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Pythagorean magic square — calculation and interpretation

Pythagorean Magic Square — the meaning of symbols

The magic square of Pythagoras, or, as it is also called, the psycho-somatrix, is invented by the legendary ancient Greek scholar and is a key concept in numerology. With the calculation of the Pythagorean square begins the analysis of the personal qualities of a person.

Pythagorean magic square - calculation and interpretation

It determines the strength of character and energy, weaknesses of health, development of intelligence and other personal qualities that are given to man by fate from birth.

How to calculate the square of Pythagoras

What is the Pythagorean square for? It helps to identify data at birth quality personality. It is necessary to know the direction in which to move through life.

The value of the numbers in the Pythagorean square indicates which talents should be revealed, which weaknesses to work on and which strengths to use to achieve their goals.

Pythagorean magic square - calculation and interpretation

How to calculate the square of Pythagoras, read in this article. You need to know the date of birth, take a piece of paper and a pen.

The calculation algorithm is simple, everyone can handle it.

The value of the diagonals and columns in the square of Pythagoras

Psychomatrix is ​​analyzed not only by the number of numbers in the table cells. The location of numbers in columns, diagonals is also important:

  • For example, column 1-2-3 is an indicator of your self-esteem. In it you can see it is overpriced, undervalued or adequate.
  • Column 4-5-6 shows how much you can earn, save and increase money
  • Column 7-8-9 is used to analyze potential and talents.
  • Diagonal 1-5-9 indicates spiritual potential.
  • The 3-5-7 diagonal is responsible for sexual temperament and attractiveness.
  • Line 3-6-9 — tendency to stability
  • Stock 2-5-8 — as far as a person is suitable for family life
  • Line 1-4-7 is an indicator of dedication

The more numbers in the specified lines, columns and diagonals, the more developed these qualities.

The value of numbers in the square of Pythagoras

So, you calculated your Pythagorean square. It’s time to decipher it.

To do this, pay attention to the number of certain digits in the resulting table.

Units can be from one to six. Unit — an indicator of character, selfishness.

The fewer the units, the more you focus on yourself. A man with one unit — nature is extremely selfish.

The more units, the less selfishness, but more rigidity in the character.

Graduation is approximately as follows: one unit is an egoist, two are also an egoist, but in rare cases, they may think of others. Two units — the golden mean, character steady and positive, three — a person with a strong will and iron character.

Five and six units — a person with obvious qualities of a dictator, even a petty tyrant, very tough, sometimes unpleasant in communication. But at the same time will do anything for loved ones.

Similarly, decipher the value of the remaining digits.

Indicates a person’s bioenergy potential. No twos — no energy, a person can only absorb it, but does not know how to share, there is simply nothing.

Four twos — a person is filled with energy to the brim, literally distributes it to everyone he meets, so it is incredibly attractive to others. Two or three twos — the golden mean.

Characterizes enthusiasm, organization, scientific talents. Four triples — you have a pronounced ability to science, a real scientist can come out of you.

There are no trioes — an executive, neat, punctual person, but it is better to realize oneself in the unscientific sphere.

Responsible for physical health. The more fours, the stronger the immune system, the less often you are ill throughout life. A maximum of fours — three pieces.

This is a very strong man, both physically and mentally, who almost never gets sick.

Pythagorean magic square - calculation and interpretation

The absence of fours is characteristic of people with poor health. They either have a chronic disease, or simply often become infected and ill.

The five is intuition. There are no fives — you can’t hope for foreboding, you need to reach everything with your own mind.

3-4 pieces — there is an excellent foresight, such people are practically clairvoyants, although they may not know about it.

The six reflects the quality of grounded, the tendency to work physically. No sixes — a person is doomed to hard physical work.

Three or four sixes — loves physical exertion, but professionally it is implemented in the intellectual field, it works with the head.

This is a talent and creativity. In the absence of sevens of talents there is no — they will appear in other lives. Many sevens — pronounced creative abilities.

It is very important to develop and realize your talent in order to fulfill the purpose given at birth.

Responsible for responsibility and duty. There are no eights — a person lives by his own rules and laws, ignores the norms of morality and does not like to take responsibility.

Many eights are hyper responsible and controlling. He is an excellent family man, an excellent worker, a man with high moral principles.

Nines indicate mental development and intelligence. Many nines are a unique personality, practically a genius, but unbearable and unpleasant in communication. Few nines — weak intelligence, it is better to realize themselves in blue-collar occupations

For complete information about the magic square of Pythagoras, see the video:

If you have a poorly developed quality in the Pythagorean square, this is no reason to cultivate complexes in yourself and think that you are worse than others. On the contrary, numerological analysis helps to show the weaknesses of the individual, so that you know what you need to work on.

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