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Numerology of car numbers: how to calculate the compatibility of cars

Numerology car numbers: how to unravel the «character» of the car

Knowing the car’s numbers according to the canons of numerology, one can determine the nature of a person and the energy characteristics of a vehicle, which will influence his behavior on the road. Any figures you encounter in everyday life are signs of the Universe.

It is important to know how to decrypt and use them.

How to calculate the numerological number of the machine?

The method of calculation is very simple: you need to add all the digits of the license plate of the car. If you get a two-digit number, continue the addition in the same way.

The exception is the numbers 11 and 22, they must be left unchanged.

Numerology of car numbers: how to calculate the compatibility of cars

Decoding the «nature» of the car

Car number gives the car a special energy, depending on which it is designed for specific purposes.

Numerology of car numbers: how to calculate the compatibility of cars

After you get a prime number, see its value in the list:

  1. Unit. Your car is reliable and suitable for everyday use as well as for long trips and journeys.
  2. Two. The car is suitable for everyday use: trips to the store, to work or to the country. But for long journeys is not adapted.
  3. Troika. This car is ideal for a person whose work is related to finance, real estate or insurance operations.
  4. Four. The machine helps to increase the status of its owner: attracts material goods to life.
  5. Five. The car is only suitable for work in a taxi or business travel.
  6. Six. Good family car, fairly safe. Energy suitable for families with small children.
  7. Seven. A car for a lone person who is used to rely only on himself in life.
  8. Eight. Very favorable figure. The owner of such a car will be lucky in his personal life and career. Good luck accompanies almost everything.
  9. Nine. The perfect car for a law enforcement officer who is on guard for the law.

Knowing these values, you can choose a suitable car.

Alternative numerology

There is another way to calculate. First you add the numbers and then the letters.

Each letter corresponds to its number in alphabetical order: the letter A — 1, B — 2, and so on.

Numerology of car numbers: how to calculate the compatibility of cars

  • Unit. The car will perfectly show itself in an emergency. If you suddenly fall into danger, the machine will not fail.
  • Two. The owner of such a machine has an unpredictable character, you never know what to expect from it.
  • Troika. Capricious car that will constantly require repair. Numerous breakdowns, minor accidents. Replacing worn parts will be required more often than any other vehicle.
  • Four. Almost perfect cars. Energy helps the owner not to succumb to difficulties and to easily solve any life tasks, to achieve goals.
  • Five. You should be very vigilant: the car has a negative energy, which will constantly bring troubles on its owner and force to get into trouble.
  • Six. Auto constantly requires financial investments. This car is an avid racer — the owner will constantly upgrade it and improve it.
  • Seven. Very family car. Serves its owner for a long time and faithfully. It is usually difficult to sell, and do not want to.
  • Eight. The car whose owner will want to constantly decorate it is to update the design, make decorative tuning.
  • Nine. The car is truly male, suitable for the owner of an ambitious, aggressive character. The woman will constantly break down and be capricious.

Chinese numerology

In Chinese numerology, the vehicle number can also be determined by vehicle number. Look at the numbers of the car — what numbers in it are repeated?

Look for suitable values ​​in the list:

  • Unit. It does not matter, but it affects the numerological potential of the remaining digits of the license plate. Compensates for the negative influence of fours and fives, enhances the positive energy of favorable numbers.
  • Two. Auspicious symbol. Helps a person to achieve stability in all spheres of his life. Attracts good luck and luck that will accompany the owner of the car in his business and endeavors.
  • Troika. Neutral value is a machine with an average energy potential. Does not give the driver much trouble. But it is advisable not to use the car to carry heavy and bulky things.
  • Four. Negative symbol of death and destruction. Attracts into the life of the owner of the car a lot of trouble, difficulties and hardships.
  • Five. Negative number that will provide the owner of the car a lot of adverse effects.
  • Seven. If there is a 4 in the license plate, except for the sevens, the value is unfavorable. Such a number literally destroys positive energy. In combination with the five creates many obstacles to achieving goals. In other cases, is neutral.
  • Eight is a positive number. It enhances the flow of positive energy, attracts financial well-being, success in personal life, helps to improve relations with relatives.
  • Nine. Positive number — a car with such a figure will become a reliable companion on long trips.

Watch the video about car numerology:

Important: if the number of your car has a negative value on numerology, this is no reason to be upset. In any case, the influence of numbers, connecting with your personal energy, will change.

Therefore, a person with positive attitudes and views on life, negative numbers are not terrible.

But you can pay attention to the «nature» of the car, to know what to expect from it in a difficult situation.

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