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Page of the Tarot Wands — the value of the card

The map shows a beautiful and richly dressed young man who leans with both hands on a staff and looks ahead with confidence. He set a goal to more deeply know the world.

The internal attitude of the card emphasizes readiness for action.

Page of the Tarot Wands - the value of the card
Page of the Tarot Wands - the value of the card

In a straight position, the Page of the Wands card symbolizes getting good news or good events. This card advises to act, but on the other hand it emphasizes the fact that the person is not quite ripe for decisive actions.

That is why, it is very important to carefully consider each step.

This map indicates that the sphere of communication and contacts of a person will expand significantly, and this will contribute to its success. There comes a period of creative growth, in which fate shows favor to man. Page of Wands foreshadows the birth of new ideas and points to the possibility of new interesting adventures.

This lasso advises to move ahead boldly. During this life period, a person can participate in everything that interests him without fear of failure and loss.

In addition, the Page of the Rods indicates that you can count on the help of loved ones. Moreover, the support of relatives will be timely and necessary, so you should not refuse it.

In other areas of life, the map may indicate the following:

  • In matters of health, the card predicts good health in the near future. Strong immunity will reliably protect against any infectious diseases. But in order to maintain good shape, a person must necessarily lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • In personal relationships, this card primarily emphasizes the fact of a happy sex life. Partners are satisfied with each other, and they do not think about changing the status of relations. The card may herald the receipt of a love letter or the development of a new relationship.
  • In work questions, the map predicts that all efforts will be wasted, and the desired result will not be obtained. It may well be that the project did not need to begin to implement, since it was not finally thought out. If the Page of the Cups falls next to each other, this indicates a dishonest competitor.

This card represents generous and ambitious personalities. She also points out that a person is surrounded by true and true friends.

The value of the card Page of the Rods in the inverted position

In the inverted position, the Page Saber of Wands card symbolizes bad news. This may be any failure or simply unwanted information.

Also, this card indicates the possible treachery of people whom the person trusted without limit.

If the Chariot card fell out next to this card, this portends the road. There are other interpretations of this card in the scenario. She can emphasize the lack of perseverance and perseverance in a person.

It is unreliable and this leads to the fact that it is avoided.

In other areas of life, the map may indicate the following:

  • In the area of ​​health, a deterioration of health is expected. There is a strong likelihood that the survey will be bad news. In addition, during this life period there are risks of injury and accidents. Experiences can lead to depletion of the human body, and it will take a long period to recover.
  • In matters of relationships, bad news may be associated with the appearance of an opponent or rival. Also in real life, an encounter with a person who brings a lot of trouble in life can happen. Next to the negative cards in the layout, the Page of Wands in the inverted position portends a very painful break in relations that will be very difficult to survive.
  • In the business field, the map predicts an unpleasant conversation with the authorities, as well as squabbles, intrigues and gossip in the work team.

This card represents an impatient person who strives to achieve the goal at any cost, but at the same time avoids any responsibility.

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