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Nine Pentacles Tarot — the value of the card

Tarot card value Nine Pentacles (junior lasso)

The map shows a very rich man who is in the thickets of the vineyard. On the left outstretched hand, he holds a bird. Most likely, this is a manual falcon.

On ripe bunches of grapes are located nine pentacles. The person depicted is associated with a person who has achieved goals in life. It seems that he has both wealth and recognition.

But the fact that there are no other people around him indicates his spiritual loneliness. His whole image exudes kindness, which means that he is always ready to come to the aid of all needy people.

Nine Pentacles Tarot - the value of the card
Nine Pentacles Tarot - the value of the card

Map value Nine Pentacles in a straight position

In direct position, Pentakley Nine symbolizes all the achievements of a person and his self-confidence. There comes a period of vital well-being and prosperity.

Much of what was planned has been achieved, but steady progress towards new goals continues.

This card is a symbol of good financial well-being, and making easy profits. In addition, it indicates a pleasant change in the domestic sphere.

For example, it may portend a good repair in the apartment or in the house. And it will be held very easily and quickly.

Also, the card may portend a pleasant vacation away from home. Next to other financial cards, Nine Pentacles predicts in real life the receipt of a large inheritance or an expensive gift.

But if there are negative cards next to this card, this may indicate that a person cannot solve financial issues quickly and correctly, and therefore often loses a lot.

In various areas of human activity, the map may indicate the following:

  • In matters of health, nothing bad is needed. A person develops harmoniously, so any nervous breakdowns and depressions that pose a threat to health are excluded. In sick people, a period of stabilization begins.
  • In personal life, harmony and complete understanding of the partner reigns. Sometimes this card may foreshadow the addition to the family.
  • In business relations, the card predicts a profit. Most likely, it will be a one-time receipt of a certain sum of money, for example, dividends or a premium. There comes a life period, which is very favorable for any real estate transactions.

The card personifies a confident and very harmonious person. If divination is carried out on a man, then Nine Pentacles symbolizes his caring wife or beloved woman, who is a true friend.

Map value Nine Pentacles upside down

In the inverted position, Nine Pentacles symbolizes the financial dependence of a person. In addition, the card focuses the person’s attention on the fact that during this life period there is a big risk of making wrong decisions and committing rash acts.

When this card in an inverted position falls out in the scenario, then it is a harbinger of a life span in which it will be very difficult to form relationships with people from the immediate environment. You can expect treachery even from friends, which, of course, will entail their loss.

During this period, you need to exercise excessive caution in everything. Everywhere a person can wait for deception and danger.

If other negative cards fall out next to this card, then there is a huge probability of bankruptcy and or loss of real estate.

The card warns that all the started business will fail, so it is hardly worth starting new projects.

In various areas of human activity, this card may indicate the following:

  • In matters of health, Nine Pentacles in an inverted position emphasizes the fact that it is very important to think about a healthy lifestyle. If this is not done, then excessive loads can lead to deterioration of vital organs.
  • There is no stability in personal relationships, and perhaps there is no future with the current partner. Reservations and deceit lead to the suffering of a loved one. A person can commit stupid acts that will provoke a break in relations.
  • In the business sphere, you need to make very well thought out and balanced decisions. Risky deals or illegal operations are very dangerous and can lead to great trouble.

The card often represents a bad employee or an irresponsible manager. A guessing person should also understand that there are no reliable people in his circle who can be trusted.

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