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Palmistry for beginners with explanations and photos

Palmistry for beginners: detailed explanations

Palmistry studies the location of lines and signs on the hand, the structure of the palm and fingers. This science has many centuries, during which knowledge was replenished with practical material.

How to start exploring the palms of your hands? First you need to study the meaning of lines and basic signs.

For beginners, we will try with explanations and photos to help master the basics of ancient occult science.

Palmistry for beginners with explanations and photos

Lines on the palms

What does the shape of the hand and fingers, the meaning of the mounds on the palms of the person? Palmistry claims that the shape of the fingers and wrist, as well as the hills (or bumps) on the palms, determine the potential capabilities of the individual.

The lines on the palms fix the disclosure of the potential given by birth. Along the lines one can judge the inclinations and peculiarities of the individual’s behavior, his past and future.

Signs and markings on the lines and knolls characterize the nuances during the life events determined by the main lines.

It is believed that the lines on the palms are formed in the child in the intrauterine state — these are the three main lines of the heart, mind and life. These lines are in all people, without exception, they remain until the end of days. Ideally, the lines on the palm should be smooth, well-defined, long and have the skin color of a person.

Any deviation indicates a shortage of energy indicated by lines.

Palmistry also considers bracelets on wrists that show longevity. Many misunderstand the meaning of the line of life, considering it an indicator of the longitude of the century.

This is not entirely correct, because this line shows the disclosure of the energy potential of a person, and not the duration of life.

Lines are horizontal and vertical. In addition to them, one can come across chaotically located lines that add additional meaning to the interpretation.

Longitudinal (horizontal) rulers enhance the value of the main, transverse (vertical) dashes carry, as a rule, a negative value. These are obstacles to the goal.

Consider the lines in the following order:

The outline of the line is also considered — how does it look in the palm of your hand? Straight, zigzag or sinuous? Next, consider whether there are signs on the line, dashes, breaks or branches.

And then look, does the line intersect with others?

Three main lines originate in one place — between the thumb and second finger. It is always an indicator of the beginning of a person’s life.

Additional lines may have a common beginning, and may be formed in different places of the palm.

Palmistry for beginners with explanations and photos

Direction of lines

The life line bends around the thumb and goes down to the wrist (see photo). The line of the heart originates between the index and middle fingers and ends at the edge of the palm.

The line of mind is formed from the index finger and can be directed both horizontally and diagonally.

Vertically located lines of fate, sun and health are formed at the fingers and change throughout life. The line of fate begins at the middle finger and descends to the wrist, the line of the sun originates from the ring finger, the health line is formed at the little finger.

Character lines

For clarity, you can look at the nature of the lines in the pictures. The lines are deep, wide and thin, undulating, uneven and with ramifications at the end, even and intermittent. On the lines may be signs:

Lines may have doubles — sister lines, end with a hook, tassel or fork.

The deep lines show the powerful energy potential of a person, the thin ones indicate a lack of mental and physical energy, the wide ones show a person’s laziness or indecision. Additional parallel lines always carry a positive meaning.

A brush at the end of the line shows a waste of vital energy in vain, a wavy line indicates instability of the psyche and a lack of self-confidence. The forks at the end have different meanings on the lines.

A hook is always an unfavorable sign.

The intersection of the lines is not considered a positive sign. It always speaks of difficulties and problems. The intersection must be distinguished from the junction.

Only those lines that have a common direction can be connected: horizontal or vertical.

The islands symbolize the obstacles on the way. Chain lines symbolize difficulty. Crossing lines show stress on a person’s life path.

The branches directed upwards strengthen the positive value, directed downwards — weaken.

The points symbolize significant obstacles on the way, emotional pain. The discontinuity of the line also speaks of obstacles and the impossibility of accomplishing what has been planned.

Man has bad luck, his energy potential is interrupted and thinned.

Signs are always warning in nature and are a stimulus to action. If the mark is positive, you should immediately begin implementation.

If the sign is filled with negative meaning, steps should be taken to eliminate it or to soften the force of the blow of fate.

Palmistry for beginners with explanations and photos

Hills or mounds on the palms speak of personal inclinations. Palmistry identifies eight major and five additional mounds.

Where are they located? They can be seen at the base of the fingers and from the sides of the palm.

Additional bumps include the mound of Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, Rahu and Ketu. Some palmists do not consider the value of these mounds, considering them unimportant.

When considering mounds, density, convexity, and arrangement of signs are taken into account. Ideally, the hill should be moderately developed and resilient.

Excessive development, as well as underdevelopment, adversely affects the fate of a person.

Jupiter’s Hill talks about the love of life and the nobility of the individual. It is located at the index finger.

Saturn’s mound talks about the prudence and independence of the individual. It is located at the middle finger.

The hillock of Apollo speaks about the presence of talent in man. It is located at the ring finger.

Mercury’s tubercle gives a person intelligence and ingenuity. It is located at the little finger.

The knoll of Venus is at the thumb. These are emotions and feelings of personality, love for the beautiful and the sublime.

Excessively developed tubercle speaks of depravity, underdeveloped — about coldness.

The tubercle of the moon is located opposite the tubercle of Venus. The sphere of influence of the moon is the spiritual life of the individual, his religious feelings and the desire for self-development.

Mars bumps two, they are located in different places. Small bump — in the space between the index finger and thumb, thumb — between the little finger and the moon.

Mars is responsible for aggressiveness, volitional pressure, the ability to stand up for themselves.

We looked at the main areas of the palm with the lines and bumps on it with examples. Further it will be necessary to study in detail the meaning of all lines and hills, as well as the meaning of the signs on the arm.

Guessing on the hand — an easy process, if you understand the basic principles.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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