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Nine Tarot Swords — the meaning of the card

The map shows a weeping, grieving woman. She sits on a bed in a nondescript room in which there are nine swords on the wall.

The map shows the time just before dawn, in which, in the soul of a man, all inner fears of experience awaken.

Nine Tarot Swords - the meaning of the card
Nine Tarot Swords - the meaning of the card

In straight position, the Nine of Swords symbolizes man’s anxiety and despair. This map is always very critical in the fortunetelling scenario.

It portends strong disappointments and great losses in the current life span. A person will have to be under stress for a long time, which may affect his health.

The reason for this may be previously made errors.

If this card falls next to Justice, this indicates that a person has an acute sense of guilt. A variety of problems can be associated with this card.

When a lasso arises in a scenario, then in life one should expect betrayal of close people. But if there is no map in the scenario that would foreshadow any specific negative event, then it may very well be that the fears will be exaggerated and in reality you will have to simply go through unpleasant situations or solve difficult problems.

So, if the Nine of Swords falls in the alignment with the Priestess, then it only means bad presentiments in the human soul, from which he can not get rid of.

For a man, such a card may mean that there is an unbalanced woman in his environment who may suffer from mental disorders.

In other areas of life, the map may indicate the following:

  • In matters of health, this card foreshadows the disease, and if there are Death Cards nearby, then a fatal outcome is possible for a sick person.
  • In matters of personal relationships, the lasso foreshadows parting with a partner, which will be very painful. This card symbolizes a situation that is described by a well-known phrase: one step from hate to love. Very often, a card in the scenario means that a person does not just do not want to forgive a partner for certain offenses, but also has plans for revenge. Next to negative cards, this lasso indicates that jealousy is developing in the soul of a fortuneteller, reaching the point of absurdity.
  • In the business field, Nine Swords can be a harbinger of leaving work, and the reasons for this decision may be completely different. Very often, this lasso is an indicator of the futility of work.

Map value Nine Swords upside down

In the inverted position, the Nine of Swords, above all, symbolizes that the stress period is coming to an end. The map gives hope that a person has bright days ahead, and he can count on the help and support of loved ones.

If other positive cards fall out next to this card, this indicates that a person can get very good news that will help get rid of suffering. But a combination with negative maps indicates that a person continues to have depression, and in this case specialist’s help may be needed to get out of it.

A very important interpretation of this arcane is that a person begins to slowly gain strength, learns to believe in himself again and tries to dream of a prosperous future.

In various areas of life, the Nine of Swords may indicate the following:

  • In matters of health, the card is a symbol of recovery. And it is very important that the sick person believe in the effectiveness of the treatment.
  • In private life there are still problems. But the person ceases to react painfully to them. So, in a short time, he will be able to perform adequate actions and make the right decisions. A period comes when a person realizes that life is not over and begins to build new relationships.
  • In the business sphere, ill-wishers will manifest themselves, who will strive to harm the divine. But the Nine of Swords in an inverted position indicates that any situation will be correctable. But at the same time, it is desirable, as soon as possible, to unravel the evil plans of the enemy.

This card always personifies people who have endured difficult trials, but they are already looking to the future with confidence.

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