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Popular fortune telling on Lenormand maps

Popular fortune telling on Lenormand maps

One of the most widely known and most popular tarot cards are Maria Lenormand. Using these cards, you can not only learn about the future of your relationship with any person, but also create your own love horoscope for a week, month, or even a year, find missing things and clarify unpleasant situations in dealing with others.

In this article we will look at one of the most popular divinations of Madame Lenormand: the “Search” alignment. With it, you can easily determine where the lost thing is and find out the circumstances of the loss.

Free fortune-telling on Lenormand cards: the “Search” alignment

For this fortune-telling by Maria Lenorman you will need a deck of original cards. The layout technique itself is based on the well-known methods of horary astrology. Charts are in the appropriate 12 astrological houses.

Each of them consists of 3 maps and indicates the possible location of the missing thing and the circumstances that it provoked.

Think about what has been lost. Mix the deck thoroughly and lay out 36 cards in 4 rows of 9 cards in front of you. Total you get 12 astrological houses with 3 cards each, as mentioned above.

Accordingly, in each row you will have three houses.

Before opening the cards, decide which of them will symbolize your loss. Here are some guidelines:

  • If we are talking about a person, then it is best to choose a “man”, “woman” or “child” card, depending on who you want to know about.
  • If an inanimate thing is lost, you should choose the card that most accurately describes its properties.
  • If communication and communication facilities are lost, the rider card should be chosen.
  • If vehicles are lost, select a card from the Lenormand “ship” deck.
  • If you have lost a valuable gift, then let it be marked with a “bouquet” card.
  • Weapons, piercing and cutting objects will be symbolized by the «Spit» card.
  • Jewels, stones and crafts — map «mountain».
  • Jewelry — card «ring».
  • Books, newspapers, magazines — book card.
  • Products — card «fish».
  • Cards «sun» and «moon» can symbolize gold and silver jewelry.

Once you have decided on the card of your loss, start turning over all the cards from the Lenormand deck. When you find the map you need, pay attention to her “neighbors” in the astrological house and the numerical designation of the house itself. They will mean the possible circumstances of the loss.

The value of each house in the fortune-telling of Madame Lenormand: the alignment «Search»

  • The first house. According to the card divination by Maria Lenorman, it symbolizes the personal space of the fortuneteller or the person for whom they are wondering. If the card of loss was found in this house, then relatives and close people can be involved in loss.
  • Second house. The lost item can be found among the personal belongings of the diviner. The thing will be quite difficult to find, because it is out of sight.
  • Third house. You should look for the loss alongside communications and telecommunications. It may be worth checking in the table or on the table.
  • Fourth house. The thing is in the house. First of all, you should pay attention to the basements, and if there are no such in the house, then to the place where the fortuneteller spends the most time.
  • Fifth house. Search will take a long time. Loss can be found in a mistress or a lover, as well as be sure to look in the nursery.
  • Sixth house. If you believe fortune-telling on Lenormand cards, then the lost thing is inside something. Perhaps it is a box, cabinet, table, drawer and so on.
  • Seventh house. Loss can be found in the bedroom. If there is a rat card in the same house, the thing was stolen, and you can hardly return it.
  • The eighth house. Adverse sign. The thing was spoiled by someone from the friends, after which it was hidden. Better not even look.
  • Ninth house. A thing can be discovered with the help of people of another nationality or blood brothers and sisters.
  • Tenth house. Start your search from where you work.
  • Eleventh house. The time you spend searching for the loss will be calculated in weeks, so think again whether you really need it. If yes, then the search direction should be taken to the west.
  • The twelfth house. In the fortune-telling on Lenormand maps, this house symbolizes hard-to-reach places. For example, a thing may be found under the bed, in the basement or in the medicine chest.

We wish you to find all the lost items with the help of this simple decomposition of the Lenormand deck. You can leave your comments on the topic under the article and do not forget to click on the buttons and

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