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Past life by date of birth: how to find out who I was

Past life by date of birth: numerological calculation

You can find out what your past life was by date of birth using simple numerological calculations. This will help to find out if you have karmic debts, as well as in what earthly incarnations your soul lived before.

How to find out who I was in a past life

If you believe in reincarnation, you will be interested to know who you were in your past life. This will help to understand why in this incarnation you live just such a life, for what mistakes you pay.

Past life by date of birth: how to find out who I was

The calculation is very simple: sum up all the digits of your birth date to start. For example, if you were born on October 16, 1991: 1 + 6 + 1 + 0 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 1 = 28. Then look for the corresponding value in the list:

  • 4 — you were engaged in magic or science, studied esoteric teachings
  • 5 — everything related to chemicals and their interaction. Were a chemist or perfumer, a pharmacist or create poisons
  • 6 — activities related to the music field
  • 7 — built or designed buildings
  • 8 — studied astrology or astronomy. Perhaps traveled a lot, focusing on the stars, helping to create a map of the globe
  • 9 — were engaged in creativity, were a prominent figure in the field of art
  • 10 — related to working with animals
  • 11 — sinned decently. Breaking the Law: Stealing, Killing, Cheating
  • 12 — negative karma. They committed evil on a grand scale: they were engaged in terror, were a political criminal or an enemy spy
  • 13 — were in strict submission or imprisonment. Karma prisoner or slave
  • 14 — a heroic man with a tragic fate. Military
  • 15 — the neutral karma of an ordinary person, unremarkable
  • 16 — were representatives of the aristocratic, noble and rich family
  • 17 — a sick person, exhausted, with financial problems and an unsettled personal life
  • 18 — medicine man or priest
  • 19 — a man who traveled half the world for scientific purposes
  • 20 — a very rich man who achieved success by hard work, not from the nobility
  • 21 — a man engaged in heavy physical labor
  • 22 — cheater and adventurer
  • 23 — a woman who earned a living by needlework
  • 23 — a person close to God, a minister of the church
  • 24 — a hermit or a monk, a man leading an ascetic life
  • 25 — powerful ruler, head of state
  • 26 — the altruist man who gave his life to serving people
  • 27 — the discoverer
  • 28 — committed suicide
  • 29 — were engaged in trade
  • 30 — creative person, poet or artist
  • 31 — performer
  • 32 — traveled a lot, but died tragically in complete solitude, there were no close people in life
  • 33 — close to the state ruler, gray cardinal
  • 34 — warrior who died in an unequal battle with the enemy
  • 35 — singer
  • 36 — a killer with personality disorder, or a mad scientist who experimented with people, or a sadist who tortured his wife
  • 37 — the man who sought solace in God — a monk or a hermit
  • 38 — sold the body for money: a gigolo or a prostitute
  • 39 — professional money player
  • 40 — contributed to history or science
  • 41 — a popular bestseller or writer
  • 42 — the famous culinary specialist
  • 43 — were executed for a crime
  • 44 — the historical villain who killed a huge number of people (example: Hitler)
  • 45 — a doctor who later became a scientist and made a grandiose discovery in medicine used by mankind until
  • 46 — military man, patriot and hero
  • 47 — lived in a hermitage, led an almost primitive way of life
  • 48 — sold or made weapons

Find out who you were in the previous incarnation, quite entertaining. But this fact may be the answer to the question — what sins do you pay for in this life.

For example, if in a past life you became a suicide, now you are constantly under the weight of difficult circumstances, killing the desire to live with your own hands.

Past life by date of birth: how to find out who I was

It is important to understand what karmic lessons you need to go through in order to heal your soul and save it from suffering.

Watch the video about the definition of past lives by date of birth:

The task of the current incarnation

In the process of mortal life, your soul must fulfill its karmic debts and fulfill its purpose. You can also define tasks in your current life using numerology.

Past life by date of birth: how to find out who I was

The calculation method is as follows:

  • Write down the date of birth. 10/16/1991. Karmic number — the last digit, in our example — one
  • We look at how many times a unit occurs in a date: in our example, 4 times. This means that in past lives you have already tried 4 times to fulfill your purpose, but you could not do it.
  • Next, write down the numbers that are missing in the date of birth: 234578. The smaller they will be, the further your soul will progress in development. Tasks corresponding to these figures, it is also desirable to work

The value of the resulting numbers:

  • 9 — develop the physical body. Sport, medicine, any physical work — suitable professions
  • 8 — your main task is to realize yourself in the family. Engage in the upbringing of children and build relationships with relatives. Professions: teacher, social worker, teacher in an orphanage, etc.
  • 7 — the best option for you is your own business. You must learn to make money and increase capital. Develop emotional control and logic.
  • 6 — you need to develop mercy and compassion. The professions of a psychologist, a narcologist, a coach are suitable.
  • 5 — engage in self-development, creativity. Your goal is to decorate the world and harmonize the space around you.
  • 4— develop extrasensory abilities and intuition
  • 3 — you need to engage in spiritual development. You strive to gain knowledge and carry it to the masses.
  • 2 — you have a strong desire for knowledge, you strive to constantly learn and look for new sources of information. Your task is to study the laws of energy and engage in spiritual practices.
  • 1 — you are endowed with divine wisdom and love. It is important for you to become a source of love, strength and wisdom, which you will share with others. Do not lie to anyone and try not to harbor illusions
  • 0 — your soul needs constant purification from negativity and faith in God

Knowing the karmic tasks will help you figure out which direction to move in life in order to benefit others and yourself.

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