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Runa Evaz: interpretation, description and how to activate

Description and meaning of the rune Evaz (ehwaz) in the upright and upside down position

Runa Evaz: interpretation, description and how to activate

Our talk about runes today will be very pleasant, because the next article’s topic will be Evaz’s rune, its meaning, description and interpretation. This is a very positive symbol, which even in an inverted form does not carry anything bad to a person.

When this miraculous sign comes in — this means that the questioner is in harmony with the outside world, and the Higher Forces themselves will bring it to the desired result. But let’s still about everything in order.

Rune Evaz — basic meaning and interpretation

To understand the true meaning of the rune Evaz, you just need to take and imagine … a horse! Why is it a horse?

The fact is that the symbolic field of this sign can really be compared to a horse that is rapidly carrying a person forward.

In many ways, Evaz reminds Raido — it is also associated with swiftness, speed, change of impressions, novelty of events.

But, if, considering Raido, we put the road, the path, the ride in the first place, then Evaz is more like a horse that perfectly feels the right way and boldly leads along it, provided that the person is not afraid of it.

Rune Evaz, the value of which we are considering, can be associated not only with riding a horse, but also with sailing. These two classes require considerable courage from a person.

He needs to learn to control someone else’s energy (the energy of a sail or a horse) in order to rush to the right place. That is why Evaz comes only to those who are brave enough, bold and not afraid.

When a person climbs on a horse who is afraid of it, the horse feels it and starts to kick. The sail too will never “obey” an individual who is not sure about the safety of the journey.

That is why it is so important to be open to everything that happens, like a child.

Children with great pleasure ride a horse, because they do not have any fear of this animal, for them it is just a beautiful big creature that can ride.

From a philosophical point of view, passing through the state of Evaz can be compared with the exercise of observing the flight of an arrow.

Even the ancient warriors came up with one very interesting method of «letting go of yourself»: you had to take a bow, release an arrow from it, and then mentally escort it throughout the entire flight. It turned out that at the subconscious level the shooter is identified with the arrow.

You need not to be afraid of this internal transition, not to be afraid of moving from place to place — then the energy of the runes will take you where you need it.

Despite the fact that Evaz leads a man, she is not a rune of impersonal force, like, for example, Uruz, but a symbol connected directly with the consciousness of man.

If a person is ready to “break away from the roots”, to change something, to move decisively from the spot — then everything will be fine, he will get where he needs to be.

If he doesn’t see Evaz coming, doesn’t feel her strength and remains standing as if rooted to the spot in one place — then he simply misses the happy moment.

But let us move from theory to practice and consider the Evtic mantic interpretation. So, the significance of the rune Evaz in fortune-telling on one rune will always be associated with the discovery of new opportunities.

Under this sign, everything that froze, stopped and froze (as under the rune Isa) begins to move. Something new is already on the threshold of a person, and all he needs is just to open the door and let it into his life.

At the same time, the energy of the runes does not knock down — the movement of events, although rapid, but not sharp, but progressive.

The main interpretations of this rune are: a change of circumstances for the better, the ability to adapt to these changes and benefit from them, the journey (especially if there is Raido), new meetings, people, events. I really like the phrase that was said in relation to the rune Evaz Konstantin Selchenko: “You are lucky and you are lucky.”

The value of the inverted rune Evaz

As we mentioned earlier, the value of the inverted rune Evaz will still not be bad, just her energy will begin to appear not so active and bright. Most often, the return Evaz comes when a person fails to notice the new thing that comes to his life.

Such «blindness» may be associated with the reluctance to accept what you do not want. In fact, under Evaz’s reverse, the path to movement for a person is open, but he is slow, does not feel that you need to start moving right now.

Perhaps something seems to him untimely, irrelevant, unimportant.

He seems to leave these open ways “for a rainy day”, as a reserve, thinking that at any moment he can return to them later.

In fact, nothing critical and bad at this moment does not happen, it just takes time for a person to think things over, make the right decision.

When the return Evaz comes, it is important to realize that only one can be chosen — it is impossible to chase two hares and catch them both at once. Choosing something, we abandon something else for good.

We either accept change and open the door, or close it with a key and exit through another exit.

When fortune telling, the meaning of an inverted Evaz is a kind of surprise effect. Sudden trip, abrupt change of circumstances, events for which we were not ready.

This is not negative (if there are no other negative characters), but simply a situation that we did not expect, or expected, but later.

If we ask the runes about whether it is necessary to take conceived actions, and in return, Evaz comes back — this is advice that it is better to postpone the implementation of plans for later.

Interpretation of Avaz in divinations for work and business

The significance of the rune Evaz in divination for work is quite a gradual change, which ultimately will lead to an improvement in the situation, placing everything in its place.

This is the beginning of success, and then a person will have a positive continuation.

Also, the rune can mean a shift from the place of a protracted or stalled development of the project, the use of innovative ideas and methods, the establishment of new useful business contacts.

  • Fehu — Evaz: This is an indication of material success.
  • Kenaz — Evaz: Professional activities will become more creative, interesting, fascinating

Inverted rune will report a temporary movement delay, which will not affect the result negatively. It is necessary to perceive the fallout of the return Evaz as a small respite along the way. Although sometimes the rune still says that the person does not see the prospects that have opened up before him.

Neighboring runes will also give a hint.

  • Turisaz — inverted Evaz: Misconceptions in which there is a person
  • Mannaz — inverted Evaz: Decision making is worth deferring
  • Teyvaz — inverted Evaz: Delays in transit will be due to the machinations of competitors

What does Evaz mean when divining relationships and love?

The value of the Evaz runes in love and relationships will always be positive, even if the symbol comes upside down. Direct Evaz is a sign of equal partnership or advice to strive for it, the opening of good prospects, the execution of the conceived, a new round in the couple’s life together.

  • Inguz — Evaz: This couple can be interpreted as a successful resolution of the conflict, the disappearance of misunderstanding between the lovers
  • Odin — Evaz: This is an indicator of karmic relations, a sign that people met for a reason

The reverse rune of Evaz in love and relationships will be talking about empty quarrels, minor misunderstandings, conflicts that are really meaningless. None of these troubles can harm the bright future of the couple — these difficulties will soon end.

  • Mannaz — inverted Evaz: A guessing person should seek advice from an experienced person whom he trusts
  • Hagalaz is an inverted Evaz: Such a bundle hints that not everything goes smoothly in the relationship because the questioner’s partner is not really his second half.

How to interpret Evaz in matters of health?

Direct Fleece — an indicator that the situation will change for the better in the very near future. If you are sick, you will soon be cured, if you are injured, it will not make you sit on the hospital for too long.

However, sometimes the symbol will report a frequent change in a person’s mood when a state of violent joy suddenly gives way to depression. The reverse rune suggests that existing health problems will not cause serious harm to the body.

Yes, they are, but all this will surely pass — just need to wait a bit.

Evaz application in magic

The significance of the rune Evaz in magic can be called a catalyst. Since the rune is responsible for changing and shifting a stagnant situation, it is for this purpose that it is included in the composition of magic formulas and spells.

If Isa — “freezes” some processes, then Evaz “defrosts” them. Of course, we can talk about absolutely any vital area.

The shamans of antiquity used Evaz for internal transformation. Fleece was widely used in initiation rites, and was also an indispensable companion during the journey between worlds.

What is the amulet with rune Evaz used for?

This ancient symbol, carved or painted on a stone or piece of wood, can be worn as a talisman when you need to bring about your desired changes. Fleece helps to effectively achieve goals, maintain balance in any life situation, as well as save from what prevents movement in the chosen direction.

Tattoo with Evaz: can I do it?

Despite the fact that the inverted symbol does not carry a negative value, drawing it on the body is not particularly recommended. Under the influence of the runes, your life can turn into an endless leap on a horse.

Someone such swiftness, of course, will like, but not all. There are times when we urgently need a break and calm, and under Evaz this should not be expected.

Therefore, think carefully about the value of the rune Evaz before you make a tattoo.

As the runes of the Day Evaz worth meeting with joy. On a day filled with the energy of this rune, stagnant business will move from a dead center, you will clearly see the direction that will lead you to the goal.

Council of the runes Evaz

See the world more flexibly, do not turn into a conservative, be open to everything new. Changes in the outside world are impossible without internal changes — be prepared to accept them with gratitude.

Questions for meditation on Evaz

If you prefer to dive into the symbolic field of the runes through meditation, draw Evaz on a piece of paper, look closely at this symbol and ask yourself questions:

  • Do you easily let something new into your life, or do you desperately resist change?
  • Do you widely consider everything that happens with you or do you prefer not to notice some of the phenomena?
  • Do you use all the opportunities before you, or do you always leave some options «for later»?

Runa Evaz, the meaning, description and interpretation of which we have examined today, will help you to fill your life with a fresh stream of impressions. The most important thing is to accept them with all your heart without the slightest fear.

Then you will definitely come to your goal.

The combination of runes and their meaning. Rune combination table

Runa Evaz: interpretation, description and how to activate

Our distant ancestors thousands of years ago used combination of runes to achieve different goals. Bundles of magical pentagrams helped to understand many situations and showed the right path.

Before you start working with runic images, you must not only know about each of them, but also understand all sorts of combinations. This is quite important both in magic and divination.

In magic circles there are two main directions of combinations of rune signs:

  • run scripts — A ligature is written in a specific sequence;
  • runostava — symbols create a specific image.

Not only sacral signs play an important role, but also the order in which they are located. Even a combination of two pentagrams has two different meanings, but what can we say about combinations of five or even ten characters.

The combination of runes and their meaning

  • The easiest option for those who want to use several sacred signs is a symbiosis of two images. They can be applied to a personal talisman or used in fortune telling.
  • Paired unions are distinguished by special principles and magical properties. So, for example, the first sign shows the action, and the second how to perform it. Or vice versa.
  • When you begin to understand the interpretation of various rune combinations, you can use them for each specific situation.

Rune Combination Table of Elder Futark

The runologists have developed a special table of the combination of runes, in which all variations and possible alliances of symbols for each of the 24 are painted. Scandinavian runes.

In addition to paired compounds, ternary formulas are often used. The combination of three runes is very effective in magical rituals.

In such combinations, the repetition of one symbol can occur — this is the symbol of the initial and final stages. Sometimes the re-rune plays the role of a protective barrier for the middle mark.

If the formula of three runes is used as an amulet, then the meaning of each of the symbols should be taken into account. In this situation, the number of combinations is too large, so this will be the most optimal approach.

Moreover, many runes have, besides the direct one, a reverse position.

But in divination, a more detailed interpretation is needed — here we will need a table with runes. With it, you can find the answer to absolutely any question.

You will find a solution for an exciting situation.

Knowledge of rune sets and scripts makes it possible to easily create your own talismans and create happy combinations.

The oldest sacred symbols will not leave you at the crossroads of roads. They are excellent advisers, because they are divine symbols associated with the basic principles of the universe.

Runa Evaz: interpretation, description and how to activate

The significance of the rune Evaz (popular alternative names are Ayvos and E) is associated with movement in space. In it are hidden images of the path, change, trade.

Evaz is a fleece of travelers, those who are always on the move, while she contains a powerful creative impulse, dynamic energy, ready for realization.

  • Rune semantics: change, movement, path
  • Rune transliteration: E (E)
  • Old Norwegian version: Ehol (or Ior)
  • Norse and Anglo-Saxon name of the rune: Eh (also an Eoh variant)
  • Icelandic version of the name: Eykur
  • Name the runes have Germans: Eys (rarely Ehwaz)
  • The name common to ready: Aihs (either Ehwis)
  • Name known among the Celts: Eirich

Often the significance of the rune of Evaz is associated with the image of a horse, an animal, without which human civilization would hardly have taken its present form, at least not so quickly. This is a rune that is ideal for the implementation of daring ideas, it embodies the disinterested help — either friendship or divine patronage.

The value of the rune Evaz is always associated with progress, development, including spiritual. This is a shift from the dead point, although in the inverted position the rune may have a slightly different interpretation.

The value of the rune Evaz in the straight position

Fleece Evaz (photo above) indicates a steady but steady growth, or (depending on the context) a sharp progress, a breakthrough. It is the rune of road, success, goal achievement, friendship and / or cooperation.

Sometimes it indicates a special trust, powerful support, a basis from which you can push off in your undertaking.

The value of the rune Evaz is always associated with current changes in you or in the outside world. But this is not an accident, it is a natural result of your activity.

In fact, we are talking about the fruits that you have grown and now it is time to collect them. It is stability and confidence, you cope with problems, you achieve what you want, you have chosen the right path.

Fleece Evaz may be dualistic, on the one hand it is new people, new perspectives, new journeys (or the need for such). On the other hand, the improvement of relations, the development of business, the development of ideas

But even to positive changes you need to be ready.

Council of the runes Evaz in a straight position

Do not be afraid of change, the first step is always difficult. At the same time, the significance of the rune of Evaz in a direct position indicates the interrelation of external and internal changes, some are the result of others and vice versa.

Advice runes Evaz in a relationship — change and change, do not let doubts slow you down.

The value of the rune Evaz upside down

The value of the rune Evaz in the inverted position is opposite to the direct position only in aspects, but in all. This is not a stop, but a drag, an obstacle, although not an insurmountable one.

Fleece may indicate a journey, sudden (and therefore painful) changes, perhaps — forced inaction.

Anyway, something prevents you from moving forward. But do not panic — it is not your fault, everything is solved.

You still chose the right path (the most optimal).

You do everything right, take your time and be careful. There are no closed doors for you now.

Inverted rune Evaz in a relationship may indicate a misunderstanding due to circumstances.

How to fix this situation is up to you, and very soon you will do it.

Council of the runes Evaz upside down

The value of the inverted Evaz (photo above) is reduced to the fact that now it is definitely not necessary to chop from the shoulder. In no case do not take risks, do not develop conflict, do not provoke a quarrel. The situation should develop itself, give it time.

Do not be discouraged, it is temporary and even if everything is not going as fast as you would like, yet it is happening!

Application of the runes of Evaz in rituals

In meditative and accented practices, the value of the Evaz rune can be used to accelerate the process, give impetus to the situation, and even set the vector. In a coastal context, the rune of Evaz will help to secure the journey and pull someone out of an obviously stagnant situation.

Rune Evaz in a relationship is used to accelerate change, but more often in combination with other target runes.

Application of the runes Evaz in runeskriptah

In runic records, Evaz is most often used as a catalyst on a timeline, that is, for the already mentioned acceleration and motivation. “Evaz Ansuz” will help to get the blessing of higher powers, and “Evaz Soul” will mobilize its own resources and set up to win.

  • «Evaz Hagalaz» is quite a difficult combination that helps to correct mistakes, or to deal with the spontaneous manifestations of negative (requires the third and even the fourth specifying the runes).
  • «Avaz Eyvaz» can be used only in combination with the relevant rituals, often this runescript called the «journey into the world of the dead», but this is not entirely true.
  • Rather, it is about immersing yourself in your own subconscious and meeting your demons.
  • «Teyvaz Evaz Laguz» helps in the fight (figurative and real), and «Raido Eyvaz Laguz» protects during the trip (in particular — by sea).
  • “Evaz Perth” or “Yera Evaz Perth” are difficult-to-use combinations that allow you to literally “get to the bottom” of your past (and possibly future) lives.
  • There are even more interesting runescripts, for example, Evaz Gebo Evaz will allow you to transform an image (enclosed in Gebo) into the exact opposite.

The philosophy of the runes Evaz outside the fortune-telling practice

The most vivid image of the Scandinavian mythology associated with the rune Evaz is the magic horse of Odin Sleipnir. It should be understood that the peoples of the north traditionally honored horses in a special way, for them they were almost the highest beings endowed with divine wisdom and the ability to transfer their master through reality.

Loyalty and loyalty — the attributes of the horse, are the same attributes Eyvaz.

The value of the runes is largely related to aspects of communication, but not between people, but between people and animals, people and plants, people and gods.

The authorized mark of the rune of Evaz (photo above) is interpreted by some researchers as a pair of horses. The same image could be used in the «creation» of Sleypnir, who had eight legs.

Note that Evaz is a mirror rune; it embodies the principle of equality-partnership. This is a man and a woman, a duad, in which one without the other cannot be complete, the existence of one without the other is impossible and unnatural.

Therefore, the rune Evaz in a relationship always points to harmony, or (upside down) to stagnant events that impede development.

At a different level, Evaz is a partnership between a conditional rider and a conditional horse. This is a binding energy, feelings, emotions, without which the equestrian warrior is doomed in battle, like his horse.

It is a unifying force, and it can unite anything (or anyone). But only if it is natural (does not contradict anyone’s will) and is really necessary.

This is communication, community, knowledge.

  • Potential Rune Evaz: harmony, equality, dynamics, development, communication.
  • Basic esoteric qualities: ability to adapt to change, networking, control over oneself and one’s life.
  • Practical aspect in esoteric: establishes and strengthens communication, accelerates the achievement of goals, helps to find balance.
  • Summon Rune Evaz: self-control and spiritual balance are necessary in all life situations, but sometimes do not forget to spur yourself and those around you.

Runa Evaz stimulates communication, expands the range of contacts, acts as a catalyst for creative impulses. This is a rune of respect and mutual respect, development and progress towards the goal.

The value of the rune Evaz in a straight and inverted position

Runa Evaz: interpretation, description and how to activate

The energy rune Evaz is very multifaceted, it is a symbol of victory over death, magical power, transitions between worlds. Fleece also represents movement forward, progress and development.

Its name means horse. Evaz, like this animal, carries man in the right direction.

Fleece indicates striving to achieve goals, energy, high speed action, assertiveness and determination.

Meaning and application in magic

Sometimes in life there are situations when it is impossible to cope on our own. Then come to the aid of third-party resources to help achieve the desired.

So the doer seeks what he could never accomplish on his own.

Symbolic rune field connected with a horse, which personifies forward movement. If this rune falls out, it means that a person is in harmony with the outside world, in unity with reality and feels inner integrity. Like a horse, the rune carries the person in the right direction.

Evaz, like Raido, means fast moving and changing experiences.

Fleece always falls to the best, it indicates positive changes and the desired changes, even when falling in an inverted position, which poses specific problems, but does not portend deprivation. Sometimes you need to quickly adapt to a new situation, trust the process.

The runes only decrease the level of positive.

If it means travel, then it can be troublesome, which will bring some discomfort. Coming out in combination with Laguz, an inverted Evaz foreshadows a trip that will last longer than planned. If changes are expected, the rune may indicate that they will be too unexpected.

This interpretation is relevant when falling in a pair with Uruz.

Images of the runes:

  • the rider rides a horse;
  • dolphins save a drowning person;
  • business is moving advertising;
  • music helps the meditator;
  • man rides on the train.

In magic, rune also means change for the better and well-being. It helps to get off the ground, to alleviate the situation, recover from a long-term illness and get rid of chronic ailments. Travelers Evaz facilitates the path through the water.

It is often used as a protective formula and guardian for drivers.

The rune is used to get out of stagnation, it is used to deal with a stuck case, get rid of a chronic disease, and resolve a painful problem. Action Evaz opposite rune Isa.

Evaz is a rune of magical initiation, she is involved in magical rituals related to initiation. If it is used in the layouts on the person, then it means sociability, curiosity, interpersonal skills and friendliness.

Fleece indicates, that two self-sufficient personality build relations on principles of equality and respect.

In the light of the problem, Evaz recommends that the more powerful partner stop trying to dominate others, because it is in the middle of it that the pair is in trouble.

Meaning Rune: Evaz

Runa Evaz: interpretation, description and how to activate

Inverted Evaz — a sign of backward movement, retreat and regression.

You are now in a state of apathy, lethargy, emotional and mental confusion, confuse maps and prevent you from making the right decisions and acting.

In this period, you should not expect easy achievement of the desired, and it is possible that even soon disappointment will follow, as it turns out that your plans and dreams had nothing to do with reality.

In terms of love relationships, inverted Evaz says that you are losing touch with your partner, cooling and distance. Another danger of the dark side of Evaz is merging, disharmony, the loss of yourself, your personality is absorbed by another person, you dissolve in it.

As a result of this merger may be a loss of autonomy, distrust, betrayal, disharmony.

The motto of the inverted rune Evaz: «Infertility is the result of a hidden unwillingness to change.» And this applies to all areas of life.

The apparent calm is the result of distrust of the intruder and the rejection of it. Often, a person does not notice at point blank what is new that he does not want to accept.

And he is blind and deaf to him, does not notice the changes that need to be noticed and accepted for the renewal of life.

It is necessary to understand that what will happen for so long, what you have been striving for, will happen now. But these events can occur only to the extent that B itself opens up to what is happening.

The force of change in an inverted Evaz is weaker than in a straight line, and help is needed from the person himself.

If it remains closed, the wind of change will gradually come to naught, everything will return to normal and the swamp will bloom further.

Therefore, when Evaz falls, so is the breadth and freedom of perception, the expanded perceiving consciousness. It is important to register all changes both inside and outside.

An inverted Evaz indicates that not all possibilities are open so far, but if a person acts correctly, captures the meaning of Evaz’s energy, the fleece changes its state from inverted to straight.

Why does the inverted Evaz usually fall out? Because a person does not notice the opportunities provided to him, does not use what he has, as he considers this unimportant and irrelevant.

He does not use the paths that are open to him.

It seems to him that these roads are not at all the way he imagined them and such an option should be postponed only if in reserve, he does not understand that opportunities for personal growth and advancement open up like the gates of paradise: only occasionally and for a short period of time .

The inverted Evaz indicates that one should look around oneself, pay attention to everything around.

Another value of the inverted Evaz — the movement is inhibited not by the fault of a person or force majeure, but for internal reasons. Delays are necessary for the desired result, until the time comes and now not everything is possible.

The inverted Evaz has one positive moment — with its action, you can relax and rest, gain strength. If a person does this during an inverted Evaz action, a straight rune will come to him.

Another value of the inverted Evaz — the movement is inhibited not by the fault of a person or force majeure, but for internal reasons. Delays are necessary for the desired result, until the time comes and now not everything is possible.

The inverted Evaz has one positive moment — with its action, you can relax and rest, gain strength. If a person does this during an inverted Evaz action, a straight rune will come to him.

If an inverted Evaz falls to questions about rest and business trip, then definitely it is not necessary to take plane tickets, maybe there will be no catastrophe, but there definitely will be problems with this type of transport like flight delays due to weather, loss of luggage, etc.

The value of the rune Evaz, its description and interpretation

Runa Evaz: interpretation, description and how to activate

Most runologists associate the significance of the Evaz rune with the process of sudden changes that have begun. Such a stream rushes like the waters of a mountain river and never stops.

Even if such a stream suddenly stumbles upon a sudden obstacle, he will either try to somehow go around it, or, if this is not possible, will try to tear it down.

About ehwaz rune

  • Runa Evaz
  • Name: Fleece EHWAZ
  • Element: Air
  • Relationship with the Elder Arcana of the Tarot: Chariot, Lovers
  • Stone: Amethyst, Moonstone
  • Plant: All curly

At a more domestic level, we can say that the rune Evaz symbolizes the process of shifting a situation from a dead center. Usually the power of this rune can be felt when certain changes began to occur sharply after a rather long stagnation in business.

Sometimes practicing sorcerers associate the interpretation of this rune with the acquisition of magical power and power that will guide the further development of the adept.

The shamans of the Northern Tradition are more prone to the fact that the Rune of Avaz is considered to be a symbolic image of the force that makes it possible to make transitions between worlds.

Another occult interpretation of the meaning of this rune is the theory in which the opinion is expressed that the rune Evaz symbolizes the victory of Life over Death.

The name of the rune Еhwaz in translation from the Old Norse dialect means «horse». The location of this symbol in the runic alphabet is also interesting.

Fleece Evaz is in front of the rune Mannaz, which is a symbol of humanity. Since ancient times, the horse was considered the best friend and reliable support of man.

She was an indispensable assistant both in peacetime and on the battlefield. Therefore, the value of horses for our ancestors is difficult to overestimate.

Another meaning of the runes of Evaz is directly related to the bonds that unite a man and a woman who love each other.

In this sense, this rune resembles the Eastern Yin-Yang symbol, which means the unity of masculine and feminine principles, with its energy essence.

Even the graphic outline of the rune Evaz is formed by the fusion of two runes Laguz, which has a connection with love feelings. That is why in many divinations it is customary to interpret the loss of the Evaz rune as an expected marriage or sexual relationship.

Description of the runes Evaz

When describing the Force that comes directly from the Evaz rune, the following sensual and mental images can be used:

  • The rider drives the car;
  • A cowboy rides his horse;
  • Helping spirits help the sorcerer;
  • Egregor leads the adept;
  • The wind sets the course of the sailing ship;
  • Advertising is the engine of progress;
  • Advanced technological developments ensure the company’s primacy in the market;
  • The wind carries fallen leaves.

Runa Evaz in mythology

Most researchers of the myths of the peoples of ancient Scandinavia associate the value of the rune Evaz with the legendary horse Odin Sleipnir. The external feature of this horse, which distinguishes him from its other relatives, can be considered the presence of four pairs of legs.

This distinctive feature gave him the ability to move through the air and allowed him to develop just incredible speed.

In the mythological texts, the first mention of Sleipnir can be found in the Elder Edda, where Odin himself called him the best horse in all of the Nine Worlds. Subsequently, it is with the help of this very horse that the Father of All Gods will fall into Helheim (Kingdom of the Dead) in order to rescue his son Baldr from there.

Of greatest interest is the mythological plot, which tells about the origin of Sleypnir. It all started with the fact that after the creation of Midgard (the world of people) and Asgard (the cloister of the Gods), the aces wanted to distinguish them by building a wall.

To help them in this matter, a master builder volunteered, by origin from the yotun (giants). In order to pay for his work, he asked his beautiful Freya for his wife.

The assistant giant took himself a Svadeblfari horse, which stood out for its remarkable strength.

At first, the gods did not want to accept this offer, but Lokki persuaded them.

Ases demanded from the giant that he completed the work before the end of the summer. When by the end of this very period it was necessary to finish building only one gate, the gods realized that they had made the most severe mistake.

Solve the problem was entrusted to Loki.

He turned into a mare and seduced the Svadvilfari horse. Because of this, the giant did not have time to complete his project by the appointed date and became terribly angry, for which he was killed by Thor.

Loki also gave birth to a foal and brought it to Odin, who gave him the name Slaipnir.

This is the plot that was described in the “Younger Edda”.

Interpretation of the runes of Evaz

If you performed fortune-telling on a certain life situation, then the appearance of the runes in it Evaz most often indicates sudden changes or a sharp advance.

You can also consider it as a progress of affairs after a period of prolonged stagnation. An early change of residence or the emergence of a new place of work associated with frequent travels is quite likely.

Whatever the sudden changes, rune Evaz shows their positive nature for the fortuneteller.

The combination of the Evaz rune with the rune Raido that appeared in fortune-telling will tell you that a journey is expected soon. The combination of this rune with Ansuse as a reason for the sudden trip indicates the illness of one of the relatives.

The combination of Evaz and Berkana, on the contrary, is optimistic and reports that the reason for a visit to relatives will be positive.

Loss of a pair of Evaz and Dagaz says that for those who are wondering, the period of illness will soon end and gradual healing will begin.

Some experts interpret this rune as a successful confluence of various circumstances in a person’s life that were on his side.

The inverted view of the rune Evaz should be considered as a warning about a speedy unplanned trip. The Laguz turned out to be next to it is an indication that it will take much longer than the guessing one could expect.

The appearance of the rune can warn of sudden and unexpected changes in the usual course of life. This interpretation of the rune is further confirmed by the Uruz rune next to it.
Sometimes the rune of Evaz in the inverted form in fortune-telling should be taken only as advice not to rush things and to postpone the implementation of the plan.

When diagnosing personal characteristics, the rune Evaz characterizes the person in question as a great lover of travel and new acquaintances.

In hands on heart matters, the rune indicates a pair built on the basis of absolute equality.

If, however, the diagnosis of problems in the pair was carried out, then the appearance of this rune highlights as such that one spouse attempts to command the other. This is the main source of conflict.

The appearance of the Inguz rune next door indicates the speedy resolution of all misunderstandings in a pair about this.

The inverted view of the rune Evaz invites the couple to expect trivial conflicts, which, however, will be temporary. The appearance of Mannaz, who is near, advises to seek advice from a more experienced person to resolve problems in a pair.

When divination for a career the appearance of the runes Evaz promises new useful acquaintances. Sometimes the rune Evaz characterizes the appearance of a person as an innovator, which is for him the main key to success.

If the Ansuz rune appeared next to it, then such a combination gives a person advice to update their knowledge and ideas. The appearance of the Fechu rune next to it reports a significant improvement in material well-being.

Kenaz announces the upcoming squall of creative inspiration.

The rolled rune Evaz informs about a simple in business, which will be temporary. What will be associated with such a simple, you can find out the runes, which are located next door.

So, if the Teyvaz rune turned out to be close by, then there is a high chance of being more cunning from competitors. Turisaz, on the other hand, reports that his own delusions were to blame.

Runa Evaz: origin, meaning and interpretation in divination

Runa Evaz: interpretation, description and how to activate

The rune resembling the letter “M” is called Evaz (Ehwaz), which means “horse”. It refers to the elder Futhark and symbolizes speed, change, movement.

Evaz predicts positive changes, improvement of current life situations, shifts in affairs for the better. This rune helps a person to find the right decisions on the way to his goals, and protects him from trouble.

In addition, she can foreshadow a real journey or spiritual, because obtaining secret knowledge, gaining wisdom and dedication to the secrets of higher powers.

Value in mythology

According to many experts exploring the myths of the ancient peoples of Scandinavia, the rune Evaz symbolizes the legendary horse Sleypnir, who was a faithful assistant of the great Odin.

Unlike his relatives, he had 4 pairs of legs, thanks to which he could develop an incredible speed and move not only on the ground, but also through the air.

Slaipnir was first mentioned in the «Elder Edda», where Odin spoke of him as the best horse of all that exists in the Nine Worlds.

There is an interesting story about the origin of Sleypnir in mythology. After the creation of Asgard and Midgard, the aces decided to erect a boundary wall between the worlds. A certain master, who came from a sort of giant, offered his help in this.

In the process of erecting the structure, he was helped by the Svadefliari horse, who possesses incredible strength.

The giant was supposed to complete the construction of the wall before the end of the summer, but when the deadline was left to complete the construction of the gate, the gods realized that they had made a huge mistake.

Solving the problem was entrusted to Loki, who initially urged everyone that the giant to cope with the work. He took the form of a mare and seduced the assistant master, the Svadilfari horse, because of which the construction was not completed on time.

For non-compliance with the contract Thor killed the giant. After a while, Loki gave birth to a foal, which Odin brought.

General interpretation of the runes

Runa Evas has powerful positive energy, and is able to assist in various aspects of life:

  • respect and understanding of the opposite sex;
  • strengthening loyalty and loyalty;
  • maintaining balance in difficult situations;
  • establishing communication and relationships with people;
  • search for effective ways to achieve goals;
  • rejection of all that hinders the further development of affairs.

The interpretation of the rune depends largely on the position in which it fell during the fortune-telling — direct or inverted. In the first case, Evaz will talk about a successful course of affairs, or a favorable set of circumstances.

Any undertakings will bring a positive result, and it will be possible to get the maximum benefit from the situations that arise.

Also, Evaz does not rarely symbolize the journey, especially if it falls together with the Raedдо rune. The combination with an inverted Ansuz predicts a trip to a relative who is in poor health.

Together with Berkan’s rune in a direct position, Evaz usually speaks about an early meeting with relatives for a very good reason.

If the rune complements Dagaz, then such a tandem indicates the presence of problems with human health, but he will soon get rid of them.

The inverted position of the rune Evaz also has a good meaning, only the level of positive will be somewhat reduced. For example, she can predict a sudden trip, for which a person will not be fully prepared, or the journey will last longer than planned.

As for the changes, they can be too harsh and sudden, especially if Uruz fell together with Evaz.

The rune acquires a negative interpretation when it is among the characters with an unfavorable meaning. In such cases, a person should not hurry with the implementation of plans, and wait for a more favorable time.

If the trip was planned, then it is better to postpone it.

The value of the runes in divination

During divination, the rune Evaz can give practical advice, but in order to correctly interpret them, it is necessary to take into account her position and combination with other symbols.

  • Love. If the situation on love Evaz fell in a straightforward position, then we can say that relations between people are built on equal rights, mutual respect and understanding. If we talk about the personality of a person who is wondering, then it can be described as a smart, sociable and wise person. Evaz’s reversed position indicates the presence of conflicts and empty quarrels in a pair. If Hagalaz falls together with the rune, it means that for a fortune-telling person the chosen partner is not an ideal pair.
  • Career. The direct position of Evaz in the career situation shows positive changes and shifts in stagnant affairs. Surely, there are already the first successes, but then it will only get better. New acquaintances, brilliant ideas and ways to quickly achieve their goals will appear. The rune in the inverted position means a delay in affairs, the emergence of small problems, but they should not be greatly worried. In addition, an inverted Evaz can warn against mistakes and unnecessary risks. At the moment, you should not take any action, it is better to wait for a more suitable moment.
  • Health. If a fortunate person suffers from any disease, then the appearance of the rune Evaz in terms of health speaks of a speedy recovery. Especially if the disease is associated with a disorder of memory and psyche. An inverted symbol indicates the presence of hidden mental abnormalities, internal contradictions or strong emotional stress. In this case, the person needs to undergo a thorough examination.

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