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Page of the Tarot Cups — the value of the card

The map shows a smiling handsome young man holding a cup in his right hand. An inquisitive fish looks out of the cup. The man has subtle features, he is dressed in beautiful clothes.

The guy looks very friendly and with his left hand he props up his left side, as if asking for something.

Page of the Tarot Cups - the value of the card
Page of the Tarot Cups - the value of the card

The value of the card card Page Cups in a straight position

In direct position, the Page of the Cups symbolizes calm and joyful life events. This lasso points to a certain internal impulse that carries a significant emotional load.

At the event level, this lasso can be a harbinger of a love message, news of engagement or wedding, news of the birth of a child. In addition, such a map often appears in the scenario when optimal conditions for reconciliation of people are created in life.

If the Wheel of Fortune falls next to each other, this combination foreshadows life changes that are associated with great prospects. In conjunction with the Chariot, this lasso indicates that the person has good plans, but they need a little refinement.

In other areas of human life, the lasso indicates the following:

  • In matters of health, the card foreshadows recovery for sick people, and for a healthy person it is neutral.
  • In personal life, a period of quiet harmonious relations. The band of quarrels and conflicts is a thing of the past. If the card falls in the alignment next to the Lovers, then for single people it foreshadows the creation of a happy family soon.
  • In the business field, the card heralds the beginning of a new project that will be successful and will bring recognition and material reward. If the lasso falls in the alignment next to the Emperor, then you should expect a promotion.

This card represents a young man or girl who has a rich sensual soul and a deep emotional world. Sometimes this card describes a person with unconventional inclinations.

Card value Page card of Cups upside down

In the inverted position, the Page of the Cups symbolizes the frivolity and unreliability of a person. She points to the illusory perception of the surrounding reality as a guessing one, and also focuses attention on his unfounded hopes that she will succeed in realizing her own dreams.

If this card falls in combination with the Clown, this indicates that someone can make a frivolous offer, to which it is better not to respond. In conjunction with the Hanged Man, the Page of the Cups emphasizes that the prevailing life circumstances will slow down the development of a person.

In other areas of life, a lasso can mean the following:

  • In matters of health, the card warns of the need to lead a correct lifestyle, otherwise harmful addictions can harm health in general. You also need to be careful, if you had for some reason to visit the attending physician, he can make the wrong diagnosis.
  • In the realm of personal relationships, events can turn in the most unpredictable way. Sometimes such a card emphasizes a person’s attention to the fact that his partner is a terrible egoist who thinks only of himself. Also, the lasso often indicates that a person wants to live in the past and does not want to notice a crisis in relationships. If Justice falls next to this card, this directly indicates that the partner may involve the person in any illegal activities.
  • In the business sphere, the map indicates a person’s laziness and inactivity. This leads to the failure of all undertakings and projects. During this period, the possibility of career growth is absolutely excluded.

The card represents pampered young people with high self-esteem, not confirmed by any experience or knowledge. Also, the lasso indicates that there are very scattered people in the person’s environment who cannot be trusted in responsible affairs.

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