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Page of the Swords of the Tarot card

The map shows a handsome young man with long hair. He stands on a hill and holds a sword in his hands.

He holds the weapon rather ineptly, and his posture expresses uncertainty, which indicates his inexperience. The guy is dressed in beautiful clothes, which indicates his noble origin. Bright colors of clothes symbolize the vitality and great ambitions of a young man.

Clouds are visible in the sky and fluttering tree branches indicate windy weather. In the distance you can see the impregnable mountains, which are a symbol of human goals and aspirations.

Page of the Swords of the Tarot - meaning card
Page of the Swords of the Tarot card

In a direct position, the Page of Swords most often symbolizes receiving unpleasant news. It may also be a precursor to the receipt of an important document that may affect the future life of a person.

In addition, the lasso indicates that before making any decision, a person should think about himself.

The page of Swords can be a warning symbol in the layout. So, in combination with the Ace of Wands, he points out that someone in the immediate circle is interested in aggravating the existing conflict.

And if you do not recognize the intrigues of the enemy in time, then this can significantly aggravate the situation. This card emphasizes the dexterity and quickness of a person and indicates that he can quickly make the right decision.

But at the same time, the combination with the Jester, indicates the frivolity of a person.

In various areas of life card may indicate the following:

  • In the field of health, this card is neutral.
  • In terms of the development of personal relationships, this card foreshadows conflicts. Quite often, such a lasso falls into the hands of people who are just starting to build relationships with a new partner. That is, the Page of Swords is an indicator that people living side by side are ground to each other, which can cause some problems that are always avoidable. But if a Hermit falls next to this card, then this is a warning that you need to be able to stop on time, otherwise the quarrel may go far.
  • In the business field, the map predicts disagreements with colleagues and management. Sometimes such a reaction in a person can occur against the background of a well-founded criticism of his actions.

The card personifies an extraordinary person who is distinguished by many natural talents. Another map indicates that there are very clever people in the environment of a guessing person who are able to make decisions quickly and correctly.

In the upside down position, the Page of Swords is always a warning about gossip and cunning. In the immediate environment of a person, people whom he trusted, weave intrigues and use dishonest methods.

At the event level, this card indicates unpleasant news that will interfere with your plans. But at the same time, when such a card falls into the alignment, no long-term problems are foreseen.

If the Priestess falls next to this lasso, this indicates that all problems arise because of the arrogance of the diviner himself.

In other areas of life, a lasso in an inverted position may indicate the following:

  • In the field of health, he warns that during a prophylactic examination, a serious illness can be detected that will require long-term treatment.
  • In private life, the card emphasizes the fact that a partner will soon get out of trust. And the relationship will be kept only in the habit, they will be filled with sarcasm and deception.
  • In the business field, the card portends dirty work practices. A person will have to plunge into intrigue and gossip. Any commitments made by business partners will not be fulfilled in time, which is very detrimental to the cause. The complexity of relationships with colleagues confirms the combination of Page Swords with Troika of Wands.

The card represents an unreliable person who cannot be charged with anything. It may also indicate that there are vengeful people around a person who need to be very careful with them.

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