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Runa Algiz: meaning in love, relationships, health and career

Significance in divination and magic of the protective rune Algiz

Runa Algiz: meaning in love, relationships, health and career

The fifteenth in a row in the Elder Futhark, the rune Algiz, the meaning of which we will discuss below, symbolizes a powerful defense of a person and everything that surrounds him. Its graphic image resembles a cross with the ends of horizontal crossbars directed upwards.

Someone Algiz seems like an open palm or reed, someone — on the moose antlers, and someone perceives it as the wings of a swan wide open, or even as a figure of a man who raised his hands up.

Let’s see what this magic symbol actually means.

Runa Algiz — basic meaning and interpretation

The meaning, description and interpretation of the Algiz rune in any area of ​​life is always associated with protection, provision and receipt of assistance, protection. The loss of the symbol in the direct form suggests that you are now the most protected from any adversity and trouble.

This is the absolute protection and patronage of the Heavenly forces when a person is warned in advance about impending difficulties and is able to effectively prepare for a meeting with them.

Algiz can be called one of the most positive runes of the Elder Futhark. It is like a ward that takes away from the person all the bad things that can happen to him.

This is not a classic defense against the attacks of ill-wishers, but rather a passive one, when any threats from the outside world simply cannot penetrate the inner world.

Everything unpleasant happens somewhere outside, but you have a safe shelter where you can wait out difficult times.

If we consider the outline of this symbol as a person with arms outstretched upwards, we will see the second meaning of the rune Algiz, manifested as a plea for help, turned towards the heavens. So, this rune can indicate a mentor, a spiritual teacher, a wise adviser, a close friend who will help you understand the situation.

In some divination, the appearance of this rune tells you that the time has come when you really need to ask someone for help.

If Algiz falls in the environment of positive symbols, but there are two or more negative runes in the scenario (for multi-layered layouts) — this may mean that someone from people close to you needs support and help right now.

Algiz also symbolizes high spirituality, finding unity with higher consciousness, creativity and luck, which is activated when a person begins to hear and understand his inner voice. This is a time of discovery of new possibilities, an intuitive understanding of the essence of things

Runa advises to reflect on the situation and adapt to the changes that have come into your life.

  • Turisaz — Algiz: This combination indicates that an unexpected and pleasant gift of fate awaits you
  • Berkana — Algiz: The neighborhood of these two runes speaks of a strong and reliable family
  • Soulu — Algiz: This combination says that you can stand firmly on your

The value of the inverted rune Algiz

Algiz in an inverted position is a warning about the need to control your own emotions, because only thoughtful actions and weighted words are your only defense at the moment.

If you are in an incomprehensible and confused situation that causes irritation and struggle of internal contradictions, the falling out of the reverse rune Algiz urges you not to hide from problems, but to figure out why they appeared at all.

Think about the phrase «Heaven refuses only the excessive» — ​​it is the motto and the main meaning of the inverted rune Algiz.

Perhaps you are trying to achieve a goal that you do not need at all? Every person in this world is always given only what he really needs, and the insurmountable difficulties encountered on the way is an attempt to hold him in and get him to ponder the question: «Stop, think, did you go there?»

The reverse position of the rune Algiz reports that you were captured by illusions or became a victim of fraud, at some point turned the wrong way, or are trying to take something that you will never need.

However, sometimes the reverse position of Algiz may mean that the outcome of the case will still turn in your favor.

  • Fehu — inverted Algiz: The combination of characters says that you can expect material benefits after you understand the difficulties

What does rune Algiz mean in divination for work and business?

Straight Algiz in the layouts of a career says about creative work, a surge of energy, a desire to learn and learn something new. It can symbolize the beginning of a new project, a shift from a dead end in a business that seemed hopeless, favorable prospects, as well as the possibility of successfully completing some courses or getting a higher education.

To clarify the prediction, you can consider what the rune Algiz means in combination with other runes.

  • Fehu — Algiz: This combination symbolizes success in business projects
  • Laguaz — Algiz: The combination promises good luck in school
  • Evaz — Algiz: These two runes indicate a successful and productive business trip or work away from home

The reverse position of the runes in the predictions for work can be interpreted as a warning that the questioner is making too high demands and will not be able to succeed in his case. If a question was asked about a business proposal, the turned Algiz strongly advises to abandon it, even if the case seems very tempting.

  • Inverse Vuno — inverted Algiz: It is worth postponing important things for later
  • Raido — inverted Algiz: Do not expect help from someone you counted on

What does rune Algiz mean in divination for love and relationships?

The direct position of the runes in the analysis of love questions is a very favorable sign that speaks of the sincere, warm relationship that has developed between two people, when partners feel mutual support and are not only lovers, but also true friends. The significance of the rune Algiz in fortune-telling on relationships is always a favorable outcome of the case, a truce, complete harmony, strong feelings.

  • Inguz — Algiz: Wedding
  • Eyvaz — Algiz: Complete victory over a rival or rival

The meaning of the rune Algiz in love when her reverse position falls out is the opposite, it strongly advises not to get close to the person you are thinking about, since this connection does not bode well. Most likely, the partner has his own vested interest in the relationship with you, or thinks only about his desires, and not about your needs.

  • Uruz — Algiz: The combination says that your loved one will persistently impose his opinion on you
  • Ansuz — Algiz: The combination says that you have fallen under the influence of your partner, forgetting about yourself

What does Algiz mean for health divination?

The direct position of the rune indicates that the body is protected from diseases, strong immunity, the absence of any serious problems in this area.

But the opposite position on the contrary advises to pay attention to your health. Perhaps you already have hidden symptoms that you didn’t pay attention to, or you started the treatment out of time.

Listen to your body, it will give you a hint!

How is Algiz used in magic?

The meaning of the rune Algiz in magic is closely related to the protection of any kind. The patron saint of this rune is the guardian god Heimdall, who reacts keenly even to the light breeze.

It is not surprising that in the magical practice, Algiz is used to develop clairvoyance, open the energy channel with higher powers and gain powerful protection against the actions of ill-wishers.

Working with this rune, magicians get rid of negative influences and stresses, and also begin to use the energy of the Universe correctly in their work.

What is the amulet with the rune Algiz for?

The Scandinavian rune Algiz as an amulet will protect you from any kind of negative influences: the wiles of detractors, the evil eye, damage. It will help you find the strength to respond to any challenge, strengthen your spirit in stressful situations, and make you invulnerable to difficulties.

The rune works on three levels at once: on the physical — it protects from everyday troubles and accidents, on the emotional — it adds determination and allows you to keep control over your feelings, on the spiritual — protects your aura from any external negative.

To use the rune as an amulet, you need to put its image on the decoration of natural stone or metal, or on an object with which you never part.

Can I make a tattoo with a rune Algiz?

It would seem that the Algiz rune tattoo should work as a protective talisman, but experts in runic magic do not recommend it to those who have never tried to work seriously with the runes.

It is important to remember that all the ancient magical symbols carry a very strong energy, which has a direct impact on human life.

The meaning of the Algiz rune on the human body will vary depending on the angle from which he and the people around him will look at it. Algiz has not only a direct, but also an inverted value, which can no longer be called positive.

Now imagine how many times a character will turn over if you put it, for example, on your hand? And every time a person sees such a talisman in the opposite position, it is the inverted value of the rune that will affect his life.

Rune of the day Algiz

The direct rune of the day Algiz argues that today you will have pleasant opportunities.

You will see new perspectives, feel creative inspiration or realize that the stagnant business has finally moved from the dead point.

The reverse position of the character advises caution: before you undertake something, you need to think very well, because, despite the fact that the Higher Forces protect you, risky adventures can do a disservice.

Board runes Algiz

Listen to your intuition, hear your inner voice, because only he can tell you what to do. If you feel inner harmony, you will become closer to the Universe, which means Higher Forces will always be on your side.

Fleece advises to trust their forebodings, because your subconscious always knows what to do.

What questions you need to ask yourself when meditating on the rune Algiz?

If you practice runic meditation, use this symbol for the following questions:

  • Can you feel the energy of the Universe and use it?
  • Do you listen to your intuition when you do not know what to do?
  • Do you know how to mobilize your internal forces when necessary?
  • At what moments do you feel vulnerable and defenseless?
  • Are you ready to let something new into your life?

The value of the rune Algiz helps a person to achieve inner harmony, get rid of fears and doubts, teaches him to listen to intuition and find answers in his subconscious to the most important questions. This ancient magic symbol gives protection to those who have managed to tune in to communication with their spiritual mentor and have found the true meaning of life.

The value of the rune Algiz in the Old Norse magic

Runa Algiz: meaning in love, relationships, health and career

In the Scandinavian tradition, the value of the Algiz rune was extremely important for both warriors and civilians. This sign has great protective power, which, however, must be sent in the right direction.

Some sources have identified this rune with life.

Runa Algiz — meaning and history of an ancient sign

Algiz refers to the runes of the second atta, which is dedicated to Freyr and Freyja. She is the fifteenth in the alphabetical order of Elder Futhark, and as the seventh in her atta, refers to the runes of eloquence.

In this aspect, it can provide protection against any lies and flattery, the ability to recognize lies and other people’s evil thoughts. The translation of this rune varies depending on the sources.

In the ancient Germanic languages, it means «elk», in the same way — in the Anglo-Saxon runic poems.

The Scandinavians identified this word with a yew — a tree that combines life and death.

A direct reference to this rune is preserved exclusively in the text of the Anglo-Saxon runic poem:

Externally, this rune may resemble elk horns, or a person who stands with his arms raised. One of the main purposes and meanings of Algiz is protection.

The aspect of protection against any evil actions, failures or problems is implemented most fully in this rune.

However, this rune will not retaliate in any way — it acts exclusively as a shield, preventing the consequences of problems or even their offensive itself. That is why this fleece was often depicted on the military shields of the ancient Vikings.

And to protect against evil on Yule night, this rune was often depicted on lamps.

In addition, many mystics and occultists, in particular, Guido Von List, considered this symbol a rune of life. It was in this form that it was used in the Nazi armanic futarka.

This symbol can often be seen on the tombstones of German soldiers who died during World War II. Runa Algiz or Lebensrune, indicated the date of birth.

And the inverted rune Algiz, or Todesrune — the date of death.

Similar views could be found in the Slavic runes. Thus, the rune world has a completely similar appearance, as well as a similar meaning.

And just like the Nazi rune of death, the Slavic rune Chernobog looks like, which symbolizes the underworld and the end of life.

The interpretation of the rune Algiz in fortune-telling on relationships and any other aspects of life almost always turns out to be positive. This sign foreshadows success, but more detailed decoding depends on a number of additional questions.

So, the exact value of the rune can affect the question asked, and the selected alignment, and other additional runes that fell out with this plate, if you are not guessing on one character.

TThe meaning of fortune telling also depends on the position in which this rune fell.

When fortune telling at the rune Algiz says that your second half is a reliable person, behind which you can feel like behind a stone wall. And it concerns both fortune telling on existing relationships, and on the possibility of future ones.

Of course, this rune cannot guarantee success in getting this man — it only reveals information about his character. If you asked how to get rid of problems in the relationship — you should allow your partner to deal with them.

The inverted rune Algiz in this matter suggests that the role of the head of the family and the leader in the relationship lies entirely with you. Your partner, potential or acting, cannot boast of independence.

But again — this does not mean that this person is bad and you should not start or continue a relationship with him — you just need to take note of the warning runes.

In fortune-telling on the situation, the direct Algiz reports that the higher forces are helping you and there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Inverted — on the contrary, warns of the danger of excessive carelessness.

Board runes Algiz — get rid of the experiences and act actively, without fear of problems. Inverted rune speaks of the need to «cover the rear.»

In matters related to health, Algiz reports a favorable period.

The inverted rune warns of serious dangers.

In general, other runes in divination can more accurately indicate the aspect of life, which concerns the value of Algiz. So, in combination with the rune Vuno, direct Algiz can definitely talk about the onset of the «white band» in life.

And with the rune Raedo — to report a good journey without any incident.

Runa Algiz and its significance in magic

In magical art, the Algiz symbol was used almost everywhere. It is one of the safest and most positive runic symbols that can be used as a powerful general purpose amulet.

This sign can be used as part of runic scripts or stavov, as well as independently. You can easily put this rune on the body without any particular concerns.

Similarly, you can embroider this sign on clothing or household items, if you want them to serve you for a long time and not become a source of problems.

Of course, there are certain precautions in applying this mark. As with any other runes, the excessive abuse of Algiz’s power can be detrimental.

Algiz in such a situation can make a person reticent and uncommunicative.

Prolonged negative effects of this rune lead to the development of paranoia and other mental disorders, which can also be used for the purpose of spoilage.

However, you should not be afraid of such a situation, if you know how to work with runes correctly and direct their power.

Being directed to any particular aspect of life, Algiz is practically absolutely safe, since her strength is limited to the strict direction of application.

Correctly reveal all aspects of its use, you can use other runes as part of amulets or charms.

Having known all the opportunities offered to experienced runners of the Algiz runes, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from any possible problems in life.

In general, the Algiz symbol is in many ways a true sign that personifies life force. This is the strongest protective amulet of the general action of all the many Scandinavian sacral symbols.

The main thing is to properly apply its capabilities and not abuse them.

Runa Algiz (Algiz): interpretation, meaning

Runa Algiz: meaning in love, relationships, health and career

Runa Algiz literally translated as «Protection» or «divine protector.» Therefore, it is a very strong protective rune: it is used to make powerful amulets, as well as in fortune telling.

But this is not the only meaning.

Short rune value

The rune Algiz is the fifteenth rune of the 24 all-German and the 16th rune of the Scandinavian runes. She is a very favorable rune. It has two main meanings:

  1. Protection from trouble, adversity and difficulties that arise in the immediate vicinity of a person. Fleece also is capable not only protect, but and warn about impending adverse events
  2. Also is rune friendship. But not in the usual sense: it symbolizes friendship with patrons, powerful people who are able to change your life for the better, to help cope with troubles

Algiz is considered a rune of life. Next, we consider a deeper interpretation of this runic symbol.

Interpretation at divination

In the classical understanding of the rune Algiz is a very powerful rune of protection. The person who uses it is under the protection of the Highest divine forces that protect and protect him.

If Algiz falls in divination, it may mean the following:

  • A person is under the protection of higher powers — magical rituals that other people use to harm him cannot affect him.
  • A man will win in the fight against enemies, enemies, he is invulnerable to the opinions of others, gossip, slander. Therefore, very often the rune was depicted on the arms and military uniform of fighters going on campaigns
  • The person is open to self-development. He can achieve a high degree of awareness, is able to control the processes that occur in his subconscious. He is open to new perspectives, constantly receives chances to improve his life from Fate.
  • A person is absolutely protected from all threats of the outside world. This is a powerful amulet
  • Algiz — the personification of good luck, spirituality, inspiration and creative flight. If you use this rune, luck will accompany you in all your endeavors. You easily find new ideas for creativity and self-development, you have decided on your purpose.
  • You will constantly receive new lucrative offers and opportunities to realize your goals.
  • There is a devoted friend in your environment who is ready to completely disinterestedly help you and support you in any situation, even if everyone else turns away from you.
  • You have an incredibly strong intuition, you are able to anticipate problems and difficulties in time to get away from them.

When the Algiz rune falls out during fortune-telling, you can be sure that in the near future Fate will provide you with a chance to radically change your life for the better. Try not to miss opportunities and time to use them.

Value Algiz upside down

Any rune drastically changes its value if it falls in an inverted position. As a rule, the characteristic of the runic symbol becomes negative.

But this means that you only have to pay attention to certain aspects of your life in order to avoid this negative, and not accept it.

This is what the turned rune of Algiz in divination can mean:

  • You need to be more attentive to your health — now it is extremely vulnerable. You may already be sick and you should go to a doctor to identify the disease at an early stage and heal quickly. And maybe the immune system is greatly weakened and you need to strengthen it.
  • Problems in business relationships are coming up: with partners, colleagues, superiors. Well-established ties are at risk, you risk losing powerful patrons. You may be abusing them and giving nothing in return. It may also be that someone will try to engage you in a dishonest game — avoid it so as not to harm your own reputation.
  • Likely quarrels with close friends and a loved one through your fault. Try not to provoke conflicts, in any quarrel look for a compromise and try to put yourself in the place of your opponent

If the rune fell in an inverted position — you are too straightforward, because of this, you run the risk of “breaking firewood” in a problem situation and remaining a loser. Carefully monitor your behavior, do not commit unseemly deeds, and you will be able to avoid trouble.

Watch the video about the meaning and use of Algiz:

Why use Algiz?

In the esoteric rune, Algiz is used in two cases:

  • when you need to protect yourself from the negative coming from outside
  • to develop foresight and intuition

There are also runic formulas that will achieve the desired goal. For example:

  1. Algiz — Fehu. Provides protection of business from competitors, crisis and other negative phenomena
  2. Algiz — Raido. Used before traveling, protects against all troubles that may arise in the long journey.
  3. Algiz — Berkano. Used by pregnant women: this combination helps to bear and give birth to a healthy baby.
  4. Gebo — Algiz. Helps to get rid of destructive relationships, breaks dangerous ties, is used for cuffs in magical rituals
  5. Algiz — Eyvaz. Provides powerful protection from magical effects: protects from damage, the evil eye, astral attacks
  6. Algiz — Laguz. It is used to ensure that the injured person recovers sooner. This combination improves tissue regeneration, accelerates healing, reduces the risk of infection.
  7. Algiz — Kenaz. Helps to get rid of depression, fears, phobias, obsessive thoughts and ideas. Treats psychological problems

Rune Algiz: the meaning and interpretation of the symbol

Runa Algiz: meaning in love, relationships, health and career

Runes — a set of characters, each of which has a specific value, interpreted depending on the position of the character.

According to legend, God Odin saw runic marks under his feet and conveyed knowledge about them to people — that is, since then, the runes have been actively used in divination and magic.

AT set of runes 25 small plates come in, with signs printed on each, except for one — it remains empty.

Having studied the meanings of symbols, one can know the future, influence what is happening and change the course of life events.

Runa Algiz — one of the strongest, it gives a person the strength to overcome all sorts of difficulties and troubles — it’s not for nothing that this symbol was engraved by the soldiers on their weapons and shields from ancient times.

Algiz is a rune that has a connection with the god Heimdall, who does not allow dark forces to penetrate our world. Through the use of this symbol, a person gets divine protection, and besides this, the higher forces will help choose the right path or solve a problem situation, bypassing various obstacles.

Under the auspices of the runes, a person becomes stronger many times more; he is literally pursued by luck and success. But we must not forget that this sign works on the personal energy of the one who applies it.

Exists multiple images, which are traditionally associated with the rune Algiz:

  • the shaman raises his hands to the sky, causing rain;
  • the umbrella covers the person, preventing him from getting wet in the shower;
  • woody crowns close ascended crops from the weather;
  • feeling of deja vu or meeting with dear people whom I have not seen for a long time;
  • intuitive feeling of danger to animals at a distance;
  • a passenger who did not have time for a plane that crashed during a flight.

Runologi agree on the meaning of Algiz, therefore interpretation of the runes It does not cause difficulties — it means divine patronage and protection (the most common image corresponding to the sign is a man with his hands up, which is a pagan pose when addressing the gods). In addition, in its shape you can see the foot of the crow, which is a symbol of the Valkyries, who are the patroness of the warriors.

Another symbol is the elk or deer antler, the latter is the totem animal of the god Freyr, and it was the deer antler that God slain the giant Beli.

What does the symbol mean in divination?

The appearance of the scenario Algiz — a favorable sign, meaning that you are protected and can avoid trouble.

In addition, this symbol will help you choose the safest way so that adversity does not affect you or minimizes their impact on any of the vital areas.

Algiz also points to the location of the gods to the divining person — the highest patrons will assist you in all your endeavors, protect you from harm and give you strength.

In a direct position, the rune says that the questioner has the opportunity to realize his own ideas, but one should act now. Algiz may indicate true friendship with a faithful and generous person, or points to the magical protection of the fortuneteller.

The rune has other meanings if it is located in the alignment next to certain characters.

So, if this rune fell out in conjunction with Berkana — a fortune-telling wonderful family and friends, it is not necessary to expect a dirty trick from them, and with Turisaz — a sudden, but very nice gift of fate.

What promises an inverted fleece?

The value of an inverted rune is radically different — its appearance can mean an absolutely meaningless self-sacrifice of the fortuneteller and his vulnerability. The symbol indicates that the questioner in the dark all the circumstances of what is happening — while he can deceive himself, or he is misled intentionally.

Algiz upside down symbolizes danger become guilty of what the guessing is not relevant. Or it indicates the senselessness of actions, in the case when the questioner spends moral and physical strength to help someone, but does not experience even a minimal return.

Nevertheless, the appearance of this sign in the scenario is not a sentence, since Algiz leaves the fortunate person a chance to change the situation for the better and get out of it. with the least losses.

In this case, the rune indicates the vital aspect in which there will be trouble. For example, in combination with Feu, Algiz talks about problems with material values ​​and finances.

Value in love

In a love case, Algiz is interpreted as a sign of trust and loyalty between the questioner and the partner, the feeling of unity between them. In addition, the rune can indicate to a guessing partner that the partner is not only a suitable sexual partner, but also a supportive, understanding friend in any situation.

In combination with Inguz rune means logical ending love affair a pleasant event — the creation of a family wedding. If the rune fell from Teyvaz — the opponent in the relationship will be eliminated.

Inverted value Algiz in love matters otherwise. So, if someone is actively seeking the disposition of the questioner, this should not be promoted, because the bad nature, the bad intentions of the partner, will soon be revealed.

Also, Fleece advises not to start a new relationship, because the partner has his own motives that are not favorable for the guessing person, which are not easy to recognize.

In combination with Ansuz, the symbol speaks of the need to listen less to the advice of a partner, and with an inverted Uruz, the partner overreacts the questioner with his own ideas and opinions.

The meaning of the symbol in the relationship

The direct position of Algiz in the situation on the relationship is considered positive — the questioner no reason to distrust to whom the question was asked.

This symbol indicates the development of friendly relations, to full support. Also, the rune speaks of the possibility of acquaintance with a rather influential patron who will help to get out of even the most difficult situation.

If the question was asked in the context of love relationships — the rune speaks of their official registration.

Inverted Algiz says that the relationship is unsteady and unreliable, the partner builds behind the back of the questioner intrigues and intrigues.

Fleece warns about all sorts of trouble that will arise with the participation of a partner.

If the question was asked about partnership in business — You should not agree to it, because such an action will lead to material losses and complete disappointment.

What indicates career in the career?

In the layouts about career opportunities, Algiz in a direct position is interpreted as an opportunity to become more qualified, to undergo additional training. Another meaning of the symbol is the birth of an idea that is doomed to good luck (especially if the rune fell out along with Kenaz) or the beginning of a new promising project.

Also rune means dynamic development, shift from the dead center. For people who are creative (or simply madly in love with their work), the rune is interpreted as success in activity, a sense of dizzying flight from one’s own achievements.

In combination with Laguz, the symbol indicates success in studies, with Feu in any of the business areas, with Evaz in activities carried out away from home (for example, working abroad or in another city).

Inverted Fleece interpreted differently:

  • if a business proposal was made to a guessing, it should be rejected, since the result of cooperation will be unfavorable, substantial material losses are possible;
  • another meaning is that the guessing person does not want to put enough effort into his career, but he values ​​himself highly, the consequences of which will be negative — the greedy will use the naivety of the fortuneteller, which leads to problems in the financial or professional sphere.

If Algiz fell out of an inverted Wunier, this is the advice to postpone all more or less important matters and decisions for a later time, because now is not the right time for them. Paired with Raido, the value reads as the betrayal of that person, on which the hopeful places his hopes and believes him.

Ways of drawing a symbol on the human body

  • Application of runes on the body should be carried out according to certain rules, then the signs will work in the right direction, attracting auspicious energy to the person.
  • So, Algiz should be applied in the area of ​​Vishudha chakra, which is located at the base of the throat.
  • Algiz can be applied different ways, among which there are:

Paint the mark

In this case, the character will act strictly until the paint is erased. This method is suitable for short-term involvement of protection and assistance of the Higher Forces.

Drawing the image mixed with blood paint

Because blood is energetically strong substance, she is able to activate and at times strengthen the action of the runes. At the same time, it is important to take into account your own strength, otherwise, instead of acquiring patronage and good luck, you can get a lot of trouble that arises in unexpected situations.


The symbol is applied by scratching the skin deep enough — the mark will work until the scratch is fully tightened. Before resorting to this method, it is recommended to test the rune, simply by drawing it with paint.


This option is most often mages apply, practicing rune magic, or amateurs who are not aware of the full power of the runes. And if in the first case a person receives the desired divine protection, then in the second often the runes start to act differently, bringing problems and troubles to the tattooed person.

Analogous runes from the Slavs

Algiz in its pure form is fully consistent Slavic rune world, their characteristics and meanings are identical — they are symbols of divine protection and protection, symbols of the road connecting Midgard with Asgard. In addition, these runes predict a quick favorable event — the offer of the heart and hand from a loved one, the increase in work, business development and so on.

Upside down Algiz corresponds to the rune Chernobog, symbolizing death, the lack of development in any area. In contrast to the World (and Algiz), Chernobog is the rune of chaos, the destruction of all connections.

The rune is clearly reminiscent of a crow’s paw, and the crow, eating carrion, symbolizes death, misfortune, war.

Algiz — a strong protective fleece, indicating the beginning of a period of luck and success. But, do not give in to emotions — the rune fully reveals its favorable action for those who know how to control themselves and are guided above all by common sense.

Runa Algiz (Algiz) — Runic magic

Runa Algiz: meaning in love, relationships, health and career

Algiz’s graphic design resembles an open palm with three fingers. In some sources, it is associated with the hand of the god Tiu, which he gave so that the gods could catch and bind Fenrir.

Also, the rune can resemble a tree, whose branches in the straight position symbolize the upper branches of Yggdrasil — the upper worlds, and in the upturned position, the lower worlds.

In Germany, there was a tradition to depict the rune Algiz on tombstones: in the straight position it indicated the date of birth, and in the upside-down position it meant death.

This rune is used most often for protection.

Direct position of the runes
If the rune Algiz is in the straight position, then its values ​​are the following:

  • new job prospects; • the flow of energy that will protect you from trouble;
  • dating, new friendships and romance.

RUNA — RUNA Algiz (Algiz) is a very strong protective fleece. It symbolizes the strongest protection of you from any adversity.

No trouble will affect you, even if it happens in literal proximity to you.

You will be warned about the upcoming troubles, as well as protected from their adverse effects. This is a very favorable rune. This is also the rune of Algiz-Runa friendship.

You will know the friendship of the highest patrons. Accordingly, be able to show these positive qualities in relation to others.

Algis — the rune of spirituality, luck, creativity and flight. It gives protection. Indicates that the time has come for a new happy influence.

In the affairs of new proposals and opportunities. Friendship with a disinterested person.

Now you are protected from misfortunes and failures. Avoid evil you will help your intuition and premonition.

You are standing on the turn. It is likely that new perspectives will open up for you, it will be possible to change your whole life or one of its aspects.

Council runes Algiz (Algiz). Do not forget that on sharp turns of fate you need to be careful, this will be your defense. The main thing is not to give in to feelings and come to the only correct decision, while maintaining sobriety of mind and openness of gaze.

Inverted position of the runes

In the event that the rune during divination is in an inverted position, its values ​​change and acquire a different meaning. It may mean the following:

  • charges;
  • vulnerability;
  • interference from others;
  • excessive self-sacrifice;
  • the undesirability of beginnings and new relationships;
  • rejection of incoming offers.

The main meaning and interpretation of the rune Algiz (Algiz) in the inverted (reverse) position — vulnerability, insecurity. The main theses for the rune Algiz (Algiz) in an inverted (reverse) position in the interpretation of the runes in the scenario — deception; vulnerability; the need for flexibility; an offer you should refuse; exile; deterioration of mood and health; protection caution.

The main board of the runes Algiz (Algiz) In the inverted (reverse) position — Be careful.

Take care and be alert, keep a close eye on what is happening inside and around you — flexibility will be needed everywhere. Stop, move away into the shade.

The main thing is not to go to the ram. Circumstances will not help you.

The only way out is to learn to adapt to current events.

If, during divination, the Algiz rune is combined with Kenaz, then you can expect creative insight, the arrival of a large number of ideas and the birth of a new interesting idea.

For magical purposes, the Algiz rune can be used to:

  • protection from the troubles, blows and harmful force of other people;
  • development of intuition and foresight of dangerous situations.

In one-divination, Algiz says that you should learn to cope with your ambitions, be disciplined and bring the work begun to the end. It is also recommended to calmly overcome the obstacles.

Sphere of intuition
This is not to say that intuition is your fad. Most often you are interested in people knowledge of the world and psychology.

Emotion Sphere
You are not among the emotional people. Experiences and feelings you keep in yourself and do not allow them to influence the outcome of a business meeting or negotiations.

Thanks to this, as well as a serious approach to solving emerging problems, you have achieved considerable success in professional terms.

Sphere of professional activity
You are advised to pay attention to such professions as a director, actor or public servant.

Scope of physical activity
You are active, in excellent physical shape and in good health. Thanks to this you can achieve serious results in a professional way.

Sometimes pay attention to your health, otherwise you can make a nervous breakdown due to fatigue.

Sphere of Reason
In professional terms, you have the gift of foresight: clearly and competently develop the right strategy, pay attention to the little things and nuances and control several cases at the same time.

  1. Algiz. The use of a single rune as protection. After the single rune, you can add the sacred word Ansuz-Laguz-Uruz (ALU). The rune and the word are separated by dots (or three vertical dots).
  2. Algiz-Othala-Algiz. Protection of home dwelling. If you add Tiwaz around the edges, then this is protection against negative energy, which undermines the energy of the home.
  3. Algiz-Raidho-Algiz. Travel protection, travel protection.
  4. Gebo-Algiz-Othala. The runes of speech. Protection and neutralization of disputes and scandals. Protection of family relationships.
  5. Algiz-Gebo-Algiz. Protection of love, partnership.
  6. Algiz-Fehu-Algiz. Protecting business.
  7. Algiz-Laguz-Berkano-Sowilo is a therapeutic formula that emphasizes psychological factors. The second antidepressant is Algiz-Laguz-Uruz-Sowilo. The third is Algiz-Laguz-Kenaz-Sowilo. Here we are talking about the treatment of so-called obsessive states, pronounced fears, visions. The second application is vision related issues. And here, first of all, it will concern the “inner” view. If we continue to work with this formula, then we can talk about the opening of the third eye with the Ehwaz-Laguz-Kenaz-Mannaz formula.
  8. Algiz-Laguz-Perthro-Ingwaz — for good tissue healing, reducing the risk of infection, and for good tissue regeneration.
  9. Gebo-Algiz-Isa — breaking dangerous bonds, cuff.
  10. Ehwaz-Algiz-Isa — protection from magical effects, from astral attack.
  11. Ehwaz-Algiz-Othala — protection of the family from witchcraft and damage.
  12. Algiz-Berkano-Algiz. Protection of women during pregnancy and the pregnancy itself.
  13. Kenaz – Algiz – Laguz — protection of fire and water. Protection of two energies.
  14. Material well-being: Tiwaz-Algiz-Fehu-Othala-Fehu-Algiz-Tiwaz. But the formula: Tiwaz-Fehu-Algiz-Othala-Algiz-Fehu-Tiwaz is the strengthening of the family in terms of finances. Formulas are taken from Batiushkov.

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