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Predictions of Nostradamus: what awaits us

Predictions of Nostradamus: what awaits us

If you believe the eastern horoscope, the next year promises to be emotional and intense. But astrologers can only give general recommendations, and such predictors as Nostradamus, even long before our birth, predicted the events of the coming year.

The great Nostradamus, who lived more than 500 years ago, already knew what tests Fate had prepared for humanity in the 21st century. His predictions have always come true, and there is a lot of evidence for this. Fearful of his pursuers, the predictor encrypted his messages, thus securing himself.

Maybe that’s why many people do not believe his prophecies, but this does not mean that they will not come true.

From the records of the soothsayer it is known that in the year of the Fire Monkey an ugly child will be born, which will mark the beginning of tragic events for all mankind. Unfortunately, no one knows where this person should be born and whether he will be a threat to all living things. Such a prediction is reminiscent of the lines from the Gospel of Matthew, where King Herod is mentioned, who destroyed all babies in order to avoid prophecy.

Also, humanity is destined to survive global catastrophes and natural disasters, which will lead to an increase in cruelty and violence among all nations. But if you look on the other hand, there have always been cataclysms, and the disasters that we have already experienced are not counted on the fingers. So, who knows, suddenly we have already gone through the most terrible times, and we have nothing to fear, because even the most powerful magicians are not able to see all the details of the future.

Unlike Vanga, which predicts the flooding of Europe due to the fall of a foreign body into the ocean, Nostradamus predicts heavy torrential rains that will last for months. But the outcome will be similar, Europe faces flooding. The story again threatens to repeat itself, and the lines from the Old Testament about Noah’s Ark immediately emerge from the bins of memory.

In the prophecies of the prophet is also present information about the sizzling rays, fleeing from which, people rush to the north of Russia. However, these rays can be caused not by climate change, but to foreshadow the beginning of a chemical war, which Wang also mentioned.

The fact that Russia will become a world power is predicted by many. But Nostradamus mentions the large-scale development of technology and the beginning of the construction of underwater cities. This information reminds everyone of the famous legend about Atlantis; It is quite possible that in the coming year, humanity will turn its eyes to the ocean depths.

On the subject of predictions, one can reason endlessly, but only time can clarify the situation. Do not despair and prepare for the end of the world, because a lot depends on our thoughts and actions. Enjoy life, look to the future more confidently and do not forget to press buttons and

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