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Pythagorean square — compatibility in marriage on numerology

Pythagorean square — features and principle of operation

Mysteries of fate worry people from ancient times. Pythagoras, a Greek scientist, invented a digital system for calculating a person’s inclinations to certain actions, which allowed him to determine the main lines of his fate and predict (predict) the future.

Consider how to determine the compatibility of partners by date of birth using the Pythagorean square.

Pythagorean square - compatibility in marriage on numerology

The principle of the square

The ancient Greek scientist Pythagoras spent many years in Egypt and the countries of the East, studying the wisdom of numbers and their influence on human life. Returning to his native Greece in the rank of priest Pythagoras, he opened a school for the study of the exact sciences.

The Pythagorean square is a psychomatrix in which the data of a person from birth are laid.

Date of birth is a specific code consisting of a vibration of numbers. This code lays a mark on a person’s character, behavior, preferences, and other individual features. During the life of a person may appear new personality characteristics, but within the digital birthday code.

That is, the lack of vocal abilities at birth will not develop with any training.

How to calculate compatibility on numerology? The numbers must be folded in strict sequence to get the correct numeric code.

Next, the resulting numbers must be entered in the square cells for further calculation. How it works?

Draw up a table

We now proceed to the practice of compiling a numerological table to determine compatibility by date of birth. For first you need to calculate the number of birth of a person.

Just add all the digits of the date of birth, and then make the remaining calculations. For example, the date of birth is 12/08/2002.

1 + 2 + 0 + 8 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 2 = 15.

The first working number is the number 15. We proceed to the following calculations.

We got the second working number, adding up the sum from the number 15. Now we need to double the first digit of the date of birth.

Now you need to do the subtraction: take away the third from the first working day:

We received the third working number. Now we need to bring it to a single number:

We received the fourth working day. So summarize. Our series of numbers to write to the Pythagorean square is as follows (remove zeros) — numbers from the date of birth plus 4 working numbers:

Now you need to enter the numbers in the cells of the Pythagorean square: write the units to the cell with the number one, write all the twos to the cell with the number 2, etc. If there are no numbers, leave the cell blank.

Pythagorean square - compatibility in marriage on numerology

We got the following picture:

  • 4 units — 1111;
  • 3 twos — 222;
  • 1 four — 4;
  • 2 fives — 55;
  • 1 six — 6;
  • 1 eight — 8.

The more digits in a separate cell, the more developed this quality is in a person.

Decryption table

1 — Character description

  • 1 is an egoist, an unsociable person, prone to disputes without any reason — just to prove his worth.
  • 11 — is distinguished by a flexible streamlined character, diplomacy, sociability, but lack of purposefulness; loves to be praised — it increases self-esteem.
  • 111 — very good character, accommodating, diplomatic; a person can get on with everyone and live in peace, but does not like pressure on himself — he will fight back; however, it can explode if his feelings are hooked.
  • 1111 — good leaders with a good disposition, always bring to the end; love praise, but not subservience.
  • 11111 is a leader and leader with a despotic inclination; excessive desire for power creates a hostile environment, these people are better not to start.
  • 111111 — strong but unstable character; this person can achieve heights of power; he will do the impossible for his loved ones.

2 — Energy and Sexuality

  • no twos — very weak energy, constant apathy and laziness; if there are strong fours in the square, this indicates an energy vampire.
  • 2 — weakened energy, a person tries to save power — does not like to work, avoids quarrels; subject to atmospheric influences — meteosensitive people.
  • 22 — a good energy level, a person can achieve goals and stubbornly defend their own interests; life energy at a high enough level.
  • 222 is the level of a psychic, but it manifests itself in extreme situations; a person is contraindicated to engage in heavy physical exertion;
  • 2222 is a very strong energy, from which it is necessary to get rid of on time — otherwise conflict situations will arise.

3 — Mind and Intellect

  • no triples — humanitarian mentality, lack of understanding of technical issues; these are people of creative professions.
  • 3 — this person is equally inclined to technical and human sciences, but you need to choose one of the two.
  • 33 — analytical mind, ability to technology, can be good masters in the repair of equipment.
  • 333 — these people are more prone to art than to science.
  • 3333 are inventors and innovators, generators of ideas.

4 — Health

  • no fours — a person has poor health, so it is better to avoid active physical exertion and conflict situations.
  • 4 — a person has good health, but it can be lost — do not expend energy on unnecessary things.
  • 44 — very good good health, powerful life potential, a person can achieve a lot in life.
  • 444 — strong immunity and great sexual potential, beautiful body and attractive appearance.

5 — Intuition

  • no fives — a very weak intuition that you should not count on; man goes on the path of life «blindly.»
  • 5 — weak logic, a person can hardly plan events.
  • 55 — strong intuition and logic; this person cannot be deceived, because he feels the thoughts of the interlocutor.
  • 555 — this person can predict the outcome of any business, may be engaged in the exact sciences.
  • 5555 — the level of a clairvoyant, they see all the causes and consequences of events, they are well versed in exact sciences.

6 — Diligence

  • no sixes — a person is not able to do manual labor, mental work is closer to him.
  • 6 — they are engaged in physical labor only of their own free will and, if necessary, they always do a good job.
  • 66 — a person likes to work, he has golden hands.
  • 666 — very complex, touchy and vindictive; with a strong insult can become cruel.
  • 6666 — workaholics who see the meaning of life in work; like 666 can become violent despots under certain conditions.

7 — Good luck

  • no sevens — the person is given the choice of a life path, the mission is not assigned by the highest forces.
  • 7 — to achieve luck, you need to choose the right path.
  • 77 — lucky in life, gifted people; they are accompanied by luck and success, subject to the belief in their own strength.
  • 777 — a person will be able to move mountains if he believes in it; otherwise it will go the way of self-destruction.

8 — Responsibility

  • no eights — a sense of duty is undeveloped, they avoid responsibility.
  • 8 — a very conscientious and responsible person, but without a sense of duty.
  • 88 — a person has an innate sense of duty and responsibility; they are responsive and kind people who are ready to respond to a call for help.
  • 888 — a person with a developed sense of duty and responsibility, but categorically does not accept the lie; in pursuit of truth can commit a heroic act.
  • 8888 — parapsychological abilities, a vocation to serve people.

9 — Mind

  • no nines — a person struggles with learning.
  • 9 — it is hard for a person to memorize any information, but he can invent something new.
  • 99 — a person is endowed with intelligence and abilities, he is easily trained; can become scientists.
  • 999 — a very clever person, endowed with an analytical mindset; may become clairvoyant, but not always accurate in predictions.
  • 9999 — brilliant scientists, differ in intolerance to others’ mistakes; this is the level of the prophets, whose prediction comes true.

How to use the square

Now consider the linear value of the Pythagorean square. To understand the compatibility of Pythagoras, you need to consider the numbers horizontally and vertically, as well as diagonally.

Pythagorean square - compatibility in marriage on numerology

Horizontal rows:

  • 1, 4 and 7 — firmness and purposefulness;
  • 2, 5 and 8 — family relations;
  • 3, 6 and 9 — stability in relationships.

The indicator of determination says how many goals a person can set and achieve. The more numbers in these cells, the more serious goals a person sets.

However, if the numbers are more than five, the person will go over their heads for their own benefit.

The line of family relations speaks of the desire and readiness to start a family. Few numbers — a person is not morally ready, a lot of numbers — a good responsible family man.

The line of stability is the habits and way of life of a person. The more numbers in the cells, the more people are afraid of any changes in their way of life.

Vertical rows:

  • 1, 2, 3 — individuality and self-esteem;
  • 4, 5, 6 — provision and material independence;
  • 7, 8, 9 — talent.

Self-esteem line — the greater the number of numbers, the more people tend to stand out from the crowd.

The line of material independence — the higher the value of the number, the more a person strives for material support. If the figure exceeds the top five, a person may break from excessive efforts.

Talent is an indicator of more than three units.

Diagonal lines

  • 3, 5, 7 is the temperament of a person;
  • 1, 5, 9 are the spiritual qualities of a person.

Temperament characterizes the desire for sexual contact. The line of spirituality speaks of the need for self-improvement.

The lack of numbers in the line of spirituality shows a lack of spirituality, and more than five numbers is a fanatic.

How to practically calculate compatibility on numerology? It is necessary to make two squares — for yourself and the man.

Then calculate all the values ​​of the numbers, write down the values ​​on the horizontal / vertical lines and diagonals. You should have the following scheme:

Now summarize:

Purposefulness. If the indicator is greater for a man, this indicates a traditional family, where the husband is the head of the family.

In another scenario, a woman may not pay due respect to her husband. But there is another option, when everyone agrees with the dominant position of a woman.

Family qualities. They should be more developed in a woman, since it is she who is the keeper of the home.

Stability. If this indicator is at the same level, it means that there will be a good relationship in the family. This is a strong friendly family that has its own traditions.

With different indicators in the family problems may arise.

Self-esteem. This indicator should also be at the same level.

If someone’s self-esteem rolls over, it can lead to disharmony in the relationship.

Material indicator. Ideally, it should be at the same level, otherwise dissonance may occur.

This is due to the fact that the main earner in the family will begin to dictate their conditions.

Talent. The same level is also desirable.

If one of the partners is more talented, it will inevitably create disharmony in the pair.

Temperament. A sharp contrast in temperament — and betrayal is inevitable.

It is only a matter of time.

Spirituality. It should also be at about the same level, otherwise the conflict is inevitable: one partner will not understand the other.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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