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Pythagorean square by date of birth: friendly compatibility and tips

How to calculate the square of Pythagoras by date of birth

The Pythagorean square is the oldest and most accurate method of numerological calculation. With it, you can get a complete description of the personality and answers to many important questions.

Let’s talk about how to make your calculation and decipher it.

Calculation of the Pythagorean square by date of birth

To calculate your own table, you need to perform a few simple computational steps.

The calculation algorithm is as follows:

  1. Write down your date of birth and add all its numbers. For example, if you were born on October 16, 1991, the calculation will be as follows: 1 + 6 + 1 + 0 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 1 = 28. This is the first working number.
  2. Continue to add: 2 + 8 = 10. This is your second working number.
  3. Multiply the first digit of your birthday by two: 1 * 2 = 2 and subtract the resulting value from the first working number. 28-2 = 26. You have received the third working day.
  4. Add up the numbers of the previous calculation and get the fourth, final working number. 2 + 6 = 8
  5. Write the resulting numbers in a row and put them in the table: 161019912810268

Here is the table as a result:

Pythagorean square by date of birth: friendly compatibility and tips

Then you can proceed to decoding.

Pythagorean table: the most accurate decoding

The interpretations of the psychomatrix of Pythagoras in the network are great, but not all of them are equally reliable. We chose the most accurate description.

Use this example to understand the values ​​of your table.

Pythagorean square by date of birth: friendly compatibility and tips

  • Units — indicate character and willpower
  • Two — an indicator of energy and charisma
  • Troika — a thirst for knowledge of yourself, peace, the universe and creativity
  • Fours — health and beauty
  • Fives — logic and intuition
  • Sixes — hard work and skill
  • Seven — luck and luck
  • Eights — a sense of duty and responsibility
  • Nines — memory and mind

The more numbers in the corresponding square of the table, the more you have each of the qualities.

It is possible and necessary to analyze the calculation not only by numbers. Also note the columns, rows and diagonals:

  • Column (123) — Indicator of Your Self-esteem
  • Column (456) describes the material world and your ability to make money
  • Column (789) — Talents and Creativity
  • Line (147) — purposefulness and perseverance in achieving the goals
  • Line (369) — stability and sustainability in life
  • Diagonal (459) — your spiritual potential
  • A diagonal (357) shows how temperamental, sexy and attractive you are for the opposite sex.

The numerology of the Pythagorean square is not just a bare calculation. If you see that some qualities are lacking, this does not mean that you need to accept and focus only on your weaknesses.

This theory says: you should strive for harmony. Weak qualities are amenable to adjustment.

Therefore, in life, focus on the strengths, continuing to gradually work with the missing indicators from the table.

Compatibility in love and family on the Pythagorean square

Using the method of numerological calculation, you can also determine your love compatibility with a partner. For this you need to create a table for each, and then analyze it.

Pythagorean square by date of birth: friendly compatibility and tips

Here are some important aspects:

  1. If a man has a predominant indicator of purpose, this is a favorable union. The traditional family, in which the husband is the leader and makes decisions, bears responsibility and protects relatives. The woman is weaker, needs protection and care, keeps the hearth, takes care of children
  2. If a woman dominates the quality of the «family» over men, she can sometimes suffer from the callousness of her husband. It is not excluded treason and «spree» strong half. But there is always a chance that the wife will be able to develop family qualities in her husband, and then everything will be all right together in the union.
  3. In order for relations to be harmonious, it is important that both partners have the same level of quality of stability. If the figures are very different, you will have to constantly look for compromises: one wants a quiet and peaceful life, and the second pulls on the adventure
  4. Self-esteem should also be approximately equal. Otherwise the risk is great that the relationship will be dependent, sick (one loves, and the second only allows you to love yourself)
  5. Provide prosperity will be one of the partners, which has a higher indicator — the ability to earn money. The main thing is to avoid quarrels on this basis. If the values ​​are approximately equal, these are partnerships in which both are invested in the same way.
  6. Temperament should also be approximately equal, otherwise there may be problems in sexual life.
  7. Who has a higher talent, he will be responsible for everything creative in a relationship: coming up with options for spending time together, making surprises, making repairs and so on
  8. The most important thing is for spiritual values ​​to converge. If the figure varies too much, parting is almost inevitable, the maximum that can be in such a union is friendship

Watch the video about the calculation of the Pythagorean square:

To work with numerological calculations for you to be as productive as possible, listen to these tips:

  • Read the description, but do not take his word for it. Listen to yourself — how much does the numerological forecast correspond to reality? It is almost always accurate, but, for example, some of your weak qualities may already be corrected.
  • Do not forget that the forecast of Pythagoras is not a sentence. You must work on those qualities that are weakly manifested in you, and control those that are in abundance. Only in this way can you come to harmony and live in harmony with yourself.
  • Do not try to change others, if some of their character traits are far from ideal. You have to accept people as they are. And change is better left for yourself

Friendly compatibility

You will easily find out whether it is worth starting a friendship with this or that person if you compile his numerological table.

Especially it is worth paying attention to such indicators as:

  • material independence (low may indicate that you will constantly be borrowed)
  • ambition (whether a person is able to «go over the head» to achieve their goals)
  • spirituality (does it accept moral values, does it follow social laws)
  • energy (how interesting it is to be friends with such a person)

You can discover a lot of new and literally remove the mask from any person, knowing only his date of birth. Calculation by the method of Pythagoras shows the identity of what it really is, without embellishment and hypocrisy.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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