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Palmistry: figuring out love compatibility by line on hand

Palmistry: figuring out love compatibility by line on hand

Now, among many loving couples, a new fashion has begun to gain all the great popularity — to count love compatibility with its partner. Today it can be done in completely different ways. For example, with the help of astrology, you can find out love compatibility by the sign of the zodiac. And thanks to numerology, you can calculate love compatibility by date of birth.

Many even check their compatibility based on the ratio of their names. However, a palm reading is no less reliable way to find out if the partner is compatible. With the help of divination by the lines on your hand, you can easily find out whether your beloved person is right for you.

So, to check compatibility with a person, you must first look at mind line on your partner’s hand and on your palm. The line of the mind is between the line of the heart and the line of life, goes horizontally and crosses almost the whole palm. If you and your soulmate line the mind is similar, it means that you match each other.

You have similar views on life and have similarities in the characters and life goals.

However, if one of you has the line of the mind curved and the other has a straight line, then this is a sign of incompatibility. The straight line of the mind speaks of practicality and mundane desires. The sinuous line of the mind or with a slope indicates emotionality, romantic and easy disposition.

It is usually not easy for such people to get along with each other.

Love compatibility can be checked in the line of life. Compare your line and your partner’s life line. If they are approximately at the same angle relative to the hill of Venus (the base of the thumb), have the same thickness and clarity, this indicates compatibility in lifestyles and internal energy.

It is easy for you to understand and support each other. If one of you has a not very clear life line in the palm of your hand and has a weak bend around the base of the thumb, then such a person is accustomed to a quiet measured life. He does not have a large supply of energy, and is not particularly active in life. If the line of life is clear and thick, it forms a semicircle around the hill of Venus, then this is a sign of activity and vigor.

People with different lines of life often cannot understand each other.

In addition to love compatibility, you can also check the sexual potential of your partner, the degree of loyalty and the manifestation of feelings.

If the line of the heart is very close to the line of the mind, then this is a sign that the person approaches the relationship from a rational point of view. In relation to his other half, such a person will be guided more by reason than by feelings.

If the line of the heart ends with a fork, then this is a sign of the reliability and sensuality of your partner.

If the line of fate at the beginning (at the wrist) comes into contact with the line of life, this indicates an exemplary family man.

Fuzzy lifeline, which is as close as possible to the base of the hill of Venus, indicates a weak sexual desire and passivity in sex. On the contrary, if the line of life is clearly expressed and strongly arched, while the hill of Venus stands out well, then this speaks of a passionate and ardent nature.

An island or oval at the beginning of a life line can be a sign of impotence or frigidity.

If the line of the heart is fuzzy and most of it consists of chains, then this is a sign that a person is inactive in a relationship and always takes a passive position.

If the heart line is too short, it indicates infidelity in the relationship and irresponsibility.

Many still are quite skeptical about the love compatibility test, arguing that if people really love each other, that no obstacles will prevent them from being together. But in practice everything happens differently: people often do not agree on characters, trifles begin to irritate them, which eventually leads to parting. That is why sometimes it is still worth checking your relationship for compatibility in love, find vulnerabilities in a pair and try to eradicate them. If the article seemed interesting to you, click on and

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