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Runa Isa: meaning, description, interpretation and how to use

Description and significance in the magic of the runes Isa

Runa Isa: meaning, description, interpretation and how to use

One of the most mysterious, and at the same time very strong symbols of the Elder Futhark is the rune Isa, the meaning of which makes us remember the fairy tale about the ice kingdom of the Snow Queen. Interested?

Then let’s disassemble this sign in more detail.

Runa Isa — basic meaning and interpretation

Let’s start, as usual, with the name of the symbol. Isa literally means «ice.»

What comes to your mind when you imagine ice? Maybe these are ice blocks-icebergs floating in the ocean, thin ice appearing in the autumn on puddles, ice cubes in a glass with a cocktail, or ice-covered rivers and lakes covered during the winter? In fact, the value of the rune Isa includes all these associations at the same time.

Now let’s get more.

Isa freezes any processes that a person asks about, both internal and external. But what is essentially freezing?

This is a stop of movement, but a stop is not eternal, but only temporary.

Spring will come, the sun will come out, the ice will be melted, and the movement will resume.

If a person asks the runes a question about the expediency of any actions, Isa will always say that it is better to stop right now, to press the “pause” button, since the time for activity is not the most suitable.

When fortune-telling on the situation, Isa reports that in the case in which a person is interested, there will be a stop, but how long it will last, and how it will affect the questioner, can be recognized by the surrounding symbols.

  • Inverted Mannaz — Isa: When fortune-telling on a situation can mean something like the following: development will be suspended due to the fact that the person himself behaves too selfishly, but does not notice this, and is persistently looking for the guilty among his entourage

Isa does not have an inverted position, so you can take it in a positive or negative way solely by the symbols that fall next to each other. The positive runes surrounding Isa in the layout often indicate that the stop will not last long, and the ice will be melted very soon.

It is necessary to use the situation for your own benefit: do not worry because everything is stalled, but take a pause to rest, ponder, reflect, analyze, weigh all the pros and cons of this situation.

Often, Isa comes when a person is simply confused about what is happening, and a forced stop is just necessary for him to move on.

This is like a friendly advice: «Stop, rest, think, gain strength and patience to continue the path with new forces!».

Isa is always interesting to analyze in the context of the runes surrounding it. Imagine that in the layout fell runes Eyvaz, Algiz, Isa.

Even these three symbols, combined together, can be interpreted in different ways, and very much depends on the skill of the fortuneteller.

For example, one predictor can read them as a freeze of motion (Isa) due to insurmountable obstacles (Eyvaz) created by higher forces for your protection (Algiz). Those.

some power from above protects a person from misfortune, specifically setting obstacles in front of him so that he calms down, takes a pause, rests and gathers his thoughts.

At the same time, this combination can be read in a completely different way: obstacles and difficulties (Eyvaz) arise in the path of a person, which he successfully overcomes thanks to the support of higher powers (Algiz), after which a temporary period of stagnation (Isa) awaits him.

Many of you, for sure, will ask the question: is it possible to somehow overcome the action of Isa, to “melt” the ice, to resume movement by artificial means? In fact, it will not lead to anything good.

First, it requires enormous energy costs, and secondly, it is very easy to fail under the melted ice.

Imagine a situation when a huge ice block hangs over a person, which prevents him from moving further: he collects branches, makes a fire, makes a torch, sets fire to it from fire and begins to melt this ice floe: some of it melts, water cavities form inside the block and as a result, a piece of ice just takes and falls on his head.

Another analogy: a man stands on the bank of the river and wants to swim, but the water is hidden under the ice, and he does not succeed.

Then he begins to get angry, jump on the ice, bash him with a stick, and as a result he simply falls into the icy water: there is no place to swim, because ice is everywhere, and it is insanely cold, so it is impossible to move.

It is much safer to sit on the sidelines and wait until the ice has melted naturally.

If you understand what the rune Isa means, you must realize that she never comes just like that — her coming is as natural as the onset of winter after the end of autumn. You are not mad at nature and are not trying to swap the spring and summer simply because you wanted it?

What does the rune Isa mean in divination for work and business?

Isa in career issues will always mean the suspension of the current project, getting stuck in one place, a decline in activity. However, sometimes she can talk about bad relationships in a team — relationships with colleagues seem to be in a “frozen” state, coolness reigns between people, no warmth, and participation in each other’s fate.

If a person asks if he should continue any work or stay at the same job where he is working now, Isa, surrounded by exclusively negative runes, will report that this activity should be left, since nothing good will come of it. Moreover, in the case of a negative “neighborhood”, it will not mean a temporary stop, but a departure from this company or the abandonment of a project for good.

  • Turisaz — Isa: In matters of business and work, he hints to the questioner that things will stop because of the intervention of some influential person
  • Soulu — Isa: The combination may hint at the fact that «sticks in the wheels» is inserted by a person who is trying to mix with questioning personal accounts

What does the rune Isa mean in divination for love and relationships?

The meaning of the rune Isa in fortune telling on relationships and love is, first of all, “cooling”. Cooling of feelings, misunderstanding, quarrels, betrayals, conflicts, crisis of family life — all this may contain this rune.

To understand what exactly is being said, it is necessary to evaluate the adjacent characters.

  • Inverted Perth — Isa: This is a sign that the partner simply ceased to perceive his chosen one or the chosen one as a representative of the opposite sex, this is a clear decrease in desire and sexual interest
  • Inverted Laguz — Isa: This combination can talk about treason
  • Teyvaz — Isa: If a man asks about a woman, and such a combination falls out, then the thoughts of his partner are occupied by another man
  • Laguaz / Berkana — Isa: When a woman asks about her beloved, this combination of runes falls out, then her chosen one’s heart is occupied by another lady, and in the latter case, most likely, by a married woman

Positive characters in the vicinity of the “cold” runes will indicate that the outcome can be favorable and harmony in a couple can still be returned, but negative ones in most situations indicate a final break in relations.

What does Isa mean for divination to health?

The significance of the Isa rune in health can be understood if you think about what “cooling” and “freezing” are. When our hands or feet are frozen, we just stop feeling them.

It is about the same that Isa signals when we ask questions about our state of health: a person has some problems with sensitivity.

This may be a violation of the sensitivity of the fingers, immunity to colors, smells, sounds — in a word, any trouble that does not allow him to fully «feel» the world around.

In some cases, Isa may talk about the disease as a result of hypothermia, such as a cold or pneumonia, but more often it is a violation of sensitivity. Sometimes the rune indicates anemia, because one of the symptoms of this disease is the feeling of freezing limbs.

How is Isa applied in magic?

  • Isa, like a real Snow Queen, is able to freeze absolutely any process — that is why it is quite often used in their work by practicing magicians.
  • Another question is that the meaning of the rune Isa in magic can be used for both good and dark matters.
  • So, when we “freeze” a human disease, for example, we suspend the growth of cancerous tumors with the help of the rune — this is undoubtedly a positive magic effect.

But the forced cooling of the feelings of one person to another (the so-called lapel) is already a double-edged sword.

On the one hand, a lapel can be useful if a person is really tired by the persistent attention of a person, and on the other hand, if we are talking about breaking a pair, when the magician or the one who asks for help has personal benefit from it — this is intervention in another’s fate. Such an act always has its consequences, which should be remembered for those involved in runic love spells, cuffs.

Useful tips «ice» Fleece gives and in the analysis of magical effects. For example, the basic meaning of the Isa rune in diagnostics is protection with a rollback, standing on the person being asked about.

  • Teyvaz and Turisaz — Isa: This bundle symbolizes very powerful shields that protect this person from outside influences

What is the amulet with the rune Isa for?

In principle, Isa does not belong to the category of universal runes suitable for any person, therefore it is necessary to use it to create an amulet with caution.

So, for example, a photo of the rune Isa on the talisman can be worn to someone who always takes everything that is happening too close to the heart — the symbol will help a person to cultivate composure, and other people’s misfortunes will not cause him great mental pain.

Can I get a tattoo with a rune Isa?

Despite the fact that this sign does not have a reverse position, it is still not recommended to do it as a tattoo, unless you, of course, want to live your whole life in a state of complete «freezing.»

Runa Day Isa

If you pulled out this symbol during fortune-telling for the day, be sure that it will pass calmly as never before. No movement, anxiety, unrest and unexpected situations should not be expected. This calm, freezing, a kind of hibernation.

You can just relax, engage in your hobbies, do not rush anywhere and do not try to deal with some important issues and affairs.

Runa Isa’s Council

  • «Ice» rune advises: do not rush, calm down, do not rush things, take a pause.
  • Remember, as a child, we played the game “The sea is worried once”, in which there were such words: “sea figure, stand still”? It is on the command «freeze» and the advice of this rune looks like.
  • You should not make unnecessary gestures and be active: the less you are “twitching” now, the more successful will be the outcome of the case after this forced pause.

What questions you need to ask yourself when meditating on the rune Isa?

The meaning of the rune Isa is revealed during meditation on this symbol, which looks like the Latin letter I. When you work with this “cold” sign, ask yourself about the following:

  • Can I afford to take a pause, not act, not rush things?
  • What prevents me from staying for a while, which does not give rest, forces me to fuss and hurry?
  • What causes in my soul coldness, alienation, what am I opposing?
  • Can I calm down and wait for a more favorable period?
  • Am I trying to “artificially” bring the offensive of the desired one closer?

Those who understand the meaning of this rune will soon become clear that there is nothing wrong with it, and it is natural, like the change of seasons. Her action does not freeze the movement forever, because even when the Snow Queen forced Kai to put the word “eternity” out of ice cubes, he could not do it, because the ice kingdom is not forever — remember this!

Runa Isa (Isa) — the meaning and interpretation of the symbol

Runa Isa: meaning, description, interpretation and how to use

The rune Isa (Isa) is the third symbol of the ancient German alphabet, the third rune of the second etta. Isa is in the grip of the element of Water. Most often it means the moment that comes when the previous stage is not completed yet, and the next one has not come yet.

This is a peculiar state of “freezing”, stopping, a turning point in life. Consider the meaning of the symbol in more detail.

Brief description of the runes

Runa Isa literally translated as «ice.» Most often, its value is perceived negatively, as it indicates that a period of stagnation has come in life.

But this must also be perceived in a favorable context: it is time to reconsider your life, relax, rest and think about the future.

Value in divination

Runa Isa looks the same in the straight and in the inverted position, so its values ​​are always the same.

When fortune telling, it can mean:

  • Divorce is coming. Your family’s happiness is at stake — if you don’t try to save your marriage, relationships will break
  • Your colleagues and subordinates treat you badly, are extremely unkindly disposed. It is necessary to understand what is causing
  • In the near future, we will have to take a break from vigorous activity — the time will come for stagnation and stagnation
  • Loving relationships will become colder, parting is likely to happen, because one of the partners has a cold feeling.
  • Any of the things you will be doing in the near future will fail.
  • Your plans and dreams cannot be realized, and the goals you have set cannot be realized. It may be worth thinking and understanding whether you are moving in the right direction.

Isa is almost always unfavorable. This is stagnation, stagnation, regression, inhibition of life, stopping of some important for guessing activities.

It is especially unpleasant when Isa falls in divination for a relationship — in this case, she almost always promises a cooling down of feelings and even separation.

If in the fortune-telling you asked the question: “What is to be done?” And Isa fell out, the answer would be “nothing.” You need to pause, pay attention to what is happening in life at the moment, and not think about the future and not make plans.

The value of the rune Isa can be positive if it falls in combination with other, favorable runes. Then we can talk about a certain stability.

But for the development and progress in the affairs so far it remains only to dream.

Advice for the fall of the rune Isa in fortune telling: relax and wait for time. The stream of negativity that has come into your life will sooner or later recede, will be replaced by positive events.

Now to do something to improve the situation is useless — you are unable to resist the elements.

Stop all activity, stop things, stop planning, stay inactive. Wait for the right moment and the white line in your life.

The interpretation of the runes Isa in one-story divination

In one divination, Isa has the following meanings:

  • A person needs to clearly set goals for the rest of his life, review his attitude towards others and the world, strengthen and develop faith in himself and God
  • You have a well-developed intuition and are well versed in human psychology, therefore you are able to predict the behavior of other people and influence them.
  • You are fixated on how you make an impression on others. Do not try to please everyone, or close to nervous exhaustion.
  • You are a talented person and realize your talents better in the field of show business, fashion, design. You can also succeed by working as a psychologist, teacher, sales assistant.
  • Your physical data is not too outstanding. But this is compensated with a huge amount of positive energy, the source of which you are. You can not only fill yourself with this energy, but also share it with others, so people are attracted to you. But do not allow energy vampires to yourself, otherwise you can seriously undermine health
  • You have a well-developed, rational thinking. If you learn to feel the emotional state of the people around you and adapt to it, you can achieve great success.
  • You are an excellent speaker, you can convince and eloquently defend your point of view. It helps to always find a like-minded person who will be on your side in any situation.

Application in magic

In occultism, the rune Isa is used to achieve the following goals:

  • Recovery of a person after a serious illness or relief of his condition
  • As a talisman that protects a person from all negative things coming from outside
  • To learn to control the emotions and manage the emotions of others
  • To alleviate the current difficult situation that excites a person at the moment most
  • For relaxation, stress relief, slowing down too rapid pace of life

Despite the fact that the value of the runes is most often negative, in magic Isa can be used to “slow down”, stop any processes, including adverse ones (illness, problems). This eliminates its harm and makes bring only benefits.

In combination with other runes can achieve different results. For example:

  1. With the combination of Isa — Gebo or Isa — Laguz, you can perform a powerful lapel. To help a person «kill» feelings for someone, get out of the destructive relationship and completely close the gestalt
  2. The combination of Gebo — Algiz — Isa helps to protect against astral attacks, any magical adverse effects
  3. Isa Turisaz — Tivaz — Fehu. This combination helps to start a new life, leaving the old problems and mistakes in the past.

Runa Isa: the meaning of the magic sign

Runa Isa: meaning, description, interpretation and how to use

Isa refers to runes second Atta. Its meaning is “ice”.

Its element is water, the color is white. It relates to a plant like henbane.

The rune has no other interpretation, even when turned upside down. Its main meaning is stopping or inhibition of activity and passivity.

The duration of this process is interpreted with the help of a neighboring rune.

In general, when deciphering the results of divination, the rune is a sign of the need to suspend activities or relationships. It is necessary to wait and evaluate the prospects in order to resume action at a favorable moment.

Surrounding runes help make Isa’s interpretation more accurate.

The value of the runes during divination

Runa Isa (Isa, Is) refers to Niflheim. It is believed that it is static, but can be a sign of resistance.

Isa does not help, but does not harm.

When fortune telling is used interpretation of the runes, as the «freezing» of the situation occurring in human life. That is, it implies a complete or partial rejection of any action, stabilization of life situations, non-action, a period of rest before becoming a new stage in life or relationships, passivity, lack of progress.

Isa — static character. She is able to keep all things and events occurring in life as they are for a long time, keeping them in one position.

At the psychological level, the rune characterizes a person’s own “I”, his inner core and the ability to survive in difficult conditions due to the concentration of power. In the scenario, Isa points to areas of the unconscious where there is a certain pattern of internal reactions.

It is extremely difficult to change such a scheme, since, like prejudices and old habits, it is deeply ingrained into the essence of man.

When conducting divination rune able to have several meanings:

  • divorce;
  • family break;
  • the unfriendly attitude of employees;
  • suspension of activity;
  • inappropriate time for beginnings;
  • the completion of the novel;
  • a period of stagnation in love;
  • business failures;
  • disorder of plans;
  • frustration.

The situation in which Isa falls out is a period of internal inhibition. At this time, all events in a person’s life are moving extremely slowly or completely freeze.

This state has nothing to do with apathy, but represents a common reluctance to contact with the outside world. A person does not want to go somewhere, to lead an active lifestyle.

The opportunities offered by rune are a chance to fully understand yourself in a calm and quiet environment without external influence.

Any mental attempts to change life in any way will not affect it. This is the time for assessing one’s own capabilities, setting priorities in life goals, setting plans, accurately placing all points in relationships and making decisions.

The period of such cooling should not be delayed, since even a person does not notice the development of events, but this does not mean that they, too, freeze. Rather, they are carried out extremely rapidly, so stay in a static position it is impossible, but it is impossible to accelerate their progress by force.

During this period, it is desirable to minimize the social circle and exclude any contacts. You can go out of town by turning off the phone and completely falling out of social life.

At the same time, it is necessary to concentrate on assessing past situations, considering past experiences. It should deal with yourself, your inner world and sensations.

During this period, all the forces should be thrown on the acquisition of new knowledge and skills.

Fleece has a positive effect on strengthening willpower and spirit.

Situations in which Isa falls, can’t fix it fast and with minor emotional and physical costs, as well as splitting a piece of ice.

Tasks set by the rune are long and cannot be solved in a short time. They suggest hard internal work.

In this case, the rune will change to a different one when the situation is finally completed, when the human mind responds to the problem and is ready to solve it.

How to work with runes?

Set up connection with ancient forces, living in the runes is easy. In addition to historical and occult significance, they have many other possibilities.

Their connection with external forces can help a person in solving difficult life situations. To work with runes will require some knowledge.

You can draw them from the works of some researchers.

In preparation for divination, a person should clear your mind not only from personal problems, but also from stereotypes imposed by society. It is precisely the patterned thinking and the imposed principles that can prevent the guessworker from understanding the essence of the runes.

When performing divination using the runes, you must prepare your own personal set for the ritual. It includes the following components:

  • runes made from natural material;
  • bag with ties, better from velvet or other soft material;
  • clean dense canvas made from natural materials.

It is desirable to make the runes on their own, so that between them and the person formed a connection.

Immediately before divination is necessary choose a place carrying out the ritual. It should spread the fabric.

The bag in which the runes are located needs to be picked up and, focusing on the question being asked, to speak it about yourself in all the details. All the runes must be laid out on the fabric.

To get answers to a question, you first need to contact the Norns, the Scandinavian goddesses of fate, by contacting them.

To do this, say «Urd, Verdandi, Skuld!» All the runes laid out on the fabric, you need to turn the characters down and gently and slowly mix strictly clockwise using your right hand.

It is necessary to stop at that moment when the person himself feels it. Hands should be raised above the runes, palms down, and for some time to hold them like this, turning to Odin and Freya mentally, asking them not to hide them from guessing truth.

Feeling in the palms energy focus and running them slowly over the inverted runes.

With a sensation of attraction or simply with unusual sensations, after holding your hands over one of the NMX, you should remove it and put it aside in the required place in the layout.

At the same time, the rune itself cannot be turned, because its position changes its meaning. When you select the required number of runes for divination, you can turn the symbol up.

After receiving the rune order, you can begin to decipher each of the characters, based on its position, characteristics and descriptions, as well as its position next to the other runes.

Isa on the job

During work-related divinations, Isa is treated as decrease in activity. It can also be evidence of long-term braking of projects.

With close proximity to the Feu rune, this situation should end positively, however, for subsequent actions it is necessary to select the optimal moment. The above interpretation is not the only one.

The second meaning is the deterioration of relations within the team or when interacting with partners.

In some situations, this rune symbolizes the termination of the contract. If the general position of the runes is negative, then Isa can be interpreted as hopelessness of the case or work.

At the same time, it is better to complete it as soon as possible or even leave it until better times or for good. The efforts and means directed at him are better invested in another project.

The combination of the runes Isa and Turisaz in the work shows that the work is interfered with by forces that are more influential than the guesser himself. The combination of Isa and Soulu shows that the success of the work is hindered by a selfish person who is detrimental to the cause.

He can do it for personal pleasure, or if he wants revenge. Isa and Dagaz — a sign that the interruptions in the affairs of the fortunate are caused heavy and complex character man himself.

This is what influences the success of a project in this situation.

What does the symbol mean in business?

Using single-divination when Isa’s rune falls out in the professional field, she talks about the possibility of using human talents in the areas of fashion, design or show business. A person who draws a rune can convince and work in areas related to sales, including choosing the profession of a manager.

And also such a person will be close to the profession of a teacher or a psychologist.

When a rune appears in the business context, it can be interpreted as the need to suspend activity or as a requirement to streamline activities. Since its main value is a period of rest.

When in some situations, a person performs many actions without thinking, while in the depths of his soul there is a feeling of heaviness and dissatisfaction. This is a sign of the need to pause.

If the runes are surrounded by a number of negative runes, Isa may be a sign of the need for temporary suspension from work.

Interpretation of the runes in the relationship

When the rune Isa falls out in a relationship, its interpretation differs from others, but it implies period of calm and cooling between partners. Quite often, this state is accompanied by long quarrels, reproaches, hostility, betrayals and even a break in relations.

If Laguz turns out to be close to the rune, this indicates betrayals that have already taken place.

When falling near the rune inverted runes that have the value of love. In this case, the tension prevailing in the relationship is accompanied not only by reciprocal reproaches and accusations, but also a high probability of parting, after which people not only do not maintain friendly relations, but also are generally unable to further transfer one another’s society.

The combination of runes Isa and Perth says about cooling the senses to the partner, the disappearance of attraction to each other and the lack of interest in the partner, as in the person of the opposite sex.

If divination is carried out on a woman and the combination of runes Isa and Teyvaz falls out, then most likely she has a lover. This is the reason for the cooling of its relationship to an existing partner.

When Isa and Mannaz fall out, relations can still be restored, that is, there is a high probability of improving relations, but it takes time to draw conclusions, and after that a final decision is made.

In situations in which the relationship between partners is material, she talks about the need to break such a partnership, since it can cause capital loss.

When a rune falls out during divination on the topic of family relations, she advises to wait a certain time so that the connection between people is improved.

What promises in love?

The love sphere interests many people, therefore in fortune telling it is often asked how this fleece influences love. As in other areas, Isa is stop symbol and inaction.

At the same time, in love, it does not always mean a complete rupture of relations between lovers.

Rather, it speaks of the need to reduce the speed of development of relations and the need for a pause, during which the situation will clear up and it will be possible to find a way out of this situation.

When it is included in some rune series in combination with other runes, Isa may advise you to complete the burdensome relationship and break the love affair.

Use of the sign in magic

In magic, Isa is used as an amulet for:

  • pain relief;
  • protection;
  • immersion in a state of rest;
  • concentration;
  • neutralization of hostile actions and intentions;
  • strengthen the will;
  • sense of stability.
  • mitigate difficult situations;
  • control of emotions;
  • recreation;
  • reduce the pace of life.

According to the main value of Iss, its task is to block or inhibition of certain processes and phenomena occurring in human life.

It is able to slow down some events and enables a person to rationally distribute forces and time. A person will be able to concentrate on their own internal values.

Fleece allows train the will, ability to solve problems and resist all life barriers. It can cool the raging passion and reduce aggression.

The use of the amulet with the depicted rune Isa allows the holder to get protection, while the person also receives a number of obstacles in his path, but their task is to give him the opportunity to understand himself.

Working with the rune requires a lot volume of internal forces. But all efforts are justified, since the amulet from the rune is strong enough.

To achieve the maximum effect, you can hold a special ritual.

To do this, completely relax and draw the Iss rune in the air with your finger or palm. You can make a runic gesture, which is raised up the index finger of his left hand.

At the same time it is necessary to mentally appeal to the World Ice.

It is an ancient and very powerful force that can help the person who has approached her.

Isa is used to create the amulets used by to cool the senses. For the implementation of the cuffs using a photograph of the couple, on it is drawn the rune Laguz or Gebo, surrounded by four Iss.

When you add to the picture of the rune Hagalaz, you can bring the relationship to rupture.

Qualitatively prepared Runa Isa amulets can help with certain diseases, such as teeth pain, herpes, lowering the sensitivity before the procedure of hair removal, to slow down hair growth. When using the amulet in the heat, the rune will help cool.

Quite often, the rune was used to formulate formulas to lower the temperature against fever demons.

Runa Isa — its meaning and interpretation in love and relationships

Runa Isa: meaning, description, interpretation and how to use

Most often in difficult life situations, we turn to mysticism, esotericism, occultism. Perhaps we are at a crossroads and do not know where to go next. Or the pace of life is so intense and intense that we do not have time to keep track of it and do not know where all this will lead us.

And maybe the future is so vague and vague, that just living, moving with the flow, becomes scary. In such situations, you can resort to fortune telling on the runes.

They help to understand the existing situation or can give good advice for the future.

For example, the rune Isa will offer to stop and think. And about it we will talk in this article.

Features of working with runes

There are specialists to whom you can turn for help. But it’s not so difficult to establish your own connection with the ancient symbols.

Moreover, after this a new world will open before you, the existence of which you only dimly guessed.

And to become your guide in this hidden mystical side of life can ancient signs — the runes. In addition to historical and occult significance, they have much greater capabilities. Thanks to his connection with the higher forces, the runes will be able to help you in solving difficult life issues.

They will help you open your eyes so that you can see what you did not pay attention to before.

To work with runes, it is necessary, first of all, to arm yourself with knowledge. To do this, you can get acquainted with the works of great researchers who have devoted their lives to the disclosure of the secret meaning of the ancient symbols of Scandinavian culture.

In addition, you will need to clear your mind and thinking from the stereotypes adopted in society. Patterned thinking, imposed from the outside, will interfere with your desire to touch the roots of spirituality.

Freed from this burden, you can more easily overpower the path, which will indicate the ancient characters with mystical power.

Runa Isa — divination

If you decide to ask for advice by divination on the runes, then follow all the rules.

To start, create your own ritual set, which should include:

  • the runes themselves, made of natural material;
  • velvet pouch with ties;
  • pure natural linen.

Be sure to make sure in advance that there is already a connection between you and the set of created runes.

Before fortune telling, select a special place on which to lay a clean canvas. Then pick up a bag of runes and focus on the question you are going to ask.

Put all the runes on the canvas. Now ask for help from the three goddesses of human destiny (Norns), saying:

Flush runes turn the value down and begin to mix them with your right hand in a clockwise direction until you feel the need to stop. Then raise your hands and, turning them with your palms down, hold them for some time over the runes.

At this point, contact Odin and Freya with a wish not to hide the truth from you.

Feeling a tingling in the palms or the concentration of energy, spend them over the runes. As soon as you feel the attraction or distinctive energy of one of the runes — remove it and put it in the right place in the layout.

Please note that you cannot turn the rune during the transfer because its position (direct, inverted) affects the value.

To turn the runes face up, you need already after the right amount is selected for the alignment.

The meaning and interpretation of the rune Isa

Now let’s talk about the situation when the rune Isa appeared in your fortune telling. Remember that it can be interpreted both individually and in connection with its surrounding values.

Before interpretation, it is necessary to take a quick look at the whole deal, unless it is a fortune telling on one rune in order to understand its general meaning and existing connections.

So, the rune Isa is one of the most powerful. There is no point in resisting it, because it can lead to very bad consequences.

It is necessary to interpret the rune on the basis of the question you asked, although most often the interpretation of divination occurs on an intuitive level.

Turning inside

The main value, which transmits the rune Isa, is «freezing», «stagnation». That is, she focuses attention on the fact that it is necessary to stop any activity in the field that is being discussed in divination.

In the situation represented by this symbol, it is important for a person to turn inward to his Ego.

Reflections on ideas about oneself help one to realize the limitations of one’s own abilities by a level that a person has determined for himself.

And then the outward movement begins, designed to destroy the ice of the surrounding framework. But this is not so easy, and in this situation is not necessary.

You can simply turn inward to your ego, and expand this framework from the inside. The principle is clearly expressed here: “Do you want to change the world? Begin with yourself!»

It is important during the period of action of this rune to make every effort to freeze, stop the situation. The man himself must press on the brakes, allowing a separate phenomenon to adjust to the movement of the overall system.

Moreover, such a stop is akin to the action of a stop-crane, which is designed to abruptly stop moving in the event of an emergency.

And what could be more important than the uncertainty that you are moving in the right direction?

Streamlining activities

The appearance in the scenario of such a symbol as the rune Isa, will allow you to properly distribute the forces and directions for their use. Indeed, besides the existing plans and aspirations of a single person, there is also a common system, a universal plan.

And often people do not take it into account in their activities, trying to achieve the desired by any means and ways.

Such activity can introduce an element of disharmony into the whole system, pulling a person (his physical, mental and spiritual essence) out of the overall picture.

If, being in a certain situation and performing certain actions, you feel that some dissatisfaction or heaviness has settled inside, then this is a sure sign to make a pause. Stop, look around, listen to yourself and through the tinsel you do not need to realize the truth of your existence and the correct motion vector.

Moreover, the plan of the higher forces will still be executed in one way or another. Therefore, do not resist it and do not violate the cyclical movement. Everything goes as it goes; it just needs time to mature, and you need to see the result.

Sometimes we forget that such an expectation, trying to quickly get closer to the goal, which often leads to disappointment with the result.

Humility with loss

Another virtue that Runa Isa reminds of is humility. It should manifest itself not only in the process of waiting until the planted grains ripen, but also in accepting losses that are inevitable.

After all, some of the processes occurring in our lives lead on the wrong path. The wrong direction, prompted by false aspirations, makes us spend a lot of strength, physical and spiritual, on what we really do not need.

This temptation is very easy to give in to the conditions of modern life, which dictates its own rules.

That is why it is so important to discard the existing prejudices, patterns, instructions and go the true way. Yes, you have to accept the loss of that, which took a lot of energy. However, it is better to stop now and redirect your activity in the right direction.

Than to reach the goal and get, ultimately, frustration.

Because of this, the rune is often disliked in the scenario. But it is humility with expectation and the necessary loss that ultimately leads to the appearance of events and events that are more important and relevant to your path.

Harmony with the processes occurring in the universe, will be for you a real reward in life.

Vertical of human life

The symbolism of Isa corresponds to the pure vertical of human life. It represents communication with the Spirit or communication with egregors (mental essences of things) and higher powers through prayer, intuition and other appeals.

It is important that this channel is clean and not clogged by alien phenomena (life problems, selfish aspirations).

The sign of Isa helps to comprehend its essence more deeply, to understand itself. This affects the ability to correctly define their goals and objectives in life.

Due to this symbolism, a person can cut off the horizontal component of life dictated by social phenomena and return back to the “home of his soul”.

To do this, of course, one often has to sacrifice the bustle of life and the phenomena that burden our consciousness. But such deliverance gives true enlightenment and the possibility of direct communication with the Spirit and the Creator.

This Fleece calls for spiritual development, self-knowledge through the means that are closest to man. This may be prayer, meditation and other practices that can help in understanding the depth within each person.

And this is a direct path to a higher spiritual level.

Problems runes Isa

Very often, we feel confused and meaningless in matters of life. We do not know where to go next.

However, the ability to stop and look inside yourself allows you to clarify the situation.

Numerous external actions that we are forced to perform under the pressure of modern life often make us forget about the most important thing — who we really are and what we strive for.

A spiritually developed person will not be able to feel lonely and abandoned to the mercy of fate. Runa Isa allows you to get rid of unnecessary «garbage».

She gives strength to cope with problems in the «ringing silence» of loneliness.

A person thus finds his inner core, the basis by which he can make the right decisions in the future. Therefore, you should not be afraid of this rune, and prepare for battle for your true self.

Magical use

Isa protects from strong stress, slows down the course of events, helps to rationally distribute his time and energy. It contributes to the creation of a concentration on internal values, as well as the realization of a cherished dream.

With its help, you can develop willpower, train your ability to solve problems, and resist unexpected obstacles in life. It will cool existing passions and reduce the aggressiveness of behavior.

Using the power of Isa will be able to help in:

  • calm down and plunge into a state of meditation;
  • focus attention;
  • neutralize attacks against you or hostile intentions;
  • strengthen will power;
  • overcome anxiety;
  • achieve a sense of balance and stability.

Meditation on this rune will provide an answer to such questions:

  • Am I too cold?
  • Do I own my passions?
  • What do I dream about?
  • What can I do to make my dreams come true?
  • Am I determined?
  • Can I get away from problems?
  • Can I intelligently make plans?

Amulet from the runes Isa

The purpose of using the amulet with the image of this rune comes from its value, which is almost the same for all existing systems. Most often Isa is used as a rune, giving protection and creating obstacles.

To work with it you need to have considerable experience, because the rune has great power. However, the effort expended will ultimately justify itself.

After all, dressed on a man, such an amulet creates around its owner a kind of magical protection — “ice shell”. It envelops the whole body like a glacier surrounding a stone.

For greater effect, in addition to using the amulet, it is necessary to periodically conduct a small magical ritual. You need to relax, concentrate and draw a rune in front of you with your palm or finger.

Then cry for protection to World Ice, which is a powerful and ancient force.

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