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Palmistry on the lines on the hand: what type of lovers do you think

Palmistry on the lines on the hand: what type of lovers do you think

Determining the type of lovers by the lines on your hand will allow you not only to know yourself better, but also to determine the sexual potential of your partner. In palmistry, there are four types of lovers: loyal, shy, romantic and passionate.

You can find out what type you or your partner are by analyzing the line of the heart and the hill of Venus on the left palm.

Loyal lover

If the line of the heart on the hand is low and almost in contact with the line of the mind, then this indicates loyalty and loyalty to the person. This type of approach to choosing a partner is serious and never exchanges on trifles. In relationships, these people are true, but often in love, they show prudence and practicality.

You can’t call them passionate lovers, because their mind constantly controls feelings and emotions.

Shy lover

If the line of the heart ends between the index and middle finger, then this indicates some closeness in sex. Another sign of a shy type of lover is the close-up life line to the hill of Venus (the base of the thumb). This type has a weak sexual potential.

Romantic lover

If the line of the heart in the palm is straight and high, then in the fortune-telling by the hand it indicates the desire to constantly search for your ideal. Such lovers are rarely true. As a rule, they have a lot of intrigue on the side, and they are constantly in search of the best candidate. Another distinctive sign of this type of lover — a chain on the line of the heart.

She talks about a lot of love affairs and inexhaustible sexual energy.

Passionate lover

The main distinguishing mark in palmistry on the palm of people of passionate type is the presence of the ring of Venus. This line is located above the line of the heart. It is a ring that covers the base of the middle and ring finger.

Another sign of passion is the winding line of the heart. This type is characterized by hot temperament, emotionality and great sexual attraction.

With the help of this fortune telling by hand, you can learn more about yourself and your partner. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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