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Orthodox Prayer from the Evil Eye, damage, witchcraft and tricks

Orthodox Prayer from the Evil Eye and Damage

If you have noticed a sharp decline in your life, obvious changes for the worse, a bad mood, and all this for no apparent reason is impossible to explain, this may indicate that negative magical effects, namely the evil eye or damage, were applied to you. If you are not a supporter of magical rituals, you can get rid of dark spells by reading Orthodox prayers.

Go to the temple, if you feel an evil plot on yourself, it will definitely help.

Prayer can only help alienate the evil eye and damage, but also to improve the state of mind and life situation. One must resort to the reading of prayers not only in such radical situations.

Such practices can prevent the negative impact of ill-wishers.

Appeal to Saint Cyprian

To remove the curse with Orthodox words, you can turn to a strong universal method: a prayer from the evil eye and damage addressed to Saint Cyprian is sure to solve your problem.

Prayer from the evil eye and envy can be read at any time or day. If necessary, you can repeat it every day several times. If there is a need to read the prayer to St. Cyprian to help the child, then the parent of the baby can do it.

The main thing is to perform the action directly above the victim’s head.

In addition, this strong prayer of St. Cyprian against corruption can be read over the water. In this case, the fluid will attract positive fluids and then can serve as a kind of cure for witchcraft.

These psalms have the following text:

“Lord God Mighty, King of Reigns, hear the prayer of slave Cyprian. You have a thousand days to fight the forces of darkness, Bring the heart of God’s servant (name), help him pass the test of everything. Protect, save and stand up for reading this prayer.

O Lord, bless my house and those who live in it, Protect from all koznodeystva and sorcery. Yes allowed devilish intent and what he did. Lord, You are One and All-powerful, save your Holy Cyprian Cyprian, Have mercy on the slave (name).

I say this three times, I bow three times. Amen!»

To recite the prayer to Cyprian from damage and the evil eye should be three times, making a deep bow after each repetition. A similar cleansing with all prayers and plots will help you get rid of the curse of the sorcerers.

Orthodox Prayer from the Evil Eye, damage, witchcraft and tricks

Disease ritual

If you are haunted by numerous health problems, then we recommend using such prayers for induced damage as the following psalm to treat. It will help remove your evil eye and save you from diseases.

“Take a flying bird, a handful of earth. Take the beasts and you handful.

A hole was dug and the course was straight to it. Help go exactly the servant of God (name) So that the pit all around. Four sides, four forces, help!

From the deep pit, save and save. It is dark in the pit, light in life. Further from the pit, closer to the sun.

Chur me. My word is strong.

My strength is great. Darkness go away, help me strength. Amen!»

A prayer should be read daily for nine days. It is strong enough to take away even the strongest evil eye or damage.

Orthodox Prayer from the Evil Eye, damage, witchcraft and tricks

Church rite

To carry out this method of deliverance from curses, you will need to visit the church on Sunday. You will not have to teach any additional psalms, as this ritual will help you to remove the evil eye with the words familiar to all baptized Orthodox: “Our Father.”

  • Going to church, get a candle and light it.
  • It is necessary to carry it in your left hand while reading out a prayer.
  • Repeat it must be exactly nine times, not forgetting to cross.

After completing the ceremony do not forget to fix the result, twelve times saying these words:

“Health, happiness, purity, well-being, love, luck. Amen!»

This is quite a strong prayer from damage, which will certainly help you. If you see that the desired result does not occur, hold the ceremony for two more Sundays in a row.

Orthodox Prayer from the Evil Eye, damage, witchcraft and tricks

Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker

In the event that a sufficiently severe damage was imposed on you or not only you but your relatives were also affected, we recommend that you seek the divine help from the holy martyr St. Nicholas. He is also addressed when other prayers for the removal of spoilage do not work.

This prayer against the evil eye is performed in conjunction with other actions, which will help you to effectively get rid of all curses, including its effectiveness against envy.

At the beginning of the ritual, you need to go to the Orthodox Church and order a health service for all affected people. In the same visit, do not forget to bow to the icon of the martyr Nicholas and put three candles. At the same time, accompany the actions with such prayer words:

“Wonderworker Nikolai, take away the family damage and protect us from enemy affairs. Amen».

Cross yourself and you can go home. Before leaving do not forget to collect holy water and purchase twelve candles and an icon of St. Nicholas.

On the same evening, sit down at a table in a vacant room and light all the candles bought the day before. Put an icon and holy water in front of you. Now you can begin to beg for family damage or the evil eye:

“Wonderworker Nicholas, Protector and Savior. Without blaming anyone in my soul, I ask only of you alone.

Help all my family members, and if there is, then take the damage from us. All diseases, squabbles, quarrels and heat, you are the holy water of this mind.

Let the sorcerer not suffer from damage, the witch will not perish from it. Let there be no discord in my family, I beg you a hundredfold. Thy will be done.


Cross yourself and drink some holy water. Candles should be thrown away, and the icon removed from the table.

All family members should add some holy water to any drinks. If the result is not strong enough for your problem, then be sure to repeat the ritual again in two weeks.

Remember the following: with the help of this prayer you cannot ask vengeance for the offender, you can only humbly await healing and help from St. Nicholas.

Orthodox Prayer from the Evil Eye, damage, witchcraft and tricks

What is damage and the evil eye?

People far from this, often believe that the evil eye and damage is essentially the same thing. In fact, this is not the case.

The evil eye is a kind of energy attack, and, absolutely not necessarily intentional. You may recall a moment when your heart suddenly started pounding from someone’s unkind gaze, panic and dizziness were felt.

These are the first signs of a severe psycho-emotional impact from a person who may have envied you or wished evil.

Not everyone is capable of such a thing, only people with a very strong energy and a special look (they are also called “peering”).

It is quite another matter damage. This is definitely a planned and specially executed event, the purpose of which is to cause you or your loved ones a specific harm.

Damage is a ritual, and the more experienced and knowledgeable a person makes it, the worse the consequences can be.

Signs of evil power interfering in your life:

  1. Weakness, apathy, feeling of lack of air and feeling “as if someone is choking.” Often a person begins to choke (or at least cause discomfort) his own cross
  2. Aversion to own reflection in the mirror
  3. Unexplained doctors problems with the reproductive system. Men usually suffer a dramatic decline of potency, women — the inability to conceive a child
  4. Sudden fear of God’s temple, as well as aversion to any church paraphernalia, from icons to wearable crosses
    Orthodox Prayer from the Evil Eye, damage, witchcraft and tricks

Help of saints

The concept of corruption and the evil eye exist not only in Orthodoxy, but also in other religions. However, for example, Muslim prayers have a different effect and they are read differently.

We recommend to watch the video — “How to get rid of the evil eye, damage, witchcraft? Islam»

A true Christian believer will seek help not from magicians or fortune-tellers, but to the Lord or Orthodox holy saints.

During his lifetime, the great martyr Cyprian himself got rid of the influence of the dark forces, and the believers traditionally turn to him for protection from damage, the evil eye and envy.

Strong prayer to Saint Cyprian

Oh, holy saint of God, priest-martyr Cyprian, an ambulance and prayer-book to all who come to you. Receive from us, the unworthy, our praise and ask us from the Lord God from the infirmities of salvation, from healing, from sorrow, from sorrow to comfort and everything useful in our life.

Lift up your prayer to the Lord, may your protection from the fall of our sinful, teach us true repentance, save us from the capture of the devil and all the actions of unclean spirits and free us from those who offend us. Be us a strong assistant from the enemies of all — visible and invisible.

In temptations give us patience, and in the hour of our death show us an intercession from the torturers in our airy troubles. May we lead you to the heavenly Jerusalem and be honored in the Kingdom of Heaven with all the saints to glorify and glorify the holy name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit forever and ever.


Orthodox Prayer from the Evil Eye, damage, witchcraft and tricks

Appeal to the Matrona of Moscow

Staritsa Matronushka Moskovskaya, the famous guardian of health and peace of mind, also perfectly protect you from the effects of evil spells. Read a prayer to her after awakening, and before bedtime.

Blissful old girl, Matrona of Moscow. Defend the enemy in the evil deed, but do not torment me in punishment. If the damage on me is fatal, let him deny the whole fate of dashing.

Send me a lumen in the form of faith, teach me to repent without vain measures. Let my illness peacefully recede, and enlightenment will come in my soul.

If there is no evil damage and the evil eye, let another infection be cast off. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


After reading the prayer, you should cross with all your heart three times and take three sips consecrated beforehand in the church of water.

Orthodox Prayer from the Evil Eye, damage, witchcraft and tricks

Protection of the baby from the evil eye

Often it happens and this — there are two friends, they talk, one admires the cute little one. And after a short time, something strange begins to happen to the child: for inexplicable reasons, the temperature rises, the child becomes nervous, fearful and agitated (although sometimes, on the contrary, it becomes sluggish).

Sometimes children come in a gratuitous cry and even become covered with a rash. Of course, first of all, show your child to the doctor.

But if the doctor finds it difficult to make a definite diagnosis, most likely your child has been jinxed.

It is not necessary that a loving friend or relative would like a bad child. The energy protection of the little man is still too weak, and any strong emotional blow from the side can break through a “hole” in it.

Good and attentive parents immediately feel the changes in the behavior of the baby and take the necessary measures.

Orthodox Prayer from the Evil Eye, damage, witchcraft and tricks

What should be done:

  1. Wash baby with consecrated water. To be taken to church in such a state, of course, is not worth it — a crowd of people in the temple and curious glances will not benefit. However, of course, it is necessary to pray in the holy place itself, having set a candle for the Mother of God for the health of the child. If you do not want to leave the baby in this condition, it can make a father or grandmother
  2. Bathe the baby, having poured it on his head two or three times. Water is an incredibly powerful substance that has the ability to heal and cleanse clots of black energy.
  3. In the evening, having put the child in the crib, read the plot above him and lightly sprinkle him with holy water.

I will stand up, the servant of God (name), blessing, I will go, crossing the door of the door, from the gate to the gate, in a pure field. An oak stands in a clean field, a chest hangs on an oak, that iron raven stalls a chest.

Come closer to the crow, bow lower.

Raven Voronovich, as you guarded the trunk, guarded from vorogov and thieves, did not allow unkind people to touch, so I pray for you and obey: help me, protect the child (name of child) from misfortunes and dashing people, evil eyes, spoil them, under your wing take it Let no evil touch him, neither obvious, nor secret, nor from dashing people, nor from envious friends. My word is strong and molded.


Prayer to Matronushka for a child

An appeal to the holy Matrona of Moscow, whose luminous power will protect your child and heal him from the impact of an evil eye, is considered very effective. You can turn to her, as well as to other Orthodox saints, anywhere and at any time; however, visiting the Moscow church of the blessed old woman does not hurt at all.

Putting a candle in the temple for the health of the child, repeat these words:

Blessed old woman Matronushka, heal the baby (child’s name) from the evil eye and damage, from the eye of the evil, from a dashing person. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Most Holy Spirit.


The same conspiracy is also suitable for pronouncing it over a baby. The main thing is to believe that God will protect your child, pray sincerely and sincerely, and then the child’s guardian angel will protect him in full force.

Orthodox Prayer from the Evil Eye, damage, witchcraft and tricks

How to prevent the evil eye and damage?

A newborn baby should not make visits to relatives and friends. The smaller the eye sees, the better.

Going out on the street, curtain the stroller with tulle, but refuse to those who want to “watch” politely but firmly.

  • Pin an ordinary safety pin on the inner side of the baby’s stroller or clothes.
  • If someone in the conversation too long and enthusiastically praises your child — do not succumb to flattery, quietly take the conversation away.
  • Tie a red woolen thread on your baby’s left wrist. Red color was considered to be ancient since ancient times, even our pagan ancestors used it for protection.
  • By the way, the bright clothes of the kids not only look cute, but also have practical value. Clothing flashy tones scatters the attention of a stranger, does not allow negative energy to concentrate and strike.
  • Another tool — the usual pocket mirror. Put it in the pocket of the stroller, with the outside facing out, it will “mirror” the bad energy.

Our world is a dangerous place, where evil, unfortunately, is more than we would like. Protect yourself and your loved ones sometimes just need to.

Correct rituals, firm faith in the defense of the Lord and the desire to bring only goodness to this world will help you in this.

We recommend to watch the video — «Prayer from spoilage, evil people, evil eye and witchcraft»:

Which saints should seek help

Prayer from the evil eye and envy, addressed to the heavenly patrons, will help protect yourself and your relatives. There is also a prayer from evil people and damage that has powerful healing power.

Main prayer to Jesus Christ

Practically everyone knows the prayer “Our Father” by heart.

Orthodox Prayer from the Evil Eye, damage, witchcraft and tricks

Jesus Christ

It is she who brings relief and a sense of communication with God.

Prayer «Our Father»
Our Father, Thou art in heaven! Hallowed be thy name, Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, like in heaven and on earth. Give us this day our daily bread. and leave us our debt, as we leave it to our debtor; And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

For yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.

Orthodox Prayer from the Evil Eye, damage, witchcraft and tricks

It is the most powerful amulet that unfolds the enemy’s arrows into him.

Psalm 90
Living in the help of the Most High, in the shelter of the God of Heaven shall be established. It speaks of the Lord: Thou shalt hold my guard and be my refuge, my God, and trust in him.

Yako Toi will deliver thee from the net of the trap, and rebellious from the verse, his curvature will strike thee, and under his krill you will hope: His truth will wear out his weapon. Do not be afraid of the fear of the night, of the arrow that flies in the days, of the thing in the transitory, of the shriek, and the demon of noonday.

Thousands will fall from your country, and you will not come near you at the right hand, for you will not come near you, but look and see, and redeem sinners. For you, O Lord, my hope, Vyshnyago put thou in your refuge.

Evil will not come to you, and the wound will not come near your body, as your angel will command you, keep you in all your ways.

In their hands, they will bear the brunt, but not when sticking your foot on a stone, step on the asp and basilisk, and cross the lion and the serpent. For I have hoped for Me, and I will deliver both: I will cover and, for I have known my name.

He will cry unto Me, and I will hear him: I am with him in grief, I will make him out, and I will glorify him, with longness I will fulfill him, and will show him my salvation.

Orthodox Prayer from the Evil Eye, damage, witchcraft and tricks

Prayers from envy and evil people

Prayer of St. Mary of Egypt
O great saint of Christ, Reverend Mother Mary! Hear the unworthy prayer of us sinners (names), deliver us, Reverend Mother, from the passions that war against our souls, from all sorrow and misfortune, from sudden death and from all evil, at the same time the separation of the soul from the body of death, a holy pleasing , every evil thought and evil devils, may we take our souls with the world in the place of Christ our Lord God our God, supposedly the cleansing of sins from Him, and That is the salvation of our souls, All glory, honor and worship befitting to Him, with the Father and the Holy Spirit now and ever and ever and ever.

Prayer to the Holy Martyr Cyprian
Oh, holy saint of God, Holy Martyr Cyprian, speedy helper and prayer book of all who come to you. Receive from us unworthy our praise, and receive for us from the Lord God strengthened in sickness, healing in sickness, consolation in sadness and all that is useful to all in our life.

Lift up your prayer to the Lord, may your protection from our sinful fall, teach us true repentance, save us from the capture of the devilish and all spirits of unclean spirits, and deliver us from those who offend us. Give us a strong champion for all enemies, visible and invisible. In temptations, give us patience, and at the time of our death, show us our intercession from the torturers in our air ordeals.

May we reach the Gornogo of Jerusalem and we will be honored in the Kingdom of Heaven with all the holy glories and chant the Holy Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit forever and ever. Amen.

Orthodox Prayer from the Evil Eye, damage, witchcraft and tricks

Prayer to the saints

Oh, the great Christ and the miracle workers: the Holy Forerunner and the Baptist , Catherine the Great Martyr, Reverend Father Anthony! Hear us, you praying, servant of God (names). You know our sorrows and afflictions, you hear the sighs of the multitude that flow to you.

For our sake, we call to our fast helpers and warm prayer books: Do not leave us (your names) your petition with God. We still deceive us from the path of salvation, guide us, gracious mentors.

We are weak in the faith, confirm us, orthodox teachers. We have done the good deeds, to enrich us, the goodness of the treasure. We dawn on us from the enemy visible and invisible and angry, help us helpless intercessors.

The anger of the righteous, driven by us for our iniquity, turn away from us your petition at the throne of the Judge of God, to Him you are in heaven, holy saints. Hear, we pray you, the majesty of Christ’s saint, you are calling with faith in faith, and ask for your forgiveness of our sins and misfortunes from your Heavenly Father for all of us.

You are bo assistants, intercessors and prayer-books, and the glory of you is sent to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, now and forever, and forever and ever. Amen.

Orthodox Prayer from the Evil Eye, damage, witchcraft and tricks

Prayer Rules

When uttering the prayers, one should:

  • be in complete privacy:
  • state of mind should be calm;
  • discard any thoughts of revenge offenders;
  • not be distracted by extraneous sounds, thoughts;
  • each word pronounced deliberately, delving into each pronounced phrase.

What are the similarities of envy, defacement and evil eye

When a person is constantly overtaken by failures, things are not going well, small problems are replaced by large ones and they become more and more, many people consider this to be an evil eye or damage. After all, even without the use of witchcraft ritual, a person who is in a strong surge of envy and anger can send a negative to the address of another person.

The evil eye is an unintended effect on a person. For example, someone accidentally said something to the interlocutor, and thereby jinxed him, without knowing it.

But if someone wanted to damage it, then it is a deliberate act using auxiliary objects, conspiracies and rituals.

And what have envy?

Jealous, the person scrolls negative thoughts in his head. For example, he wants to have something that his friend has, thereby wishing him to lose his blessings and destroying the happiness and success of a person.

Orthodox Prayer from the Evil Eye, damage, witchcraft and tricks

The main signs of the evil eye and damage

  1. frequent headaches;
  2. constant weakness, fatigue, drowsiness;
  3. loss of interest in life;
  4. outbursts of anger, irritation, anger;
  5. inner anxiety;
  6. troubles in all walks of life;
  7. audibility of voices in the head, often indicating what, when and how to do it;
  8. a sense of peace in black and gray;
  9. craving for alcohol, drugs, fornication;
  10. sudden depression;
  11. drops in blood pressure;
  12. the occurrence of serious diseases;
  13. discomfort in the solar plexus.

Expert advice

Practical psychologists offer good advice for solving the problem and its “prevention”:

  • outside one’s own home one cannot boast about the successes of the household and one’s own achievements;
  • in case of feeling envious of the envious people behind their backs, or if it is known that they talk a lot about you — thank the Almighty for the fact that your life is better than that of others;
  • limit to the maximum communication with ill-wishers;
  • engage in self-training: every day you need to give yourself the installation that your environment (colleagues, friends, neighbors) are the best and most benevolent people.

Sorcery has flourished from time immemorial, pulling human forces. Recently there has been an increasing interest in witchcraft ritual due to the availability of magical literature on the shelves of bookstores.

The number of fortunetellers, fortune-tellers, soothsayers, who promise to fix the lives of sufferers, is also growing.

Prayer, in turn, does not pose a danger to man. Aimed at the destruction of the evil eye, defacement and envy, it strengthens the spiritual world of man.

Fill the spiritual world with good and positive, pray for your enemies, and then the evil envious ones will themselves «get rid» of your life.

Orthodox Prayer from the Evil Eye, damage, witchcraft and tricks

Signs of damage and the evil eye

People tend to believe that the damage and the evil eye — it is almost the same. However, everything is completely different.

The evil eye is an energy attack, most often unintentional. A man with a heavy look can often jinx even himself.

Expressed the evil eye with great envy and desire for evil. But the damage is much more dangerous and worse. It is directed purposefully, reinforced by the desire to completely destroy your life.

This magical ritual can harm not only you, but also your loved ones.

Any otherworldly intervention can be identified with the help of certain signs:

  • obsessive thoughts, anxious feelings, a feeling of weakness and lack of air;
  • a pectoral cross may cause discomfort, including suffocation and bodily burns;
  • intolerance of own sight and reflections in mirrors;
  • unexplained health problems;
  • fear of church attributes.

Prayer to Saint Cyprian from evil influence

The prayer to the holy martyr Cyprian will protect you from damage, the evil eye and witchcraft. The holy saint of the Lord will not allow the magical effect to destroy your life, eradicating the first signs of alien influence. Read the sacred text follows about the icon:

“The holy saint of God, Cyprian, is the intercessor of every soul. Hear our unworthy prayers and plead with the Lord for deliverance and comfort. Let the prayer to you come to God and illuminate our life with strong faith, deliverance from the devil’s captivity, enemies and offenders.

In all temptations of the world, grant humility. Become our patron in life and on your deathbed, do not let us go without your attention and help us reach the Kingdom of Heaven. We glorify Thy name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


Orthodox Prayer from the Evil Eye, damage, witchcraft and tricks

Prayer Matrona of Moscow from the evil eye and damage

The matron is famous for his intercession in front of people. She eradicates the ills, torments of the soul and black witchcraft.

Words addressed to the Great Martyr will protect you from the evil eye, damage and malicious intent. The text should be read several times a day:
“On the great martyr Matron. Expose a person in the deeds of sinful and help me resist the damage and danger of fatal.

Let the gap in the form of your participation descend upon my life and teach loyalty and tolerance. Make it so that all the evil sent to me from a man who imagines himself a punisher, has receded.

Deliver my soul from the influence of evil, destroying all that is good in life. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


Orthodox prayer from damage and the evil eye

People pay this prayer to the Most High. After reading the words that save from black magic, evil eye, damage and anger, you should thank the Creator.

The Living Aid Prayer has been translated from Church Slavonic into Russian. This sacred text is read several times, to inner peace:

“Living in the help of the Most High, will settle in the blood of the Lord. My advocate and shelter in difficult times, You are my God, to whom I place all my hopes.

Take me away from the networks of devilish and verbal attacks of ill-wishers. Protect your servant (name) with true faith, protect it from the fear of the night, from things that come under cover of night, from devilry and the evil of men.

Only You, my God, my hope, only in You, I am looking for support and help. Evil bypasses You, and wounds are not terrible to You. So may Your Holy Presence be preserved in me, which will save you from any misfortune.

Hear my prayer and keep it in bad time. I glorify your name in grief and in joy forever and ever.


Any magical effect will bypass you if you strengthen your defense with Orthodox prayers. A true believer does not frighten defacement, evil eyes and curses, because there is nothing stronger than divine participation in the world.

May your faith be strong. We wish you happiness, success, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

Orthodox Prayer from the Evil Eye, damage, witchcraft and tricks

Who is allowed to read such requests?

There are no restrictions for reading this appeal to the Higher Forces. The main thing is the presence of faith. Appeal to the Almighty helps all people.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, who you are by profession or what your social status is. All this is not important.

For the Saints, we are all equal.

Can you read prayers to pregnant women?

Definitely possible, even necessary.

  • After all, she is able to benefit not only the health of the mother, but also the health of the unborn child.
  • She can’t hurt.
  • In any case, it is impossible to drag the negative from the mother to the child or otherwise harm the child by reading prayers from damage in the church.

Teenagers and even children are also not affected. You can turn to God from any age.

In many cases, when a child has been touched by a curse or dark witchcraft, his mother is praying for him. But this is far from necessary.

It will be much more effective if the child tries to do the damage himself by praying to the Most High.

How and when to read a prayer against the evil eye and damage?

Before turning to the Almighty you should always prepare yourself well:

  1. Need to tune in to petition;
  2. During her time not to think about something else;
  3. Focus on your words;
  4. It is recommended to pray in complete silence. In any case, it is better to turn off the TV and radio, as well as other items that may be distracting;
  5. Feel that you are alone with God;
  6. Believe in it. Faith must be real.

Try to fully understand your words. Yes, for beginners it is not easy.

After all, the prayers are already thousands of years old. But still, these are the very words about help, intercession, or expressing gratitude.

Many clergymen recommend lighting a candle when begging, which can strengthen your request. Especially valuable is a candle purchased in a church.

But this is not a mandatory rule, because when referring to the Almighty there are no rules, in fact, no.

Orthodox Prayer from the Evil Eye, damage, witchcraft and tricks

Strong prayers from spoilage and witchcraft

In this case, one can turn to God even with the most popular prayer “Our Father”, which every believer knows. It is best to read it before going to bed and in the morning when we first woke up.

In addition, you can simply read it during the day in order to remove all negative from yourself or to receive divine protection.

You can also pray to the Holy Trinity, if there is a suspicion that your bad state of health or any problems are caused by evil forces, envy or a curse. Here is the text:

“Most Holy Trinity, have mercy on us; O Lord, cleanse our sins; Master, forgive our iniquities; Holy One, visit and heal our infirmities, in thy name’s sake. Lord, have mercy, Lord, have mercy, Lord, have mercy.

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, both now and ever and ever and ever. Amen».

There is even a special text of the appeal to the Lord, which is useful to every mother. These texts pray for their children.

Basically it is read to small children in a cradle or before sleeping above their heads. For children in adolescence, it can be used only in the absence of a child. This text is read for children of any age:

“In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, amen, amen, amen. You, covetous men, likhodey, chaldeans are besieged, tormentors, teachers, cruel fiends, extortions, detractors, strangers and their own, bright people, dark people, all sorts of teachers, all verbal torturers, exile, feed away from my son, God’s servant (name) do not scold him, servant of God (name), do not scold him, servant of God (name), do not torment him, servant of God (name).

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, amen, amen, amen. «

This text indicates an appeal to God for a son, but you can safely change the appeal for a daughter. If you, for example, have both a son and a daughter, then you can read like this — «… away from my son and daughter, God’s servants (names) …»

In general, you can help any prayer against the evil eye and damage, the main thing to believe in it and say it sincerely, with all my heart. The power of these words lies in the spiritual component, and not in the verbal, as, for example, in conspiracies.

Orthodox Prayer from the Evil Eye, damage, witchcraft and tricks

Prayer to St. Cyprian from damage

This appeal to the saint against witchcraft, the evil eye and damage is considered the strongest and most effective. It is worth considering that the blessing of the Orthodox Church is necessary for the reading of such an appeal.

Cyprian’s life story

Cyprian lived in the III century. From the youngest age to 30 years old, he tirelessly trained and trained in witchcraft and dark magic. Places of his training were Babylon, Argos, Egypt, Olympus.

In adulthood, he was ordained priests. He possessed an incredible power, with the help of which he could call evil spirits and speak with the prince of Darkness.

  • But returning to his homeland, he fell in love with nun Justina.
  • But the girl refused him.
  • Then Cyprian will use all his strength in order to bewitch the girl, but he does not succeed.
  • After all, it protects the Lord himself, whom the girl serves tirelessly.

The priest decided to find out what kind of faith it was and threw all his witchcraft. And the books of black magic gave it to be burned. He was baptized, and soon he became a famous bishop.

But soon the persecution of Christians began. Cyprian captured and executed.

So the former magician became a Christian martyr, and the people who turned to him for help could overcome the dark forces. Since then, the prayer of Cyprian from the damage and the evil eye helps people.

Orthodox Prayer from the Evil Eye, damage, witchcraft and tricks

How to pray to Cyprianus and Ustinia

  1. This rite must be conducted by an adult. If they read for a child, then it is better to let the mother lead the ceremony;
  2. A prayer must be read daily;
  3. In order for the effect to be stronger it is necessary to give the child water, over which an appeal to Cyprian was read. You can wash the baby’s water.

The prayer of Cyprian and Ustini from damage:

“O holy saint of God, holy Martyr Cyprian, speedy helper and prayer book of all who come to you. Receive from us unworthy our praise and obtain for us from the Lord God in a weakness fortification, healing in sickness, consolation in sadness and all that are useful in our life.

Lift up your prayer to the Lord, may you protect us from our sinful fall, teach us true repentance, save us from the capture of the devilish and all the spirits of unclean spirits, and deliver us from those who offend us.

If we are a strong advocate for all enemies, visible and invisible, in temptation give us patience and at the hour of our death show us an intercession from torturers in our air trials, yes led by you, we will reach Gornoago Jerusalem and be honored in the Kingdom of Heaven with all the holy glory and chant the All-Holy the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit forever and ever. Amen».

God bless you!

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