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Powerful mantras for attracting money: listen online

Powerful mantras for attracting money

At all times, people dreamed of enriching themselves; many stories, legends and fairy tales were invented on this topic. Representatives of various cultures at all times tried to lure money using magical powers — talismans, conspiracies, rituals.

For many centuries, this way of attracting money, like the money mantra, has been practiced in Eastern culture. This is a kind of verbal code with enormous energy, which is able to uncover a person’s internal forces and influence the course of events.

Mantras to attract money — a powerful force that can save you from material difficulties. You can listen to them, still speak out loud — the main thing is to do it regularly, many times a day.

Also important is the right attitude and complete relaxation.

Concept of mantra

Translated from Sanskrit, the ancient language, mantra means reasoning or saying. Literally, the word “mantra” can be translated as:

  • man — mind, think, reflect;
  • tra — protect, protect, release.

It is a magic syllable, word or poem using the names of the deities.

Powerful mantras for attracting money: listen online

  1. Repetition of the mantra with the name of the deity frees the human mind from the captivity of evil inclinations and leads to the levels of spirituality.
  2. Pronouncing the mantra changes the mind of a practitioner makes it possible to come into contact with the divine principle — the absolute.

The sacred Pingala tantra says:

Powerful mantras for attracting money: listen online

  • Mantra is a word with cosmic power that reveals a person’s inner potential and inspires his thoughts.
  • Mantra is a special energy, enclosed in a sound vibration, which affects the human mind. Despite the fact that the meaning of many combinations of sounds is impossible to translate, the pronunciation of sacred words contains a huge spiritual potential.
  • This spiritual energy produces invisible changes with the consciousness of the practitioner, opens up unprecedented horizons and expands the perception of the world.

Meaning of the word mantra

The combinations of sound combinations of sacred words contain various manifestations of cosmic energies. The information contained in the words of the mantra contains a certain code that is comprehended by the practitioner’s subconscious mind during the pronunciation of the mantra.

The more times a person repeats sacred words, the more he receives cosmic spiritual energy and the closer he becomes to transcendental.

The meaning of the main words of the mantra is as follows:

Powerful mantras for attracting money: listen online

Action mantra

What are mantras and how do they affect a person? The impact of a sacred text on a person depends on the way of pronouncing:

Loud pronouncing of sounds affects the physical body, pronouncing in a whisper influences the energy of a person, and repetition of the mantra in the mind appeals to the human psyche and his soul.

Loud rendition

  • At the very beginning of the practice it is recommended to say the mantra out loud.
  • A person hears his voice, is aware of his actions and disciplines the mind.
  • Beginner is always hampered by extraneous sounds, and loud pronunciation of words will tune in to work with sacred text.

Powerful mantras for attracting money: listen online

Mantras should be pronounced in a special way — on the exhale. It is impossible to take a breath in the middle of a word — it disrupts the flow of energy of sounds.

Deep breathing during the practice calms the mind and feelings, activates the spiritual potential of a person.

  1. During the utterance, you should seek vibrations in the body so that every cell of the body responds to the sound.
  2. This practice has a powerful effect on the body and frees the cells from the destructive programs of the disease, cleans them.

The esoteric understanding of the world consists in the spiritualization of all life, therefore each cell of the human body is considered an independent living organism. Impact on her sacred sounds helps to get rid of the negative.

Cells are able to hear, recognize and record information — this is the basis of the beneficial effects of mantras on the body.

Whispering the mantra

After successfully mastering the loud pronouncing of the mantra, one can proceed to practice in a whisper.

Powerful mantras for attracting money: listen online

In this case, the vibration of the sacred sounds will affect the human energy field — the chakras and channels. Practice in a whisper levels the human energy field, which subsequently has a beneficial effect on the physical body.

  • Chakras are the communication nodes of a person’s personal energy with cosmic energies.
  • They transform “alien” energy into “their own”, being a kind of “adapters”.
  • Disorder of the chakra pillar leads to a shortage or excess of energy, which leads to various diseases.

For example, an excess of energy forms inflammatory processes, and a deficiency leads to a decrease in the functionality of organs. The impact of sound vibrations on the chakras stabilizes the energy picture, which leads to the improvement of the human body.

Powerful mantras for attracting money: listen online

Saying a mantra in the mind

The most difficult is the mental pronunciation of mantras. This practice requires the ability to completely free the mind from extraneous thoughts.

It does not work for everyone and not immediately, the skill comes with practice.

Mantras for meditation practice mental repetition. A person concentrates on the internal sound of words, entering a meditative state.

  1. The inner sound of sacred words has an effect on the mind, clearing it from destructive thoughts, stereotypes and blocks.
  2. This is a very strong practice that works with the causes of all diseases and problems — the wrong thoughts.
  3. It is wrong thinking that brings trouble to man. What is a mantra and how does it work? You can see the effectiveness of sacred sounds in practice.

To get rid of a certain negativity in your life, for example, fear, you need to do the following:

  • choose a mind-purifying mantra;
  • repeat the mantra 12 times;
  • then say the word that causes your fear;
  • repeat the mantra 12 times.

Powerful mantras for attracting money: listen online

Practice this exercise until fear leaves your mind. Working with fear can take several days or several months — it all depends on your perception.

However, one day a moment will come when you realize that fear no longer exists.

Practice mantras

We have learned that mantra is a combination of sounds that affects the three levels of a human being — physical, energetic, and psychic. How to practice mantras correctly, what is the algorithm of working with sacred sounds?

The rules for working with formulas are as follows:

  1. You can repeat words any number of times multiple of three;
  2. to count the number of spoken words you need to use beads with beads;
  3. it is not recommended to practice several mantras at the same time — choose one or two to solve your problem;
  4. to tune in to a meditative state, use incense scents — aromatic sticks;
  5. there should be no animals or other people in the practice room — outside sounds will distract;
  6. Before you utter the mantra, state out loud your goal — health, well-being, or success;
  7. practice the mantra while sitting with a straight spine — ideally, in a lotus or half lotus position.

Powerful mantras for attracting money: listen online

Over time, you will start practicing mantra reading anywhere, and nothing can distract you.

However, to begin with, follow the above recommendations.

  • It is also possible to simply include mantras in the recordings and listen at any time — this also has a beneficial effect.
  • Some like to fall asleep under the mantra, especially, it is useful for people suffering from insomnia on nerves.

When you learn the basics of practicing mantras, you can choose the most appropriate way to work with sacred sounds. You can say the words any number of times, however, the most effective number of utterances is 108.

In Hinduism, it is considered sacred: a unit indicates the highest energy of the absolute, zero means perfection, eight means infinity.

Choosing the perfect mantra

There are different mantras for attracting money, the powerful power of which helps the choice of a source of income. Simultaneously reading several different ones makes no sense.

It is enough to choose one. It will act quickly.

The main thing is to follow the rules and procedures of meditation, to believe in success. It is necessary to pronounce the mantra every day and soon there will be confidence that you are going the right way.

How to solve the problem of choosing a financial mantra? You can contact the teacher.

Or rely on intuition or a hint of reason. Having made a decision, it is better to find its audio recording and listen several times.

This will help to perfectly reproduce the sound of the hymn and get the desired effect.

Mantras for attracting financial success are a special class of Vedic hymns, small texts that are not necessarily perfectly accurate to repeat. Even if you replace one or two words, the mantra will not be weaker.

  1. According to the guru, to attract wealth, you can use charged water.
  2. Make it easy. Mantra must learn by heart and write. Put on water, play an audio recording and repeat the recording test.
  3. After completing the ritual of the melodic reading, put the vessel in such a place that the light of the moon falls on the water.
  4. Then you should read aloud the mantra with outstretched palms to the Moon, until you feel that its light through the palms fills your body.
  5. In conclusion, the charged water is drunk in small sips.

Powerful mantras for attracting money: listen online

Regularly performing such a ritual is the surest way to become a rich person.

It is believed that for a successful business it is necessary at the full moon to put the ring finger on the left, and not the right hand, to put on a ribbon or a ribbon of silver. The greatest effect is achieved in the case of a full moon that fell on Monday.

The most effective money mantra

Those who are interested in psychology, NLP techniques and meditation, probably know what mantras or affirmations are. And for those who are not very familiar with this, I will now try to explain easily and clearly.

In principle, mantra and affirmation are one and the same, but there are still some differences between them.

  • Mantras are certain sounds that, when we pronounce them in voice, change the energy around us and change our subconscious.
  • Affirmations in turn are affirmative positive phrases that we understand and accordingly respond at a subconscious level.

When we pronounce affirmations, the spoken words are fixed in our consciousness, these words make sense and evoke emotions (you will not immediately feel them, since they may be subconscious).

Tell me when you are in a great mood, come to the mirror and say “What a beautiful I am! I am the happiest! ”What feelings filled you?

Personally, in such cases I have a feeling of self-confidence and great joy, the desire to live and delight others.

But the main rule is to repeat “HERE” and “NOW”. It makes no sense to say «I will be rich!», Because it does not say here when you will, but you will … sometime …., and, repeating this again and again, this «sometime» will be further and further away from you.

Even if you are depressed, there is no money, you have been betrayed, the best thing is for YOU (although I understand that it is not easy) to say — “I am the richest,” “I am the happiest and loved by everyone,” etc.

But for example, the mantra — DO-SI, RO AN-VAT, MONO-RAS — what can you say about it?

How do you understand, for example, the word «BAT»? In principle, it makes no sense to search for meaning here, because it is only in the pronunciation itself that this word attracts a certain energy.

Powerful mantras for attracting money: listen online

And now let’s talk about mantras and affirmations of wealth. Now is not an easy time and many lack the material means.

Although, of course, this is not the most important thing in life, but it still plays a huge role.

And so, now I will give you lighter versions of mantras that will suit anyone, not just experienced yoga.

Magical Money Mantra

  1. In the combination of mantra numbers, a special code is encrypted that opens the chakras. In the thin body of a person there are 7 chakras, some of which are responsible for monetary and material well-being.
  2. Blocking of the chakras can occur for various reasons — lack of vital energy, directional negative impact or wrong thinking of a person.
  3. For whatever reason, the block on the chakras does not appear, the mantra 7753191 is a special energy that has the power to remove it.
  4. As a result, the flow of energies will be corrected, and the lack of material resources will disappear in a person’s life. When a practitioner voices the digital series a certain number of times, the life force and, accordingly, its financial capabilities are activated.

Powerful mantras for attracting money: listen online

Among the multitude of effective money mantras, the numerical formula is considered the strongest. Why is this possible?

Because the vibration of numbers in a certain order and strictly verified number of times attracts monetary energy many times faster than verbal formulas.

Practice numeric mantra

How to read a numeric mantra?

  • It is necessary to pronounce the numbers one after another at a certain pace, without stopping, exactly 77 times.
  • In order not to get confused with the score, make a special rosary of 77 beads.
  • You can thread any glass or wood beads on the string.

How many days do I need to read the formula?

The money mantra 7753191 is read 77 days in a row. Start a calendar to read the digital formula and mark every day.

What day of the month should the practice begin?

The best time will be the new moon or the first day of the calendar month.

Write down the numbers on a piece of cardboard with a green felt-tip pen and fill it with wax — you will have a magic table for attracting money.

Powerful mantras for attracting money: listen online

To fill the table with wax, you need to melt it in a water bath and pour it into the dish. Dip the table in hot wax and quickly reach with cooking tongs.

  1. To activate the effect of the magic table, fumigate it with sandalwood aroma sticks and read the formula 77 times.
  2. When you practice the mantra, keep the table next to you.
  3. The wax absorbs sound vibrations and translates them into the surrounding space.
  4. Thus, you will get a cash talisman.
  5. A year later, bury the table in the ground with gratitude and make a new talisman.

Features of the practice of numerical mantra

To enhance the effect of the digital abstract formula, you need to turn to the help of the elements — water, air and earth. Sow a few plant seeds in a flower pot and ask for earth, air and water to help you.

The element of fire will be expressed in the life force of the plant — growth.

Water the plant, care for it. As soon as the first shoots appear, thank the elements for their help. As the plant grows, your well-being will increase.

This flower (or bush) will be your money talisman.

Powerful mantras for attracting money: listen online

The influence of numbers on the mind and destiny of man

Numerology has ancient roots. About the influence of vibration figures knew in the distant past.

The pundits studied the effect of numerical fluctuations on the events and fate of a person and came to a definite conclusion. Consider the mystical significance of the numbers of the money mantra in detail.

This is the number of leaders in any area of ​​life and under any circumstances. Vibration unit corresponds to successful and enterprising people.

  • The sound expression of the unit (one) activates the above qualities, allows you to compete in competition and overcome obstacles.
  • The unit man never gives up and continues to fight for his ideals.
  • The magical meaning of the unit is the increase of wealth: remember the ritual “unchangeable ruble”.

The number three helps in moving up the career ladder, ensures success in teamwork.

  1. People appear like-minded people who seek to achieve success through joint efforts.
  2. Three — the number of growth and abundance.
  3. In the magic formula, the number 3 is in the middle — this provides a steady increase in income.
  4. The trio also symbolizes the connection of times — the past, the future and the present. It is an expression of the perfection of creation, the divine essence of creation.

Powerful mantras for attracting money: listen online

The number five is considered monetary, and also expresses the essence of a person.

  • This is the number of rays of the magical pentagram, which symbolizes the power of human will and spirit over nature.
  • The pentagram is a defense against the attack of dark spirits. In Hinduism, the number five expresses 5 elements of the universe.
  • The number 5 is in the middle of the magic money formula and expresses the will of a man to victory over the dark forces.

This number governs space and time, the numerical money mantra 77 53191 begins with it. This is the number of higher spirituality, the secrets of the universe.

It expresses holiness and the highest will of the deity.

The arrangement of the two sevens at the very beginning of the formula confirms the divine will and blessing for the attainment of well-being.

This is a triple triad, multiplied by the number three, perfect perfection.

Powerful mantras for attracting money: listen online

In the context of the money mantra, it symbolizes the perfect well-being of a person. Units stand before him and after him — the will to well-being finds its material embodiment in perfection.

Affirmations to attract money and material goods

These affirmations in the most unambiguous way let the subconscious mind know in which direction it needs to work. They will bring amazing results:

I am rich, for elected by wealth. I am successful because I deserve success.
Money comes to me in a continuous stream.
My income is growing every day
I do what I love and get good money for it
Money loves me and comes in the right amount and even more.
I always have a lot more money than I can spend
I am the source of money-giving ideas.
I have a lot of money. I just bathe in money!

Mantra and Yantra Kubera for wealth

It is considered the god of wealth in Hindu mythology.

  1. In Tibetan Buddhism, its counterpart — Zambala.
  2. Kubera is also known as the god of the Yakshas (wild creatures). Kubera is always remembered together with the goddess of fortune Lakshmi.

Kubera’s mantra blesses the worshiper with money and prosperity, creating new channels and sources of income and wealth. Kubere’s prayer increases capital inflows and the ability to accumulate wealth. Mantra Kubera is:

“Om Yakshyaya Kuberaya Vaishravanaaya Dhanadhanyadi Padayeh
Dhana-Dhanya Samreeddhing Me Dehi Dapaya Swaha ”

It means: «O Kubera, Mr. Yakshas, ​​bless us with wealth and prosperity!»

One who worships Kubera and Lakshmi will never lose either money or material comforts. A special puja, or ritual of Kubera, is performed during the holidays of Dussera, Dhan Triyodasi and Deepavali, during which they ask Kubera for prosperity.

Yantra Kubera

  • Yantra, or the graphic scheme of Kubera’s world, is a very powerful, sacred geometric image on a copper plate.
  • It serves to invoke the Lord Kubera.
  • She blesses a person with sudden luck, wealth and prosperity.

This yantra is used as a tool for attracting cosmic energy of wealth, accumulation of wealth, cash flow, increasing housing, etc. Yantra opens channels of new sources of income.

Yantra helps success in business, career and profession, as well as in increasing personal income and abundance.

Yantru Kubera can simply be placed in a safe, drawer, chest, on the altar — any place where you keep money and valuables. She can be worshiped and revered without any special mantras or rituals.

Powerful mantras for attracting money: listen online

Mantra Lakshmi

Indian mantras are a powerful tool that influences the processes of self-improvement of life, improving its quality. One of the prayer texts, the Lakshmi mantra, possesses special energetic power.

It is addressed to the goddess Lakshmi, who gives people favorable changes, helps to attract money, creation.

  • The goddess personifies prosperity, beauty, abundance, fertility, well-being, virtue.
  • She is more supportive of women.
  • They are endowed with beauty, attractiveness, femininity, love.
  • It gives men power, success in business, business, power, attracts money.

The mantra of the goddess Lakshmi is very often practiced to attract money to life.

The definition of wealth in India includes such concepts as financial prosperity, money, knowledge, beauty, influence, longevity. Therefore, the mantra of the goddess Lakshmi will bring, much more than just luck in business, business, money.

Powerful mantras for attracting money: listen online

How to get in touch with the celestial woman and get her blessing? There are several ways to do this. You can sing, listen, divine texts, watch videos online.

Very soon after this, there will be auspicious changes in life that you will feel.

Legend of Goddess Lakshmi

Who is Lakshmi, where did she come from?

There is a beautiful old legend about her birth. It is said that a celestial dweller appeared from a lotus that sailed in the original ocean.

Therefore, she is so beautiful, tender, sensual. The deity is always depicted with a lotus, on a lotus and at the moment of leaving the ocean.

  1. Lotus — a symbol of purity, wealth. The eternal master of all beings is the goddess, the patroness of prosperity.
  2. She loves luxury, splendor, the company of lucky people whom she patronizes.
  3. She chose her spouse Vishnu herself.
  4. Often, the goddess is depicted with four arms, which means her ability to give righteousness, physical pleasure, prosperity, spiritual liberation.

Properties of divine prayer

Mantra Lakshmi is an amazing, special text that gives a person everything needed for prosperity.

Powerful mantras for attracting money: listen online

  • attracts luck, money, wealth, in the quantity necessary for a person;
  • harmonizes family relationships;
  • gives material, spiritual prosperity;
  • gives enlightenment, support;
  • stimulates insulin synthesis;
  • opens the way to self-knowledge, wisdom, strength.

Especially the mantra of the goddess lakshmi helps businessmen, people who face obstacles that impede the conduct of commercial affairs.

A distinctive feature of the Buddhist text is that it can not only sing, pronounce, but also listen to attract benefits. The performance will be the same.

Divine verses attracting benefits

The main prayer is the Mahalakshmi Mantra. You should start practicing with it.

Aum Hriim Shrim Lakshmibyo Naamah

  • brings success in everything;
  • gives peace, love, wealth, joy, well-being;
  • transforms life, attitude to it, to itself.

Aum Shrim Laksmiyai Naamah

  1. many times accelerates achievements in all spheres;
  2. helps to attract money.

Powerful mantras for attracting money: listen online

Aum Shrim Khrim Klim Glaum Din

  • grants wealth;
  • fulfills the wishes associated with improving the financial situation.

The old word form must be sung, listen during the month from April 13 to May 14.

Aum Hriim Klim Shrim Sri Laksminrisin Heye Naamaha

  1. material, spiritual prosperity;
  2. shows the way to achieve the intended.

Aum Shrim Khrim Klim Mahalakshmi Naamah Aum

  • opens the destination of man;
  • attracts money.
Aum Shrim Klim Sri Kamale Kamala Laye Prasidda Prasidda Aum Shrim Klim Shri Mahalakshmiye Naamah

The mighty Indian text gives abundance in everything, happiness, removes sadness, anxiety. Listening, pronouncing it is necessary daily from October 16 to November 15.

Aum Shrim Khrim Klim Shrim Laksmirachcha Gachcha Mama Mandire Tishtha Tishtha Svah

Miraculous texts protect against unhappiness, poverty serves to attract money.

Powerful mantras for attracting money: listen online

Rules of practice

To achieve the desired effect, you must clearly follow certain rules. Then you can get enlightenment, wealth, fame, attract money.

  1. A place to read old poems should be lonely, calm. Nothing should disturb peace during practice. You can buy a statuette of the deity, put it around yourself during practice to enhance the effect.
  2. Singing, listening, watching videos online powerful divine spells should be at dawn or dusk. They have the greatest strength in the full moon.
  3. Relax, sit facing east, free your mind from various thoughts. You can light four scented candles, symbolizing profit, wealth, luck, spiritual strength.
  4. Clearly formulate a goal, concentrate on it to enhance a positive result. The main condition is unconditional faith in the efficacy of sound vibrations.
  5. To attract money, Sanskrit formulas can be pronounced, singed in several ways: out loud, silently to yourself, mentally. Miraculous sound vibrations have a beneficial effect on the subconscious.

It is necessary to listen to the sacred sounds every day for at least a month 108 times. Experienced practitioners recommend using beads in order not to stray and not be distracted by counting.

In addition, during classes, the rosary is charged with the energy of prayer and can serve as a talisman.

Powerful mantras for attracting money: listen online

The mantra lakshmi begins to work immediately after the start of the practice. However, you should not wait for an instant flow of money after singing.

To achieve tangible changes, it is necessary to constantly engage in practice.

Mantra Ganesh

The mantra «Om Gam Ganapaye Namaha» is one of the most famous not only in Asia, but throughout the world. It has the power to help overcome all obstacles, eliminate difficulties on a person’s path, and gives him purity of intentions, worldly and spiritual success, filling him with well-being and abundance.

Ganesha (also called Ganapati, Vinayaka, Vigneshvar) is one of the most famous and revered Gods. The son of Shiva and Parvati, is endowed with the power of his parents and is under their protection and protection.

According to Vedic tradition, Ganesh represents the mantra “OM”.

Powerful mantras for attracting money: listen online

Similarly, Ganesh extends its support and patronage to all who are aware and maintain in themselves this Natural aspect.

  • The head of an elephant is important because it is the only figure in nature that has the shape of the “Om” symbol.
  • The big head is a symbol of Wisdom.
  • Big ears, like a sieve — sift and separate the good, the true from the bad, the false.
  • Although they hear everything, they only react to the good.
  • Ganesh is very attentive to all requests from the heart.

Ganesh Mantras

Ganesh removes obstacles to cultivation. He also helps in the implementation of creative endeavors in art, business and everyday life.

Ganesh is the god of Word and Knowledge.

The mantras of Ganesha must precede any process of learning like the singing of the Vedas. Bija Mantra Ganesh — Gum.


Om Gam Ganapataye Namah

This is the main mantra dedicated to Ganesh. Reverence to the eliminator of obstacles. “Gam” is a bijah that removes visible and invisible obstacles to the evolution and achievement of various goals.

Destroys all obstacles on the way.

  1. Gives perfection in intellectual activity and the correct perception of people, concepts, real and unreal.
  2. Gives knowledge of the elements that make up the world.
  3. Brings success in literary work, art, and commercial affairs.
  4. It promotes the development of creative thinking, makes the mind fast, strengthens the memory.
  5. All this helps rapid spiritual and social advancement.

Powerful mantras for attracting money: listen online

Thanks to the recitation of this mantra, one can rise above the mental field, filled with vain thoughts, destructive thought forms and low passions.

This mantra effectively contributes to the realization of creative ideas. Writers repeat it before writing their works.

People striving for self-realization pronounce it before the start of spiritual practice.

Om Ganeshaya Namaha

This mantra of Ganesha develops the following qualities:

  1. clarity of consciousness
  2. the ability to make the right decisions
  3. intuition
  4. clairvoyance.

Ganesha Gayatri

Om Tatpurushaya Vidmahi

Tanno Dante Prakodayat

Om Ekadantaya Vidmahe

Tanno Dante Prakodayat

Powerful mantras for attracting money: listen online

This mantra is pronounced for the removal or destruction of obstacles and success in solving difficult problems, gives control over the mind and feelings.

Om hrim grim hrim

How does the mantra

With the help of this mantra, a person gets the opportunity to beneficially influence people, gains fame, wealth and good luck. Often, people notice how «money flows unnoticed.»

This mantra allows you to control monetary energy.

Om Lakshmi-Ganapatae Namah

This mantra easily eliminates negative programs that prevent a person from opening up the energy of abundance.

It gives the right attitude to material wealth, contributes to the purification of mental space from negative thoughts, eliminates obstacles to development and personal growth. These obstacles are projections of internal states and thoughts.

Maha Ganapati Mula Mantra

Om Shrim Khrim Klim Gluam Gam Ganapataye

Vara-Varada Sarva Janam Me Washamanaya Matchmaker (3 times)

Om Tatpurushaya Vidmahi

Tanno Dante Prakodayat

Om Shanty Shanty Shanty

This is a very powerful mantra that is repeated to invoke Lord Ganesha. It is believed that Ganesh Mulamantra should be pronounced before the start of any new project, as this will help eliminate any obstacles and gives success in any undertakings.

Om Gam Gam Ganapataye Highina-Hinashi Me Swah

This mantra is designed to get rid of everything that hinders progress towards the goal. She also guarantees success in the endeavors.

Jay Ganesh Jay Ganesh Jay Ganesh Pahi Mom

(Glory to Ganesha, help me.)

Shri Ganesh Shri Ganesh Shri Ganesh Raksha Mom

(Great Ganesh protect me.)

Powerful mantras for attracting money: listen online

Gam Ganapataye Namo Namah

(Gum is a special «concentrated» mantra of Ganesh)

The lord of the gans is worship, worship.

Om Sri Ganeshaya Namah

  • As a result of this mantra singing, success is achieved in any commercial affairs, striving for perfection, in-depth knowledge of the world (gives knowledge of the elements that make up the world), the flowering of talents.
  • All obstacles that may arise in the course of life are destroyed; it protects from enemies and detractors.
  • It gives perfection in intellectual activity and the correct perception and discrimination of people, concepts, real and unreal; brings success in literary work and art.

Mangalam Distu Me Maheshwari

Mantra for gaining the blessings of heaven in all beginnings, happiness, love and prosperity. Brings pacification and fulfillment of desires.

Aum Ganadhipataye Om Ganakridaye Namaha

  1. The practitioner of this mantra opens the door to social success.
  2. Gives all kinds of prosperity — personal, professional, material.
  3. Your undertakings will certainly be successful.

Om Sri Mahaganaptaye Namah

All obstacles that may arise in the course of life are destroyed; it protects from enemies and detractors.

It gives perfection in intellectual activity and the correct perception and discrimination of people, concepts, real and unreal; brings success in literary work and art.

Powerful mantras for attracting money: listen online

Ganesh Kirtam

Om gam ganpataye namo namaha

Shri Siddhivinayak Namo Namaha

Ashta vinayak namo namaha

Ganpati Bappa Morya

Om Gam Ganapataye Namo Namaha

This is a very powerful mantra for removing obstacles to any kind of success.

Chanting mantras is very effective while simultaneously performing Ganesha mudra.

The strongest and most effective mantra for the stable attraction of money

KUNG-RONO-AMA-NILO-TA-WONG — for quickly attracting money.


OM GAM GANAPATAYE NAMAHA — for good luck in business and career growth.

OM SRI GANESHAYA NAMAH — for success in commerce and the flowering of talent.




Powerful mantras for attracting money: listen online


Consonance should be read three times, and then, without interrupting, say once:


OM — HRIM — SRIM — LAKSHMI — BYO — NAMAHA — Mantra, addressed to the goddess Lakshmi.

Universal Mantras

In addition to prayers that focus on wealth, there are still universal. They help a person not only to increase their well-being, but also help to cope with any difficulties.

Improve the situation in your personal life and work.

Some of them are listed below:


Anyone who starts practicing the use of mantra is tormented by the question: when to wait for the desired result. This is a mistake in using the practice of mantra.

A person must believe in what he thinks and what he says, then no matter what is the mantra of success or money, the effect will not take long to wait.

Rules of daily meditation

It is recommended to meditate in the morning and in the evening for 15-20 minutes.

  • In the morning, meditation will put your mind in order, give a boost of energy, prepare for the beginning of the day, and in the evening will relieve tension and fatigue, save you from annoying thoughts and worries.
  • Try not to miss a single session.
  • Let the meditation become an everyday habit.

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Many complain about the lack of time and in this fact they can justify why they are not engaged in themselves, for example, they do not spend time playing sports or do not meditate.

Understand that you are not meditating for someone, but, first of all, for yourself. This is an action that aims to achieve personal happiness and harmony. And this harmony is not so expensive.

Just 40 minutes of your precious time.

Choose a place for meditation

Of course, it is better to meditate in a homely and quiet environment. Nothing should distract you. Some do not recommend practicing in the room where you sleep.

Since in this case there is a high probability that you will fall asleep during the session due to the fact that your brain is used to the fact that you fall asleep in this room.

But if you do not have the opportunity to choose another room for practice, then there will be nothing terrible if you will meditate in the bedroom. This is not critical, believe me.

If for some reason you cannot find a suitable environment for meditation, then this is no reason to abandon the practice.

Take the correct posture

  1. It is not necessary to sit in the lotus position.
  2. The main thing is to have a straight back and you feel comfortable.
  3. The back should not be bent forward or backward.
  4. The spine should form a right angle with the surface on which you are sitting.
  5. In other words, it should perpendicularly enter your pelvis.

You can sit on any chair, preferably not leaning on his back.

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A steady back position is necessary to make it easier for you to breathe, and the air passes better through your lungs. It is also required in order to maintain awareness, to balance on the verge of relaxation and inner tone, not to fall asleep and not fall into prostration.

  • During the posture with a straight back can be involved such muscles that are not commonly used in life. Therefore, the back can strain. This is a training issue.
  • I recommend sitting on a chair with a straight back first and not leaning it on the back of a chair.
  • Light discomfort is better to suffer, without focusing on it.
  • As soon as it will be difficult to endure, gently move back and lean your back against the back of the chair, without disturbing the direct position of the spine.

Relax your body

Close your eyes. Try to completely relax!

This is perhaps the most important aspect of meditation! Your body and all its muscles should be relaxed.

  1. The correct body position makes this relaxation possible.
  2. Try to find those parts of your body that are tense and relax them.
  3. Often feel the tension of small muscles on your face, pay attention to it.
  4. Try to coordinate this process with breathing: inhale — fixed your attention in a tense area of ​​the body, exhale — relaxed it.

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Direct your attention to the breath or mantra.

Relax and turn your attention inward. It is very difficult to get rid of thoughts, because the brain is used to thinking constantly.

Freedom from thoughts is not the goal of meditation. Your task is simply to try to observe thoughts and feelings from the side, and not to drive them away from yourself.

  • If you keep your concentration on the breath (mantra), you cannot think about something at the same time.
  • But then you can watch thoughts from the side, how they appear and disappear, how they float past you, like clouds.
  • But your mind will be constantly distracted by them and this is normal.

A modern person receives a lot of information every day: meetings, business, care, the Internet, new impressions. And his brain does not always have time to process this information in a fast pace of life.

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But during meditation, the brain is not occupied with anything, so it starts to “digest” this information and because of this you receive those thoughts and emotions that you didn’t spend enough time during the day. There is nothing bad that these thoughts come, allow the brain to process information, you do not need to suppress these thoughts and drive them even deeper inside yourself.

  1. Of course, one cannot say that meditation is only a session of self-analysis or time for reflection. Try to keep your concentration on the breath / mantra anyway.
  2. When you notice that you have started to think about something, just calmly return attention to the mantra or breath.
  3. No need to blame yourself mentally for the fact that you can not relax or get rid of thoughts.
  4. There is no need to try to influence the way meditation takes place. You just calmly observe what is happening without interfering with it. Let everything go on as usual.

Practice teaches to follow what is happening inside. Therefore, it is absolutely normal that you are constantly distracted by thinking. At a certain point, the brain still notices that it has begun to think again.

This is your goal, to follow the thoughts, and not to get rid of them.

Therefore, people who think about something all the time during practice still benefit from it: they become more collected and control their thoughts and desires better, as they learn to keep attention on themselves. «I again think, nervous, angry, worried — it’s time to stop.»

If earlier these feelings seemed to have passed you, then the practice will help you to always realize them, and this is a very important skill.

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