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Number of Destiny in numerology: meaning and calculation

Number of Destiny in Vedic numerology

The number of destiny is one of the key concepts in Vedic numerology. Let’s talk about how to calculate it, what it means, let’s look at the values ​​of all the numbers of destiny from one to nine.

Number of Destiny in numerology: meaning and calculation

Vedic numerology: what is the number of fate and how to calculate it

In Vedic numerology, the number of fate is a numerically expressed number, which is calculated by adding the numbers from the person’s birth date. It is also called the number of life paths — this concept appears in western numerology.

Consider how to calculate the number of fate on an example. Suppose your date of birth is October 16, 1991. We consider:

  • Write out all the digits of the date of birth in line: 16101991
  • We add all the numbers: 1 + 6 + 1 + 0 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 1, we get the sum equal to 28
  • A two-digit number must be converted to a one-digit one, so we continue to add: 2 + 8 = 10
  • And again add: 1 + 0 = 1
  • As a result, we get the number of fate (life path), equal to 1.

It is noteworthy that this number has the greatest impact on a person’s life after he reaches the age of 32 years. Until this time, the number of the soul has a greater effect.

Meanings of numbers

Briefly tell what qualities are characteristic of a person with one or another number of fate.

Number of Destiny in numerology: meaning and calculation

People-units are very lucky. These are also those about whom they say: “in a healthy body there is a healthy mind. They are characterized by the following qualities:

  • Leadership inclinations are excellent leaders.
  • Purposeful individuals make plans and achieve them
  • They attract money into their lives without much effort: they earn money quickly and spend no regrets
  • Well-developed organizational skills, can streamline anything.
  • Polite and kind, always ready to help
  • Well developed intelligence
  • Romantic and inclined to idealize a partner, which is why they often fail in love relationships

The purpose of people-units is to solve problems, to help people. These are excellent psychologists, leaders, organizers.

For people with the number of fate equal to 2 is typical for people with this character:

  • Capable of psychological and mental growth
  • Helpless, often waiting outside help, not acting independently
  • Lovely family men, tend to «build a nest», build a home, build strong relationships
  • Have a well-developed self-esteem, never admit unworthy behavior towards themselves
  • Convivial and sociable, these are the people who are called the soul of any company
  • Many and hard work physically
  • Weak in relations with the opposite sex, always in a subordinate position
  • Selfish and proud, they are missing out on many opportunities for personal growth.
  • Often undergo a financial crisis, do not know how to earn and spend money

The triple is a difficult number of Fate, but such people are saved by their natural luck.

  • Always unhappy with what they have: even living in prosperity and wealth will find something that does not suit them
  • Often change jobs, looking for themselves all their lives
  • Secretive and selfish, because of what is often unlucky in family life
  • Easy to spend money
  • Do not know how to enjoy life, they need to learn to love themselves and be happy

People with the number of Destiny 4 should learn to relate to life easier, to love yourself and people, to enjoy every moment.

  • Independent and stubborn, but at the same time like others
  • They are able to solve any problem, generate many ideas, and therefore often become successful businessmen.
  • Rational and practical
  • Love traveling and new experiences.

Five — the most successful number of fate. Such people are usually happy, loved and loved, successful and lucky.

People with the number of fate 6:

  • They have sexual problems, therefore they often change partners and cannot find true love for a long time.
  • Very lucky, succeed, making a minimum of effort, precisely because of their luck
  • Sentimental, love to dig in the past.
  • Spend money quickly and easily on yourself and close people
  • They tend to help, often do charity work, but do it without a soul.

People with the number of fate 7:

  • Very sociable, will find a common language with anyone.
  • Attractive and attractive to the opposite sex
  • Tend to do spiritual practices, have a high degree of awareness
  • Have a highly developed intuition, can predict the future.

Number of Destiny in numerology: meaning and calculation

The seven is a very good number of destiny also because it enhances the qualities of the number of the human soul.

People with a fate number equal to 8:

  • They are life constantly throws up unpredictable situations from which you have to find a way out.
  • Often suffer financial losses
  • Often get sick, fail, end up in accidents. Bad luck man
  • But at the same time they have well-developed organizational skills, therefore they can occupy leadership positions
  • Subject to addictions: easily «sit down» on smoking, alcohol, drugs
  • Tend to go into religion, able to become monks and hermits at a certain age
  • Love beauty and art, true aesthetes
  • Experiencing relationship problems with people, often in conflict
  • But at the same time they are soft, they are able to come to terms with any failure that they encountered on their way of life.
  • They are not tied to material things, so they almost never acquire housing, cars, or make expensive purchases.

Watch the video about the number of Destiny:

Do not be discouraged if the qualities inclined to your number of Destiny are negative. You can always fix them by working on yourself and your character.

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