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Runa Laguz: description, interpretation and application

Description and the value of the runes Laguz in magic and divination

Runa Laguz: description, interpretation and application

Today we will talk about the most mysterious, mystical and sensual rune. The rune of Laguz, the meaning of which is widely used in talisman and amulet magic, has a huge symbolic field.

This is a true female intuition coming from the very depths of the soul, these are prophetic dreams, secret knowledge, accessible only to the elect, but at the same time it is also the very course of our life.

It’s amazing how much this ancient symbol includes! Are you ready to dive into his study?

Then we begin our journey.

Runa Laguz: basic meaning and interpretation

If we think about the translation of the name of this rune itself — Laguz, we can present its main meaning. Laguz means «water, lake».

What comes to our mind when we imagine the water flow? First of all, this is life itself, for it is not without reason that they say that life originated in water.

Each of our past day, week, month is an endless stream of events, events, meetings, experiences. There is one thing invariably: we do not just watch this stream, we live inside it, we obey its course.

Not for nothing is the rune of Laguz, meaning, description and its interpretation, which are at the mercy of the planet Mercury, because it is she who is responsible for our social connections, the need to communicate, curiosity, learning, memory.

If we meet with Laguz in fortune-telling on the situation, then we can say that everything goes on as usual, the person is involved in the event stream, the offensive of the white line is just around the corner — the course itself will bring it where it should be. This is the first value of this character.

Now consider the others. In ancient times, intuition and the ability to see what is hidden from prying eyes was associated with the water element.

Remember the beautiful High Priestess — Elder Arkan Tarot. She embodies the maximum sensuality, deep intuitive knowledge, extrasensory abilities, and manages this water element map.

Despite the fact that many runologists do not look for correspondences between the Tarot and the Runes, nevertheless, sometimes they appear so clearly as in this case, it is very difficult not to pay attention to them.

So, the second meaning of the rune Laguaz is female power, magical abilities, clairvoyance, the ability to predict the future and see the prophetic dreams, intuitive knowledge that protects a person, does not allow him to make mistakes.

Almost always, when divination to a man, this rune will point to a woman, and one that holds her life tightly in her own hands and is able alone to overcome any obstacles, thanks to her feminine power. If you are guessing a man, then Laguz may report that he has a reliable rear, created by a real guardian angel in the face of a woman who will protect him from all misfortunes.

  • Perth — Laguz: The combination unequivocally informs about the person’s supersensitive perception or the presence of psychic abilities, as it is commonly called today.
  • Berkana — Laguz: Such a bundle indicates a serious reassessment of values, in particular, related to the spiritual side of existence.
  • Soulu — Laguz: This is a sign that a person will soon acquire much greater power or authority than it has been until now.

The value of the inverted rune Laguz

If we perceive a direct symbol as a sign of sensuality, high spirituality and intuition, then it can be said that the rune Laguaz the inverted meaning acquires the exact opposite.

If we use our natural qualities and subtly feel everything that happens to us and in the surrounding world when a symbol falls in a straight position, then its revolution will say that we have lost this thin thread of intuitive connection with what is happening.

A person under the reverse of Laguz literally behaves stupidly, cannot analyze his own actions and adequately assess the situation. Of course, in such a state of affairs, his affairs will not go uphill, but from the mountain, and very quickly.

When the return Laguaz comes, you cannot just look at what is happening without taking any action, otherwise the flow will carry you so far that it will be very difficult to get back.

If the inverted Laguz fell out — grab the oars and row, but not mindlessly, not just like that, but after analyzing the situation. Look around, see which beach you need to sail to, and then drive your boat wisely.

If favorable symbols appeared near the reverse rune, you will be able to get out of the whirlpool without serious consequences, but if there are negative signs next to it, misfortunes cannot be avoided.

If you ask about the source of your problems, and the runes answer you with the falling of the inverted Laguz — perhaps all your troubles began because of some woman.

  • Odin — inverted Laguz: No need to look for the guilty, because you yourself made all the porridge

Separately, I want to note one more thing. Despite the fact that most runologists use the standard and inverted interpretation, among them there are those who take into account the «reflection» of characters.

If you also adhere to this principle, note that the value of the rune Laguze is a mirror stream — it is a water flow that has no direction, i.e. essentially water going to the ground.

This interpretation can help you understand the difficult situation, if the symbol fell «reflected».

What does the rune Laguz mean in divination for work and business?

The direct symbol in career attitudes is always a good sign, indicating that a person knows how to perceive new things, uses the information coming to him correctly, has a good memory. If the questioner turned to the runes to solve a problem at work, Laguz said to him: do not stand still, act, you yourself can cope with the situation!

When we ask questions about the prospects for the development of a new project or the current course of affairs, the direct Laguz informs that things are going, the flow is moving and moving in the right direction. But the opposite symbol on the contrary warns of illusory plans that are not destined to become a reality.

It is interesting to consider what the rune of Laguz in combination with Algiz means.

  • Algiz — Laguz: If the “water” rune in this pair turned out to be direct, then it says that the person owns a tremendous gift of persuasion, if the reverse is true, then the questioner has come under the influence of some kind of charismatic person who is also a barbeque speaker, and his words are not worth a damn
  • Algiz — inverted Laguz: The combination says that the person herself chose the path of least resistance, gave herself up to the power of the current, and is now reaping the rewards — the stream has taken her completely to the wrong place.
  • Inguz — Laguz: In some situations, a combination may even indicate a violation of the law, the consequences will dramatically affect the life of the person asking

What does Laguz mean when fortune telling is about relationships and love

When the symbol of «water» comes in a straight position, the value of the rune of Laguz in love turns out to be extremely positive. This is a sign of progress, sincerity, real feelings, and sometimes — soon marriage.

When you come straight runes you can not doubt your loved one, and completely trust him completely.

To learn a more specific prediction, you can focus on the neighboring runes.

  • Gebo — Laguz: Predicts to see you soon with your beloved person, a date
  • Evaz — Laguz: The combination predicts the upcoming change of residence associated with the relationship: when, for example, the couple decided to move together and live together, or marry and move into a new home. Also, this bundle can simply report on the improvement of living conditions that awaits lovers or spouses

The meaning of the rune of Laguz in fortune-telling for relationships and love, if it falls upside down, is the lack of prospects, bad relationships, quarrels and conflicts, lack of reciprocity, the heavy character of one of the partners. However, in some cases, the reverse «water» rune can symbolize overly persistent courtship.

  • Uruz — Laguz: The combination clearly indicates the desire to subjugate a person to his will, “crush” him with his love
  • Evaz — inverted Laguz: If we guess a man, then it is very likely that his lover will simply run away from him, and it will happen soon

The value of Laguz in health divinations

If the direct meaning of the runes of Laguz in a relationship promises only pleasant moments, then in matters of health everything is not so clear.

On the one hand, the symbol appears to be a good sign, if a person feels great, but if he turned about an existing disease, then the rune forecast will be disappointing: traditional treatment does not bring results.

He is advised to try folk remedies or consult an esoteric doctor. The reverse Laguz is generally considered a very bad sign, and can speak of a magical effect induced on a person by a strong specialist.

How Laguz is applied in magic

The value of the runes Laguz in magic is simply impossible to ignore. Since this symbol is directly related to extrasensory abilities and intuition, it is widely used by magicians and esoteric to enhance personal power, especially female representatives.

Fleece is also included in the composition of many love spells.

What is the amulet with the rune Laguz for?

The image of the symbol applied to the amulet or talisman can be used by both women and men, but it is better for the strong sex to be more careful with such a talisman.

If women can wear a talisman with this fleece without fear to increase their natural strength and develop intuition, then it will suit men only if their profession is connected with the native element of the rune — aquatic. These are sailors, fishermen, surfers, divers, as well as scientists studying the ocean.

You can also take an amulet with Laguz, if you go on a sea cruise, ride a boat or bathe in an unfamiliar place.

Can I do a tattoo with a rune Laguz

We have already discussed with you the issue of applying any runic signs on your body. Only a few runes, with rare exceptions, can be used as a tattoo without fear of unpredictable consequences.

Unfortunately, Laguz is not among them.

Even if we take into account that the value of the rune Laguz is ideal for women, too long “neighborhood” with this symbol can adversely affect them.

Since the rune has a powerful effect on the feminine nature, it is wiser to wear it only occasionally as a talisman, so as not to become too independent a woman who does not need men at all.

Rag of the Day Laguz

Falling out as the Runes of the Day symbol promises you that everything will be fine: you are in a stream that carries you in the right direction. Listen to your intuition, trust your inner voice and you will easily cope with any misunderstandings.

Council of the runes Laguz

Stop constantly taking responsibility, solving innumerable tasks, and putting other people’s problems on your own head. Allow yourself to relax a bit and surrender to the will of the flow.

Let events take their course at least for a while — very soon you will see that you are closer to the goal, despite the fact that you have dropped the oars.

Questions for meditation on the rune Laguz

Look at the photo of the rune Laguz, and now close your eyes and imagine that you are floating on the waves of the boundless ocean. Mentally ask yourself:

  • What do you do more often: listening to intuition or relying on logic, reason?
  • Do you sometimes allow yourself to go with the flow or do you always take the oars in your hands?
  • Imagine that your soul is an ocean or a beautiful lake: what will it be? With clear blue water, beautiful fish and corals, or dark, impenetrable, frightening?
  • Do you often have prophetic dreams, foresee the course of events?

The «water» rune will sharpen your perception, allow you to get answers to all these questions, and also help you to become more sensual and allow you to plunge into the unknown depths of your soul.

Runa Laguz. The value of the runes Laguz and interpretation in divination

Runa Laguz: description, interpretation and application

Scandinavian rune laguz Elder Futhark hides a lot of useful properties for humans. It is unique because it gives each of us the opportunity to look into the most secret corners of the soul.

Sometimes so much interesting and useful is hidden in them — and we don’t even suspect it.

Finding clarity of mind and purity of thoughts, we begin to understand the reasons for our actions. Rune Laguz under the force to remove the negative programs inherent in us.

And gradually — step by step — we begin to develop, learn, be aware.

The energy of the runes is so powerful that it sweeps away everything in its path — but only in a positive direction. Such a wave raises massive layers of hidden knowledge from the most intimate depths.

Universal secrets become accessible and understandable to the average person.

General meaning and description of the runes Laguz

Existing names: Laguz, Lagus, Laga, Lagu, Laguz.

In ancient times, the rune was associated with female magic, which allowed not only to communicate with the spirits of other worlds, but also to perceive important information from them.

The rune of the ancient Celts helps to develop spiritually. It allows you to consider all the sources of new knowledge and skills.

Direct contact with the runic energy changes the human mind and subconscious.

But caution when using the symbol does not hurt, as it is directly connected with the water element. The energy of water can be healing, and may cause irreparable harm.

What are the cost of underwater pools and hidden currents!

Interpretation of the runes of Laguz at divination

The ancient rune speaks of the inner potential of man, of his hidden possibilities. She urges to trust her gut. In this situation, only your wise decision can change something.

No one will help you except yourself.

Soon you will be left to yourselves: all matters will be relegated to the background. Take advantage of the unique moment and have a good rest.

Direct position of the runes

In the fortune-telling practice, the direct Laguz symbolizes the original knowledge that has always existed. It is so obvious that it is not even in doubt.

If this celtic rune present in the scenario, pay attention to your dreams — most of them become prophetic in this period. In the night visions all the answers that interest you will come to you.

Be careful: in a dream you may see an important decision that will change your whole life.

Union with Perth talks about your uniqueness. You have supernatural abilities, they must be developed.

And yet — when you sincerely ask for help from the Higher Forces, they will surely respond.

Experts know what the rune of Laguz means for a woman — this is her symbol. As you know, the fair sex have a good intuition.

Scandinavian sign as if activates the work of the sixth sense.

If the rune fell to a woman, it speaks of her inner strength. This is a very strong-willed person who copes with all the difficulties.

She is not afraid of pain or suffering.

When Laguz falls to a man, it means that his second half is very reliable. He can not doubt his woman — she will provide him with care and warmth.

In general, the symbol of the ancient Scandinavians promises quick changes for the better. Soon there will come a white stripe in your life, full of success, victories and ups.

You will be able to fully relax and recover from a difficult period.

The time is coming to review our priorities and ideological aspects. Devote every free minute to self-improvement and spiritual growth.

In conjunction with Soulu Fleece foreshadows you soon raising on work. And if nearby Berkana, This means that all psychological problems will soon be resolved.

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Inverted position of the runes

But the upturned Laguz pretends difficulties in which man himself is to blame. Because of your unjustified principles, you cannot change your point of view.

Ability to properly analyze the situation.

Alignment advises not to show excessive activity, but grazing the back is also not an option. You have to look for a middle ground.

Each step should be considered as much as possible, weigh all arguments, compare possible results.

If you listen to the symbol, it will help you find the cause of all the problems. When Laguz is surrounded by positive runes, you will overcome all difficulties.

Couple FehuLaguz promises a shortage of money. It is possible that you will have to take out a loan in order to put everything in its place.

When standing next One, you must understand that they themselves are to blame for every existing problem. And you have to solve the problems yourself.

It is better to get yourself together and start to correct the situation.

Laguz: meaning in love and relationships

Laguz is very useful for couples who are experiencing difficult times. Even if everything went to parting — the symbol will help you to reunite — it is not for nothing that the sign enters the runic stav on sex and sexuality.

If the rune fell out on the relationship, it indicates the sincerity of both partners. And the cause of all collisions is ordinary human pride.

Because of the inability to concede, even the most ideal pairs sometimes diverge.

Scandinavian rune Laguz advises not to give in to violent emotions. Listen to your intuition — the heart will not deceive you.

Even if you do not like the behavior of your partner, do not make hasty conclusions. Try to calmly discuss this issue with him.

Neighboring Gebo predicts a fateful meeting — you will plunge into the element of love with your head. Happiness overwhelms you both.

If nearby is located Evaz — Get ready for a relocation. Your new home will be much better than the old one.

It was about the direct position of the symbol, its reverse value carries a completely different news. In the near future, an unpleasant meeting awaits you, the consequences of which will remind of you for a long time.

In such pairs, a woman always leads a man — he follows her like on a leash. Such submission affects the overall picture of relations extremely negative.

Such an alignment can talk about the difficult nature of both partners — and neither of them wants to change, for the sake of a loved one.

One of the interpretations states that you suffer from non-reciprocal love. All your attempts to come together end in failure.

Laguz: application in magic

Mages use the rune Laguz for the development of intuition. It helps to penetrate the secrets of the universe, opens her eyes to obvious things.

The process of knowledge is facilitated — a person absorbs something new, like a sponge.

Scientists who are familiar with runic magic use the energy of a mark before completing the research process.

The symbol is especially favorable for women: it helps to reveal in oneself tenderness, inner beauty.

The magical properties of the Scandinavian rune improve the intuitive perception of the world and give a chance to reach the Universal Truth.

Runa Laguz — meaning and interpretation

Runa Laguz: description, interpretation and application

Runa Laguz is quite complex and very multifaceted. She is responsible for the intuitive abilities of the diviner, also improves the relationship with your soulmate, neutralizing various differences in them.

Runa Laguz is filled with the energy of the planet Mercury.

The value of the runes Laguz

This runic symbol personifies a movement raging a mountain river that supports a person in his own way. The rune allows you to get rid of excessive criticality, doubtfulness and live without any ratings.

Thanks to the rune Laguz, you have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy all the pleasures of life, to satisfy your personal needs. But you can achieve a positive effect if you regularly use your intuition and stop criticizing yourself.

Laguz allows you to awaken your intuitive abilities, sharpen the sixth sense. If you combine it with the Perth Rune, you can find out if you have any magic makings, and also guardian angel guards you.

In addition, the symbol indicates the preceding of an important event in your life, says that you will receive important information in a difficult situation in a timely manner. The important point is to turn off the logic as much as possible and trust your intuition, your inner self.

Laguz also personifies the feminine. If divination is performed by a girl or woman, the appearance of Laguz in the scenario indicates that she can easily overcome any difficulties and obstacles in her path.

If the guessing is a representative of the stronger sex, it means that Laguz will indicate that there is a very strong woman next to him.

Fleece represents the ability to learn. A person has an excellent memory and intuition, and he always makes decisions based on his deep potential.

If you are in a difficult situation now, Laguz will predict the positive changes that will take place shortly.

When Laguz takes a priority position in the scenario, it means that you were able to gain understanding from the people around you.

More interesting information about this runic symbol will be provided by the following video clip.

Direct position

Runa Laguz in a direct position advises you to always follow the voice of your intuition. This is the main advice of this runic symbol.

In whatever situation you are in, always trust your inner reference points, that part of your essence, which is controlled not by the mind and logic, but by the Soul.

Refuse to analyze the situation, think about it, do not try to understand the situation logically. Rely on your own Energy Flow, act along with your own inner rhythms, and you will easily find inner comfort.

If you resist, you will surely come across a constant tension and inner disharmony.

  • Runa Laguz has the potential of heightened perception.
  • Its key characters are fluid power, rhythmic flow and practical experience.
  • Its use in practice allows you to clarify your feelings and emotions, to achieve inner harmony.
  • Rune call: Always listen to your own feelings, try to learn a lesson from everything that happens in your life.

The magical use of the rune Laguz will provide you with the following assistance:

  • you will be easier to adapt to what is happening;
  • noticeably sharpen your sensitivity;
  • you can tune in to the ebb and flow of the energy flow;
  • learn to trust life, not to resist and just swim through the life flow of events;
  • sharpen your intuitive abilities;
  • be able to master occult knowledge;
  • you will be subject to understanding the various laws of the cosmos and the mysteries of the Universe;
  • if we talk about personal relationships, then the rune of Laguz will help to conclude a marriage alliance, complete separation, settle various misunderstandings and misunderstandings;
  • for scientists, the rune Laguaz will contribute to the successful completion of the study, the solution of the problem

Inverted position Laguz

It is necessary to be careful — it indicates a possible danger, it means an internal stop and an extra waste of your personal energy, which is lost due to constant nervous tension.
Laguz calls on you to pause, indicates the desire for self-destruction, which occurs when the limits of your capabilities are exceeded, and you are trying to «jump over yourself.»

When Laguz falls into an inverted position, she tries to warn you that there were failures in your internal navigator, and your intuition began to fail you often. Now you can easily succumb to adventurous activities to which you have no inclinations.

She also personifies the desire to do something bad.

In those situations when Laguz is surrounded by runes of waiting, advice for you now: pause, slow down your actions. Try to act more prudently, do not rush.

Thanks to this you save yourself from possible losses.

Another meaning of the runes of Laguz is a woman who negatively influences you. And if Laguz is combined with the Perth rune — you are not able to correctly recognize the messages from your inner self, so be careful.

If you find yourself in a difficult life situation, from which you can not find a way out on your own, contact the rune Laguz for help. This runic symbol activates your subconscious, from which the right answers will start coming and the solution of the problem will come by itself.

Runa Laguz — meaning, description and interpretation

Runa Laguz: description, interpretation and application

The main symbolic meaning of the rune Laguz is traditionally considered by most runologists as the embodiment of the properties of water. Indeed, it is not for nothing that its name, the rune Laguz, translated from Old German, means “water”, or rather “reservoir”.

In general, the first image that comes to mind at the mention of the rune Laguz is a turbulent source, which strikes from the very depths of the earth.

  • Runa Laguz
  • Name: Rune LaguzStihiya: Water
  • Relationship with the Elder Taro Giants: Moon
  • Stone: Aquamarine Plant: Jasmine

The value of the runes Laguz

From this rune emanates a powerful energy flow, the movement of which goes from bottom to top. His main ability lies in the fact that he can raise huge layers of hidden information from the depths of the subconscious and make them accessible to our consciousness.

Many researchers of the Northern tradition believe that the rune Laguaz has a direct connection with this kind of shamanism, like seid.

It is a special kind of female magic, which implies the knowledge of receiving information from various spirits.

In this kind of magical practice there are special rules: as such, the traditional conscious path of spiritual development with its hierarchy and levels in this kind of magic does not exist. From the adept requires full commitment to the Force, with whom he works.

As a result of such direct contact, he undergoes various changes that occur in his conscious and subconscious parts.

The adept is required only to not resist these changes and not to try to hinder them in any way.

Also, the rune of Laguz symbolizes the sources of the original waters, which are located in Niflheim. Runa Laguz has a direct connection with the Moon.

This becomes obvious when you remember the tides that emanate from the magnetic influence of this planet. Changing the lunar phases has an impact on the human body.

First of all, the Moon affects the female menstrual cycle, as well as the entire hormonal background in general.

Traditionally, the moon is associated with the mysterious world of dreams, as the change of its phases, as well as its position relative to other planets, has a significant impact on the content of night dreams. So, many people have noticed that the largest number of nightmares falls on the days of the so-called Black Moon.

In general, if we separately consider the occult properties of water, then the main one is its ability to remove the magical negative. It is for this reason that magical cleansing, which is built on the Laguz rune, is quite popular in sorcery practice.

But do not forget that water can be both a source of life and cause death.

Particular danger to human life is hidden in hidden undercurrents and pools.

The unique ability of the runes of Laguz is its ability to help a person to look into the hidden part of his soul and thus understand the true, hidden motives of his behavior.

Subsequently, this will allow working directly with those of them who have a significant negative impact on the person, preventing him from making a movement along the path of spiritual development.

Runa Laguz in mythology

So what does the rune of Laguz mean according to the myths and legends of ancient Scandinavia? The patroness of this rune is the Goddess Nerthus, who is the consort of the God of the seas, Nierd.

The sanctuaries of this goddess were traditionally built on a small island, which was located in the center of the lake. Every person who attended this temple, received from the Goddess blessing and protection in business.

The husband Nertis, God Nierd, is the spiritual father of the baths, about the same as Odin, who is the same for aces.

Researchers of Scandinavian mythology distinguish at least two main faces of this deity: Njord, as a deity of navigation, lives in Asgard and is married to the giantess Skadi. His elemental aspect, Egir, lives in Vanaheim and under his command lies the unbridled power and might of the world’s oceans.

Description of the runes Laguz

The energy impact of the runes of Laguaz can be described with the help of the following accessible and understandable mental images:

  • the liquid takes the form of a vessel in which it is poured;
  • «A drop wears away a stone»;
  • trees bend under gusts of wind;
  • the character of a person changes under the influence of circumstances;
  • a group of tourists chooses the most appropriate route;
  • The psychologist finds an individual approach to each of his clients.

Interpretation of the runes Laguz

In various divinations and runic layouts, the fallout of Laguz most often means that a person in a given situation should rely most of all on his intuition than on the arguments of reason, no matter how logical they may seem at first glance.

In addition, the loss of the runes of Laguz may mean that the desired solution to the problem will be seen by you in a prophetic dream or vision.

Also, falling out of the runes of the Laguz rune can also mean the need to seek advice from a certain woman, who by nature is endowed with highly developed intuition or extrasensory abilities.

Such an interpretation would be relevant if the alignment itself was made for a female. For a man, the loss of this rune will mean that his chosen one or his mother serves him as a reliable support and protection throughout most of his life.

In addition, the loss of the rune Laguz in general, may directly indicate the occurrence in your life of the long-awaited light band. Such a person will have enough free time to have a good rest or to engage in spiritual self-improvement.

If you had the rune of Laguz in an inverted position, then it indicates the onset of a rather difficult period in your life, the reason for which was that the person was walking too long about their own feelings and emotions and did not want to listen to the voice of reason. This alignment shows that the existing problems require urgent solutions, which must be carefully thought out and planned before its implementation.

Sometimes an inverted Laguz may indicate that the cause of many problems in your life is any very real woman that exists in your life.

If the alignment was made in order to clarify the true intentions of the partner in relation to the fortuneteller, then you can be sure of the sincerity of his intentions when the Laguz runes fall in him. If for some reason you doubt your beloved and find fault with his words and deeds, then the loss of this rune often means that you are doing it in vain.

The loss of the runes of Laguz in love in the inverted position hints at the fact that this union is completely unpromising. In addition, the emergence of such a rune in the scenario can also say that we have a type of relationship in which a woman plays a dominant role.

Also, the loss of this rune in the love situation may indicate the difficult nature of one of the partners, which will become an insurmountable obstacle to the further continuation of the relationship. The fallout of the runes of Laguz in an inverted form can also indicate that your tender feelings, unfortunately, are unanswered.

This rune can also indicate an obsessive fan, which will be extremely difficult to get rid of.

If you make a balance for the analysis of professional skills, then the loss of this rune in the straight position characterizes the person as easily trained in something new, possessing excellent memory and attention.

Usually, such a person also has the skill of disposing of other people to himself, who are literally infected with his ideas.

This rune also indicates the presence of sufficiently strong analytical abilities, thanks to which such a person is capable of quickly enough putting all the information he has received in his head literally on the shelves.

If, on the other hand, the rune of Laguz turned upside down in a career and financial situation, this indicates that the person is in some way in a dependent position and so far does not belong to himself fully.

Most often here we are talking about a loan of money.

Interestingly enough in various divinations and interpretation of the interpretation of combinations of Laguz runes with other runes. Thus, the loss of the rune Perth next to it indicates that a person has well-developed extrasensory abilities.

The fallout of the Laguz and Berkana pairs speaks about the speedy resolution and passing into the past of many psychological problems that are so tormenting you at the present time.

The combination of Laguz and Soulo says about the possibility of giving you certain powers. If next to Laguz, which fell in an inverted position, turned out to be Rune Fehu, then this indicates possible financial problems in the near future.

If, however, in the layout for love you fell the combination of Laguz and Gebo, then this tells you that you will meet a person who is destined for you by Fate.

If the rune Evaz fell next to Laguaz, this indicates a change of residences after you gained your love.

The fallout near the rune of Laguz runes Ansuz indicates that we have a person who has a fantastic gift of persuasion.

If, however, in the scenario that was made to a woman, the combination of the runes of Laguaz and the runes of Teyvaz suddenly fell out, then this suggests that her character has many masculine features.

If next to the rune Laguaz fell next to the rune Algiz, then this combination suggests that a person in the near future runs the risk of falling victim to a fraudster.

The use of the runes Laguz in magical practices

It is worth starting with the fact that some modern magician practitioners use a very broad interpretation of water as a kind of astral or etheric substance that can nourish any human body. Like physical water, which is capable of taking the form of any vessel, this substance quite easily obeys the will of the sorcerer and is able to be constructed into absolutely any thought form.

The second ability of this rune, which is highly valued by practicing magicians, is its ability to direct any energy in the right direction. Laguz, like Berkana, is a true female fleece, so it is the easiest way for women to work with her power.

The sphere that the Laguz rune can control is our feelings and desires.

Another possibility of using the runes of Laguz in magical practice is closely related to its ability to form energy flows, with which you can direct any events of your life in the right direction.

This rune is also used in various practices related to dreams, but here it is necessary to remember that in order for such practices to be successful, you must first learn to be aware of yourself in a dream.

Otherwise, you simply will not be able to take out useful information from your sleep.

Laguz in its essence is the antithesis of the rune Isa, although both of them, by their nature, belong to the element of water.

Their fundamental difference lies in the fact that the scope of application of the runes Isa are the thoughts and mind of a person, and the runes of Laguz are feelings and emotions.

But these two runes can be distinguished and the general, which is that when working with them it is unacceptable to show external physical activity, as it will interfere with the fluid movement of energy through the centers of your body.

Runa Laguz: description, interpretation and application

Transfer — the lake. A rock — chrysoprase, malachite.

This rune is quite complex, and it is filled with the energy of Mercury. It is directly related to human intuition, since its use can sharpen the intuitive understanding of the world around it.

Her appearance in fortune-telling usually speaks about the upcoming wedding, in some cases Laguz symbolizes the imminent cessation of quarrels and conflicts.

In this position, Laguz denotes a lake, a stream — water that can carry along. Each of us may have a need for deep immersion in life.

This is a direct answer to all our aspirations to receive pleasure, as well as to the satisfaction of our sensual needs. You will be able to achieve success through intuition, if you are able to properly use your own abilities.

Alchemists have the value of this rune is the value of a sacred marriage.

If it is combined with Perth, it speaks of extrasensory capabilities and the protection of higher powers. Laguz is a direct reference to events that are considered important, or to a prophetic dream that predicts a risky situation.

You can achieve success if you tune in to your inner voice.

As a rule, this rune is considered female. Her appearance in the scenario speaks of her ability to cope with any troubles that fall to her lot.

If Laguz falls to a man, this is an indication that a strong-willed and strong woman will be next to him.

This is a testament to good memory and the obligatory success associated with learning and the successful application of imagination. Events are in your favor, especially as the time of rest, the period of revaluation of values ​​and the time of purification is approaching.

Also, the appearance of this symbol in the direct position is a definite sign indicating help from those around you.

In this position — a warning sign. The possibility of a breakdown.

Be careful of overvoltage, you are too caught up in the idea of ​​achieving what may not happen. Overvoltage must be avoided, and excessive efforts may cause trouble.

At the very least, never exceed your own capabilities, do not go beyond your borders.

The inverted rune also warns that intuition can deceive you if you take up a job that your powers and abilities do not allow you to do. Or you want to create something bad.


The rune testifies that you cannot do without magic technologies in your business. Think about attracting experts in this field.

Another option is possible — that in relation to you (and your business, in particular) you have already applied magic. Do not be lazy to know who you are so «beneficent», and, most importantly, with what intentions.

If a new project is born in your thoughts, the rune that fell out in the scenario serves as a recommendation — connect your future business with water. There can be a lot of ideas — from selling drinks for bottling, installing water meters and repairing water pipelines to water entertainment organizations (water parks, sea or river walks).

Another advice for the loss of the runes Laguz could be the recruitment of young women in the staff of the nascent company.


Fleece warns — in relation to your business are applied ritual actions of a malicious nature. An inverted rune indicates that they want to harm your cause.

Think about whom you crossed the road, perhaps these are competitors, maybe an unfairly dismissed worker. It happens that the former wife revenges or a retired partner.

In any case, you should know that your business has been “ordered” to a black magician, and the consequences of such actions can be at least retarding the development of your business, and sometimes simply destructive.


Medical care is not bringing results. No need to focus on one method of treatment: classic drugs can be supplemented with infusions and decoctions of popular recipes.

Carefully examine the essence of the problem: perhaps it lies in a slander or classical damage. Corruption damages karma, and the person slowly fades away, despite the best efforts of official medicine.

To fix the energy shell will help specialist esoteric. This statement is relevant both for acute illnesses with unexplained causes and sluggish chronic processes.

Blind faith in research and analysis is also dangerous: sometimes the results speak of excellent health, and a person melts before our eyes.


Warns about slander and magical effects. Envious well tried and visited a specialist in black magic.

You need an esoteric consultation and a thorough research of karma. Absence of symptoms is not a reason for premature joy.

The disease has not yet gained strength and has not shown its detrimental effect on the body.


Carefully examine your darling: perhaps the girl is practicing black magic. This charming person has not been married yet, and the family is not included in the immediate plans.

Beware of magical effects: you can be in the power of a love spell or a magic potion. It is impossible to prove this statement directly: perhaps, close relatives or an envious friend tried.

Analyze your relationships: maybe the girl didn’t look so attractive and there was a sudden change of priorities?


Relationship with your girlfriend can suddenly end. She likes a more powerful and powerful person.

Beware of magical influence: the opponent could use the services of an experienced sorcerer. It is possible, the girl will soon leave — her admirer ordered a powerful spell from a specialist esoteric.

The symbol of flowing, gurgling and iridescent water. It is associated with female intuition, but unlike the Berkan symbol, this fleece represents a spiritually strong and rich person with internal energy.

It should be used when a person is entangled in his feelings and emotions, in this case, it helps to choose the right direction of movement and adapt to current circumstances.

It can also be used to prevent quarrels and reconciliation, as well as for those who want to get married.

  • To gain the ability to better adapt to people and circumstances;
  • Increase your sensitivity and intuition;
  • Catch a wave of energies of the universe for a more harmonious existence;
  • Quietly go with the flow of life, realizing that we are only grains of sand in the maelstrom of events;
  • To realize hitherto hidden inner forces, to reveal their potential;
  • Develop healing abilities;
  • Determine your true purpose.


  • It is a gem of inventors, travelers and adventurers. He brings innovations to life, promotes new interesting acquaintances, opportunities to learn and learn about life.
  • Astrologers recommend it to those who want to change their profession or start their own business. Chrysoprase will help a woman in love matters if you need to choose one of two men.
  • It increases physical endurance and emotional stability.


It symbolizes life, fertility and wealth. This is the perfect talisman for those who want to get married and build a family.

Healers use it to treat infertility and alleviate pregnancy and childbirth.

Now the stars advise you to use one of the following layouts. Do not miss your chance to find out the truth.

A simple alignment for work or business on the runes.

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