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Pythagorean Numerology

Pythagorean Numerology — Scheduling Fate

Numerical vibrations have qualitative characteristics that reflect the essence of events or phenomena. This was known to the ancient people who studied the numbers and from the combination.

Recently, the Pythagorean numerology has become widespread, because by a combination of numbers you can find out your future and prepare for unexpected gifts of fate.

The figures help to understand the essence of the phenomena and can describe the nature of the person who interests us. Consider how you need to add the numbers to learn about their fate.

Pythagorean Numerology

Fate chart

Anyone who can add, multiply and subtract numbers can compile a Pythagorean life chart by date of birth. There is no mystery in it.

In order to find out the basic numbers, one must multiply the number of the year of birth by the numbers of the day and month of birth. The result should be a five-digit code, on the basis of which you can build a graph.

Example calculation for the date June 15, 1988:

15 x 6 x 1988 = 178 920.

Now you need to draw two coordinate axes. On the horizontal axis you need to put a mark (division) corresponding to the twelve years of life, your year of birth will be considered the first.

On the vertical axis we make 10 marks with ordinal numbers — from zero to 10.

Now you need to find on the chart the numbers that correspond to the received code 178 920. We put the number 1 over the year of your birth — it will characterize the first 12 years of life. Next, put the number 7 above the second division of twelve years — it will characterize the next 12 years of your life

Now we look at the intersection of the axes of coordinates on our graph:

  1. If the lines go up, this is considered a positive sign for a person. So, the circumstances of life will be formed in the most positive way — you will be on top of your career or personal life.
  2. If the lines of the graph go down, an unfavorable period begins — either a black stripe in life, or the inability to realize the plans that have been planned. In this period, you should not make ambitious plans or plan changes — the energy will go into emptiness. This time is better to wait.
  3. If the lines do not take off and do not fall, life will flow in a calm channel — no changes, no ups and downs will happen. If you had a business, things will remain as they were. During this period, you can plan a wedding or the birth of a baby — everything will go well.

Pythagorean Numerology

Deciphering the meaning of numbers

Now you can find out in detail what awaits at specified periods of life. To do this, we look at the characteristic numbers:

Zero — characterizes the decline of forces, the decline of energy. At this time, a person just needs to relax, do not plan or change anything in his fate.

A person may be pursued by negative thoughts, up to a prolonged depression. However, do not despair — you just have to wait out the unfavorable period, accumulate strength for the next breakthrough.

This stage of life is well suited for spiritual search and the meaning of life.

Unit — characterizes the period of formation. A person is dissatisfied with the state of affairs and is trying to achieve more. This life segment will be filled with the struggle for a place under the sun, the desire to realize oneself as a person and achieve success.

Difficult period, but the tendency of rise is already outlined, in comparison with zero.

Two — characterizes the ups and downs of life, the alternation of success and failure. It is also a difficult life period, but close people and friends will come to the rescue of a person.

Together it is easier to overcome the vicissitudes of fate.

Troika — characterizes the ambiguous period. A person cannot cope with circumstances for the time being, but tries to adapt to them — he is looking for how to avoid the blows of fate.

If during this period to show flexibility, you can establish useful relationships with business people and break out of the circle of failures, thanks to mutually beneficial contacts.

Four — characterizes the quiet course of life, regularity and conservatism. A man will do everything out of habit, move along a beaten track.

For people of calm character, such a life may seem like a paradise, for mobile and active people — boredom is mortal.

Pythagorean Numerology

Five — characterizes a happy time of life, however, not for everyone. This period will bring a lot of impressions to people with an adventurous temper, because walking along the knife edge is so exciting.

For people balanced and calm this time will be marked by strong experiences — you need to always be alert, then you will be able to harmonize the energies and feel happiness.

Six — characterizes a balanced and calm life period. However, not for everyone, he will be happy.

Those who are used to go over their heads to receive gifts of fate, should temper their ardor — a bad time. For those who are used to taking a moderate amount of goods from life, the period will be marked by complete well-being.

Tikhon also can breathe easy — happiness is already knocking on the door!

Seven — characterizes the ambiguous and mysterious period in life. This is the number of mysticism and the unknown. A person is invited to begin the search for the spiritual in life, to listen to the voice of his own intuition.

Do not rely on logic and reason — you can lose everything. This period is especially dangerous for businessmen — it is better not to make large bets and not to put all your property on the line.

Eight — characterizes luck in money. This is a happy period for opening your own business and any manipulation of securities, money and real estate.

Money will flow like a river.

Nine — characterizes success in all spheres of life. If this number is in your code of fate, you are just lucky in life.

Twelve years under the number 9 will mark good luck, which will follow a man on his heels.

A table by which any life span can be calculated is not a sentence of fate. The numbers give a hint how to do better, but the person himself must make the decisions.

By the numbers you need to listen, but to act at the behest of the heart. Only then can you become a truly happy person.

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