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Queen of Pentacles Tarot — value cards

The value of the Tarot queen card pentacles (junior lasso)

The map depicts a majestic lady, seated on a huge beautiful throne. Her slightly bowed head is crowned with a crown, so it immediately becomes clear that she is the queen.

In her hands she holds a pentacle and carefully examines it. But the queen’s eyes are thoughtful and it seems that with her thoughts she is transferred to other worlds more attractive to her. Around the Queen depicts a harmonious world.

Above her head leaned a branch of a paradise tree, and in the distance one can see beautiful mountains, rivers and meadows covered with lush vegetation. In general, this picture symbolizes prosperity and abundance against the background of the wisdom and maturity of a person.

Queen of Pentacles Tarot - value cards
Queen of Pentacles Tarot - value cards

The value of the map Queen of Pentacles in a straight position

In direct position, the Queen of Pentacles symbolizes the life stability of a person. Everything that the fortune-teller achieved in life is connected with his work, he received nothing for nothing.

Therefore, the card focuses the person’s attention on the fact that belief in yourself is a necessary success factor.

The map indicates that creative solutions will be needed to solve many vital issues, while conservative methods can slow down progress. A person has already accumulated a lot of experience and knowledge for this life period, which he can use to successfully translate his own ideas into life.

This lasso indicates a man’s diligence, through which he achieved sustainable material well-being. In addition, the Queen of Pentacles is a warning that you can not allow anyone to influence their own decisions, as they will be the most correct.

In various areas of life, this card may indicate the following:

  • In matters of health, care must be taken. If after intense work fatigue has appeared, then a person should stop for a while and fully relax.
  • In the personal sphere, the map in direct position is a harbinger of sensual pleasures. For lonely people, life will be filled with romantic meetings, the main thing is not to be scattered, but to choose the only person with whom there will be a feeling of complete comfort. Very often, this lasso is a harbinger of marriage.
  • In the business sphere, there is a systematic movement forward. The will power and the reasonableness of a person allows him to easily solve the most complex tasks. This card is an indicator of high qualification, which will finally be evaluated according to merit.

The map Queen of Pentacles embodies a business and practical woman. For a man, this lasso symbolizes a decent woman who can be a close friend.

The value of the map Queen of Pentacles upside down

In the inverted position, the Queen of Pentacles symbolizes big problems in the financial sphere. In addition, this lasso indicates that a person does not develop, he does not strive for improvement.

This leads to a slow regress of personality, and, therefore, the improvement of the material situation is out of the question.

On the other hand, if the Queen of Pentacles falls out, then this indicates a strong dependence of a person on the opinions of other people. Sometimes life impracticality is innate, and this is evidenced by the combination of this card with the Jester.

And if this lasso falls in the alignment next to the Moon, then this indicates that a person seeks to maintain the image of a prosperous person by any means.

In various areas of human life, the Queen of Pentacles may indicate the following:

  • In matters of health, this lasso is neutral. Although it can be said that lack of money is never able to improve a person’s health and strengthen his nervous system. Therefore, if there are any chronic diseases, then there is a high risk that they will progress.
  • In the personal sphere, there are most likely sexual problems between partners. They, as a rule, arise on the basis of the self-doubt of a guessing person. In addition, relationship problems may arise due to insufficient money and inability to plan a family budget.
  • In the business sphere, such a card emphasizes that all problems arise because of the irresponsibility of a person and his inability to plan his business affairs. Very often, the Queen of Pentacles indicates a lack of motivation for action.

Basically, this card personifies a quarrelsome and envious woman with an unstable psyche. In addition, the lasso warns those who guess that people are notorious with them.

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