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Numerological forecast — Pythagorean method, method of Natalia Sidorova

Numerological forecast by date of birth: the methods of Pythagoras and the «Ideal»

Numerological forecast is the result of calculation, which is based on the date of birth of a person. Figures are entered in a table and then analyzed.

There are several techniques, we consider the classical Pythagorean and modern, according to the algorithm of the numerologist Sidorova.

Pythagorean way

To make a table (psychomatrix) using the Pythagorean method, you need to calculate four working numbers. This is a classic way that most numerologists use in their work.

  1. First working number: add your date of birth. 01/01/1984: 1 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 4 = 24.
  2. Second working day: add the digits of the first working number: 2 + 4 = 6.
  3. Third working day: the first digit of the date of birth, which is greater than or equal to one, multiply by 2. 1 * 2 = 2. Then subtract the given value from the first number: 24-2 = 22.
  4. Fourth working day: Sum the digits of the third number. 22 = 2 + 2 = 4.

At this point the calculation is over. Write down all the resulting values ​​in a row, dividing by a dot: 1.1.1984.

And then put in the table all the numbers in the order shown in the figure.

Numerological forecast - Pythagorean method, method of Natalia Sidorova

In the picture you can see what quality each of the numbers corresponds to. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses, understand what should be developed, what to put up with, and what will help you achieve goals more quickly.

Natalia Sidorova Method

Natalia Sidorova, the most authoritative modern numerologist, created her own system of numerological calculation and called it “Ideal”. This method of calculation is significantly different from the Pythagorean.

Consider an example:

  1. Write the date of birth in the line: 01011984. Add the numbers: 1 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 4 = 24
  2. If the date of birth is before the year 2000, subtract 2, if later we add 19. This is a constant value. 24-2 = 22. Fold: 2 + 2 = 4
  3. We write out all the numbers: 1.1.1984.

Put the numbers in the table in this order:

Numerological forecast - Pythagorean method, method of Natalia Sidorova

And then analyze.

Values ​​of figures in the calculation of Natalia Sidorova

Each number in the table is responsible for the quality and ability of the individual. Knowing this information, you will be able to see through a person, not a single side of his character will hide from you.

Numerological forecast - Pythagorean method, method of Natalia Sidorova

Short digits:

  • Units These are the ideas of a person, his ability to generate thoughts, make decisions quickly and speak without thinking. If there are fewer units than twos, the person belongs to the “Artist” psycho-type. This means that there is a lot of energy in him, but ideas are not enough, so he takes them from others
  • Twos. This is the energy needed to realize the goals and translate ideas into reality. If the twos are fewer than one, the person belongs to the “Chief” psycho-type. This means that he has a lot of ideas, but there is not enough physical energy to implement them. Therefore it is necessary to use the help of other people.
  • Troika. The symbol of the fact that a person holyly honors his personal space, not allowing outsiders into it. This is the number of his hobbies. His beliefs, rules, moral norms and spiritual values. Also, the troika is responsible for the logic and rational approach to solving problems
  • Four. The number of debt and responsibility. It characterizes self-discipline, honesty, straightness. If there are a lot of fours, a person is hyper responsible and seeks to control everything; if there are few, creative disorder reigns in his life.
  • Five. The ability to love and show your feelings to other people. In the absence of fives, a person may seem cold, unemotional. But only externally — in fact, a volcano of passion may boil inside it, but it will never show it.
  • Six. Knowledge, skills and ability to use them. It shows how much a person aspires to develop intellectually, improve his qualifications and be realized in a career. This number is closely related to the troika, so they need to be analyzed together.
  • Seven. State of soul. Not manifested in many people quality. This is an intuition, the ability to anticipate some events regardless of what a person is told by logic and reason.
  • Eight. The number is a dream. This is luck and luck without limits. If there are many eights, a person needs only to wish for something, and he will easily get the fulfillment of his dream. In the absence of eights in the dough, on the contrary, it is necessary to achieve everything only by long and hard work
  • Nine. Indicates such traits as resourcefulness, cunning, flexibility, worldly wisdom, pliability when it is needed. The ability to adapt to the circumstances with the maximum benefit for themselves

Watch the video about numerological forecast:

How to analyze numerological tables

Regardless of which method you choose for your calculations, there are classic rules for analyzing numerological forecasts.

  1. Never dwell on the value of a single digit. Consider the entire table, strive to see the full personality characteristic first, and only then isolate the details.
  2. If your numerological test lacks any numbers, it does not mean that you have to accept it. It is necessary to strive for harmony and correct what is not given from nature. This is an important part of the work of numerologists.
  3. Focus on strong character traits. Those values ​​that are close to ideal in your test will help to achieve success in life in the shortest and easiest way. For this, you need a forecast — so that a person understands which direction he needs to move.
  4. You can calculate your compatibility with other people, conduct an analysis of love, friendship, family relationships. To do this, make a numerological table on the date of birth, not only your own, but also your partner, and then look where the problem areas are. This can be done by comparing the values ​​in psychomatrices.

Read our articles: about the decryption of the Pythagorean psychomatrix and numerological analysis to determine the compatibility of partners.

So that you learn to quickly analyze numerological tables, practice more often. Make up the psychomatrix of people you know well and see how your calculations correspond to reality.

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