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Palmistry: the secrets of the line of mind in the palm of your hand

Palmistry: the secrets of the line of mind in the palm of your hand

Experienced palmists, on the line of the mind on the arm, determine the nature of a person’s thinking and his abilities. This line is also called the head line. Often, thanks to her, one can reveal the talents of a person and his predisposition to various types of activity.

In addition, the significance of this line in palmistry is interpreted from the position of the physical aspect: it can tell about the state of the nervous system and the workings of the human brain. So, what can your line of mind on the hand tell?

The line of mind is between the line of life and the line of the heart. If you look at the palm, this line will horizontally cross it almost in the center.

If the line of the mind is not connected to the line of life at the very beginning (at the top of the thumb), this indicates a harmonious mindset. In this case, a person thinks sensibly, is able to perceive criticism in his address and knows how to find a balance between caution and courage.

If the line of mind connects at the beginning with the life line and this compound is quite long, it is a sign of prudence. The owner of such a line first thinks, and then does. It may also indicate that the person left the parent nest very late.

Winding line of mind talks about creative thinking and the original rock of the mind. Such a person is flexible in dealing with people, resourceful and enterprising. His imagination is well developed, but it is difficult for him to think logically.

Straight line mind — a sign of prudence, practicality, rationality and straightness. The owner of such a line on his hand is looking for all his benefit. Imagination in this case is almost undeveloped, and the mindset is more logical and analytical than creative.

If the line of mind is far from the line of life, then it is a sign of an adventurous character. For such a person there are no authorities, he listens only to himself and does everything in his own way. This is a sign of independence and the desire for independence.

Often people with such a line of mind on hand are very brave, confident and arrogant.

Double line of mind points to superior thinking. This is a sign that a person does not have any clear principles and stereotypes in life and is ready to consider any situation from different sides. This line of mind can be safely called a sign of genius.

In addition, the double line of mind can talk about the dual life of a person. It is likely that the owner of such a line has two passions in life, for example, is engaged in science and loves to care for the garden in his country house.

Gap in mind line indicates head injuries or brain disease. It can also mean that a person has had a nervous breakdown and mental disorders.

Of particular importance in palmistry signs on the line of mind:

  • The cross is a bad sign of a head injury.
  • A triangle on the line of mind is a sign that a person is connected with science and can achieve great success in this area.
  • A circle in the mind line is a sign of vision problems.
  • An island on the line of mind is a problem, a failure, and a black streak in life. As a rule, islets on the line of the mind speak of a difficult period in a person’s life.
  • The star is an extremely unfavorable sign on the line of the mind. It means a head wound.
  • The square is considered a safeguard sign. He points out that higher powers are protecting a person from failure.

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