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Pentacles Tarot Five — the value of the card

Tarot Card Value Five Pentacles (Junior Arcanum)

The very image on the map of Pentakey Five makes you think about the fact that an unfavorable period is coming in life. It depicts two unfortunate vagrants wandering in an unknown direction through the raging weather.

At the same time, their whole appearance suggests that people are accustomed to their own lot and do not strive for change. They pass by a building, perhaps a church, in the windows of which there are five pentacles.

Pentacles Tarot Five - the value of the card
Pentacles Tarot Five - the value of the card

The meaning of the map of the Five Pentacles in the upright position

In the direct position of the Five, Pentacles always symbolizes loss. She focuses the attention of the reader on the fact that in the near future he will not be able to achieve material success.

Life will be filled with serious financial difficulties.

It may very well be that after this lasso falls into place, a crucial moment will come in the life of a person. Perhaps, support is somewhere nearby, because the illuminated window of the building reminds of this, past which tramps go.

But, unfortunately, it is not always possible to notice and use.

This map in the scenario indicates the danger, even if a person lives in prosperity and feels completely secure. It is a reminder that in life there is nothing stable and an internal crisis can affect welfare, and, therefore, there is always one step from poverty to poverty.

If there are other positive cards next to the Five of Pentacles, this indicates that the period of loneliness and loss can be overcome relatively easily.

This map can affect various spheres of human activity in the following way:

  • In the area of ​​health, perhaps the development of serious ailments, as well as the exacerbation of existing chronic diseases.
  • In personal relationships, external material troubles will lead to the fact that a person loses faith in himself and becomes not interested in a partner. Sometimes the card indicates that the cause of material ruin is a lover or lover.
  • In the business field, this card portends a possible job loss or demotion. In the presence of a number of negative cards, the Pentakey Five may foreshadow a complete bankruptcy.

This card represents the impoverished and lonely person. Sometimes, she points to the fact that next to a man is a lover or lover, with whom many troubles in life are associated.

The meaning of the map of the Five Pentacles in the inverted position

In the inverted position, the Pentacles Five can be interpreted dually. On the one hand, if there are positive cards nearby, then it foreshadows an improvement in financial issues in the near future.

But if there are negative cards nearby, then all the bad omens associated with this card are only exacerbated.

This card emphasizes that the person will not have the opportunity to move forward due to the appearance of external constraints. In addition, he will be surrounded by gossip and slander, which will also be very harmful.

In life there will come a period of absolute disharmony.

In various areas of human activity, this card may indicate the following:

  • In matters of health, there may be a general deterioration associated with a weakened immune system. Against this background, serious diseases can also develop.
  • In the personal sphere, there will be a rift in relations with a partner, the cause of which may be treason. But if there are positive cards nearby, then there is a big chance to fix everything, without breaking the relationship.
  • In the business sphere, there will be complete stagnation. Everywhere there will be chaos and confusion. It will often happen that the problem that has arisen will not be as serious as it seems at first glance. But unreasonable fears can lead to depression and nervous breakdowns.

Pentacles five often personifies a depraved person who prefers not to resist, but to go with the flow. Also, this card may indicate that, surrounded by a fortuneteller, there is a person who has already experienced difficult times and survived.

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