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Numerology of time on the clock: tips and tricks

Numerology of time: what will tell the numbers on the clock

The time numerology is a part of ancient science, which helps to decipher the meaning of identical numbers on a clock. Remember — did you have to involuntarily look at the dial at the same time every day?

The value of the same numbers on the clock

Numerology of time on the clock: tips and tricks

Memorize repeating numbers and decipher the message of the Universe using this list:

  • 00:00 — wait for the fulfillment of the cherished desire. But it will come true only if you are not pursuing vested interests.
  • 01:01 — get good news from a close man (friend, relative, lover)
  • 02:02 — a date (friendly or business) with a person who makes you only pleasant emotions
  • 02:20 — carefully monitor all your words, control what you say, otherwise you will not turn around problems
  • 02:22 — keep a secret that you entrusted, no matter what
  • 03:03 — the second half is close, soon you will meet your true love
  • 03:30 — you are in love and want reciprocity, but it will not. Switch to someone else, pay attention to the old fan — he is more worthy of you.
  • 03:33 — The dark band will soon be replaced by a bright and successful future.
  • 04:04 — Pay attention to the advice given by others. They are not devoid of common sense.
  • 05:05 — your detractors are ready and will soon make an attempt to attack you. They have some compromising material, which they will certainly use.
  • 05:50 — the elements of Water and Fire are unfriendly towards you. Avoid their energy sources.4
  • 05:55 — a very wise and experienced person will accidentally appear in your life. Listen to his opinion and advice — they are really important for you at this stage of life.
  • 06:06 — You will meet a nice person who will later become your best friend.
  • 07:07 — it is undesirable to contact with civil servants in the near future.
  • 08:08 — wait for career growth or a significant increase in earnings.
  • 09:09 — financially dysfunctional day. Possibilities of theft, fraud, unplanned large expenses are not excluded.
  • 10:01 — a truly fateful meeting will occur with a person who will play a huge role in your Destiny.
  • 11:01 — probably feeling unwell, rest and spend the day at home if you can.
  • 11:11 — a loved one is trying to control you, be vigilant and do not give in to manipulations.
  • 11:21 — small problems and difficulties are likely, but everything will be resolved in the most successful way.
  • 12:12 — In the near future, Fate will send many opportunities for true success and prosperity.
  • 12:21 — get to know a young lady, who may well become in the future the best friend.
  • 13:13 — Your enemies have rested and gained strength, be careful and vigilant.
  • 13:31 — Your innermost dream will come true soon.
  • 14:11 — possible health problems, it is recommended to visit a doctor.
  • 14:14 — personal life will be successful, you will find love and build a happy harmonious relationship.
  • 14:41 — on the contrary, wait for problems in love. It is likely that a long period of loneliness will come.
  • 15:15 — do not think only about yourself, listen to the opinions, desires and interests of others too.
  • 15:51 — a tumultuous romance in the near future, which is unlikely to last long, but will be very passionate and emotional.
  • 16:16 — the journey will be successful, the main thing is to choose a suitable companion for your temperament.
  • 17:17 — fraudsters attempt on your wallet, be careful in any operations with money
  • 18:18 — today you should not get behind the wheel, there is a risk to get problems. Call a taxi or use public transport.
  • 19:19 — the band of incredible luck, success, good luck in everything will begin very soon.
  • 20:02 — refuse to make important decisions, postpone the selection until a more successful moment.
  • 20:20 — soon quarrel with a loved one, conflict is inevitable.
  • 21:11 — tomorrow will be a good and very happy day. Do not miss the chance sent by Fate.
  • 21:12 — cardinal changes will occur in life in all its directions.
  • 21:21 — wake up in bed a man whose name you do not even know. Waiting for a vivid sexual adventure.
  • 22:22 — Meet an attractive man, to whom you immediately feel sympathy.
  • 23:23 — parting after a passionate, insanely emotional romance.
  • 23:32 — troubles at work with which you can quickly cope.

We recommend to watch a video about karmic numbers in numerology:

Tips and tricks

Numerology and time on the clock are inextricably linked. Your guardian angel sends you encrypted messages using the same numbers.

Having learned to interpret them, you will always be ready to stand in trouble, to make the right decision in a problem situation.

Numerology of time on the clock: tips and tricks

But do not forget about such things:

  • Do not be cunning and do not try to specifically look at the clock at a point in time with a good prediction. An attempt to deceive the Universe will not work, but it will result in many problems.
  • Pay attention only to repeated numbers, mirror and other «beautiful» combinations. You should not look for the value of a simple combination of different numbers: for example, 11:52 is just time, not an angelic message.
  • Do not try to tell anyone about the prediction that fell to you. People are incredulous about such a mystic, their criticism and condemnation can upset not only you, but also your guardian angel.

Numerology of time on the clock: tips and tricks

And remember that any prediction you can change. Numbers are just a sign, an encrypted warning or appeal.

And the choice: how to live and how to act in a particular situation, always remains only for you.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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