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Palmistry of love: what does the line of marriage on the hand

Palmistry of love: what does the line of marriage on the hand

One of the widely known and common ways to know the future and yourself is palmistry. She will tell you how to develop family relationships in the line of marriage.

The line of marriage on the palms is located on the very edge, from the side of the little finger above the line of the heart. She does not give predictions about love, but it can clearly track strong attachments and, to some extent, predict whether this relationship will end, and if so, in what way.

So take a look: how many lines do you see on your hand? Their number is the number of the strongest attachments. Moreover, the longer these lines are, the longer the affection will be.

How does your marriage line end? If there is a fork in the end, then we can say that you and your partner will not get away with the character. If at the end there is a certain oval shape, then you will disperse with very large scandals and it will be difficult for you emotionally.

When the line of marriage reaches the line of the Sun (it goes from the ring finger through the whole palm), then your chosen one will be someone notable and wealthy, like a patron. Do not worry if you do not have such a line of marriage: patronage can be expressed in the line of the guardian angel.

If your marriage line draws an arc and falls below the heart line, then there is a chance that you will outlive your chosen one, perhaps it points in this way to widowhood.

If the line of marriage has a lowered tip at the end, then the marriage will bring disappointment. Lines throughout the marriage line, which depart from it downward, indicate problems in family life. About wrangles also says the wavy shape of the line of marriage.

Take a closer look: are there any less distinct lines next to the reject line? They talk about having relationships on the side. They are best on the inactive hand, as this is a hidden relationship.

If you are right handed, check their presence on your left hand. But do not panic, if you find them, check: is there any evidence of this. On the hill of Venus between the thumb and the line of life there are lines of influence.

The one closest to the lifeline is the spouse’s line. If it gradually departs from the line of life, and another one appears between them, perhaps a little less clear, this can confirm the betrayal.

Marks on the line of marriage

“Island” — the oval is clearly visible on the marriage line, but not at the end, but on the marriage line itself. This speaks at least about a period of very difficult and difficult relations, but it is not fatal. That is, it can mean rethinking relationships.

“Cross” — indicates a very serious obstacle to marriage or for marriage itself. They may even be insurmountable.

“Star” is a very unpleasant sign, usually indicating selling love and betrayal, especially if it is confirmed by other signs. Can talk about what you used.

Palmistry not only helps to know the fate, but also to determine a person’s character, for example, by the shape of fingers. Read hand correctly and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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