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Reliable divination by hand, how many marriages you will have

True divination by hand: how many marriages you will have

Palmistry is an exact science, in which the line of marriage is given a special place. After all, it is for her that you will be able to find out how many times you will have to try on a wedding veil, and also this line will highlight all the problems that may arise in a married life.

We suggest you to study all the nuances of authentic divination by hand, which will tell about the number of future marriage unions.

Palmistry what is it

Palmistry is the ancient science of fortune telling by the palm of a man. With their origins chiromancy goes back to the times of ancient Egypt. At that time, fortune-telling by the palm of hand was very popular and was a science that was accessible only to selected members of society.

Today, anyone can use palmistry.

Before starting to study the lines on the palm, it is necessary to determine which hand will be the main one. Active is the hand that you perform all the actions. It turns out that right-handers it will be the right hand, and left-handers, respectively, the left.

So look for the line of marriage on the main hand of a fortunate person.

Distinctive features of the marriage line and its location

It is not surprising that palmistry gives special importance to the line of marriage. After all, the relationship between the sexes and marital happiness is very important not only for women, but also for men.

It has long been noticed that men who receive support from their wife achieve much greater career success than those who for some reason did not know marital happiness.

The marriage line is very easy to spot on the arm. In this case, you do not need to have special knowledge in the field of palmistry. First find the line of the heart on your arm.

Then carefully consider the plot, which is located next to the little finger. Between him and the ring around the little finger (if you have one, of course) there will be lines along which you can learn about future marriages.

Reliable divination by hand, how many marriages you will have

Lines of marriage are arranged in a horizontal direction, the lines of children may branch from them, but this is a separate topic. In a number of schools of palmistry, for example, in Indian there is a slightly different designation of the line of marriage. So lines of marriage are those lines that are located below the thumb.

However, they differ in exactly the same value as in the situation with the first definition. But another part of the palmists is convinced that this interpretation is fundamentally wrong.

Guessing on the hand how many marriages

If you want to know how many times you are destined to marry or marry, you just need to count the number of lines telling about the conclusion of a marriage union. At the same time, clearly shown lines indicate a stable marriage, which will last a very long time.

A thin line will tell about short-term relationships and possibly even serious relationships, which, however, will not lead to a wedding.

Now you understand how to find out how many marriages are meant for you from above. But what does the absence of the line of marriage in the palm of your hand mean?

According to one note, this indicates damage, called the crown of celibacy. If you are unable to start a relationship with the opposite sex, it is worth thinking, perhaps there is some negative thing that you definitely need to remove.

There is also an option when the dashes are absent because there is a marriage union according to the calculation, in which everything is based only on money, and not on the sensual-emotional sphere.

Palmistry counts the number of marriages from the line of the heart. If you are destined to be more than once as a bride or groom, the first marriage union will be indicated by the first line branching off from the heart line.

So you can learn about future children, because the lines of marriage always have a connection with other lines telling about offspring.

Reliable divination by hand, how many marriages you will have

How soon will you get married?

Palmistry allows you to find out not only the number of marriages, as well as the age at which they will be concluded:

  • the location of the line of marriage close to the line of the heart tells about early marriage;
  • if the line of marriage runs from the beginning of the little finger and reaches the line of the heart, then the person will enter into marriage between the ages of twenty-five and thirty years;
  • the case when the line responsible for the marriage passes in close proximity to the end of the little finger will tell about the late conclusion of the marriage union.

Characteristic marks on the line of marriage

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, in the line of marriage you can learn not only about the number of marriage unions, but also get information about the problems that threaten you family life. Next, we consider the most popular signs and symbols found on the described line:

  • The fork is a split, located at the end of the marriage line. Such symbols will tell about disagreements, as well as different characters of partners, household habits and different attitudes. At the completion of the marriage line with a fork — you can talk about divorce. In this case, the larger the plug, the more misunderstanding spouses will face. Divorce is initiated by the person on whose hand there is a similar mark. Also in the process of family life between the spouses will inevitably arise quarrels and disagreements, and almost all of the issues.
  • The presence of large-scale islands on the line of marriage will tell about the difficult family situation. But this symbol is much heavier than the first. If in the first situation the partners can still adequately perceive what is happening, in the second case it is completely impossible. The island will tell about future lawsuits, strong scandals and fierce feud between spouses.

An interesting moment. In palmistry, the concept of a specific line of divorce is known.

It arises on the hand of those individuals, whose happiness is foretold some kind of threat. This is a very unusual sign and interpretation of such a label presents certain difficulties.

Reliable divination by hand, how many marriages you will have

All the secrets of family life in the line of marriage

It is difficult to overestimate the role of the line of marriage in palmistry. After all, she will be able to reveal any secrets of each person. For example, the presence of a straight line indicates that the family will not stand out too much from all other families.

It is likely that the spouses will face various problems, but they do not have serious secrets and secrets from each other.

A completely different situation, when the line of marriage ends with an island, and then goes down to the line of the heart. This mark indicates incest, the relationship between blood relatives, for example, brother and sister.

To confirm this information pay attention to the hill of Venus.

When the line of marriage reaches the line of the Sun or crosses or passes through it, it is a clear sign that you will marry a very famous person. He has a sufficient condition, is a solid and influential person.

This marriage alliance will be of great importance for you, there will be a place in it for both feelings and calculation.

In general, the lines on the palms, which reveal the family life of a person, are of interest to each of us. Having learned how to decipher such signs correctly, you will be able to prevent various troubles in time and save your family happiness from the attacks of ill-wishers.

Also, in conclusion, be sure to check out the interesting thematic video material:

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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