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New year fortune telling for the future

New year fortune telling for the future

Each of us loves to celebrate the New Year and is waiting for this event with great impatience. After all, it is on this holiday that you can start all over again and forget the old grievances and mistakes. And New Year’s Eve is perfect for various divinations and can lift the curtain of the future.

New Year’s holidays are not only the anticipation of feasts and fun, numerous meetings and all sorts of wishes. This time is also ideal for dreams, making wishes, setting goals and being able to know your destiny.

Knowing what to expect from life, you can prepare for upcoming events and take advantage of everything. If they are not so desirable, they can be avoided. Most importantly, if you decide on a fortune telling, you should not stop half way.

Features divination before the New Year

With this method you can find out which direction you should go and what to expect from Destiny. Divination must begin in the evening, before bedtime, about a week before the New Year. For the ceremony you will need three matches and a small container for melt water.

Scientists have long proved that water has its own energy and has a memory, and on the eve of the New Year, it has a special power.

Wooden matchstick sticks should differ from each other in color or size. This is necessary so that you can interpret divination. Their number may increase depending on what you want to know. If you are interested in a question related to the choice of work or the second half, then determine one match for yourself, and assign the other two to different situations, positions or people.

That match that touches yours will be a sign of Destiny.

Divination for the future

Pour a small amount of water in a bowl. Snow for her must first be collected in a place that is not polluted and not polluted by traces and machines. Then take the match in hand. Mentally ask the question of interest and say the following phrase three times: “New year, new day, new hour, open the future for me right now!”

After that, lower the matches into the water one by one, so that they do not touch each other, and go to bed. In the morning, look at them and find the match that meant you, and then follow up with which chopstick it touches — it means that it will happen. Now you know what choice to make and in which direction to work.

If your match does not touch the rest, then all the options do not suit you. In this case, divination can be repeated the next evening.

New Year’s divination helps well when you are in a difficult situation on the eve of such an important night and do not know what is the best thing to do. The main thing is a clearly formulated question and a great desire to learn the truth, even if it is not as desirable as you hoped.

There are many ways to know your future, but some prefer to enjoy the moment here and now and achieve everything on their own. Believe in yourself, trust the Universe, and the desires will begin to be fulfilled by themselves. And, of course, do not forget to press the buttons and

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