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Powerful gypsy fortune telling for a king: 4 kings of truth

Powerful gypsy guessing at the king

Gypsy magic has always been considered one of the most powerful. It is not strange, but only this people gave the most accurate predictions.

And fortune telling, girls are taught from childhood. Not many people know that the Gypsies actually use rather weak magic, but they gain experience with diapers, thus, constantly improving their skills.

And to repeat such a ritual, almost any person can, for this it is enough just to clearly follow the instructions!

In this article we will look at one of the most popular and effective ways of gypsy fortune-telling at the king. For this we need the usual, playing cards and the right guide, which we will provide for you!

Also on our website, you can tell fortunes to the king online, for this click «Proceed to fortune telling» and enter the names of 4 men, who will symbolize the card kings. Then the alignment will pass, and you will need to choose a card and read the full interpretation to it.

But still, we advise you to make the alignment with real cards yourself, this is how real magic is born!


Powerful gypsy fortune telling for a king: 4 kings of truth

The deck needs to be shuffled, removed with your left hand anywhere, then select four kings and prepare them for fortune telling. Under each king a particular man or young man must be made up.

It is desirable that there is an external and internal similarity. The more a card image conveys life, the more accurate the result will be. As a rule, a king of hearts means a womanizer, a shallow young man, and under a diamond one is a reliable, calm man.

The king of spades always sympathizes with fortune telling, but can be dangerous for her. The fan of the club suit is the one that constantly revolves around the woman and tries to accelerate the development of relationships.

When the kings are made, we put the cards face down in a row horizontally, mentally asking at this time the question: “How does he treat me?”.

We start fortune telling. Face up one by one we lay out cards for each king. If on one of them two identical ones come across in a row, remove them to the side and put two others from the general deck on this place.

The procedure is performed three times. By the number of couples and their value, the ratio of specific male guessings to the divining girl is determined.

  • Sixes warn of treason.
  • Sevens say that a young man wants to meet with a guessing.
  • Eight means the desire to communicate.
  • The pair of nines that fell out symbolizes love.
  • A couple dozen — interest.
  • Jacks tell a lover to tell fortunes that a man wants to kiss her.
  • If ladies fell out, wait for friendship offers.
  • Aces say that a fan missed you.
  • If under one king 4 cards of the same value fell out, then they should be interpreted with double force.


Powerful gypsy fortune telling for a king: 4 kings of truth

After interpretation, we assemble a deck, leaving the kings in place. To tell fortunes again, we shuffle the cards, mentally asking the question: “What does he like about me?”, And again lay out the cards, like the first time.

  • Sixes mean that the young man is frivolous and, most likely, paid attention only to beautiful legs.
  • Sevens indicate that the man liked the eyes of a fortunate girl.
  • Eights — what a good heart.
  • A pair of nines says that the fan is pleasant initiative from the woman.
  • Dozens report that the chosen one is conquered by your behavior in society and communication with other people.
  • Have you got a pair of jacks? Do not doubt, your beautiful figure did not go unnoticed.
  • Ladies assure that the young man can not forget your face.
  • Aces symbolize endless sympathy. A man in love, and he likes in a fortune telling all without exception!


The third question of our deal for 4 kings: «What does he want from me?» Divination occurs in the same way as the first two times.

We will explain the value of the fallen pairs.

Powerful gypsy fortune telling for a king: 4 kings of truth

  • Two sixes in a row mean that the young man wants to invite to a cinema or cafe, a restaurant.
  • Got sevens — wait for an invitation to a date.
  • Eight predict a long sincere conversation.
  • Nines who have got into this gypsy fortune telling say that the gentleman wants pure and mutual love,
  • A couple dozen reports of intimate desire.
  • Jacks warn of a quick kiss.
  • Two ladies in the suite of the king indicate his desire for sincere and faithful friendship.
  • Aces mean that the man always wants to be with a guessing.


Powerful gypsy fortune telling for a king: 4 kings of truth

And the last, 4th question included in this gypsy fortune telling: “What will happen between us?”. Alignment is performed by a method that is similar to the first three.

  • Sixes mean that the young man is not very true and will change.
  • Sevens are talking about a quick date.
  • Eights report that nothing will go further than ordinary communication with this man.
  • But nine symbolize deep feelings and mutual love.
  • Two dozen promise a violent intimate life,
  • Jacks — just a kiss.
  • Ladies point to strong friendship without romance.
  • Aces mean fast separation, in which the fan and the fortunate will miss each other.


In addition to the described scenario, there is another fortune telling using 4 kings. Russian girls often used it during the Christmas time.

Before going to bed, the fortuneteller put four kings under her pillow from her deck and thought about how her personal life would be shaped. Representing yourself in love and happy with a dream man, you need to utter the phrase: «Who is my betrothed, who is my mummers, dream me in a dream.»

In the morning, without getting out of bed, you should get the first available card from under the pillow.

Powerful gypsy fortune telling for a king: 4 kings of truth

If the king of spades is caught, most likely, the husband will be older in age, with a stern and irritable temper. Cross card means a spouse associated with an army or business.

The King of Diamonds — the husband will fall in love with his beloved and suitable for age, and if the husband of hearts fell out, then the married life of the fortuneteller will flow in love and great prosperity.


Powerful gypsy fortune telling for a king: 4 kings of truth


  • Ace — family, happiness, great joy. In combination with: 10 peak — sadness; an ace tambourine — the news of money; 7worms — a pleasant meeting; 6tref is a business way.
  • King — a married young man. In combination with: 7 tambourines — a lot of money; 10 worms — good luck; Jack of clubs — empty efforts; Peak 10 — serious trouble with sad consequences.
  • Lady — a married young woman. In combination with: 9 worms — mutual love; 8tref — tears; Jack Peak — unpleasant troubles; lady tambourine — fight.
  • Jack — joy, pleasant vanity. In combination with: Lady Tref — guest; the ace of hearts — great joy; 9tref — business meeting; 6peak — a busy road.
  • Ten — surprise, pleasant interest.
  • 8 combined with: king tambourine — love meeting; Lady of Hearts — loyalty of a loved one; 10 clubs — love triumph; an ace tambourine — a love letter, the news of money;
  • Peak 9 — love trouble.
  • Nine — love, reciprocity, matchmaking. In combination with: 7 worms — a pleasant date with a friend; jack of clubs — love affairs; ace of spades — a blow, big trouble from a loved one; lady tambourine — tears, longing.
  • Eight — cordial conversations, sincere conversation. In combination with: the lady of the peak — separation after gossip; the king of clubs is middle-aged man’s love; 10 tambourines — addition, inheritance; the ace of hearts is mutual love.
  • Seven — secluded date with your loved one. In combination with: an ace tambourine — change for the better; 7pik — joy after a difficult explanation; Become a tambourine — fun; 6 worms — good luck, close encounter.
  • Six — short love, but with a lot of pleasure. In combination with: an ace tambourine — engagement or wedding; lady peak — gossip, gossip; 6tref — love through receiving money; 8peak — disappointment.

Powerful gypsy fortune telling for a king: 4 kings of truth


  • Ace — a major nuisance, blow, death. In conjunction with: the lady of the peak — separation from a loved one, litigation, prison; 9buben — a sudden profit, which will be obtained not without difficulties; 6tref — news of business failures that will upset you very much; 6 worms — not long before happiness.
  • King — a solid person, official, you can trust him. In combination with: peak 9 — a serious illness; 10 peak — complete failure in everything, ruin; 7 clubs — a futile meeting; 9 tambourines — it will be very hard to get money; Lady of worms — all the squabbles will end, you will help the noble, but strangers.
  • Lady — The person of old years, insidious bloodsucker, troublemaker. In combination with: 9 worms — serious obstacles in love; 7pik — the threat of misfortune over you, but everything will end well; 6buben — receiving money through scandal and obstacles; King of clubs — take care of your friends: they are your help and hope.
  • Jack — unpleasant worries, bad news. In combination with: club jack — troubles without success, do not be annoying, otherwise you will cause hostility to yourself; 8worms — the news will upset you, but soon everything will change for the better; Lady of Clubs — do not disclose your secrets to anyone; 6buben — unsuccessful road, getting a little money after overcoming some obstacles.
  • Ten — serious obstacles in business. In combination with: peak 9 — a long severe illness; 10 clubs — gradual, slow recovery; 8buben — unsuccessful conversation about money; 6 worms — a change for the better, waiting for which is not long.
  • Nine — trouble and illness. In conjunction with: the ace of spades is the death of a person close to you, but it can bypass him if any card of a red or tambourine suit is next: a jack of a tambourine is a little money; 6worms — fast well-being, wait for good news; 7tref — a dreary meeting.
  • Eight — a brief scandal, insult. In combination with: 10 worms — luck is waiting for you; king of spades — the abuser will be punished; 8tref — loss, loss; Lady tambourine — help in resolving the conflict.
  • Seven — theft, deception. In combination with: 8 tambourines — help in getting money; 10 clubs — a sudden loss of a large sum of money or property, losses; an ace of hearts — no matter what, you will be happy; Jack Peak — what you lose, you will not find.
  • Six — a long hopeless journey, full of disappointments. In combination with: the ace of spades — long difficulties, unexpected obstacles; King of clubs — you will be helped; 8worms — your misadventures will gradually end; 7buben — work and money ahead, your roads and meetings will bring more and more benefits each time.

Powerful gypsy fortune telling for a king: 4 kings of truth


  • Ace — in the straight position — money, in the upside down — important papers (direct and inverted position is determined by the elements of the seal). In combination with: 9 or 10 tambourines — big money; 8peak — red tape in official affairs and the signing and promotion of business papers; 10 clubs — business interest in the design of various documents; an ace of hearts — wealth in the house.
  • King — single young man. In combination with: 7 tambourines — a person who promises you money; 8worms — your wish will come true; 6tref — you have a road ahead, but don’t be too trusting; 10 peak — you will be offended by a friend.
  • Lady — unmarried young girl. In combination with: an ace tambourine — a wedding or engagement; 10 worms — stealing; 8tref — delay in business or plans; 7pik — disappointment, sadness.
  • Jack — deceived hopes. In conjunction with: 9 peak — there is a feud with friends; 10 tambourine — petty theft, but beware and serious theft; 8worms — your dreams will not come true; 7tref — bad road.
  • Ten — pleasant interest in money. In conjunction with: the king of hearts — a gift; 10 clubs — monetary or business interests, as a result — success; 6buben — quick receipt of money; 7pik — minor troubles you not hindrance.
  • Nine — receiving a large sum of money.
  • 8 combined with: 10 worms — fun, pleasant journey; Jack of clubs — do not fuss, money can not be immediately obtained; 10 tambourines — big money that you get quickly;
  • Peak 9 — cash losses.
  • Eight — cheerful conversation, joyful meeting after separation. In combination with: 9 worms — love pleasures; 7tref — a noble society, communication with a pleasant man; an ace tambourine — large expenses; 6 peak — debauchery.
  • Seven — agreement on the receipt of money. In conjunction with: the lady of the peak — large losses; 10 clubs — business offers; jack tambourine — money business; 7worms — losses from revelry.
  • Six — close road, short way. In combination with: 7 worms — quick wedding; 9buben — happy company; 10 clubs — date appointment; 7pik — a sad road that will be replaced by joy.

Powerful gypsy fortune telling for a king: 4 kings of truth


  • Ace — state house, important matters requiring solution. In combination with: the king of clubs — you will get help in matters; the ace of hearts — through the help of officials, joy will come to your house; 9buben — get a large profit; 10 peak — you face the court or your case will be delayed for a long time.
  • King — A middle-aged man, the groom. In combination with: 9 clubs — great joy, happiness; 9buben — long-awaited news; 7worms well-being, luck; jack peak failed wedding.
  • Lady — A person of middle age can be divorced or widow. In combination with: Ace of Spades — a hindrance in official matters; 10 clubs — business fuss, which will not benefit; 7worms — new love; 9buben — intrigante.
  • Jack — messenger; bad news will be false. In combination with: 10 tambourines — they will help you in difficult times; 7tref — do not believe your friend; Peak 10 — an accident; 9worms — treason in love.
  • Ten — business interest, enterprise. In combination with: 10 rush — interest that will end in bankruptcy; 9 Vervey — love, reciprocity, joy; 6 clubs — deception; 7 tambourine — capital increase.
  • Nine — a permanent job that brings good luck. In combination with: Jack of Spades — you will be free from the people who are annoying you; 10 tambourines — the achievement of your desired will result in a loss; 7 worms — a pleasant voyage; Jack of clubs — very successful efforts.
  • Eight — tears, sadness. Combined with: the ace of hearts — a difficult love explanation; 10 tambourine — wealth, adding a family; 9peak — a serious sudden illness due to injury; King of clubs — you will be reassured by a friend.
  • Seven — a business meeting in the state house. In combination with: peak jack — loss of money; 8 clubs — treason of a loved one; 9 tambourines — getting money after a long work; 6 worms — quick change for the better.
  • Six — long dreams, hopes, expectations. In combination with: 7 worms — fun in pleasant company; lady of the club — hopes will not come true soon; an ace tambourine — stupid road; Jack Peak — the humiliation, the cause of which will be a person unfamiliar to you.

And then you need to pay attention to the location of some maps. This will add information to this interesting alignment.

Map location

Powerful gypsy fortune telling for a king: 4 kings of truth

  • 4 aces above the portrait — fulfillment of your desires, under it — completely empty vanity.
  • 3 aces above the portrait — quick success in business and love, under it — a mistake may be made.
  • 2 aces above the portrait — a surprise, under it — a rash decision.
  • 4 kings above the portrait — a society of respectable people, under it — haste.
  • 3 kings above the portrait — a business meeting, under it — a business enterprise, things that can not be postponed for the future.
  • 2 kings above the portrait — be careful, under it — fiction, fantasy.
  • 4 ladies over the portrait — talk, under it — idle chatter,
  • 3 ladies above the portrait are squabbling, under it is deception.
  • 2 ladies above the portrait — false talk, under it — flattery. Do not fall for her!
  • 4 jacks above the portrait — vanity, under it — large losses.
  • 3 jacks over the portrait — gossip, under it — false hearing.
  • 2 jacks over the portrait — excitement, under it — news.
  • 4 dozen above the portrait is a profit, under it is a reliable friend.
  • 3 dozen above the portrait — changes in life, under it — debts.
  • 2 dozen above the portrait — unfulfilled dreams, under it — hope.
  • 4 nine above the portrait — a nice gift, under it — distrust.
  • 3 nines above the portrait — long-awaited luck, under it — an error.
  • 2 nines above the portrait — profit, under it — debts.
  • 4 eights above the portrait — a serious nuisance, under it — fear.
  • 3 eights above the portrait — failed engagement, under it — matchmaking.
  • 2 eights above the portrait is a red tape, under it are many promises.
  • 4 sevens over the portrait — the refusal to help you ask, under it — protection.
  • 3 sevens above the portrait — the irony of acquaintances, under it — treason.
  • 2 sevens above the portrait — ailing, under it — fun.
  • 4 sixes above the portrait — long roads, under it — gossip.
  • 3 sixes above the portrait — care, under it — custody.
  • 2 sixes above the portrait is a long way to the desired, under it is separation.

The closer to the portrait are these groups of cards, the higher the likelihood of the predictions fulfilled, the farther — the less. After all, we have four rows of cards on top go up.

Preparing for fortune telling

Label the man you are interested in as king. If he is young and unmarried, his card is a king of diamonds. The King of Hearts means a married or divorced person, blond or brown-haired.

The king of clubs symbolizes the brunet, and the peak symbolizes a person in uniform or an official. Hold the cards in your hands, imagining as much as possible of the person you are guessing.

Shuffle the cards, remove from the deck with your left hand.

The alignment method

In the center of the table, place the hidden king. Put around it clockwise 4 cards, starting from the head, after which you can begin to interpret the prediction.

If you still have questions, they can be clarified with an additional card that comes from the deck at random.

Video: Meaning and interpretation of each card

Why should I turn to maps?

Often it is the cards that the vast majority of people apply to. Especially those who are supporters of divination.

After all, maps are the first thing that comes to mind for anyone. They are known not only for their entertainment use, but also because they are the most common helper in dealing with fate.

The most famous divination for love — «4 Kings»

Powerful gypsy fortune telling for a king: 4 kings of truth

Guessing cards are used everywhere and for a variety of purposes. But more often you can meet exactly love ones.

Recognized among them is divination to 4 kings, because with the help of these four cards you can choose a chosen one, find out how your fans treat you, or lift the veil of the future secrets and find out who your betrothed will be.

There are several types of this fortune telling, you can choose one or another alignment depending on the issue of concern to you. One of the most famous among them is the divination of Aza to 4 kings. Gypsy Aza is a famous modern fortune teller who helps many find their happiness by deciphering the signs of fate, and whose predictions created a real sensation.

With our help, you will be able to find out not only her secret, but also general information about kings for all the main love divinations using these cards! This knowledge will be useful to you in the future, if you want to continue your acquaintance with the cards, not limited to solving only the current difficult situation.

After all, kings, regardless of whether fortune-telling for 4 kings, or any other alignment, perhaps even in no way related to a love theme, still almost always have similar interpretations.

Basic map values

Powerful gypsy fortune telling for a king: 4 kings of truth

In any traditional divination, kings symbolize a man, it does not even matter — a husband, lover, or just a friend. The main attention should be paid to the suit of the fallen king, which has a special symbolic meaning, ranging from appearance and age, ending with the occupation. Common values ​​are:

  • — the king of hearts — a young man, blond, loving, gentle, passionate;
  • — the king of clubs — a young man, dark-haired, successful, sometimes military;
  • — King of diamonds — a mature man, blond, intelligent, with money;
  • — the king of the peak — a mature man, dark-haired, strong.

Given that the usual cards came to us as a simplified version of the Great Tarot, according to many researchers, although the statement is controversial, you can look at the description of the kings from the Major Arcana if you have a problem with interpretation. There you can find descriptions of the characters of kings. Just do not forget to arm yourself with the knowledge of which card suit corresponds to which suit in the Tarot.

Recall that diamonds are simplified pentacles, peaks are swords, hearts are bowls, and clubs, respectively, with rods.

Let us turn directly to the technique of layouts, with the help of which you can arrange in your apartment a “house of fortune telling for 4 kings” for yourself, your loved ones, friends and acquaintances.

Simple fortune telling on the relationship of a loved one

Powerful gypsy fortune telling for a king: 4 kings of truth

You make sure that there is nothing difficult in communicating with the deck. The first fortune-telling on the cards: 4 kings are thoroughly mixed with a deck of 36 cards.

Guess the king to the person whose feelings you are interested in, then the cards are laid out one by one for each question. Only seven questions, respectively, a maximum of seven piles you should have. When laying out cards in piles, pronounce phrases that form together sentences:

  1. «Name, King!»
  2. «Say, dear!»
  3. «Do you love me?».
  4. «I love you».
  5. «With all my heart».
  6. «With all my soul.»
  7. «But there are better than you.»

Two sentences — one round. One round — seven cards.

If a hidden card does not fall out of the circle, repeat the actions again until the desired king falls out. If the king fell in the first pile, then the relationship has just begun. In the second or third pile — your elect in his attitude towards you has not yet decided.

But the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh piles speak for themselves, in them the question is the answer. Now you know how to independently perform the gypsy divination of Aza on 4 kings.

Divination for the choice of men

What to do if you need to choose from several men? The second fortune-telling for 4 kings is an assistant in the choice of several fans, when you yourself doubt your decisions. Guess the fan decks for each king, lay them face down on the table.

Shuffle the deck and put the card face up on each king, ask each question how a particular man treats you. If two cards of the same value appear in a row, say, two sevens — put them over the king, and put other cards on the kings, and so on three times.

By the number of fallen pairs, you can determine the attitude of men towards you. In this case, the values ​​will be as follows:

  • 6 — “treason”
  • 7 — “dreams to see”,
  • 8 — «thirst for communication»,
  • 9 — “loves”
  • 10 — “interested”,
  • B — «kiss»
  • D — “friendship”
  • T — «misses.»

Collect all the cards, leaving the kings on the table, shuffle and repeat the alignment, but with the question “what does he like about me?”.

  • 6 — “legs”,
  • 7 — “eyes”,
  • 8 — “heart”,
  • 9 — “your initiative”,
  • 10 — «behavior»
  • B — “figure”
  • D — «face»
  • T — «all.»

Now repeat the alignment with the question “what does a fan want from me?”.

Powerful gypsy fortune telling for a king: 4 kings of truth

  • 6 — “invite somewhere”,
  • 7 — “dates”
  • 8 — “talk”
  • 9 — «love»
  • 10 — «intima»
  • In — «kiss»
  • D — «friendship»
  • T — «always be with you.»

And, finally, for the last time ask a question about what will happen between you, and again lay out the cards. Values:

  • 6 — “treason”
  • 7 — “date”,
  • 8 — “communication”
  • 9 — “love”,
  • 10 — “passion”
  • B — «kiss»
  • D — “friendship”
  • T — «separation.»

Divination without a scenario

You can also use the simplest fortune telling for 4 kings. Just put the kings under the pillow and go to bed with thoughts of a happy future, saying: «My suedy, my darling, dream me.» And in the morning the first thing is to get, without looking, the first card from under the pillow.

The peak card warns about an irritable wife older than you, baptisms promise a rich or military companion, tambourines — beloved and young, and hearts worried about happiness with a wealthy loving man.

Powerful gypsy fortune telling for a king: 4 kings of truth

As you can see, you will not be difficult to choose the alignment for the soul. Help yourself understand your feelings and be happy!

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