correct your future. Quite the opposite: you have a unique chance to completely transform fate.

That’s just the action must be decisive and active. Sitting on the spot, you are unlikely to attract success.

The rune of Soulu is unique in that it eliminates the places vulnerable in the human energy system. It so happens that the problems do not leave our lives.

The reason lies in serious damage to the aura, and Soulu helps to find a way to fix all the problems.

The value of the runes Soulu

Existing names: Soulu, Salt, Sauvelo, Sun, Soulo, Sowelo, Sowelu, Siegel, Segel, Sigil, Soilleir.

In the ancient writings this Celtic rune associated with the divine spark, with the beginning of life, with the birth. It leads to a completely new sensations, experiences, emotions.

Transforming a person from the inside, she helps to change his attitude towards herself and the outside world.

The first associations that arise when seeing the Soulu rune are:

  • Sunshine
  • Championship
  • Warm light
  • Prometheus fire power
  • Vital energy

A distinctive feature of the sign, which came from ancient times, is that it has only one position — the direct one. It is associated only with positive energy.

If, during divination, the alignment contains this image, the person receives advice: act in the same spirit, but save power.

Since Soulu is directly connected with the fiery element, the conclusion is one: the fire can be salutary, and it can also destroy. It all depends on respect for him and the scale of the action.

Description of the Runa Soulu

When looking at Soul’s rune, you can find an association with a man who pulls one arm up high towards heaven, and the other one sent to the ground. This position of the human figure speaks of the energy movement in the universe.

According to the rules, the entire cosmic energy moves along a spiral path.

Due to the special combination of natural elements, people’s consciousness gradually evolves. We get the opportunity to express ourselves and our personal characteristics in a creative way.

Energetically runic image exceeds many ancient symbols. It is one of the powerful mechanisms capable of controlling human desires and actions.

Soulu reveals to us the true nature of everything on the planet and in the universe. Thanks to this, we can independently build our lives the way we want and how we like.

The secret sign helps to reveal the reality that lies in each person.

It is worth paying attention that the runic symbol personifies integrity and steadfastness. He will withstand all kinds of difficulties that may occur on the way.

Perseverance and confidence in their own actions — that is what leads a person to the primacy. You will never take a leadership position until you believe in the possibility of such an outcome of events.

Saulu is rune of victory, first and foremost on himself.

Fleece says that the existing stereotypes are not needed for development — spiritual and physical. Individuality is what you should strive for.

In combination with some other runic images (for example, Teyvaz) Soolu leads to a complete purification of human consciousness. Also, this process captures the deliverance of the aura from the harmful effects of the surrounding reality, from parasitic creatures.

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Soulu: the significance of the runes in love and relationships

Perhaps the most popular question with which people visit fortune-tellers is the question of love and relationships. Almost every second wants to know what awaits him in the future, is the second half true to him, will they become spouses with her?

And in the layouts that fall together with the runic symbol of Soulu, there is a positive answer. After all, it is a harbinger of light, heat, life.

And that means the period you are experiencing is sunny.

That is, when you notice this mysterious symbol in the alignment of your personal relationship, know that everything will be fine soon.

If you quarrel with your beloved, then reconciliation is not far off. If you have any suspicions about a possible betrayal, then all of them will be false.

If you cannot understand whether the partner’s intentions are serious, he will soon make an offer to you.

But there is one not very pleasant moment: as a result of fortune-telling, one negative inverted rune fell out, and Soulu settled down next to it? Do not rely on a good result.

Just accept everything as it is and try to treat this moment as the next life experience.

Runa Soulo in the mantika

The use of the described symbol in the cloak usually boils down to several aspects:

  • Protection from external negative, from alien energy that is harmful to humans;
  • Getting what you want, winning;
  • Aura cleansing, elimination of sorcery interventions;
  • A beneficial effect on the general condition of the body;
  • Love, romance, family issues.

And for all situations in the practice of divination, there is a huge number of different layouts containing the Saulu rune.

In some, she can talk about a successful outcome of affairs (if there is a good sign next to a symbol, for example Laguz or Dagaz). And in others, a person is given a chance to correct the situation and change his behavior, otherwise the completion of what was started is unlikely to bring joy.

Runa Soulu — meaning and interpretation of the symbol

Runa Soulu: character description, what it means and where it applies

Runa Soulu (Soul, Sol) is a symbol of victory, provides power, as well as integrity.

In some sources, its value is defined as the final rune, and this statement is true — because integrity is a combination of opposites and completes any movement. In addition, the rune Soulu produces the energy of creativity, increases the desire to successfully achieve their goals.

Meaning of the Runa Soulu

  • Astrological archetype this rune stands the sun.
  • Influenced by zodiacal constellation Leo.
  • Saulu — Magnetic Fleece, also acts as an irreversible rune.

The rune of Soulu, along with the rune of Teyvaz, is a runic symbol of victory.

Her fallout in divination promises you a successful completion of any beginning. Also, Soulu has tremendous magical power, she is able to give such power that in a short time you will drastically change your usual life.

Any obstacles are easily removed from your path, you will have enough time to recover your energy.

This rune symbol of integrity, it allows you to «find yourself», to fill with the necessary confidence in difficult and incomprehensible life situations. Sends a person tips that will help him get on the right path in life.

Sometimes appeared Soulu indicates the presence of certain mental torment.

If at the same time it is surrounded by business runes — Vuno and Raido or with material symbols (Fehu and Otal) — it means that you have gone to work with your head and do not always find time to fully relax, which negatively affects your well-being. The latter combination points to various difficulties in your life that you do not know how to cope with properly.

In some situations, the value of the runes Soulu will indicate a person who is subject to increased egocentrism, which seeks to take control of everything in its life, including those around them.

And if such a person fails to control everything and everyone — he has bouts of causeless panic, anxiety, he suffers from helplessness. There is a tendency to egocentrism, the desire to get power by all means, to achieve fame.

Such a person suffers because of heightened ambition and selfishness.

Also rune Soulu is responsible for good physical health and vital energy. Sometimes she says that the guessing person concentrates too much on herself, her inner state of health.

If the runic characters Teyvaz, Kano, Dagaz, Gebo or Inguz are located nearby, then you have great physical strength and can easily cope with any diseases.

This rune symbol does not have an inverted position, and in almost all cases it indicates a favorable completion of cases.

More interesting information about the ancient Scandinavian symbols — the runes you can get after watching the next video

Why used in the magical field

Soulu is the power of willpower. It embodies the spiritual energy that allows us to shed light on the true state of affairs in our world.

In addition, it indicates the achievement of global success.

It is shown to apply with such purposes:

  1. To secure victory, success.
  2. To heal from various diseases.
  3. To give yourself the necessary vitality, filled with self-confidence, if you lack it.

If we talk about the sphere of healing, then you can not use the Saulu rune to get rid of inflammatory diseases, for this purpose the cooling energy of another rune, Isa, will be suitable.

Other characteristics of Soulu runes

Soulu has the powerful energy of the Higher Spirit, allows, through your personal words, thoughts and actions, to manifest the highest will of your Divine Soul.

There has come a period in your life when various accomplishments will easily succeed, you will get rid of any pathologies, improve many external and internal processes of your life. Much of what you have previously dreamed of passionately, will begin to incarnate right now, thanks to which you will become a full-fledged and happy person.

What opportunities gives the rune

Provides the realization of any hidden dreams. Says that now you can achieve any goals, any doors are open for you.

If you are a spiritual person, then now is the time to receive a higher spiritual experience. For business-related people, the rune of Soulu promises prestige and realization of leadership qualities.

You will be listened to by others, your ideas will find their embodiment in reality.

What warns against

You are filled with tremendous power, giving confidence in yourself, in your choice, life position, words, and so on. You also have the ability to convince others not only because of the words, but also due to your inner charisma.

In this case, you can concentrate too much on yourself, your problems, your thoughts and actions will seem to you to be the only correct ones. But the influence of Soulu will not last forever — sooner or later it will end, “enlightenment” will descend on you and you realize the extent of your delusions.

The world will start asking you for your actions to the fullest.

This rune’s recommendation

In the process of realizing your desires, you should use your strength and capabilities, but at the same time you should not forget about your environment, about its benefits and always take responsibility not only for yourself, but also for other people.

Now you know the basic properties of this runic symbol, you are familiar with the area of ​​its magical use. You can use the power of the runes Soulu for the benefit of yourself and the world around you, but before that do not forget to learn the basic rules of working with the runes in order to do everything correctly and to protect yourself from negative consequences.

Runa Soulu — the meaning of this symbol in fortune-telling and in amulets

Runa Soulu: character description, what it means and where it applies

Runa Soulu, whose name is also pronounced as Sovullo or Sovilo, is a powerful symbol of Norse magic. What value does it have for fortune telling, and how can it be used in magic?

After reading this article, you can easily answer this question.

Runa Soulu — description of an ancient symbol

Runa Soulu is the main solar (solar) sign among all the Elder Futhark.

It is located at the very end of Atta Heimdall — this is the eighth rune in a row in the second ettir and the sixteenth — in the entire runic alphabet. Like all the latest symbols of atta, Soulu belongs to the runes of thought.

This means that the mental and spiritual components of human life are always in the sphere of its influence.

This symbol is a sign inextricably associated with the sun. That is the translation of its meaning into Russian. In the runic poems Soulu is described as follows:

At least the fact that it was the letter “S” of English and most other poetic European European alphabets can speak about the popularity of this rune.. Also, this rune was extremely popular in Nazi Germany — it was twice repeated Soolu was on the coat of arms of the elite forces of the SS.

Nevertheless, despite this past, it is worth noting that this symbol in itself practically does not bear any negative load. Of course, sunlight can blind or cause a burn, but any careful person can get rid of such consequences.

Therefore, to use this rune in magic can be almost without fear.

Correct writing Soulu

Another interesting fact is that there are still disputes regarding the correct image of this rune, since on many runestones it is found in various interpretations.

The closest and correct to the oldest and most widely used in magic now Elder Futark is its image in the form of three diagonal lines, forming a semblance of the letter «S».

A common mistake among people who are just starting to work with runes is the image of this sign with a horizontal line. In general, in the Scandinavian mystical tradition, no single character had horizontal features.

This is due both to the origin of the runes from nine rods — three vertical and six diagonal, and to the fact that the original runes were most often cut on the tree, and an exact cut along the direction of the fibers was impossible.

As with any other Scandinavian characters, the meaning of the rune Soolu in divination can be interpreted in different ways depending on what rune layout you have chosen, and what questions are asked to the runes.

The meaning of the result and its interpretation may also vary depending on what other dies fell out along with Soulo. It should be noted that Soulu does not have an inverted value, since he is a mirror rune and looks in the reverse position in the same way as in the forward position.

Therefore, as some practitioners believe, this symbol does not carry any negative aspects at all.

In general, in itself the rune Soolu is a sign of the Sun, a sign of higher power and leadership. Therefore, in divination, it means that now is your time, and you need to act — otherwise the Universe will help you and give you all the necessary tools.

She says that you have the opportunity to realize your innermost dreams and lead people.

In the relationship, the rune to Soulu literally screams that you should become a leader in them. If this is a question about the possibility of future relations, it means that you need to take the initiative in them.

Do not wait for the actions of the intended partner, but act yourself — and then luck will smile at you.

If you did the alignment on the already existing relationship, then this symbol indicates that the main role in them is on you. And it depends on you further development or the extinction of the relationship, as well as the mood of both partners in them.

Runa Soulu in love is a sign of opportunity and a call to action.

However, the rune Soolu can warn about the dangers. First of all, that you are under the possible action of «star disease». Yes, success is smiling at you, but this is not a reason to raise yourself above other people.

Or — it can act as a warning about how you do not need to behave with others in the future.

In combination with other runes, this sign may indicate an aspect of life in which you can succeed. Or to where the answer to your question may lie.

It can also compensate for the negative value of other runes, warning of the danger and protecting it from it, up to the complete abolition of the bad interpretation of other symbols.

Runa Soulu in magic and runic amulets

In magic, the Runa Soulu is used primarily as a sign of leaders and success. This is a solar symbol, in which there are practically no dark and hidden meanings.

Using this rune by itself, you can literally illumine the light of your ideas of other people, serve as a guide and example for them to follow.

But the true possibilities opens Soulu in combination with almost all other signs. So, Soulu-Teyvaz can give a victory in any undertaking.

The combination of Soulu-Fehu, both in the runic stakes and in the script, can quickly move you up the career ladder or open up new perspectives in business.

And even with a negative rune of Hagalaz in almost all senses, you can turn the destructive power of hail to your advantage — by destroying everything that prevents you from using the combination of Soulu and Hagalaz. For example, from diseases can help such a runic script — Soulu-Hagalaz-Uruz-Hagalaz-Soulu.

Of course, one should not think that such a positive rune is completely safe. Improper use of even the most «soft» and «positive» characters in the end can lead to not the best consequences.

In terms of the runes Soolu, you can compare its use with sunburn. If you have white skin, and you spend all day on a tropical beach, then the probability of getting to the hospital with sunstroke and burns will be extremely high.

At the same time, knowing the value of this rune, you can hardly harm yourself.

In general, the Runa Soulu is almost completely a positive, solar symbol.

Of course, your relationship with Nazi Germany may scare you away — but this is just an example of the exploitation and denigration of an unconditionally bright symbol that arose long before the birth of the Nazi ideology.

Therefore, use this rune for the benefit of yourself and others. And then the bright band in your life will last exactly as long as you need.

The value of the runes Soulu (Sal, Sovilo) in fortune-telling and the use of the symbol in amulets

Runa Soulu: character description, what it means and where it applies

Runa Soul (other names — Sovilo, Salt, Soulu) is the sixteenth in futarka. Refers to the elements of Fire and is one of the symbols of the masculine.

Her «neighbors» are the rune of protection (Algiz) and the rune of the Warrior (Teyvaz). By itself, Soul is a bright and heat-giving symbol, however, when combined with other runes, it can be a nuisance.

What are the meanings of the sun sign in the layouts? For what purposes is it used in rune formulas, stav and amulets?

What does the Runa Soulu mean and can it be inverted?

The basic values ​​of the runes are Soul — Sun, Victory, Light, Prometheus Fire, Vital Force. Insofar as upside down this rune does not have, by itself, it carries an extremely positive attitude.

But, falling out as a council, she not only brings the good news, but also warns: do not overdo it, do not overdo it.

Fire is an insidious thing, it can become a source of warmth and comfort, and it can also destroy it if it is handled carelessly. Since Soul is a fiery symbol, when it appears in the layout (and used in rune magic) you should not forget about the rules of fire safety.

The use of the runes in magic

Most often, Soul is used to create formulas, stavs and amulets, the purpose of which are:

  • Protection;
  • Success in business, victory;
  • Cleaning, elimination of negative impacts;
  • Overcoming insecurity;
  • Recuperation;
  • Love magic.

Formulas and Staves, whose actions are not aimed at other people and are intended solely for themselves (medical formulas, cleansing, success), can be applied to the body for a short time, and then wash it off under running water, not forgetting to thank the runes for the work.

If you need prolonged action (protection), you can apply fire activation or amulet making.

By the way, the Soul rune itself, in the form of a wooden or clay pendant with its image, can be worn as an amulet in case you are a complex and not self-confident person. For those with self-confidence, everything is good, such a talisman is not recommended: wearing it can lead to an overestimation of conceit.

Soul Formulas

In formulas whose action is aimed at purification from negativity, including, deliberately inflicted, the rune Soul stands for Sacred Fire, in which all the dirt burns. The easiest way to clean — the formula «Nautyz — Soul — Nautyz, Where Soul is a cleansing tool, and Nautyz is a coercion to action.

To get out of depression and achieve harmony with yourself and the world around you, apply the formula “Vuno — Soul — Yer”, where Vuno is that harmony, Soul — her gain, and Yera — successful completion of the struggle with the depressed state and looping feelings of joy to life. «Soul — Algiz — Soul» is a solar protective shield.

In male and female love amulets, the action of which is aimed at attracting the attention of the opposite sex («Teyvaz — Gebo-Inguz-Soul» and «Laguz-Gebo-Berkana-Soul», respectively), the sixteenth rune futarka symbolizes victory on the amorous front.

Important to remember: magic runes and amulets contribute to healing, the opening of energy channels, good luck, but in no case do they perform for a person his tasks.

A formula or an amulet will not take on its action if a person does not make proper efforts himself.

Fleece in the mantle

The most popular in the mantika (fortune-telling) are issues related to either love and relationships, or career, or health (physical and mental). They also often guess at the situation, at the possible outcome of a particular case, at the search for options for further actions, at the psychological portrait of a person.

For many situations, there are special layouts, but you can guess by asking questions and pulling on one rune.

And if in cases of fortune-telling on one rune Soul is a good sign, then in the scenario, you must also take into account the value and position of neighboring runes.

For example, in combination with the transplanted (negative) rune, Soul promises failure, with direct (positive) or irreversible — a brilliant victory.

Values ​​of a symbol in divination on one rune

The easiest way to fortune telling is to pull a single rune out of a bag.

This may be the rune of the council (the answer to the question “what to do?”), And the general picture of the situation, and the rune of the day (pulled out in the morning, gives a description of the day ahead and advises what to look for that day), and psychological portrait of a person , and the search for an answer to the question «yes or no?». As a rule, direct or irreversible rune is considered an affirmative answer, inverted — negative.

Nevertheless, experts in the field of rhinology recommend to pay attention not only to the position, but also to the nature and values ​​of the rune symbol. How to interpret Soul in divination on one rune?

  1. Soul that fell in as the rune of the day, promises a cloudless and clear dayin your inner world. Time for new ideas, the implementation of the conceived, the embodiment of bold creative ideas. In a nutshell — the weather allows.
  2. If looking for the answer to the question «what is the big picturea situation? ”you pulled the sixteenth rune futarka — know that in your situation everything is clear as day, and if it is not clear now, it will become clear in the foreseeable future.
  3. The answer to the question «Yes or no?»As a solar symbol — unambiguous «yes»with subtext «be careful with fire».
  4. General psychological portrait in the form of Soul, looks like this: «Leader man, man-leader «. It is possible (and sometimes necessary) to cooperate with such a person and even learn from him. However, one should not blindly believe this radiance: perhaps it is not the inner sun that shines, but a star in the forehead.
  5. Rune board — Soul. What to do? Move forward, Do not be afraid to dream and translate meta into reality, but do not forget about the responsibility for your loved ones and think about every step so as not to harm them.

In fortune-telling on the three runes

Guessing on the three runes is also called the «Past, present, future.» The most common scenario for the analysis of the situation and forecasts for the future. The first rune is the past that caused the current situation.

If in this position you saw Soul, it means — burned, overdid it, burned out.

The second is real and at the same time advice. Soul in the «present» should be taken as a guide to action, but with care not to harm yourself and others.

Finally, the third rune is the likely outcome of the current situation if you analyze the Past and listen to the advice given in the Present. The solar symbol in the third position is good news, like a clear day after the rain.

Victory over bad weather, positive completion of the stage and way out of the situation.

What does the rune foreshadow in your career?

Runa Soul in fortune telling for a career and business for the most part only promises good. The prosperity of the case, intelligent boss, respect from subordinates, a successful business to the envy of competitors, a profitable partnership.

But all this — provided that Soul takes a separate position or stands next to a positive rune.

Inverted symbols speak of collapse and even possible bankruptcy. The irreversible Hagallaz paired with Soul — “a hurricane with thunder and lightning” promises nothing good either.

Soul in hands on health

In the layouts for health, this rune is not a frequent visitor, but if it falls out, it speaks of a good physical form, and in the scenario of a sick person, it means a speedy recovery. In diagnosis, diagnostics indicate the presence of skin diseases or burns, and in the diagnosis of the energy field and channels, a good connection with the Higher and vital energy.

The value of the runes in love and in relationships

Questions of love and relationships are ranked first in the entire list of questions with which people turn to fortune tellers. “What will my husband be? What is the picture of our relationship now?

Is my soul mate faithful to me? ” Soul, answering these and other questions most calming questioner — everything is fine, in the relationship is now a sunny period.

In the final position of the layouts for one or another forecast, the rune Soul promises all the best: for those who quarreled for — reconciliation, for those interested in the marriage forecast — for a quick wedding.

But, answering the question “does my soul mate change me?”, The solar symbol causes disappointment: yes, there is someone on the side, and this someone is very passionate and passionate.

And, of course, in combination with negative runes do not expect anything good from Soul.

However, it is not for nothing that this rune is called the most positive in futarka. Even distressing the questioner with the light spilled on the situation, she says — all goes to good, you will still smile happiness, even if not with this partner.

Summing up, we can say that the rune Soul is really like a heavenly body. The sun warms the earth, but causes drought with forest fires.

It gives velvet tan to some people, burns the skin to others, and third, who have not thought about a headdress, and does hit sunburn at all.

What exactly the rune sun will be for you will show the alignment. The main thing is not to be afraid to hear the truth and to remember that the forecast that came out in fortune-telling is not a statement of the fact that “it will be like this and not the other way”.

This is an opportunity to look into the future and, if necessary, take certain actions to prevent trouble.

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