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Palmistry: How to determine the nature of the hills on the hand

Palmistry: How to determine the nature of the hills on the hand

Hand guesses are an ancient way to know the future. Specialists in the field of palmistry claim that the fate of a person is written on his hand. Believe it or not, after all, what really happens in our life is ultimately reflected in our palm.

Have you ever thought about why the lines on your hand change over time? They then appear, then disappear, or even completely split. The only thing that almost always remains the same is the hills on the palms. They reflect the essence and can tell a lot of interesting information about the character of a person.

Where are the hills and what do they mean?

Jupiter’s Hill is the base of the index finger. If it is well defined, that is, it is strongly convex compared to the other hills, then this indicates a strong personality, great will power and pride. Such a person likes to lead, show their power.

He does not like to obey others and therefore quickly tries to climb up the career ladder. If the hill of Jupiter is poorly developed, it characterizes a person as lazy, with ordinary abilities.

The hill of Saturn is located at the base of the middle finger. If this hill is well expressed, then a person in life thinks more with his head than with his heart. His every action is based only on prudence and logic.

On the contrary, if the hill of Saturn is weak, then this indicates inconsistency in actions and illogicality in actions. Such a person is often overly emotional and sensitive.

The Hill of the Sun is the basis of the ring finger. A strong hill indicates courage, talent, a flexible mind, and ambition. Such a person is lucky in life.

As a rule, people with a pronounced hill of the sun often become popular and famous. They seek fame and recognition. If the hill is flattened, it speaks of an ordinary person.

Such a person is accustomed to be content with what he has. It is difficult for him to change something in his life, he goes with the flow and does not seek to improve existence.

Mercury Hill is the base of the little finger. The development of this hill speaks of enterprise, success in financial matters and communication. Such people most often become businessmen. They know how to think, take risks, analyze and find different options for how to act.

They have a business acumen and are able to find an approach to any person. If the hill is weak, it speaks of deceitful and petty nature. Such a person is accustomed to achieve their goals at the expense of others.

He rarely makes an effort to achieve the goal by his own efforts.

Venus Hill is the base of the thumb. The well-marked hill of Venus speaks of a sensual man, passionate, but impermanent in his claims. If this hill is weak, it indicates coldness in relations with the opposite sex.

Hill of the Moon is the opposite side of the palm relative to the hill of Venus. If this hill is strongly expressed, it means that the person has a good imagination, he has a rich imagination that helps him in life. If this hill is smoothed, it indicates that the person is devoid of imagination and is not capable of romantic acts.

Mars Hill is located at the bottom of Mercury Hill on the edge of the palm. If the hill of Mars has a convex shape, it indicates a courageous and determined person. This is a sign that a person will fight to the last.

The flattened hill of Mercury speaks of uncertainty, indecision, and to some extent even cowardice.

It is worth remembering that palmistry — divination by hand. Thus, in order to create a complete vision of the essence of man, his potential and fate, it is necessary to consider the lines on the hand, the hills and the signs in interrelation with each other. If you are interested in learning more about palmistry, write in the comments!

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