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Name numerology — how to calculate the number of first name, last name, middle name

Numerology of the name and how it affects your destiny

The name numerology makes it possible to establish the true human essence, to find out what innate talents and abilities a given person has and what it needs to do in life. Each name (as well as the surname and patronymic) has a definite influence on the fate of a person, contributing to his success or, on the contrary, influencing negatively.

That is why many people tend to change the name given to them by their parents at birth, and indeed after that their life often begins to improve significantly.

Name numerology - how to calculate the number of first name, last name, middle name

What is the number of the name

The science of numerology was invented by the famous ancient scholar Pythagoras. He owned many esoteric knowledge and thanks to his initiative on the island of Croton his personal club was organized, where his students and followers constantly gathered.

Pythagoras was the first person to begin matching letters with certain numbers. He believed that the fate of a person is strongly influenced not only by the date of his birth, but also by his full name with a surname and patronymic.

According to the teachings of numerology, a person’s name has a certain vibration, that is, it has an oscillatory frequency that affects an individual. Different names affect people differently, they endow them with specific abilities, capabilities, make these or other character traits more pronounced.

If you are not satisfied with something in yourself or there are constantly some situations in life that cause you dissatisfaction, you can think about changing the name, very often after this, radical changes begin to occur in life.

How to calculate the number of name

This is done in a fairly simple way. You need to ask for help to a special plate in which each letter of the alphabet is associated with a specific number.

And to find out your personal number of the name, just add all the numbers that correspond to the different letters of the name until you get a single integer

To make it clearer, we will analyze the method of calculation on a specific example. Below we also attach a photo of the table of correspondence of letters to different numerical values.

Name numerology - how to calculate the number of first name, last name, middle name

As a sample, we take the name «Marina».

  • Turning to the plate, we get: M + A + P + I + H + A = 5 + 1 + 9 + 1 + 6 + 1 = 23.
  • Next, add the sum of the resulting numbers: 2 + 3 = 5.

It turned out the number of the name five.

Knowing the number of the name, surname and patronymic of a particular person, we can conclude that he is a person. But do not forget also that those around you do not always perceive a person as it really is.

Therefore, as a name you can use not the one that is officially recorded in your passport, but a nickname or pet diminutive variant, which is most often referred to by your close people. Then you can understand what their real relationship with you is.

After all, it is by the nickname the easiest to identify the negative aspects of the human character.

Name Number Characteristic

Number one

Unit — stands the number of creation, this is the beginning of all beginnings. For people whose names correspond to the unit, strong leadership qualities are inherent, they often take on the role of pioneers in various fields of activity, have great creative potential.

For such personalities, extraordinary is characteristic, they have an analytical mindset, but they tend to approach everything in life very creatively.

It is common for units to have their own opinion on any issues and to show it as much as possible, without adhering to any branded templates.

What do people-units most often suffer from? From eccentricity, selfishness, dominance over others.

We need to work on ourselves to eliminate these negative manifestations.

Two — acts as the most feminine number of all the numbers of the name. The twos have very strongly developed intuitive abilities, they are distinguished by heightened sensitivity, emotionality, tenderness, and they tend to show compassion towards others.

Also for these people is characterized by a peace-loving character, observation, tact and patience, but they also tend to put very high demands on the people around them.

Very often, the «two» become psychics. They also know very subtly the psychology of other people and correctly interpret what drives the actions of certain people.

Troika — bears the energy of communication and strong charisma, as well as an optimistic attitude. Such people are famous merrymakers.

They are usually implemented in those areas of life in which there is communication with others. Due to their high sociability, it is quite easy for them to contact with others, to make contact with them.

From professions for such people fit: sales assistant, marketer, journalist, realtor and so on.

But the “troika” by their nature often suffer from impatience and superficial attitude to problems. It is very difficult for them to always complete their work.

Four — this number is the embodiment of strength, stability, reliability and punctuality. Fours tend to work hard, and they will certainly achieve all the goals they set for themselves.

They have a strong energy, and also have a good physical shape. From the typical character traits, they are easily recognizable by their modesty, accuracy, rigor, discipline and a neat appearance.

If we talk about appearance, then for the fours of the nature of conservatism — they do not seek to stand out from the crowd, because they do not really like increased attention to their person.

But if you get in the way of such a person, she will make every effort to get rid of you and achieve your goal using any means.

Fours cannot be forced to change their principles with moral convictions, because they firmly believe that they are right. They make excellent organizers, they are easy to administer.

A very large number of “fours” choose for themselves the professions of the military and the clergy.

Five — the number of philosophical and contemplative. This number of the name gives its owner high intelligence, creative abilities, passion for freedom, and also gives an analytical mindset and the ability to think outside the box, favorably standing out against the background of others.

It is important for the fives to get stability, but at the same time to feel free. They can not stand when others begin to put pressure on them, putting before them any restrictions.

Then they appear impatient and start to get nervous.

For people with this number, the name is characterized by constant activity, curiosity, they are very bold and unpredictable. They lose energy in the conditions of routine, so they are trying with all their might to ensure permanent change for themselves.

Name numerology - how to calculate the number of first name, last name, middle name

It is interesting for the “fives” to make new acquaintances, to travel, to go in for sports, and also they love science and art.

Six — this number is characterized by a manifestation of care, responsibility, discipline, plus these personalities are prone to romance. They treat children and animals very well, tend to care about others, they make good family men.

They are characterized by loyalty to others, kindness and generosity, especially manifested with relatives and friends. They always try to make life as easy as possible for their surroundings, and in difficult times they will certainly lend a helping hand.

The “sixes” have a strong sense of duty, they experience pleasure when they deliver positive emotions to other people.

The symbol of the number «six» is the responsibility and assistance achieved by love, feelings and protection. People with a given name number always have their own opinion on any account; they cannot be convinced of anything, despite their sensuality and kindness.

Of the negative qualities can be called increased anxiety — often worried about trivia.

Seven — acts as a symbol of wisdom and new knowledge. These individuals are characterized by rationality, mental flexibility and analytical thinking.

They are constantly looking for new knowledge and truth.

«Sevens» often suffer from loneliness, as they tend to pay much attention to their careers. They have a good intuition, which in some cases comes to extrasensory abilities.

They are not very interested in money, so they will never make a decision to get material benefits. Sevens are distinguished by isolation and stubbornness; they need to receive love and recognition from those around them.

Of the negative moments, selfishness, cynicism and arrogance can be called. They have little interest in the affairs of others, concentrating more on their own.

Eight — the number of balance between material goods and spiritual beliefs. Unlike the «sevens», the eights are very important financial benefits.

But they are generous enough and use money as a means to achieve certain goals.

They are interested in wealth, power, finances, but if they ignore their spiritual development, they will face setbacks and troubles.

«Eight» is characterized by dedication and realism, as well as the expressed qualities of a leader. They are authoritative personalities, often occupy leadership positions.

From positive character traits, loyalty, reliability and honesty, self-confidence, ambition, like to risk. Tend to show restraint and can be shy. They go to their goals gradually, but confidently.

It is very important for the G8 to be loved, to recognize their merits and efforts, to admire the result of their work.

They have sports hobbies, a well developed body, and are distinguished by strength and endurance.

Of the negative traits of character: they can show greed and be too ambitious.

Nine — for a given name of the character of the energy of the struggle, as well as altruism and friendly attitude towards others. Nine people are by nature leaders who feel responsibility very clearly, but at the same time are romantic at heart.

They get pleasure when they take care of others, although they themselves often lack the support and care.

«Nines» have high intelligence, creative abilities, they have a well-developed sense of justice, a craving for art. They find beauty in all its manifestations.

Such individuals can be realized in the field of art, medicine, religion, philosophy and metaphysics.

Emphasis on trust, loyalty, are good friends. Get along great with others.

Nine in numerology is a unique number. It absorbs all the numbers that multiply it.

For example, multiplying by 9 any number and adding digits of the obtained result, you will get a nine in total.

  • For example, 6×9 = 54 = 5 + 4 = 9.
  • By analogy: 26×9 = 234 = 2 + 3 + 4 = 9.

Representatives of the number nine always achieve their goals and win under any conditions.

We recommend that you view the following program, which describes in detail the features of the Fate number numerology.

Surname numerology

Also distinguish numerology by name, surname, patronymic.

Your surname hides information about your generic program, according to which, in fact, you live. Information of the Sort has a tremendous impact on the further destiny of a person, because, in fact, we are all the personification of our ancestors, and therefore perform certain generic tasks, we have specific advantages and disadvantages that have passed on to us in the genus.

After reviewing the negative qualities of your name, surname or patronymic, you will have an excellent opportunity for further work on yourself, your self-improvement. And by receiving information of a kind, you can develop for yourself your individual life program, a plan for working on your personality, as well as go to the right path.

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