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Palmistry lines on the hand — decoding with photo

Palmistry lines on the hand — decoding with photo

Palmistry is an ancient doctrine with the help of which many years already knowledgeable people predict their own and others’ future, reveal the secrets of the past and explain the situation that is happening now. During life, new lines are formed on our hands, reflecting everything that happened to us, our thoughts and plans, feelings.

If you have certain knowledge, you can unravel the symbols hidden in the lines, and determine what awaits us in the near future, and throughout life. In this article we will talk about how to correctly read the lines on the hands of a man and a woman in order to receive correct predictions.

Main lines on the palm

Everyone can comprehend the basics of the ancient esoteric teachings. To do this, first of all it is necessary to learn how to determine the type of the sign and correctly interpret it.

On the human arm there are many lines, 6 of which are considered by experts to be the main ones, and the rest are minor. We study the main lines.

On the right handOn the left hand
Line of fateSituations that will result from decisionsEvents that happen by themselves
Sun lineRoad to successThe greatest strengths
Heart lineEmotional conditionMain character traits
Mind lineIntellectual achievementsCongenital mental potential
Health linePossible health problemsNatural body health
Life lineStandard of livingPotential by birth

Active and inactive palms

Reading hands should start with an analysis of the location of the main lines. From where exactly one or another line is located on the palm of the hand, its bends and depths, its value will change.

It often happens that any line on the right hand is different from the same line on the left.

When interpreting signs, it is worth understanding how the active hand differs from the inactive one. The active hand shows the events that will be the result of decisions made.

The inactive hand displays the heredity of a person, his natural potential.

Palmistry lines on the hand - decoding with photo

If the person is right-handed, then his right hand is active, and the left hand is inactive. If the person is left-handed, then vice versa.

There is another way to find out which hand is active in a person. To do this, simply ask him to give his hand.

In most cases, the active hand will be unconsciously served.

Life line

The most significant is the life line. It begins between the thumb and forefinger and, bending around the thumb hill, ends at the wrist. Oddly enough, there are people who do not have this line.

However, this does not mean anything bad — the person simply remains in search of himself and his life goal. Therefore, sometimes this line may disappear and manifest itself again.

If the line is clearly expressed — it speaks of the commitment of a person and stability in his life. Such a person realizes his potential and achieves the tasks that he has set for himself.

Gaps in the life line foreshadow serious and abrupt changes, while it is important to take into account on which hand they are on. If there are gaps on the left hand, changes will occur due to external circumstances, and if the line of the right hand is interrupted, changes will occur at the initiative of the person himself.

In some cases, there are small branches on the life line. They say that people expect significant events.

In the direction of branches (up or down) you can find out whether they will be good or bad.

If the outcome of the life line has a fork in the road, the person will experience such activities as tourism, long-distance and long-distance travel.

The very location of the line cannot be ignored — if the line starts not far from the index finger and goes around the hill widely — such a person has a strong and energetic character. If she takes the beginning closer to the big toe — the person has a weak character, prone to insecurity and fear.

Health line

Worst of all, if this line relates to the line of life. Such a sign indicates a serious negative impact of any diseases on the fate of a person. Often there are people who have only the beginning and end of this line, or it is completely absent.

This is a good sign that speaks of the excellent health of a person in all its spheres — mental, emotional, physical.

If the line crosses the whole arm without touching other signs, this is a no less kind sign, which indicates the absence of serious diseases that threaten health. In the case of layering over each other fragments of the health line, a person is expected to successfully fight against diseases.

Interruption of the health line suggests that diseases will recede from time to time, and in this case, the person must carefully care for his body, observing all the recommendations of doctors.

This sign can tell a lot about human intellectual potential and its implementation. In order to get the right conclusions, it is necessary to compare the lines on both palms. If on the left hand the line of the mind is less pronounced than on the right, or has a smaller size, this indicates that the person successfully realizes his or her potential.

If the lines are the same — it says the opposite.

The same lines of mind on both hands indicate that a person does not develop the mental potential given to him from birth. If you can turn a blind eye to this in your youth, then an adult, having discovered such a sign, should reconsider his life habits and take time to develop.

Some mistakenly believe that the deep and clear line of the mind speaks of the incredible power of human intelligence. However, in reality, it means more commitment to a cause, professionalism in something.

  • If the line is short — a person likes to work with his hands more than his head;
  • A long line across the palm speaks of a penchant for analytics and logic;
  • The wavy or zigzag line of the mind says that a person often changes things, concentrates badly on one thing;
  • The downward line of the mind speaks of gullibility and naivety;
  • If the beginning of the line of the mind does not coincide with the line of life — the person is a seeker, loves the new and the unknown;
  • Strokes and crosses on the line of the mind speak of important and momentous decisions.

Heart line

This line helps to determine the best path for success for a person. If the line of the sun is short — a person is distinguished by his creative nature, and he understands music, literature and other art.

Pleasant and easy to talk to, has many interesting thoughts, which he willingly shares with others.

Those people whose sun line has the shape of a wave are also prone to creativity, but they differ in pessimism and rarely can achieve their goal. Most often, even with the very choice of this goal, they already have big problems.

Line of fate

If this line is vertical and even — a person will have a grand future with dizzying success both in his career and in all other undertakings. Weakly expressed the line of fate suggests that a person is not satisfied with his own position in his personal life, career or other aspects.

Crosses or strokes on the line of fate foreshadow frequent changes in professional activity. If this trait begins in conjunction with the life line, difficulties are expected in the early stages of a person’s life.

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