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Numerology compatibility by date of birth in love and marriage

Numerology compatibility by date of birth in love and marriage

Ever since the advent of civilization, man began to enthrall the numbers and their magical effects. Many nations believed that numbers and their combinations could influence fate.

Positive or negative. They attached special calculations, different interpretations and gave them important values.

By this they tried to understand the connection between the universe and the human soul, to penetrate the secrets of the universe.

Numerology compatibility by date of birth in love and marriage

The greatest interest among people was and still is the relationship between people, especially between a man and a woman. For love and marriage, numbers can play an important role.

They will help to correctly determine the compatibility of partners and predict their future. Let’s try to understand the most popular ways to find out whether love between partners is possible and what their marriage will be.

Pythagorean Psychomatrix

Even the priests of Ancient Egypt tried to uncover the secrets of numerology. They were the first to begin to correlate the relationship of a person’s character with his date of birth.

They were able to formulate the basic laws. Their undertakings continued by Pythagoras.

He compared the magic of human figures with mathematical rules. According to the developed psychomatrix, you can learn about a person:

  • Type of character;
  • Mental potential;
  • The power of life energy;
  • Goals in life;
  • Compatible with people.

To calculate the compatibility of the Pythagorean system, you need to make a digital square for both people.

How is the table made?

First you need to calculate 4-digit numbers. Let us show this calculation by example. Let’s do it on the date of birth 07.25.1987:

  • Date and month of birth add up separately: 2 + 5 + 0 + 7 = 14;
  • Year of birth is also added separately: 1 + 9 + 8 + 7 = 25;
  • To obtain the 1st digit number, add the obtained values: 14 + 25 = 39;
  • Figures of the 1st sign number separately add: 3 + 9 = 12 — this is the 2nd sign number;
  • To get the 3rd digit number from the 1st, subtract the product of the first birthday digit by two: 39-2 * 2 = 35;
  • The 4th number is obtained from the addition of the digits of the 3rd number: 3 + 5 = 8.

Thus, we calculated 4-digit numbers:

The second stage — we make the table. Enter the date of birth separately in the first line, and the sign numbers below.

If it is from 1 to 9, then it is necessary to enter it in the table with two digits, putting 0 in front, for example, 05.

2 5 0 7 1 9 8 7

3 9 1 2 3 5 0 8

Such a calculation must be carried out for both partners and check the coincidence of numbers. The more matches there are on the square, the stronger and stronger the union will be.

Numerology compatibility by date of birth in love and marriage

The final part of the compilation of the table — fill out the psychomatrix. To do this, count the number of times, how many each digit was encountered and enter this digit into the table:

“Number 1” — 2

Power industry

“Number 2” — 2


«Figure 3» — 2


“Number 4” — 0

Intuition / Logic

“Number 5” — 2


“Number 6” — 0


«Figure 7» — 2


«Figure 8» — 2


«Number 9» — 2

Compatibility by date of birth and zodiac sign

Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac can be found in any astrological reference book and on many Internet resources. An individual horoscope will be more accurate and correct. It takes into account not only the sign of the zodiac, but also the number of the date and time of birth.

This is called the horoscope of Synastria.

The numbers of the date of birth indicate the position of the planets of the solar system at the time of the birth of man. This information carries information about a person and by these indicators you can find out what will be the compatibility of partners in relationships and in marriage. Such a forecast will not be possible for a simple man in the street.

The calculation is done by professional astrologers.

Karma compatibility

Karma is what is laid in our souls from past lives and incarnations. The task of the current incarnation is to solve these karmic tasks and solve them correctly.

If a person does not know how to solve these problems correctly, he turns to Tarot cards or determines his karma according to the date of birth.

Many are confident that you need to trust your intuition, that everything that happens to us is not just that. In particular, this also applies to the love relationship between a man and a woman. Sometimes it’s hard to know what’s going on in the soul when you see a person.

Love can be taken for love and miss the most important thing. For this understanding and turn to the ancient teachings and knowledge, so as not to miss their fate.

This can be determined from the numerological calculation of the karmic bonds of two people using their birth dates.

  1. The full date of birth of both partners is summarized;
  2. Subtract 22 from the amount received. Do this as many times as necessary until the total number is less than 22;
  3. Match your result with the results.

For example, take the dates 07/25/1987 and 09/25/1981:

Next, see what the figure 8 stands for in decoding the results:

  1. The basis of the union are passion and love. In the end, this will never lead to something bigger and deeper;
  2. The union is based on deep karma partners. They are too dreamy and romantic;
  3. Relations are strong enough. Partners respect each other. The leading role in the family most often in a woman;
  4. In relationships, the main man. It is he who bears all responsibility for a shared future;
  5. Karma destinies are deeply connected. It is a long and spiritual union, but it can take a long time to form;
  6. Partners together for a while. Both are looking for a better relationship;
  7. Mutually beneficial alliance. There is no question of any love or even love here;
  8. A strong and stable union, without manifestation of passion and emotionality;
  9. Deep karmic connection. In the relationship felt the depth. They can last indefinitely;
  10. Partners build illusions about each other. Often there are disappointments. Offended at each other;
  11. The destructive alliance of tyrant and sacrifice. One will always be stronger than the other and overwhelm him;
  12. Partners change dramatically for each other;
  13. Great opportunities for childbirth;
  14. Negative relationships, devoid of material and spiritual benefits;
  15. The relationship is strong and deep, but the partners are trying to understand the depth and secrets of each other;
  16. Strong and bright relationship, characterized by attention and sensitivity;
  17. Partners are enlightened and spiritually enriched in each other;
  18. The relationship is strong and spiritual;
  19. Physical intimacy replaces spiritual;
  20. Relationships are preserved for the sake of the children and their duty;
  21. Bright and energetic union. They are inherent strength, love, reliability, etc.
  22. Empty relationship.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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