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Palmistry: a free table with explanations and fot

Palmistry: a free table with explanations and photos

The ancient science of palmistry reveals a veil of secrecy over human destiny, thanks to the reading of the lines in his palm. This science appeared in antiquity, everything went from the fact that people began to notice that each person has an individual pattern on the palm.

The first readings on the palm of the hand were conducted by the ancient sages, they compared the available data about a person with his inscriptions on the palm. Thanks to this science, many sayings have emerged that are used today.

For example, the fact that the fate of a person is compared to a road or a line.

There is no definite doctrine about palmistry, because of this, palmists interpret the lines on the palm in their own way. But with the help of lines you can always look into the future and past of your life.

What is palmistry and how to understand it

Palmistry: a free table with explanations and fot

In our article we will tell about all the basics of this ancient science. You can read your own fate without the help of specialists in this path.

We will also provide you with all the necessary images and descriptions to the main points of the picture.

A bit of history. It is believed that this science takes its roots from India, but it has gained popularity in Asia, China and the Mediterranean.

The word «Palmistry» came from the Greek language and means the following: «heir» — palm and «manteira» — prediction.

This science is strongly associated with astrology, as the ancient sages believed that such stars as Mars, Saturn, the Sun, and so on, the dough is associated with the fate of man and his life depends on their impact. Therefore, it is believed that in the palm of every person the stars left their mark.

There are writings in the history of the best palmist, his name was Avicenna. Palmistry did not lag behind the development of the new time and with the advent of all the various divinations and supernatural rituals, it was decided to unite them in one academy called Platonovskaya.

Currently, palmistry has long proved that it does not relate to something inexplicable and should not stand next to other unscientific phenomena, such as conspiracies, love spells, and so on.

Palmistry: a free table with explanations and fot

It originated in astrology and is now being studied at the International Academy of Palmistry and Astrology. In Europe, palmistry began to gain popularity in the 16th century, and in the 17th century, this science began to be taught in various European academies.

At that time, such palmists became famous: Sulla, Caesar, Pythagoras, and so on.

Even in Christianity, palmistry was held in high esteem, but they borrowed it from the pagans, but they found an excuse for this in the Bible, there are such lines: “On the palm of each creation, the Lord placed a seal, in order to rationalize each person created in his own way

The structure of the brush

Palmistry: a free table with explanations and fot

Each person has a large number of nerve endings on the palm. Nerve receptors reflect the condition of people, write down what happened to a person, they also have attitudes, which can happen to a person throughout his life.

To understand what kind of person in front of you sometimes just look at the shape of his brush. If a person practices and skillfully knows his work, then the brush has clear proportions and shapes. These people often have short fingers and a significant amount of muscle on the arm.

In most cases, such hands belong to engineers, drivers, builders, and so on.

But such hands can never be seen from a scientist, writer or actor. People of art and science in most cases have long fingers, and several prominent articular nodes.

The actors, for example, thin hands and long fingers, while the fingers are conical (gradually become already to the nail).

If the brushes are cone-shaped, then it can be said about such a person as he does from the beginning, and only then begins to think. And if a person has increased flexibility of the fingers (he can tear them off from the surface without raising his palm), then this is a favorite of the company, he likes to come in noisy places, he is very cheerful.

Palmistry: a free table with explanations and fot

In addition, you can find out how smart a person is, you only need to look at his thumb. If the thumb is small, then, most likely, the person will badly dispel mentally, and if the thumb rushes up, then such a person can be called highly intelligent.

There is also a way to get to know a person with the help of his nail shade The color of the nail reflects the personality of the person, his character and so on. If the nails are white, it means that the person is impulsive and nervous.

With the exception of various diseases, such as jaundice, as they form plaque and the nail plate itself.

Also, many people have white spots on the nail — this indicates a person’s success in business. The closer the stain is to the center of the nail plate, the more successful the person is.

Drawings on the right and left palm

Palmistry: a free table with explanations and fot

There is a belief that the drawing on the left hand shows us our further destiny, while on the right hand the drawing is amenable to change. All because the left hand reflects our fate, and the right shows our personality.

As it was said in the bible, on our left hand we put a seal at the birth of the Lord.

But there is also a theory that the drawing of fate is on the passive arm, and the drawing of a person’s life is displayed on the active hand. The active hand is very simple.

For example, if you are left-handed, then your passive hand will be right and vice versa.

Also on the active hand, the pattern can change throughout life. Since it displays the essence of man.

For example, on your active hand, all the lines always intersected, but at one point they diverged without paying attention to it, a serious tragedy occurred in your life, due to which two lines in your palm spread.

Thus, fate tried to warn us about the tragedy that was not bypassed. And now, in order for these lines to come back together, it is necessary to put a lot of effort in, begin to better treat yourself, think about your lifestyle, talk with relatives more often, and so on.

After that, you will not have time to notice how the lines grow together and everything will be fine again. It is also worthwhile to pay attention to the little dashes, since it is these strokes that indicate the person’s emotionality.

As a rule, if a person has a lot of small strokes on his palm, he is very emotional, you can easily laugh it or bring it to tears.

Palmistry: a free table with explanations and fot

And if the palm is smooth and shiny, like plastic. Then such a person can be called a narcissus, since they love only themselves, you can’t wait for real sympathy or empathy.

Also, such people often have the heart line in contact with the head line, which means that this person also loves money besides himself. With the help of the pattern on the palm, you can even find out whether a person had an accident or not.

To do this, you need to find three lines, this is the line of the head, the line of life and the line of the heart. If the line of the heart touches the line of the head and the line of life, then this is not a favorable sign.

Since he says that a person has lost a sense of self-preservation and can not understand the danger. Such people lose their sense of danger not only in relation to their lives, but also to the lives of those around them.

Also, when looking at the lines, you should turn to the line of the mind or it is also called the head line. If there is a small island on the line of mind, then the owner is prone to brain diseases.

For example, such as cramps or something more serious.

The line of the head has a wave-like shape, then a person cannot collect his thoughts, and his intentions are not constant. If the line is dashed, then the person is not far mind.

In people with mental retardation, the line of the head looks more like a dotted marking, rather than a line.

Well, if you have two lines of mind, it speaks of you as a leader and leader. People with such a pattern can influence other people’s destinies.

But such people often have an unpleasant drawback — greed.

Five fingers — five planets

Palmistry: a free table with explanations and fot

In palmistry, there is a doctrine of the five directions, we are talking about five sectors of life. A separate finger is responsible for each branch.

  • The little finger speaks of human travels and work;
  • Nameless shows potential in art;
  • The middle finger is related to religion;
  • The index finger is control and power;
  • And the thumb is responsible for relationships and love.

Under each of these fingers there will be a little bump, these are additional signs of the stars. Each hillock is named after one of the planets in the solar system.

With the help of them the palmist can understand exactly what fate has prepared for you and why you have appeared in this world.

For example, if you have a pronounced hill of Saturn, then it speaks of you as a reserved person, but you can also be called a «boring» person. If Jupiter stands out, it means that you love to dominate others and you are a very proud person.

If the hill of the moon is expressed, then your fantasy is well developed. Also, if you have a hill of Mars — you are an impulsive and explosive person, but if this hill is developed on a passive arm, then you have great courage in you, besides that you can answer and stand up for yourself.

But that is not all. Since it is necessary to draw on the lines of these hillocks, they can move, many other lines can pass near them.

For example, you have a line of Venus near Satura Hill, which shows you how sensitive you are. But you open it not in public, but in a love bed with a partner.

Life line

Palmistry: a free table with explanations and fot

In order to understand what life was and what kind of person it will have, it is necessary to consider in detail the life line. If there are many turns and branches on the line, then we can safely say that the life of such a person is very interesting, but not simple.

For example, if the lifeline tends toward the hill of Mercury, then such a person has a need for money. In some cases, the lifeline is simply absent.

This happens only in those cases if a person is emotionless, his thinking is too short and he is a realist, so to speak, a real robot in human form.

As a rule, such people live in the same way, even in the presence of high sexuality, they never really loved anyone.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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