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Numerology of numbers: the meaning of numbers and their characteristics

Numerology of numbers: the meaning and decoding of numbers

Numerology of numbers helps to give a complete and detailed description of the personality. Understand the direction in which an adjustment of personal qualities is required.

Identify the reasons why in your life, not everything is as it should be.

Numerology of numbers: the meaning of numbers and their characteristics

It is important not one quality to which the numbers indicate, but the number of digits in one cell of the numerological table (how to compose it, read here). The connection of the number with the adjacent ones in the adjacent cells is also important.

But the importance of numbers is important to know in order to understand in detail what they carry.

Numerology of numbers starts from one. It denotes the energy of thought, the flow of information that lives in the head.

The unit is the ideas that come, «fly into» in the head. This is an initiative, the ability to independently invent something and find the only correct solution.

The unit reflects a person’s ability to sing, shout, speak without hesitation. A person who has a lot of units in the test is able to invent and find a solution on the go.

“I see what I sing,” is the fundamental characteristic of a person who has many units. Provided that the remaining numbers do not limit this information flow.

One unit — a person slowly thinks, or prefers not to think at all. Many units (maximum 7) — a generator of a multitude of ideas, desires without energy for their realization, vanity.

Two — dense energy. Physical, muscular. It characterizes such personal qualities as tension, activity, energy, aggression.

A person with a large number of twos cannot and does not know how to sit still. He is able to influence other people, manipulate and control them, force them.

Deuce displays the tendency to build and destruction. It is also an expression of sexual energy in men and women.

Little twos — a man gets tired quickly, he has almost no physical energy. Many twos (maximum 9) — he does everything for himself and for everyone, performs socially useful work, it is difficult for him to live.

Numerology of numbers: the meaning of numbers and their characteristics

Troika expresses a person’s own space, its rules and habits, hobbies and lifestyle, knowledge and hobbies, information and skills. This is the ability to think logically, as well as the attitude to money and the material world.

No triples — a person adapts to the environment in which he is, absorbs her habits and lifestyle, follows its rules and attitudes. Many triples — greedy, economic, avaricious people who prefer to receive something at the expense of others, rather than trying to do it yourself.

It is important to understand that the meaning of numbers in numerology is ambiguous. We give examples of extremes.

If your personal indicators are somewhere in the middle, nothing to worry about.

Four «4»

Four is a sense of duty, responsibility. This is straightforwardness and honesty, internal discipline and order.

A lot of fours — a person is right to irritation, trying to remake one and all, force him to follow the right (from his point of view) norms and rules. There are no fours — uncontrolled, acts out of place, does not take into account the interests of others. There are only his own rules, and on social norms and morals — to spit

Numerology of numbers: the meaning of numbers and their characteristics

Five — the quality of love. It reflects sensuality, the ability to understand people, to express their feelings and emotions.

He is responsible for artistry, theatricality, mannerism, creative skills and the ability to harmonize the space around him.

Also, the top five is sex appeal, attractiveness for the opposite sex.

There are no fives — a person does not know how to speak and admit his feelings, or he shows emotions inadequately. She may fall in love, but the object of the voices will never know about it.

A lot of fives — very vulnerable, touchy, constantly suspect others in the absence of self-love. Strongly developed emotion, likes to attract attention to him, picky about appearance.

Six «6»

The six are responsible for the ability to save, organize and use knowledge. It reflects the ability to solve problems that appear on the path of life.

There are a lot of sixes — a person is very deep, you can constantly recognize something new, but never fully understand all facets of a person. Devoted to one of his work (profession) all his life, is given to work completely.

No sixes — no ability to concentrate. A person in the process of doing something is constantly distracted by external circumstances.

Seven reflects the state of mind, is mainly responsible for intuition, «the sixth sense», the ability to anticipate. This is a gift that allows you to predict the outcome of certain events in life.

No sevens — intuition is, but hidden deep inside. It manifests itself in a state of strong emotional tension — fear.

In ordinary life, a person cannot foresee anything.

Many sevens — a person has the gift of foresight. He is able to literally read minds.

Feels other people even at a distance, can understand that his loved one is bad, even if he is on the other side of the planet.

For a documentary on how numbers affect people’s lives, see the video:

Eight «8»

Eight — the most «lucky» quality. It shows how lucky a person is, how and on what scale he carries in life.

Responsible for luck.

There are no eights — you cannot count on luck. Man is used to achieving everything with his own mind, making efforts to achieve all goals.

This is not bad, because he understands — you can only rely on yourself. He never acts at random.

Many eights in the dough — a lucky man. Everything is easy for him, without effort.

The fact that others receive colossal work, he receives just as if by a wave of a magic wand.

Nine reflects such personality traits as flexibility, cunning, pliability, even resourcefulness. This is an understanding of the ultimate goal.

If it is — the person will behave correctly in the conditions given to him, ideally adjusted to the situation.

Few nines — the above qualities are not enough. A person slowly responds, stubbornly, often does not reach the goals, conflict.

A lot of nines is a human player. He is cunning, dodgy, skilled manipulator.

This is the meaning of numbers in numerology. But do not forget that for a more accurate characterization of the personality, it is necessary to consider the table as a whole, to study how the numbers are arranged in columns, diagonally.

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