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Palmistry: line of marriage and children with explanations and photographs

Palmistry — define the line of marriage and children on the arm

People from ancient times wanted to know what fate had prepared for them. For this, various methods of divination and prediction of the future were invented.

One of the most important desires of every person is to be happy in his personal life. For young girls and women, the desire to meet a good husband and live with him all his life, having given birth to children, is especially strong.

The science of palmistry implies divination by hand as a way to know your future. Having examined and analyzed the characteristics of the marriage line, one can find out about the number of marriages, their duration and whether they will be happy.

The question of the heirs arises in many people — and you can answer it by examining your hand.

What is palmistry?

One of the oldest ways to find out the future is divination by hand. The science of predicting future events along the lines of the palm has received the name of palmistry.

It exists for several millennia and has many staunch supporters.

According to her postulates, the whole future life of a person is written on his palm in the form of a unique drawing of lines, hillocks and points. This unique «map» is given to us at birth and contains information about the most important events and key moments of the life path.

Each line in the palm has its own name and tells about a certain area of ​​life.

Palmistry: line of marriage and children with explanations and photographs

Today we will talk about that which palmistry refers to as the “marriage line”. It is she who gives answers to any questions about love and personal life.

General hand examination

Palmistry: line of marriage and children with explanations and photographs

In order to find out the character of a person, it is not necessary to delve into palmistry itself. It is enough to look at your hands, that is, to make a general inspection. For this, the leading hand is taken.

  • If, when feeling the hand, a certain roughness of the skin is noticed, this means that the holder of the hand has a straightforward character. A cold and thin hand, on the contrary, speaks of refinement and tenderness.
  • If you look at the shape of the hand, it is easy to see that it is different for everyone. The owner of a square palm probably has a direct and practical character. Stretched palm speaks about the impressionability and suspiciousness of its owner.
  • Additional information also gives the length of the fingers. Short fingers are usually found in energetic and superficial people. The presence of long fingers indicates pedantic and stubborn character. If a person has fingers of medium length, then he does not have such a pronounced character, that is, he is both stubborn and superficial in moderation.

Palmistry: line of marriage and children with explanations and photographs

Differences in interpretation of the right and left hand

Before looking for the cherished lines on the palm, it is important to know which hand is wondering:

  1. Traditionally, the left hand stores information about the bestowed fate, about life provided by nature itself. But since birth, man has also been given the right to choose, the ability to influence the course of events.
  2. The right hand reflects the current situation, and also stores the imprints of the life changes that have occurred thanks to the person himself. Right-handed predict the right hand, referring to the marked on the left. For left-handers, everything is exactly the opposite: guessing on the active left hand.

What a man and woman to guess

Before you start divination by the lines on your hand, decide on the leading palm. In this science, it is believed that the left hand is a “book” of fate, which is granted by nature, but the right hand is changed throughout life, because it is “built” by man himself.

How to guess the hand of a woman? The right will show what she was born with, and the left that she acquired during her life.

With men, the same principle applies, only the opposite way.

Palmistry: line of marriage and children with explanations and photographs

Main lines

Palmistry: line of marriage and children with explanations and photographs

After inspecting the hands, you can proceed to the divination hands. Each hand has its own pictures and they are all different.

In the form of pictures in palmistry, 4 main lines are considered: the line of the heart, head (mind), life and destiny, and the latter is not found in all people.

For a start, let’s decide on which hand to guess. In many books it is written that when choosing a hand it is important who wonders: a man or a woman.

It is best not to bother about this, but to choose according to this principle: the dominant hand (if you are right-handed, the right hand) tells the guessing person about the past and the present, and the other hand (not the dominant) tells about future events.

Heart line

Palmistry: line of marriage and children with explanations and photographs

By divination in the hands of the need to be taken seriously. Otherwise, joking and having fun, you can foretell a completely wrong fate.

The line of the heart tells its owner about emotional stability, the degree of romance and heart health. It begins under the little finger from the edge of the palm and in the form of a curve goes to the index finger.

Palmistry: line of marriage and children with explanations and photographs

Values ​​of the heart line according to various characteristics:

  • If it ends between the index and middle finger, it means that the person has an open character, he has many friends and acquaintances who value and love him.
  • If it is rather short, then its owner is restrained in emotions, not romantic.
  • If it ends with the heart of the middle finger, it means that a person cares more about his problems than about others.
  • If it goes to the base of the index finger, then the person is a perfectionist and demands appropriate behavior from people, close to the ideal one.
  • Long and curve — indicates a slight expression of emotions.
  • Circle crossing the line means sadness or depressive nature.
  • The gap indicates a traumatic emotional trauma.

Head line

Palmistry: line of marriage and children with explanations and photographs

The second main line in palmistry is the head line.

She shows exactly how her possessor uses her mental abilities.

Its values ​​according to various characteristics:

  1. If it is short, then its owner relies more on his logic than on imagination and imagination.
  2. Rough and curved — it means that a person has creative abilities.
  3. Long — about a clear and focused thinking. A man with such a line loves everything to the end.
  4. Circles and crosses will lead to an emotional crisis.
  5. The straight line speaks of realistic thinking.

Life line

Palmistry: line of marriage and children with explanations and photographs

The life line will tell about the life-loving of a person, about love for himself and the people around him.

Many believe that its length is directly related to the duration of a person’s life. Fortunately, this is an erroneous opinion that frightens many and brings them to stress.

Its values ​​according to various characteristics:

  • If the line is quite far from the thumb, then the person has a great vitality and vitality.
  • If it is located close to the finger, then its owner does not have enough vital energy.
  • If it is short and shallow, then the person is easily manipulated by strangers.
  • The presence of several lines of life indicates high vitality and good health.
  • Circles talk about the hospital and possible diseases.
  • If it has the appearance of a strongly pronounced semicircle, then the person is bursting with great strength and enthusiasm.

Palmistry: line of marriage and children with explanations and photographs

Line of fate

In fortune-telling on the hands, the line of fate is not found in all people. Starting at the base of the palm, very often crosses the line of the head and heart.

Its values ​​depending on some characteristics:

  1. If it is quite deep, then the life of a person is controlled by fate.
  2. If it crosses the lifeline, then its owner has great support from parents and friends.
  3. If she crosses the line of life in the middle of her line, then a person will think not only about herself, but also about people close to him.
  4. If it starts simultaneously with the life line, then the person himself creates his own destiny.

Line of children

Taking advantage of fortune telling hands, women will not miss the opportunity to learn about the number of possible children from her. Learning about the number of children, as well as the gender of the unborn child can be quite simple.

First, when divination on hand, you need to find the marriage line, which displays the number of children.

It is necessary to remember the fact that the opportunity to have so many children is displayed on the arm, but it does not mean that the person will have exactly the amount that is displayed on the arm.

Basic rules of palmistry

From the point of view of palmistry, one of the hands of man is dominant, and the second is passive. Right handers are dominated by their right hand, left handers are left handed.

  • will tell about the character of a person and about how a person lives in the present
  • will help predict the future

  • clarify the past
  • will tell about childhood and about the degree of parental influence on a person’s fate
  • reveal potential talents

On each of the hands there are four main lines (see figure below)

Palmistry: line of marriage and children with explanations and photographs

  1. blue line (1) — line of the heart — emotions and relationships. Along the line is read the ability of a person to strong emotional experiences.
  2. the green line (2) is the line of the mind or the line of the head — the essence of a person, talents, potential. The geography of the line will indicate achievements related to intelligence and psychological problems.
  3. yellow line (3) — life line — an indicator of life potential and the degree of its disclosure. Life line reads information about health and physical endurance
  4. red line (4) — line of fate (not always present) — changes in life, doubts, awareness of end goals. As a rule, indicates the period of life is 35-50 years. The absence of the line of fate is neutral and indicates the absence of definite goals in life, the movement with the flow.

In addition to lines, palmists emit so-called hills or mounds, which are under the influence of the planets of the solar system.

Marriage lines

The line of marriage on the hand in palmistry, is located on the hill of Mercury, and originates on the edge of the palm.

Using the lines of relationships (affections) or the line of marriage, palmistry determines the number of marriages, important love unions in a person’s life. The lines represent people close to us with whom there will be a close relationship.

Some signs, which often appear on the palm of your hand, help to understand the meaning of the line of marriage.

  • Fan. Palmistry interprets such signs as ambiguity of feelings. Lack of specific attachments.
  • The triangle is a marriage with an extraordinary person. However, for family life it will not bring anything good. Unusual, super-talented individuals are not able to compromise and care about someone. A family life without this can not be imagined. The exceptions are cases when one partner completely sacrifices his interests for the sake of his beloved genius.
  • Small touches that are below the lines of love — light relationships with another person before marriage. Strokes above the features of marriage — from fate we must wait for new hobbies on the side.
  • Thin intersections (crosses) allow you to learn about problems with the mother-in-law or about the machinations of other third parties. Also, their importance can be associated with serious disagreements.
  • The island is a symbol of a short marriage. If such signs are found in the middle of a line, then disagreements can be overcome. If the island is at the end, most likely parting can not be avoided.

Palmistry: line of marriage and children with explanations and photographs

  • The point is widowhood. Such sad signs in the palm appear in those who have lost a loved one.
  • Mugs. Successful relationships, complete harmony in this marriage.
  • Square. Symbol of protection from external adversity, the square will save the relationship.
  • Lattice. These are obstacles to happiness.

How many marriages will there be?

To the question of how many marriages there will be, palmistry will answer in just a few minutes. Guessing on the hand and questions about how many marriages will be known from antiquity itself.

Despite the fact that divorces were very rare in the old days, there could be several marriages or marriages — widows and widowers often remained desirable candidates and candidates for brides or grooms.

In order to determine the number of marriages by hand, simply count the dashes that speak of marriage.

  1. The one that is pronounced speaks of a stable marriage that will last a long time.
  2. Almost imperceptible lines, most likely, show temporary connections and relatively serious relationships that will not cause the wedding.

Palmistry: line of marriage and children with explanations and photographs

So, with the way the hand to know the number of marriages, we figured out. But what if there are no such lines at all?

There is a sign that such signs on the palms are attributed to signs of damage called the crown of celibacy.

If relations with the opposite sex do not get along with you, it may be worthwhile first to get rid of such a negative, which can also be a generic “treasure”. However, the lack of dashes under the little finger sometimes speaks of a marriage of convenience, in which there are no feelings and emotions.

Determining the age of marriage

Considering the marks on the palm, you can determine at what age a person will begin a serious relationship. To do this, the gap from the line of the heart to the base of the little finger must be mentally divided into segments.

The first third is the age of up to 25 years. The second third is up to 30 — 35 years.

And the remaining space is over 35 years old.

Palmistry: line of marriage and children with explanations and photographs

That is how you can understand when you get married. The upper limit is 44 years.

Then the countdown goes down to 88 years, which are marked again on the heart line. It is easy to calculate the time stamps of up to 33 years, so palm reading allows young people to quite accurately set the time of marriage.

Then time becomes more dense, and there it is already more difficult to guess the date.

How to predict marriage problems

If small lines directed to the side of the heart line go down from the marriage line, this is a sign of the upcoming problems in marriage. The same disappointment awaits those who hold the line of marriage on its length down to the center of the palm.

Often this symbolizes the high hopes that were placed on the marriage, but for some reason were not realized. Downward lines speak of discontent and disappointment.

The closer they are to the beginning, the sooner a person begins to experience negative feelings.

Palmistry: line of marriage and children with explanations and photographs

What else can the science of palmistry warn us about? The line of marriage, reaching the line of the head, predicts a bad family relationship.

Such a sign happens to women whose husbands are hot-tempered and unrestrained, using assault.

Meaning of marks on the line of marriage

The Line of Marriage has almost the same meaning as the Line of Influence on the hill of Venus.

The absence of Marriage Lines in the hands of a person who is married will tell us about a profitable and prudent relationship that has no emotional, loving or spiritual relationship. Temporary events are counted from the Line of the Heart, that is, the first recorded attachments will be located closer to it.

The lines of marriage in palmistry are important to people, and cannot be left without close attention in palmistry.

Palmistry: line of marriage and children with explanations and photographs

If you do not know which hand to look at the Marriage Lines, on the right hand or on the left hand, then keep in mind that the lines of future marriages are located on the active right (for right handed) hand. Accordingly, for left-handers — on the left hand.

Since marriage and the creation of a family and marriage is a very significant event in a person’s life, people often resort to marriage divination, because palm reading and the line of marriage on the hand interest almost every sensible person.

Long and short line of marriage

The presence of a clear and long line overlooking the hillock of Mercury, itself speaks of long-lasting bonds and, as a rule, marriage.

Take a look at the example shown in the picture; the total number of marriage lines in this place indicates the same number of marriages; the longer the line, the stronger and longer the relationship will be. It is necessary to note and not to forget that this is not necessarily the seal in the passport that all girls dream of in particular, as it is now very fashionable to be in a civil marriage, therefore only the relationship is fixed, not the effect.

Palmistry: line of marriage and children with explanations and photographs

Short lines of marriage express short connections, for some reason people could not build successful relationships. Mostly this happens with young people when they have not yet defined priorities, especially when the line is close to the Line of the Heart, which indicates relationships at an early age.

Split line of marriage

The split line of marriage at the end, like a fork, speaks of the divergence and mismatch of people in character.

Naturally, as a result, such a line indicates a divorce, and the wider the fork at the end, the greater the disagreement between people, it should also be noted that the initiator of contention will be the owner of the arm, the size of the fork at the end of the marriage line is proportional to the scandal of the individual.

Palmistry: line of marriage and children with explanations and photographs

As if the logic of the line itself tells us that the roads of the partners diverge. «The ships went like at sea.» Such relationships should most quickly take place in diverse views of life, and constant quarrels.

Islet on the end of the line of marriage

If there is an island at the end of the line, it also means a divorce, but accompanied by large psycho-emotional scenes and scandals, courts and hostility that remains between people after marriage.

Such a sign will always remain on the hand of an emotionally susceptible person. If you have a tense relationship in marriage, and there is a possibility of a divorce, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the additional Divorce Line on your arm, which appears at crucial points in life.

Palmistry: line of marriage and children with explanations and photographs

Appeal to another example in the picture. As you can see, the same line of marriage at the end with the island, but bending down towards the Line of the Heart, will have a completely different meaning.

Such a Line of Marriage means treason with a close relative, be it cousins ​​or sisters, or something else worse than incest. In addition to such signs, you need to check with the hill of Venus and look for relevant evidence, this rule applies to any conclusions, since it is impossible to draw conclusions only on one feature.

Palmistry: line of marriage and children with explanations and photographs

Marriage line and heart line

  • The line of marriage, which comes to and rests on the line of the Sun, will predict a love relationship with a noble and influential person, and this as a rule and a rich person, such a sign can speak about the unimportance of the union and the desire to keep it by any means.
  • If the Line of Marriage is leaning towards the Line of the Heart, this suggests that the possessor of the hand will outlive the spouse, since at least the famous palmists interpreted this line.
  • And when the line of marriage, going down, crosses the line of the heart, it expresses grief and loss in its second half, stating the fact itself, the loss of a partner, or at least carries the soul’s meaning.

But practice shows that when the line of marriage descends, it does not always mean the death of the spouse, very often the facts are confirmed that he is alive and well. So what’s the matter, then the question begs for sure?

Palmistry: line of marriage and children with explanations and photographs

The fact is that the soul of man, this is the energy of a more subtle plane, this is the energy of the totality of all thoughts, is the highest beyond the “I”, which is guided by the heart. Once a person who dies in the soul of the owner of such a line, his heart is considered as a dead man, he was buried alive.

Treason, sometimes can cause an irreparable blow to the heart, sometimes even more powerful in strength than the death of a person.

Therefore, the hand captures the passive torment of the heart, drawing the line of marriage to itself, so the interpretation of the falling line of marriage can change its meaning, and you should not make sudden conclusions that a palmistry expert will understand best.

Marriage line reaches headline

If the marriage line on the arm, bending down, reaches the headline, merging with the latter, then the relationship can be negative, often accompanied by assault and humiliation.

Such a sign can mainly occur in women whose husbands can use physical force or mental pressure, depending on the other signs.

Lover lines on the marriage line

If the line of marriage on the hand, going in the direction from the outside to the depth of the palm, loses its expressiveness, this indicates that the person’s feelings gradually fade out and in a short time, parting may follow.

Palmistry: line of marriage and children with explanations and photographs

A good guideline in controlling feelings is the line of the heart, in the case where a seemingly good line of the heart is followed by a less thin line that is close to the heart, it indicates that after a period of doubt and disappointment, the feelings will pass to another person.

  1. Such a sign indicates that it is possible for a person to have a lover with whom to have a good and pleasant time.
  2. It is also necessary to look at the state of the line.
  3. If the second line becomes brighter and stronger, it indicates that the probability of a change of partner has more chances.

The place on the hand where the lines of marriage and children are located, if you notice, is commensurately small, so it becomes not just guessing about the marriage line and the children in this place and making accurate conclusions based only on the readings of these lines.

But even if you take a quick glance at the hill of Mercury, it becomes clear that something cannot be determined right away with accuracy and confidence, because the lines of marriage and children there are very weak and short, not to mention lines that reflect lovers, they are even thinner. .

Some people in this place have a large number of vertical lines, which logically should predict their numerous offspring, and in order to avoid errors in this case, only the most pronounced lines that designate children and possible lovers should be taken into account.

For an accurate answer in palmistry, with regard to such sensitive questions as marriage, children and lovers, you need to check and consider fortune telling not only on the lines of love, but take into account other lines and signs on the hand.

Where is the lover’s line

If the line goes near the line is much weaker in strength, it means the simultaneous presence of someone else, and, as a rule, a lover, but in this case it should be or go almost right next to it.

Such a line expresses a secret union, or more simply, a lover, or ties on the side, and most likely will be on — an inactive hand, because you should always remember that the active hand (right-handed right-handed) reflects the outer shell of the entity — that person shows for all the people around (they say I’m all so righteous), and an inactive hand, shows internal emotions and condition — that which is hidden from everyone (and “I sleep in Tikhar”).

  • The lover’s line can be located either from above or from the bottom of the main line of relationships, by her position we will know when the connection is established — if it is located below, it means the old relationship before marriage, which means that the second half, that is, the spouse, (… with experience) — such people may enter the staircase, beat horns or even get stuck in the doorway.

Palmistry: line of marriage and children with explanations and photographs

  • But if this line is on top, then the relationship was formed after marriage, — which perhaps means (… not big horns), or just sprouting … that are not visible yet to neighbors and work colleagues, — «having cut in that time», you can optionally save the family.

The line of treason can also intersect with the main one, which will mean the lover’s intervention in the marriage relationship from time to time.

It is also worth recalling that in order not to make hasty conclusions, having seen similar lines on the hand of your chosen one, you should always look for evidence on other parts of the palm, you should also look at the Line of Influences on the hill of Venus.

The small lines extending down from the line of marriage, and directed towards the line of the heart, indicate problems accompanying marriage.

Line of break with tip lowered

The line of marriage on the arm, having the tip lowered and the line-scions down at an angle, also indicates dissatisfaction with the marriage.

Palmistry: line of marriage and children with explanations and photographs

Based on high hopes that were pinned on this connection, and which were not fulfilled.

About a loud desire for something, and dreams have not been realized, although marriage itself has the right to exist, descending lines indicate discontent, and the closer to the edge of the palm lines of frustration begin to appear, the sooner the person will begin to experience such a state of mind.

Wavy line of marriage

The wavy line of marriage speaks of frequent quarrels, mood swings, transitions from extreme to extreme. This behavior of the spouses in marriage can soon lead to divorce.

Palmistry: line of marriage and children with explanations and photographs

Other signs on the marriage line

On the marriage line can be located and be different signs:

  • star,
  • cross,
  • Isle,
  • point on the line of marriage is rare.

Each of these signs applies only to those relationships in a marriage, on the line of which he is located and located. All these signs are negative relationships.

The line of marriage in palmistry reflects the relationship, and no matter how the lines of marriage are called, the lines of marriage or marriage, the line of relationships or the line of love, they reflect both real and strong sensual impulses, great emotions, and of course the human experience and suffering to another, well, without it.

Most likely, in the life of any marriage can not do without the spiritual passions, which create similar to the example of the image signs on the line of marriage.

Marriage Dating Time

The lines going to the top of the marriage line on the female hand mean the number of opportunities for the birth of children, but how these chances will be used (whether the woman will give birth or have an abortion) depends on the person himself.

Palmistry: line of marriage and children with explanations and photographs

  1. The time of marriage is determined on the part of the hand between the lines of the heart and the root of the finger of Mercury (little finger) on the edge of the palm. This area is divided into three parts, which constitute periods of twenty-five years. But this method is suitable for people over the age of thirty.
  2. For younger people, this site is divided into two parts. From year to forty four years. Half — will be twenty-two years. This method is also accurate, but it is more suitable for divination hand of young people under the age of 30 years. After thirty years, the lines on the hands are compressed and then the first method will be effective.

When divination by hand on the line of marriage, to establish a more accurate period of marriage, you must divide the selected area into smaller parts, and thus establish an approximate date of marriage.

You should always look for evidence of events, as well as clarifying them by dating on other lines of the hand. It is also worth paying attention to the line of the Heart of your chosen one, it will show whether a person is capable of loving and how he will do it.

Ring of celibacy

If you don’t manage to get married for a long time, then check your hand for the presence of a ring of celibacy or another very negative mark on the palm of the curse line, which can be the cause of all failures.

To establish a more accurate time of marriage, as we have said earlier, it is necessary to check with additional signs — lines of influence on the Line of Destiny. The time when you get married or marry, this line can be clarified much more accurately than the main line of marriage, which is located on the hill of Mercury.

Let’s look at the example given in the picture. The blue line, ascending from the side of the hill of the moon, displays mainly a person who is trying to tie his life by marriage with the owner of the given hand.

The blue arrow marks the occurrence of this person in your life, that is, at the level of approximately “25” years, the place where the marriage line (influence) has merged.

Palmistry: line of marriage and children with explanations and photographs

From this point on, simply put, you live together, whether there is a stamp on the passport or not. The very infusion of the marriage line in this example of the picture indicates a long and fruitful marriage, as evidenced by this, is the only well-built marriage line on the hill of Mercury, on which there are no intersections, breaks, forks.

Palmistry line of children

As already mentioned, the lines of children located on the hill of Mercury are vertical lines that extend from the marital line.

Palmistry: line of marriage and children with explanations and photographs

On these lines you can determine the number of children, and the lines can tell a lot more other, not less important information.

What can be learned from the lines of children

There are several basic meanings of these marks of fate:

  1. If the line of children is very close to the edge of the palm, then this suggests that the birth of these “flowers of life” can be expected from an early age. So, the owners of such lines are waiting for early marriage and the appearance of children at a young age. As a rule, fateful marks promise offsprings from about 18 years of age.
  2. When the lines indicating the presence of offspring in a marriage, are located on the very edge of the signs of marriage, this indicates a later child.
  3. The number of lines departing from the marriage line indicates the number of opportunities to bear and give birth to children, while the distance between them is interpreted as the age difference of the offspring.
  4. Fuzzy marks indicate unborn children, and a child already born is marked on the arm with a smooth, clearly traced line. And if you want to check this, then follow the changes in your hand after the birth of the baby.
  5. If there are obvious similarities between the lines of children, this suggests that, with a greater probability, one can expect the birth of twins. The V-shaped sign promises twins, and an inverted V-image — one child, but with the genes of twins.
  6. Often, two adjacent stripes are not talking about twins, but about the fact that they can be born with a difference of a year, that is, by the same time.

Signs accompanying children’s lines

Now let’s talk about the signs that can accompany the line of children.

  • The presence of a square on the hill of Venus or near the dashes of offspring indicates a possible serious illness in the baby immediately after birth. But at the same time you should not worry much, such signs are responsible for the happy outcome of the situation, no matter what the child gets into.
  • The outline of the island in the area where the information about children is read always indicates health problems. Looking at the location of such a mark relative to the line, one can say at what age the child is subject to illness.

If the line, which speaks about children, is drawn indistinctly and has curls, crosses, then this can be interpreted as a warning about the danger of abortion.

The line with a beveled end speaks of children who will have a peculiar character.

Such a child, most often, is emotionally alienated from his peers and even from his parents. And if such signs are present on the palm of your hand, then be more attentive to your offspring, pay more attention to them, but at the same time you don’t see about them.

Children do not always see in their fathers and mothers people who need to be respected and appreciated, so try to inculcate this feeling in them from an early age.

Palmistry: line of marriage and children with explanations and photographs

The line of children in the form of a wave is interpreted as the presence of frequent diseases in a child. And if parents want their child as little as possible to hurt, then care for such children should be regular.

If a mole is located on the hill of Mercury where the lines of children are read, this is a bad sign. Often, people with such a sign can not have their children. Moles can talk about the presence of problems with the reproductive system.

Therefore, if you are the owner of such a badge of fate, and at the same time you cannot get children, ask your doctor for help. And the sooner you do this, the more likely you are to become a happy parent.

Definition of the gender of the unborn child

The lines on the hand can determine the sex of the child.

Along the lines corresponding to the number of children, one can say what gender your child will be.

  1. So, the boys correspond to the deep, wide lanes extending from the marital line.
  2. Girls can be distinguished by thin, straight lines, which also depart from the marital line.

Palmistry: line of marriage and children with explanations and photographs

  • Determining the sex of the future baby, as well as the number of children allotted to you by fate, is possible not only with the help of the standard, classical way of interpreting the lines on the hill of Mercury.
  • There are other marks on the palms, with the help of which you can find out what sex a child will be and how many children you may have. But at the same time, one should not completely trust such minor signs.
  • It is better if you compare the values ​​of the bands according to the classical method and according to the description we are going to consider now.

So, to determine the number of future children and their gender, you can look at the stripes located on the phalanges of the middle finger, as well as horizontal signs on the convex part near the base of the thumb (Venus hill).

Fuzzy, poorly viewed or flat hill of Venus says about the impossibility or unwillingness to have their own children. The sign strip of children can begin from the very line of the heart, crossing the line of matrimony.

For such a child, the mother will experience an incredibly strong feeling of love.

To avoid misunderstandings

Each person has a different number of opportunities to conceive a child.

It happens so that a couple has a different number of dashes on the palm responding to the kids. But this is not a reason for quarrels, disagreements, insults and mistrust, because such a phenomenon is not a sign that if the spouse has these marks, then he will have extramarital offspring.

Palmistry: line of marriage and children with explanations and photographs

This is how the world works, that the Almighty of each of us rewarded with a different number of opportunities to conceive a child, two children are enough for someone, and the Creator gives a whole football team to someone.

Modern women significantly reduce the chances of conceiving a baby by resorting to various kinds of contraceptives. Thus, even the opportunity given to us from Above to have children is not always used by us rationally, in other words, it does not always “work”.

So, if there are many dashes responsible for childbirth, it is not yet ready to think that you will become a large family. But at the same time one should be wary of a small number of such signs and not neglect the opportunity to have a baby.

  • There are a huge number of points and subtleties that should be considered during the interpretation of signs hiding in the lines of the hand.
  • The secrets of science such as palmistry — an intricate alphabet, knowing that, you can read on the palm of your hand, as in the pages of a wise encyclopedia, the fate and life of a person. Yes, by and large, and himself, with all the personal positive qualities, shortcomings, features.

other methods

The description and significance of the line of children about which we spoke are considered basic, key. But palmistry is a multifaceted science, there are other ways to find out the number of heirs.

Take a good look at this photo.

Palmistry: line of marriage and children with explanations and photographs

On it are clearly visible signs, which are also called lines of children. Consider in more detail what you need to look at and read the description.

Under the first digit is already familiar to us the line.

  1. The number 2 is the vertical lines in the middle of the little finger and middle finger. Eastern palmistry says that there are as many of them as there are children of this person.
  2. Indian palmistry asks for a look at the family ring. Where it is located, as shown in the figure, this is figure 3. It is necessary to calculate how many islands on the ring.
  3. You also need to count the lines that are visible on Venus, with the edge. In the photo, this place is indicated by the number 4. It is also a reliable method.
  4. Look at the dashes on the hill of Mars (see figure 5). Indian experts are confident that they also mean children.
  5. The number 6 indicates one of the main lines — Hearts. Herringbone-like lines are children.
  6. Take a closer look at the line of life. If it goes up from the dash, (figure 7), which show something joyful in life. For many, this is the birth of children. If they go down (figure 8), then they appear when a small child begins to influence the lives of parents.


Palmistry stores a lot of information that allows you to learn a lot by hand. You can get information about all the vicissitudes and gifts of fate. what time a girl gets married, how many children she has — the answers to all these questions are easy to get.

Only decoding should be done by a knowledgeable person. otherwise, the signs of fate may be misunderstood. Beginning palmists should be based on photos, on pictures that have a proper description.

Then it will be possible to understand the meaning of the marks on the hand.

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