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On which hand to wear a wedding ring

On which hand to wear a wedding ring

Different countries have their own traditions for wedding jewelry. They originate in ancient times. Jewelry in the form of a ring carries a deep, intimate meaning — the symbol of eternal love will preserve the relationship for a long time.

How to wear wedding jewelry

In Russia, spouses wear wedding rings on the right hand. Orthodox people rarely think about why this happened. We have a mentality built this way, that it is the right side that is associated with something reliable and unchanging.

The Slavs made the sign of the cross with the right hand.

In the Catholic tradition, the decoration is worn on the left hand. So instituted in Western Europe. Wearing a ring on his left hand went from the time of the Roman Empire.

In addition, Catholics are baptized on the left side in accordance with the papal decree.

Muslims also agree with Catholics that the symbol of marital fidelity must be worn on the left hand. But such rings are worn exclusively by women, because for men it is considered a bad omen to acquire or receive gold jewelry as a gift. For gypsies, another is common: they hang the symbol of eternal fidelity on a gold chain instead of a pendant.

What make jewelry for the wedding

Rings are usually made of gold. Previously, noble metals were considered a sign of material well-being. It all depended on what kind of metal was used to create the wedding decoration.

The future spouse presented a ring to the bride’s parents, and with this he argued that he was rich and had the means to provide a wife. So the groom wanted to win the favor of relatives who could not give their consent to the wedding.

Iron and copper wedding rings were chosen by poor people. However, this does not mean that the decoration has lost its purpose. On the contrary, it continued to remain a symbol of infinity.

No wonder the newlyweds gave a vow of indestructible and pure love.

Why is the ring worn on the ring finger

After archaeological excavations, scientists discovered that the first wedding rings appeared in ancient Egypt. In the country of the sun conducted many experiments to study the structure of the human body. Egyptian doctors found out that there is a special nerve going from the heart to the ringless finger of the left hand.

Europeans took advantage of ancient knowledge and chose this way of wearing.

The ring personified the conjugal union. It is believed that the decoration on the ring finger cures from any ailments and gives spiritual strength and strength of spirit. If a person puts a ring on his index finger, then he is still looking for his soul mate.

In fact, it does not play a special role on which hand to wear the cherished decoration. It is much more important that the home always remains the center of harmony and well-being. For a friendly atmosphere to always reign in the house, and the spouses live long and happily, it is necessary to observe the tradition of wearing a wedding ring.Try not to lose the cherished decoration and do not forget to press the buttons and

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