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New Year’s fortune telling on the clock

New Year’s fortune telling on the clock

By tradition, the period of the festive New Year’s divination begins on December 25 and lasts until January 19. At this time, the predictions are the most accurate and truthful. You can find out the future these days in different ways. One of them is a fortune telling.

It will tell you about what events await you in the coming year.

For this fortune telling will require a wall clock with arrows. Desirable mechanical and vintage. If there are no such people in the house, you can get by with any, the main thing is that they be with arrows.

In the room where the divination will take place, you must turn off the light and light the candles. Remove the glass and watch the small hand. Focus on what you want to know about the future for a year, close your eyes and start turning the clock mechanism in the opposite direction, counting up to 12.

When the bill is over, you can open your eyes and see at which number the arrow stopped. The number that the arrow will be pointing to will tell you about the future. If the arrow is between two numbers, then the choice must be made in favor of the number to which it is closer.

If it cannot be attributed to a single digit (it stands strictly in the middle), a smaller value is chosen.

The interpretation of fortune telling on the clock:

1 — year will be calm. No significant changes are foreseen, either in personal life, or at work, or in business.

2 — a disease awaits you in the coming year. This figure predicts a disease that can develop due to disorder and not a serious attitude to their health.

3 — in the next 12 months, you can finish the work begun. Everything goes well. But you shouldn’t count on luck.

Success will come if you make an effort to implement your plans.

4 — expect trouble, betrayal and failure. You will suffer a series of negative events. But if you are more cautious and prudent, then the trouble can be avoided.

5 — this figure indicates a quick profit and enrichment. Things will go smoothly and you will achieve financial success. Money in the coming year should be handled more carefully.

There is a possibility that ill-wishers will take on them.

6 — a sign of difficulties and problems that will overtake you the coming year. It is necessary to show patience, attentiveness and endurance. Everything will work out if you can meet all the troubles with dignity.

7 — career success. You can take a new position and increase your wealth. But the year will not be easy.

To stay at your height, you need to work a lot and constantly generate ideas.

8 — a quarrel that will change a lot in your life. The conflict will be associated with a loved one. If you are honest with those who are nearby, then everything will be fine.

9 — the darkness that will replace the light. In the first half of the year you will be unlucky. There will be problems at work, in personal life and finances.

But from mid-summer, the situation will turn: things will go smoothly.

10 — a new acquaintance that can change everything in your life. It can be either a new love or a friend. In any case, the meeting will be positive.

11 — a great time is coming in your life! You will be lucky in everything. Only devotees and good people will surround you.

Your world will be filled with love, positive and harmony.

12 — a sign of change. You are entering a new phase of your life, so be prepared for everything, both good and bad.

Guessing on the clock is best carried out on the eve of the new year, while the year has not yet arrived. This divination is carried out only once. If you guess the second time, the prediction will already be wrong. If this information was useful to you, click on the buttons and

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