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Psychomatrix by date of birth

Pythagorean Psychomatrix by date of birth — transcript

Psychomatrix by date of birth is a numerological table developed by Pythagoras and his followers. It is believed that the psychomatrix helps to unravel personality traits, point out weaknesses and strengths.

Drawing up such a table helps to understand which direction to take, what to correct in oneself, and what strengths to use.

Psychomatrix by date of birth

How to make a psychomatrix by date of birth

To make a psychomatrix, you need to know the full date of birth of a person. The calculation is carried out according to the following algorithm (consider an example):

  1. Write the numbers of the date of birth in a row: 16101991. After that, you can proceed to the calculation of working numbers
  2. The first working number. To calculate it, you need to add all the numbers. 1 + 6 + 1 + 0 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 1 = 28
  3. The second working number. To get it, add the digits of the first working number: 2 + 8 = 10
  4. The third working number. It is calculated by the formula: (the first working number is the first digit of the birthday * 2. In our example: 28 — 1 * 2 = 26
  5. The fourth working day. Calculated as the sum of the digits of the third working day: 2 + 6 = 8

The resulting numbers are arranged in a table, as shown:

Psychomatrix by date of birth

In our example, the table will look like this:


After compiling the psychomatrix, it is already possible to start interpreting the numbers that are in the personal table.

The value of working numbers

Psychomatrix defines a set of qualities given to a person at birth. When interpreting, the values ​​of numbers in rows, columns, diagonals, cells are taken into account.

But first you need to know the value of the working numbers.

  • The first number indicates the qualities that a person lacks in order to succeed in life and be realized
  • The second number indicates the purpose, the global goals of the person. They are important to know in order to take their place in life.
  • The third number indicates the character traits given at birth. Those that passed «by inheritance» from their parents. They are almost not amenable to adjustment.
  • The fourth number characterizes one, the basic quality, also given at birth.

The remaining numbers in the table are a whole set of qualities that need to be analyzed.

Pythagorean Psychomatrix by date of birth. Decoding of values ​​in the table

Let us analyze the values ​​of numbers in the rows of the resulting table.

The first line indicates volitional qualities: responsibility, dedication, the ability to set goals and implement them, the ability to defend their opinions. The more numbers in this line, the more inflexible, strong-willed, purposeful.

Numbers in the line are missing: a person easily gives in to someone else’s influence. He is practically incapable of planning his life — he lives one day and goes with the flow

  • 1 number in the line indicates a weak sense of purpose. A person is used to relying on the luck and protection of other people.
  • 2 numbers in a line — volitional qualities are normal. A person realizes his abilities and skills, is able to set goals for the near future
  • 3 numbers in a row — a person is subject to emotions, he is impulsive and sensitive. Often acts unpredictably
  • 4 numbers in a row — a person has a strong will. But not always able to adequately assess their capabilities.
  • 5 numbers — a man «rushing like a tank.» He sees the goal — does not see obstacles. Therefore, it is able to achieve a lot of things that other people only have to dream about.
  • 6 numbers and more — the possibilities are practically unlimited. A person can set many goals at once and find the right methods for their implementation.

The second line indicates «family» qualities — how much a person is able to build harmonious happy relationships with a partner and friends. Decoding of values ​​is carried out by analogy with the previous line.

Psychomatrix by date of birth

If the numbers in the second line are missing, family and marriage are empty for the person. He does not seek a serious relationship and is not capable of deep affection.

If the numbers are 6 or more — the desire and desire to create a family is going wild, a person realizes himself in marriage, and family values ​​are not an empty sound for him.

The third line indicates how constant a person is in his habits — whether he easily changes his usual way of life or is always ready for change.

Columns tell about the following:

  • The first — shows how great self-esteem. In the absence of numbers in this column, a person is not confident in himself, with 6 or more figures — self-esteem rolls over
  • The second indicates financial solvency and independence. No numbers — there is a desire to do your favorite business, even if it is not paid. A lot of numbers — the main goal in life: make a lot of money
  • The third indicates the presence of talent. The more numbers in this column, the more people can succeed.

Watch the video about the psychomatrix of Pythagoras and its decoding:

You should also pay attention to the number of digits along the diagonals of the table:

  • 3-5-7 diagonal. The more numbers, the more temperamental person, the greater the need for sensual pleasures.
  • Diagonal 1-5-9 indicates a spiritual component. The smaller the numbers, the more man is grounded and the less he seeks to study his unconscious. A large number of digits in the diagonal indicates a high degree of awareness of the individual.

Even more complete information in the psychomatrix of Pythagoras can be found if we consider the value of individual numbers in the table. They also indicate the presence of certain qualities in a person.

Read in detail in this article.

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