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Palmistry: fingers on hand

Palmistry: fingers on hand

Each finger in palmistry received the name of one of the planets that affect the fate of man. Fingers are a real treasure trove of a person’s personality. You can learn about character, abilities and talents.

Consider each individually.

Thumb in Palmistry

In palmistry is called the finger of Venus. He is responsible for intelligence, logic, activity and charisma. The larger it is, the more willpower a person possesses.

The big massive finger characterizes a person with a materialistic view of the world, when, as a thin thumb, he points to a thin and vulnerable essence.


This is the finger of Jupiter. Its development and length speak of a person’s ability to manage people, make decisions, and striving for leadership. The index finger symbolizes the ambitions and dedication of the person.

If this finger is shorter than the ring finger, then this indicates low self-esteem and self-doubt.

Middle finger

This is the finger of Saturn, which is responsible for judgment, analytical skills, career. If this finger on the hand is too short, then it means career failures and money. A well-developed middle finger in palmistry points to ambition and a desire to make a career.

Ring finger

This is the finger of Apollo. He is responsible for creativity, taste, intuition, ability to see the beautiful. As a rule, in creative and gifted people the ring finger is thin.

Little finger in palmistry

This is the finger of Mercury. On this basis, it is possible to form an idea of ​​a person’s communication skills, sociability, dexterity and consideration. Mercury’s long finger speaks about the ability to speak beautifully, make quick decisions and take risks.

A short little finger indicates the opposite.

In order to analyze the fingers on the hand, palmists first of all look at their length and thickness. As a rule, fat massive fingers speak of strength to will, practicality, materialistic thinking, big ego, self-sufficiency and vigor. Thin and tender, without pronounced articular nodes, indicate a delicate and vulnerable nature, sensitivity and daydreaming.

For a full analysis, it is also necessary to evaluate the hills on the palm, that is, their bases. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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