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Nine Tarot Cups — the value of the card

The map shows a richly dressed man. He is sitting on the background of nine cups with his arms crossed. His whole pose expresses complete confidence in life.

Cups, located above his head, symbolize that he has already achieved everything in life. The resulting wealth brought spiritual satisfaction.

Judging by his appearance, he also achieved success and recognition in society.

Nine Tarot Cups - the value of the card
Nine Tarot Cups - the value of the card

In a straight position, the Nine of Cups symbolizes a beautiful life span filled with pleasures and pleasures. A man has come a time when all his dreams come true.

A person to whom such a card has fallen into a scenario will not have cause for concern and anxiety in the near future. At the event level, the Nine Cup Winner indicates that a person is ready to perform charitable acts that will allow to achieve even greater self-affirmation in society.

Also, this card foreshadows various holiday events.

If this lasso falls in the alignment next to the Six of Wands, this accentuates the fact that a person has many reasons to be proud of himself. When the combination with the Magus falls, it indicates that soon another dream will turn into reality.

But the couple with the Chariot warns that they will have to fight for their plans.

In other areas of human life, a lasso may indicate the following:

  • In matters of health, the card foreshadows physical well-being for healthy people, and for sick people, recovery.
  • In his personal life, a person managed to build strong relationships on a trusting basis, and at the moment nothing threatens them. If this card falls out with Lovers, then this indicates that the person is completely satisfied in the sexual sphere.
  • In business relations, mutual understanding reigns with colleagues. All started projects are close to a successful completion, which will bring a good profit. In the near future, new profitable deals and contracts are planned. If the Emperor falls next to each other, the person will soon reach high career peaks.

The card represents happy people who are always lucky. Also, the lasso indicates that the person is surrounded by friendly and helpful people.

Map value Nine Cups upside down

In the inverted position, the Nine of Cups symbolizes life’s disappointments, due to the fact that desires become unrealizable. But with this, this card indicates that a person can turn the situation in his favor, if he does not give up and begins to fight.

This map indicates that the fact that there are difficulties on the way to the goal, often the person himself is to blame. The reason for this is his arrogance and pomp. If next to this lasso falls in the deal of the Five of the Cups, this indicates that a person may in the near future regret the actions or words spoken.

If there are negative cards next to this card, this indicates that a person against the background of life’s disappointments can be carried away by pernicious passions, such as alcohol or drugs.

In other areas of human life, the lasso indicates the following:

  • In the field of health, there may be negative changes in the state of human health associated with addiction.
  • There is a period of frustration in personal relationships. Sometimes it is associated with sensual excesses, which seeks to guess. Very often, this card is interpreted in the layout as a delay of personal happiness for reasons beyond the control of a person.
  • In the business area there may be disagreements with the authorities. Sometimes the card indicates that the person is abusing his official position. In addition, the lasso can emphasize the tendency of the fortune-teller to shift his duties to other people.

The card personifies a selfish person who is not interested in the opinions of other people. She also points out that there may be alcoholics, drug addicts, or gluttons in a person’s environment.

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