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Name days in October: how to choose names for girls, boys according to the church calendar

Name Day in October: names for girls and boys on the church calendar

Previously, choosing a name for a newborn was not a problem for young parents. Adults turned to the priest, who, having learned the date of birth of the birthday man, was looking for a name.

Now parents have the right to choose a name for their taste or rely on the data of the church calendar. According to the calendar, the name day in October is celebrated by the owners of 116 female and male names, so choosing a name can be guided by the dates of the name day.

And for children born in October, parents can decide on a worldly name, and if the rite of baptism is planned, then on the Orthodox.

Previously, it was possible to name the newborn with the help of the date calendar. So Orthodox Christians called the church book containing calendars.

It is composed in the order of months and days of the year, each of which is assigned to the worship of the saint.

Babies were called by the name of that saint whose memory fell on the birthday of this child. Name days — this is the day of memory of saints.

Gradually, this rule has ceased to be mandatory. During the existence of the USSR, the tradition was decried, and it was not customary to celebrate the day of the angel.

Today, young parents, lost in a wide variety of names, are increasingly turning to the calendar church for help.

Name days in October: how to choose names for girls, boys according to the church calendar

When choosing a name for a child born in October, it is necessary to take into account their inherent characteristics. The right choice will strengthen and strengthen the personality of the person.

Children who appear in the tenth month of the year have sociability and openness to the outside world. They are famous for a high degree of responsibility in the work processes that management values, and colleagues listen to their opinions.

People of this month are distinguished by their active attitude and lightning-fast decision making. Nevertheless, money issues prefer to carefully consider and weigh, for fear of making a mistake.

Characteristic features depending on gender:

  • Women born in October grow up leaders in all spheres of life. Do not accept treason and betrayal, so instantly "strike out" from the life of the guilty.
  • Men of this month are famous for practicality, prudence and often greed. They do not perceive criticism, so the partners choose a person who is able to respect and sincerely admire their person.

When choosing a name, you should pay attention to the date of the newborn, to also take into account the sign of the zodiac, during the reign of which the baby was born.

Name days in October: how to choose names for girls, boys according to the church calendar

Among the masculine versions for boys born in October, old church names are presented in the calendar, which frighten the outdated and difficult pronunciation. However, in the selection process, you can contact the priest, who will assist in the selection of a more current version of the name.

Each day of the month corresponds to several male variants, and the patron saint for the boy is also determined:

Day of monthNames
oneSergey, Ivan, Alexey, Konstantin, Arkady, Veniamin, Vladimir, Boris, Illarion, Mikhail, Peter, Waldemar, Jan
2Fedor, Gabriel, Alexey, David, George, Igor, Makar, Konstantin, Nikolay, Trofim, Egor, Nil, Theodore, Savvaty
3Illarion, Oleg, Vasily, Alexander, Mikhail, Efrem, Ivan, Fedor, Ostap, Theodore, Jan
fourJoseph, Alexey, Vasily, Alexander, Konstantin, Andrey, Dmitry, Valentin, Daniel, Vladimir, Ivan, Isaac, Peter, Waldemar, Lawrence, Nestor, Jan, Kondrat
fiveNikolay, Andrey, Alexander, Martin, Veniamin, Makar, Peter, Kuzma, Nikolai, Fedor, Fock, Feofan, Isaac
6Nikolay, Andrey, Ivan, Peter, Innokenty, Jan, Anton
7Pavel, Vasily, Galaktion, Andrey, Vitaly, Sergey, Vladislav, David, Stepan, Anton, Ibrahim, Nikander, Spiridon
eightSergey, German, Pavel, Alexander, Eugene, Maxim, Nikolay, Roman, Prokhor, Fedor, Athanasius, Ostap, Pafnuti
9Tikhon, Afanasy, Ivan, Alexander, Vladimir, Dmitry, Efrem, Nikolay, Waldemar, Ian
tenFedor, Aristarkh, Mark, Herman, Victor, Ignatius, Michael, Dmitry, Peter, Ignat, Theodore
elevenAlexey, Sergey, Alexander, Isaac, Anatoly, Prokhor, Vasily, Makar, Valentin, Vyacheslav, Grigory, Ivan, George, Efrem, Illarion, Ilya, Kirill, Mark, Moses, Afanasy, Matvey, Fedor, Ostap, Nestor, Rodion, Khariton, Eremey
12Ivan, Jan, Theophanes, Cyprian
13Michael, Alexander, Grigory, Alexey, Vyacheslav, Matvey, Leonid, Semyon, Vasily, Peter, Akaki, Seraphim
14Nikolay, Alexey, Mikhail, Alexander, Roman, Georgy, Ivan, Peter, Gregory, Yegor, Sawa, Jan
15Peter, Boris, George, Konstantin, Vasily, Ivan, Mikhail, Stepan, Andrey, David, Fedor, Andrey, Dmitry, Yegor, Theodore, Jacob, Jan
sixteenPavel, Denis, Ivan, Peter, Anton, Jan
17Jacob, Vasily, Pavel, Vladimir, Nikolay, Dmitry, Peter, Stepan, Michael, Tikhon, Waldemar
18Peter, Gabriel, Tikhon, Gregory, Denis, Evdokim, Matvey, Innokenty, Makar, Kuzma, Alexey, Philip, Demian, Yeremey
nineteenMakar, Arkhip, Ivan, Nicanor, Thomas
20Sergey, Mark, Nikolay, Joseph, Julian, Demian, Leonty
21Peter, Victor, Dmitry, Vasily, Ivan, Nikolay, Vladimir, Pavel, Voldemar, Jan, Seraphim
22Maxim, Efim, Abraham, Peter, Constantine, Jacob, Sevastyan
23Innokenty, Vasily, Andrei, Anatoly, Yefim, Simon, Savva, Thomas, Yakov, Pavel, Kuzma, Kirill, Illarion
24Philip, Anatoly, Makar, Alexander, Leo, Anton, Illarion, Joseph, Anatoly, Isaac, Moses
25Taras, Bogdan, Makar, Alexander, Kuzma, Ivan, Martin, Denis, Nikolay, Fedot, Ostap, Jan
26Trofim, Innokenty, Nikolay, Karp, Nikita, Veniamin, Faddey, Anton
27Nikolay, Kuzma, Maximilian, Ignatius, Nazar, Michael, Peter, Ignat
28Lukyan, Denis, Ivan, Afanasy, Dmitry, Yefim, Semyon, Jan
29Leonty, Georgy, Eugene, Alexey, Ivan, Kuzma, Terenty, Jan
thirtyLeonty, Anatoly, Sergey, Alexander, Joseph, Anton, Kuzma, Andrey, Julian, Lazar, Isidore
31Semyon, Gabriel, Joseph, David, Ivan, Leonty, Nikolay, Sergey, Andrey, Julian, Luke, Theodore, Fedor

Name days in October: how to choose names for girls, boys according to the church calendar

The Orthodox calendar offers newborn baby girl names based on the date of birth. The choice is much narrower, and some of the days are not marked by the patron saint at all.

Girls can be called like this:

Day of monthNames
oneSofia, Ariadna, Sophia, Irina, Arina, Efrosinya
6Raisa, Iraida
tenAkulina, Akilina, Fevronia
elevenJuliana, Tatiana, Maria, Anna, Ulyana
13Apollinaria, Alexandra
15Justina, Anna, Ustinya, Alexandra
17Virinea, Veronica
18Jonah, Alexandra
21Tatiana, Maria, Elizabeth, Hope, Taisiya
31Zlata, Elizaveta, Euphrosyne

Each chosen name and day of the month is patronized by a saint under whose protection the newborn falls.

In the history of Orthodoxy, a significant number of pious believers who laid down their lives for the sake of the glorification of the faith and the fatherland were sealed. In the Orthodox calendar of October, the following days of special veneration of the saints are noted.

October 1 — the glorification of St. Euphrosinia of Suzdal. She was tonsured as a nun in 1233 and meticulously carried out the canons of monastic life.

She gained the gift of healing, in 1238 she avoided the attack of the soldiers of Khan Batu.

October 2 — the worship of Prince Theodore of Smolensk and sons David and Konstantin. In the capital of the Golden Horde, Sarai, he propagandized Orthodoxy and Russian traditions among the Tatars.

During his stay in the Horde, he married a Tatar princess who bore two sons, a prince, David and Constantine.

October 8 — the death of Sergius of Radonezh. Around the place where the monk lived, people who wanted to receive instructions from Sergius settled.

The number of parishioners increased, the settlement grew and was called as Holy Trinity Monastery, later renamed the Trinity-Sergius Lavra.

October 9 — the death of John the Divine. John the Theologian was one of the disciples of Christ, the only one who did not leave the teacher during the crucifixion.

Subsequently clarified and reported to the Gentiles the doctrine of Christ.

October 9 is the day of special worship of Patriarch Tikhon. He was tonsured a monk in 1891, in 1905 he was given the rank of archbishop, and in 1917 he became the patriarch.

During the First World War, he was constantly on the front line, close to the front line, calling for the liberation of the fatherland from invaders.

October 14 — the worship of Roman Sladkopevtsu. He did not have the gift of singing and reading, for which he was ridiculed by other clergymen. As a result of fervent prayer, the gift came down to the monk.

The monk subsequently became a teacher of singing and composed kondaks, which are still used in modern worship services.

October 15 — worship of saints Cyprian and Justina. The priest-martyr Cyprian was a pagan and from childhood he comprehended its foundations. He tried to persuade St. Justin to marry, but the Christian defended herself from temptation with the help of fasting and prayer.

Having tried many methods, Cyprian hesitated in the power of paganism and converted to Orthodoxy, earning the rank of bishop.

October 19 is the memorial day of the Apostle Thomas. He is credited with founding Christian churches in Palestine, Ethiopia and India.

Thomas suffered a martyr’s death for the faith.

October 31 is the day of special worship of the Evangelist Luke. Became the author of the first icons depicting the Virgin.

Accompanied the Apostle Paul, became his successor and continued the missionary mission to promote Orthodoxy.

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